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The dance of today..

Another day brings lot many occasion's to learn. Meeting friends and exploring new dimensions of an art, and that's what we call learning. Here my mind revolves over a thought, when my mind asks me as if what does a friend mean? Well, a friend is a person, who talks like you, or even if he doesn't do, the person leaves his goodness, his shadows on us. We can learn from his act and also personify him with the thoughts which we are grown up with.  This act of evolving is beautiful enough as it gives us a meaning to live, and enjoy. When days later, we have got enough to cherish. So, I always think that we should opt of doing new things, gain experience and add on things in our lives which we will surely see as foundation stones, when we reach our goals. For each footstep of ours is meaningful only when we can actually feel it, and more precisely feel the prestige of our moves, when we try to see royalty in our steps, it's when we leave behind no regrets but walk with in…

A girl of distance

A girl with dazzling white teethes stood at a distance from me, but she was visible with her golden glow. Her face was shining white, and I was very apt to keep looking at her continuously. The girl talked to a friend, and with colours of the cold season was she eventfully dressed. I knew little about the long socks she wore, those were the woolen stockings. It is a real paradigm of life, when two people are attracted by interaction of only eyes. The manner eyes set off in rainbow colours for the so called, Platonic Love. Either you know little about what a girl likes, or you are overconfident about what she desires the most. You are always ready to try different methods to attract her as well as allure her attention towards you. You are in a dream then to seek not, a thought about that girl befriending you. But simply that her face glitters with a pinkish smile. How cone a smile orient, was a question and I was thinking about how to befriend people as I was real shy. You need to kn…

Moving towards destiny..

A transformation happens in a person's life from birth. He adapts to the world and through that adaptation he opts best to make his own identity in life. This transition is very beautiful, when we go ahead with lot many experiences. We know how the fruit taste's and what is sweet and spicy is what. We never forget the greatest moments in life, the lessons given to us by our parents and the guidance of our teacher's which take us have the feets' to deal with the world and maintain our personality, for it's our extreme and very alluring desire to be known. What all obstacles may orient, but our taste, our dreams will fight with them, and the scrolling footsteps will step ahead along the rail of life. A rail, where a lot many differences erupt. Sometimes it will be enormous joy and we can be also sad. We can on our track, and by our ability avail a feeling to keep ourselves happier. Keeping the smile on face and fearlessly taking on to new treks in life. For the mot…

Getting to know the soul..

An air stimulates around me, inspiring my thoughts with kindness all across my existence. Each breath of mine gets enriched with experiences, that I have gone through and makes me know me. Such lively and important is the attachment I form with my soul.

Beauty: You are the person who embodies that: Feel that!

Simple things in life are the most joyous ones. Be simple and you can do anything, which should have good moral's and be good and you become apple of everyone's eye. This life is so simple and easier to reach greatest strides. It's our mind which takes us fore, our steps are planned by our mind. We learn a lot from life, from people, we interact with them. But one thing should be clear in our own self. We should have roots so beneath, and rooted that we can't go wrong. The roots are in the soil of honesty, and affection. Make your self embody such thoughts, which beautify your image. That you, yourself feel the love, which your thoughts convey. You are the only person who knows, the actual you. We need not live in this world, just for ourselves. But we have to trust in us, and make sure that we make the passer by smile. If we do that and are winning in that, then we can be the beautiful person, and a person who reflects good thoughts, does good deeds, is the person, w…

No matter what bad may happen, for I am the awake cloud, clearing my route..

Does it anyway matter, what you dream of you have it not. Most probably it doesn't really matter, but what matters is that you respect the very belief that you like a thing. It's not important you get everything but keep on liking it is the best thing to do. Respect matters the most and illuminates affection all over the life. We should not forget when we are in a carnival that next step can make us fall, as it happens most of the time. I have heard that after pearls of happiness there sounds despair, we should make it clear that we don't fall down, but pledge that we stride higher by keeping our motion instant. Getting success always is not what we should think of, but the curiosity alive should be present in our nerves. Who are of the attitude that they will win no matter how big the fall is, are the ultimate movers. People do speak a lot against us, but have the righteous ability to in held those stones thrown at you. Take the pinch but don't be pinched by them, li…

Is the rock conquerable

"Swelled is the rock, At a mountainous height, Proliferate glory of it does, Rock impart, at each sight We run, scroll our feet's, To get the better view of that rock, And imagine how more, Ascend is left to climb I go on swinging in my thoughts, Comparing that height with my goals, And understand how challenging it is, To have feet's to fight, and overcome, The oceanic tides"

It is about my love

Someone comes in my dreams and makes them so much interesting. Someone says me hi, and remains in my heart for so long. A song which I hear, flaunts in my mind and makes me stare at the beautiful tone it is engraved with. Life is a system of possibilities, where so lovely things happen, but to see them happening continuously, I need to be aware of all happenings not limited to my family relations but about the world. I need to be up to date with world, as then only love springs everywhere. When I have trust in what I speak,for I have experiences to reveal light. A beautiful rose in the morning comes and says good bye, after a small meet, then unknowingly again comes ahead my face, when I am unaware of it's coming. This what happens is the spring, autumn and winter seasons for me. For my love comes to me, and makes me feel that sparkle. I love it and want to catch it, capture it's vibrancy and make the life track go on along these possibilities.



Happy Teachers Day

. Teachers, strive to brighten our lives,
Loving us, smiling with us, teachers enlighten our sight.
We grow up, turn smart, it's an image of beautiful life, It's because our best friends, teachers make us rise. Amid all problems when we are struck,
Teachers nurture in us that learning sensation up,
Softly whispering to not lose hope,
Rather be strengthed to climb the rope
Thanking is me to each my teacher,
Who works along me to inscribe good thoughts in my picture.

Don't regret

There are a lot many moments in life, when we regret having not done several things. But just think the other activities you enjoyed doing at that time, even if you enjoyed one task with that affection, then there is no way regretting anything. As with all that enjoyment, you considered your desires the most, and are so much prepared to rise ahead with all those lovely things you missed once.
Action Plan!

New thinkings divulge in the endless skies. The skies here refers appropriately to our mindset. How cool and pretty we attire our reactions, and when we react it's only after we have some thoughts. We have different set of ideology and little steps adorn on, making us feel the vibrancy, soothing our dreams. No one else routes us towards our dreams, and I strongly believe that it's fully depending on our interests, as how we path our future. It isn't that real that you will mask as a scholar if you get into a good university but your interest matters above all reconciliations. 

The message interprets from our soul and we orient the action plan. Again in that way through, we get highs and lows. It's with those very highs and lows that we are stronger and actually made to move forward aligned to the pathways that are tarnishing into milestones.

"People throw stones at us, 
Which we have to change to milestones"
Sachin Tendulkar

"It doesn't …

Everything I say, we add more to it

For all the truth I have to speak. In each line does my heart utter the love for you. In pure senses do I dive in the ocean of your love. The liquidity of the thoughts emerges the most diverse way, again when I am thinking just about you. It may be holding true that I can make my day go in all bounty when you are seen affectionately the starting of the day. 

I enrich that trust that we with-held in our dream talks. While not spraying the word love from the guttural voice but speaking everything even in winds blaze.

It does not matter much to lessen our love, when we can't catch appearances. Because still we have the skies above us and more affectionately thoughts of yesterdays'. In the real sense we flag higher on the altitude of purity when we can feel what thoughts emerge in either of our minds, as they get to meet the same route that is of obedience towards the call of love.

Spreading good vibes!

I like to gaze at the stars,
Very much am I curious,
To hear nightingale casting her voice,
In the silence of the warm mornings

When the twitter of it's,
Wakes me up, I feel then if another,
Rhyme is making me open my eyes,
Like my mother sung that story last night to me,
Before I went asleep, closing my eyes

Majestic spirits each morning,
Transcend I believe to each heart as to mine,
I understand not then where from,
We intake any feeling to fight,
Under the aroma of each day,
When we have love to enrich the air bright.

Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Illumination of the inner call

Illumination of the inner call..  

We seldom repent on having done few things in life. In a similar way, we can't remain happy until we see our loved one's in jolly mood. I do believe that at times, when we think of doing a task then we should opt of doing it, rather then making it go the manner people say. We should have our own perceptions and also listen to what everyone has to say. But what comes to your mind is what you strongly think right for your own self. In the transition from a child to a big man, we undergo several experiences which really act as mantle piece in our day to day life.

But the main motto is to not regret after some task is complete. For this  to happen we have to indulge in all what we care for and at every step, give space to our perceptions, for we know what suits our style and the 'Lens' with which we glare the world.
Visualizing and evolving, are two different terms which come one following the other in time. Only if we put our efforts wit…

Just a collage



No relationship shall withstand if you already think how to act or how to interact. Just responding naturally and expressing yourself matters. 

You are a person who likes another person and the reason being that you enjoy interacting with each other . When you are not to practice how to speak but you naturally make the atmosphere lively being with the person who speaks as if a close friend he or she is to you.

You have an appetite growing at a steady pace if you share your learnings and set forward the life which is to come ahead. We aren't ever happy being just same throughout, but we add the glitter when we are moving. The approach with which we foot ahead has to be determined and be of good purpose. A purpose which will further lead your sail forward.

We are made to showcase the gift we have in us. Somewhere inner it is hidden but slowly and slowly we are moving towards our destiny. Creating with the mellifluous sound of the thunders, diving in the sea of failures and at last g…

Confusing gestures

We do match up things with past. We do make it a point to ponder over whether earlier times were better or these days it is better. In which contexts we do talk vary. In terms of pollution it's bad now as if we make out a comparison then we find that earlier days it was a fresher air surrounding us. We have entertainment today through theater, movies and we look for broadening technology and our minds direction today. It isn't right to say that days past development and up-gradation didn't take place but it's better to construct that the steps impounded long back have only slowly and slowly come up for success. Be it automobile engineering or be it sports we have come up. Here it's quite funny to use engineering and sports together. But sports have also come up tremendously.

We could make great wrestlers, more swimmers and talented players. The sense of sportsmanship is always sailing higher in every individual. What yesterday was and is today are two different phas…

India , CDLS


God and Reflection

"Satguru hoye dayaal te sarda pooriyan"

The very hymn or religious song makes us dwell in us that strong feeling. When there is appetite ever growing in all arenas. The charisma for new things makes us dive in the very roots of a subject. In each aspect of this beautiful life when we see goodness, it's the aroma of senses enlightening our roads ahead.

I have grown up and with each year I have gained so much. Experiences count the most but when we study and enrich the very joys of a subject then it's auspicious. The days of enchanter bear along a sheath of love, acting as if a magician signs our days in cute appearances. When we start believing in God and enjoy his great thoughts reflected in songs then do we always go right direction. We tend to follow the right perspectives and God never lets us go wrong and if we lose. It only means that he's tightening our nerves so that we can be more stronger the each passing day. :)


Few moments in life are really unforgettable. And those moments are striking at so many instances. What can we do? It's the power of love. The feeling which arises may be a feeling of guilt or remorse. Or it may tell you that you could have gained something, like that - what you see keenly. You may believe that you had the abilities to be that just you weren't made to step that very direction.

Feelings making you manifest your yesterday. Time spent with friends and lovely days. It's just making us stronger in each context of life. We are bigger, stronger and sharper. We get to intake experiences, the trust we get to figure in ourselves is beautiful. It's up to us as how we respond to things and how we inherit them. These all make up as consequences trenching our roads ahead.

What was yesterday we know now. What is future that we have to construct. Now which step to foot first and accordingly is in our own hands. For this very life is long and the very flash of each thi…
Like I approach earlier waiting with patience and she comes and goes away in an instant. In that moment what left with my tolerance is to get back thinking that even her image and picture which gets to my mind, when she was walking towards her bus is so tantalizing. It gets into me and makes me enrich the highness of her.

She walks with the cute steps allowing deep thoughts that influence me. How much stylish is she. How glamour fills, the air she moves through which. The blaze of the winds is so cool and dramatic that it makes me just nurture into me, a call that where ever she moves the air over there is fragrant. She engraves in her heart a silent call and loves what comes ahead in all majesty.

The scooters and bicycles I am left with to watch when she is gone in her bus. But her face remains as a beautiful memory every single morning as I see her going towards her bus. There is just one single call from inside which is that I want her to be with me always as the greatest friend. She…

Her smile

When I came that morning. There was only the radiance of sun getting brighter and brighter. I stood for some time there until you came. With your sweet smile like always you again stepped near to my presence. There was so much to say and listen. But as for the society norms we were standing near but could just give a stare that also which was to be invisible to the world. But who can stop anyone who is in deep affection. The atmosphere made me feel as if the most warmest day it was getting to be. As we were waiting for our transports to come, it was heart beating on a fluctuating rate when any bus would come. For it could be her's.

Her smile was lessening now and a bit pale was her appearance. For when her time was to go and when we couldn't anymore look into each others eyes.

It is truly magnificent atmosphere reflected whenever I am able to see her and that also in the morning which is slowly setting for a very big day. But is it really true that a small presence in the mornin…

I saw it! Didn't I?

There is a face of yesterday we have seen already. Just comes ahead what have we never glanced any time. But is it true? I asked myself that why can't we see future? Of course my thinking's were childish but I was dwelled into those thinking's so keenly. Yes! True! It's what I describe an experience, when I opened basket of my mind to actually garner the thoughts about have we seen tomorrow?

People suggest that we can believe in good and better tomorrow. If we strive our foot forward towards our goals. For sure shall we succeed and so shall our dream be foccused into blooming reality.

What happened was that I knew what I saw, I experienced it someway any day! That was my imagination or the reflection which was again and again making me see things. I got to believe that we already know what is in front of us. There is the sixth sense which illuminates expression of trust. We have to nurture whatever we learn and give it wings. For if we give it wings it shall then fly h…


What scrolls beneath our nerves,
Is the wisdom call which envelopes,
A dream is near but it's only achievable,
With utter patience,
Does my mind say to me.

I had seen the glitter,
The lively feeling emerged which,
While writing about you,
And your ways in so many,
Different styles.

You loved wearing the antique jewel,
That piece of necklace,
And the shining metal,
You knew your attire,
Which suited your perceptions.

You said to me one day,
Ey! Dear, tell me what does make you feel the best?

I was so much confused for what to say,
I said it was our thoughts,
Which only reflect in our actions,
And thoughts are demanding at times,
For the attraction they affluence with material things.

Yes, is it true in real sense,
That we all like being looked nice,
And is it so lovely,
So let's try something different,
I said to her,
She got bangles that day,
And all the day passed,
Until we got to believe that,
We loved buying all stuff,
For was she and me,
Expressing our thoughts,
Which matched our perceptions.


You have loads to express,
You have trust to believe in me.
It's only the charm which,
Engraves about our roads ahead.

The distance what may be much,
To express, in words what you want to,
But in each winds blaze,
Do we enjoy the trust which speaks.

It's as if we know,
What all is it going to be,
When we nurture our skills in our art,
And strengthened willed together,
Align the roads ahead.

But to keep specifying,
What the goal in life is,
We need to believe in our today,
And work for securing our dreams,
Which shall we live for sure tomorrow.

Your gesture

For me is your expression saying everything. To me does each silent moment says a lot. It's the love you sparkle around me and make us together enrich it's blossom. It's being silent and saying all that when you wanted to speak otherwise. It's your journey along me which starts now and we just see what is bright.

Bright which is to speed up our dreams. Layering the trust do we move ahead as it's the only way forward, for otherwise we don't know how to live.
"The act of versatility is only one in my thoughts, the one which bears love. There are fruits which we do plant and there in our fruits we do enrich trust, only then it's real enjoyment of the winds, wherever we skate"

"Dreams and interest are two beautiful personages which you always want to make growing in you"

"While dreaming of something each day and night, by moving our feet's that way (with versatility) through our diet we love and move more closer to our dreams each day and night"

"For things to shine,
And life to sprinkle,
On your lovely harmonic tones,
You have to make things glide,
To your side bearing anecdotes"

"Like it's her sweet talk,
Or is it her cute appearance,
Whenever I find her flock,
I run to catch her glare,
And omnipotence"
It is the free window of my dreams,
From where I glance into your skies,
What you feel like do I simply note,
In my minds understandings about you.

It has been time of me thinking about you, and tracing your destinations along our journeys. It's the curious case of my love blend towards the chariot which leads through our track. We may not be able to speak what truly we want to while we see each other, but for sure do we say each other whatever we love to say in each word and then our hearts' smile for then we get closer and closer.

Still walking

I walked for about an hour and got to know that I was heading the wrong way. But at that moment when that very thought inclined me I saw there was someone. Who's face seemed to be like the beautiful face of that girl whom I wanted to see from so back. My heart was so afraid at once but when that person came near to me, I had to believe, that for whom I was at a moment so excited wasn't there in reality. It was hence another face making me remember her twinkle and charm. I reversed my direction and thinking about her moved in the direction which was right.

You go.. and come

I never ever wished so,
That you go away from me,
Knowing that we both did care,
Enjoying each moment so brighty,
But were those days,
Singing the real life

But still does the effluence sight..
When I stare at past,
For sure which is mighty,
Making me remember you.. :)

Heart talks'

"Excellence isn't something which is the ultimate point rather it is a point where from you stretch farther"

"Huge buidings,
Rainbowy skies,
With quack sound of that bird,
I estimate that we have to glide"

"Signature of the atmosphere,
Spirit of the grass,
And me in and on it,
I activate my flask"


"Each book is written with dreams in head and life in that very scene. Why not love and be the extreme dreamer reading any scene from anyones' dream"

Story Maker

Where from did you come,
You smiled all time,
While we were together,
No moment did go when love was unfelt

The stream of expectation,
Still rises on,
Thinking there was that trust,
With which we departed..
And on that power do I go on,
Remembering you,
Waiting for your turn


It was as if a mountain came to me asking to get into the wonders inside it. While I was moving into the mountain of cherry I could get it that new journey it is and by the time I get out it already will be a new me with many new friends. I shall really wish to make my bonds tightened with my old friends because they are actually responsible for the me I was then.

When not just did the movie seem that lively call. But the actual love they had they made it into a video. The most classic part of all wonderful happenings. Few came as I called. And made it more freshening. Gifts were with me and at another moment I wished I had called all my friends. Now I wish those who didn't come do come to my array for their presence scrolls beneath a call of optimacy and thrust. There is withheld all the coolness and smartness I just sit and in my dreams go and then get back to make it real part I see in my conscious streak.

Happy Birthday

With each new turned year. With new excitement it's great joy to celebrate one's own birthday. Getting to look upon oneself as another year bigger we actually gain more thrills to encounter in life.

This time being 17- I wish I get rid of all the bad habits I had and this year really concentrate on work. Really making myself indulging in challenging things but never going away from track which is to be nourished the best. So here's another year of life to start with new expectations and dreams. I shall fly high someday for which the hills need to be traced along the array.

Cheers!! :)

Let it be so

We do lose so many times. But the intelligence doesn't lessen, someone said to me and that someone has made a part of herself in me.
Even if something is not according to the rules but is acting as the greatest thing, then undoubtably it's the best.

Winding across the seas,
The bird changed it's direction,
For when it got to know,
It's nest was the opposite side,
It gathered love and so only got to know,
The nest was the opposite side,
As when no direction was visible,
Then it was the heart's call,
Proliferate in the wisdom of the bird

Wherever people put us to go. Is it the right place they telling. To revolve one's thinking and embrace is it right. If your senses don't say yes at first go then something is different. Clause it! But still think about something what is said. If you read it, go into it and don't like it's way then don't go with it. You know yourself better. Do it

The paint

From which brush you tend to flow the paint. The way you need to proliferate the call of love. Tuning yourself with the natural world. The harmonic sound of your heart beat shall be heard the most keenly. Make it orient. Forget other things, and just flow in the truthful aperture of the magic. It actually does exist. If not for yourself then for the well being of the world you have to make your goals to strengthen not flow in wrongdoings.

There is a call. The extensions of Gods' greatest applause is heard by your senses. Embrace the trust in you and don't fear you have to envelope the seize. The earth the people the skies the weather. You need to account all these things in your heart. And whenever if you think something is uttering wrong from your side then make it right. You will never be wrong if you listen somewhere of the flash of winds. From somewhere it will be betterment.
The villages earlier times were as they are today. With the folk songs and dances. They the people have their own way to cherish and they enjoy while rejuvenating the old folk lore. Their own ways to react at matters. They don't get into eating of any burgers everyday. But in the style of their living they manifest each crop they get as an output of their hard work.

They have relaxation while looking at the trees and looking at their fields. They are extremely dwelled in love with the skies and the nature. They the villagers worship their land and they have great belief in the skies and their surrounding. They pray for rains and wish that the season makes their livelihoods to go on.

There are bad times in big numbers. When the farm output is not good. So much so there are bad news that many farmers have attempted for suicide and many have done this bad act. Being held under the depression they think it's better to quit. So in less time when they are trapped under debt then they …
The poetry is the highest occupation for a man who loves it. He may not call it occupation but shall call it his Life's creation.
Something which he did construct. Something which saved him from havoc. It was above all his poetry.

In another moment did he climb that mountain,
In another slot he was dancing in the Niagara falls,
Ah! Really! Did he jump into the falls? Yes! But in his emotions, which consist of his vibrant poetry

Enthusiastic is the call which comes again and again. In the lanes of my thoughts I fruit the joys and dance again. Maybe it's winter or it's rain.. I can enter anywhere
Swindled! When the breeze came was my heart beat swindled!
Do you get it why so?
Hey it did happen for there was the name and face of that girl,
Flashing in my eyes,
Again and again,
So were my thoughts swindled
I went there,
Then I came back!
When I was coming back I turned again and at once again did I stop,
Thinking why was I saying no to it.

Then again I was firing that high,
So I steeped that mountain in my eye flash,
And made it clear I had to fly,
So there I reached the mountain top,
Just that was another moment which I did cap,
Becoming the founder man of that mountain

The Language Of My Heart

It speaks only what appears. It synthesizes only what glares but in it's epitome does steam the truth of the magic it bears.
Variantly do the tides appear. Joy is just increased in my stare. When I blink my curiosity. The love call that subtends in my honesty has to be framed beautifully. When I enlighten my senses then I glide in the shining beau of my roses fragrance.

MF Hussain

Till they kept me in my country I stayed being so much happy. My nation India always did grow in me that sense of wisdom and artistic values that I pictured my world in those portraits. But even after leaving my nation if I did go and was not anymore present. Still then you people keep me in your heart. That's what a picture I draw where friendship, love and care do grow, when you cultivate crops or seeds you sow. You have to cluster the joys and together flow in these waves of airy nature.

In art of my understanding. There is auspicious name of each hill of each mountain and each cliff. When the friends gave their aura of thoughts to me. I grasped desire for more and more. And lighten my thought to be actually portraying the hills the mountains and the cliffs.
In my life does come strongest the winds. Along taking the seeds of love. With which I grow and together depict that another picture I can draw. This curiosity rises each instinct !

Free aquaintances

Why at times does come any small task between our friendship? If something does come between our love then it gets filled with brightness waving in sweet murmurs. Then I shall surely fell in love with you again and again. If something comes in between I say again then that I shall fruit that thing with hard work and it will be a success. For that sake will I naturally love you more and more. The thrust of your kind words shall always sprinkle a wave of freshness bearing magic in my simple life. Which gets fashionable getting you in extreme wonders.

I knew not what was being fashionable rather I knew style better when I met you. Because you never tried to act like anything but were you always the same girl with that smile. Even if you weren't present , still did I at that time forecast your face bearing that cute smile. And so for this reason do I each day make new acquaintance with you. Our faces are smiling each day but the new acquaintance is that each day for a different re…
I moved that place,
Alone for days,
Never did I think,
That I shall get,
Some magic into myself,
Until that last day,
When I met a sweet girl,
Bearing that smile of honesty,

But it was late,
When I found I was actually expressing,
Myself fully so well,
But as I say it was late,
Reason being she went away,
That very last day I met her,
Flowering goodness on me

Now into the darkness if I go,
I can still cherish the glow,
That beautiful heart showered which,
On my shoulders,
The magical way

Few talks did we share the most,
In way I say,
I lived my life that day,
But that time travels still this moment,
As I remember the shade of her persona,
In my heart,
Fully portrayed
I missed your call,
I said I was busy,
You replied it with the smile,
It's good that you are commited to work..

But now as I go away for longer,
Still you are showing your smile with that calmness,
I can just state that you wish,
To see my success the most,
And the truth lies behind every glory,
You and your care it is..

Binding me each link,
With my future,
Majestic way, of appetite,
I enrich and obey

The touch of your smile

When do the stars seem so bright,
At that time I am pretty sure,
That my star is getting near to me,
It's then that you appear,
In my fragile thoughts,
Which you can only build and strengthen,
In our lives along..

articulate language

Style prophecy is exerted when I can make it clear about how future gets to subtend in the long yet narrow run. Straight where shall I reach to my dreamnland one way or the other. Each morning, each night in the thoughtful dreams do I wink and attach an image. And that image no wonder is only of what I think about more pressurizingly. The more I think of something the more it comes even flashing in each thunderstorm. It's in front! Because it's going to start from me and is me.

The fun fiesta

Watching television, listening to songs. Aye! Is it all? Nah
I can flip my desk and stride for a morning jog. It's enriching, and synthesizing. What more? Aye, it is to get breakfast after the exercising extinct. Actually! Then drawing few pictures of politicians or making their cool figures lining the newspaper pages. Oh! It can be anyone, why dear politicians. They work so hard for us to earn that hard. Lol!! It's fiesta. Wearing your nicest dress and going for movies. Oh! It's less.

The fiesta gets completed when you go for some studying. Like for few hours. When actually you glare the subjects with enthusiasm and then spending time with family. Stepping out for a ride or walk. Dinner scrolls before.

That's some bit of fiesta! What's yours?


An attempt does go engraving,
For what is not in our sailings..
But tightened bond with life does prolong,
When I sing the songs which I sung being young enough..

But the effect does correspond for it's utter breeze,
When I try to rule the shire of my built dream lands


Strongly did they, for me clapped..
And while climbing the hills when I was trapped..
Were they ringing bells to cheer me through

When I was struck in the midway,
Did they come to take my sail ahead,
So in small journeys,
I feel alone when they are not around,
But truly speaking do I feel as they do surround,
In the heart along the bay,
When I sail ahead any part of the day


Getting to new places,
In the deserted lane,
And in the speculated way,
We go knowing we will be back soon,
But forget the after effects when,
We have left behind traces,
In that very dark corner,
Where was once the thoughts paradise

For sure will we come,
The same stage one day,
The feeling which misses the love,
Will be cultivated each time,
We move that way

another twinkle

from where do we come and where we have to go. whom we meet to whom we are made friends with. the phase of transition happens now and then in our lives and we are swayed along it with the greatest murmurs of expectations..
No words to express how it felt,
She drove in the call of friendship,
When I was flying any direction,
Talking to many groups of people,
Who were to give their performances on stage,
So were we practicing in all gaze

She spoke sentences,
Shared few smiles,
Then was the bloom forming,
When I had found a good friend in her,
Talked about small things,
Things about peoples extinct,
Was it warm and cultivating,
For a chance to learn the polite way

Each move where filled in the sentiments,
The growth of eyes twinkle was forming,
An alignment,
When watery were those,
And sweet was the face,
Moved we along the different gates

There was a tent,
In place of changing room,
When I caught her presence each moments,
Was it a love's doom

Each style of mine,
Was getting a form,
Each words I spoke was straightening my spine,
When my words got Midas Touch, I swear,
As she got meaning from that each word sparklingly

Getting pictures clicked together,
Was warm intent felt strongly,
When from being myself I found a more,
Attractive …


Greener are the forests each day,
Moves a couple everyday ,
In search of those winds,
Which each moment fly past their instincts,
Making the feel so much together

The smiles are captured in the forest road,
When the boy delivers his love call,
For how much he cares for her,
In all glitter of honesty

The paths they move on,
There they orient a call of love,
As the wind gets filled with the aroma,
Of amiable being

Where someone cares,
And where the birds also put in,
Their twitter along,
It's the majestic attachment,
When the royalty of love,
Finds the greener place,
As the most soothing place,
And looking at their oneness,
Are the trees along gliding,
Greeener and greener when they become,
As reason of the lightning of the love joys


The fragrant does seem to me the time you were present near me. I enormously spread the message that you are happy when you are near me. The whispers don't go away, for they get your picture frame in my heart. For when alone am I sitting to see you then I sing the songs in appraisal of you. You're the charm, you're bird who flies across my mind and heart in it's beauty filled rose with fragrance, as I enchant again and again. If you go away then I can still remember you, for I then shall call my friend who flies in my heart while showering goodness, as you depart..

But still do I say that you aren't apart. But does the sing in it's love mart. Never talked to someone who as pure as you were so I convince that you like me as well. There are shadows in the sky of you forming a place in your heart for me. In my dreams, in the empty spaces I never be alone. You are singing the love songs and I listen to them strong

Missing you

How much do you want,
Should I miss you,
When the aroma of your prosperous beam,
Touched my heart,
In all it's esteem,
Was I then curious to be your friend

Then the bubbles of trust,
Enormously spread in the spectacle of your eyes,
Which was I viewing continuously on,
Because those were wanting to live more moments in,
The flash of the time

I see the place,
Silent where I sit now,
Just the time when you were there,
Was it filled with charms flow,
Beautifully oriented places captured your image,
Was I slowly grasping that yours was the name,
Touched which my heart beam,
All across

The silent murmur glide,
In themselves to trust as I say,
Spontaneously again and again,
Just know not why did you go away last night..

Just a soft call says,
Meet the heart which asks your touch,
Your smile with ever glowing,
Incense love in it's alignment as such,
When it misses you much..

Estimated growth

If they are no polite,
Then what should I do,
If the lines they move on,
Aren't as mine of the epitomised glow,
Then I figure we aren't in good relations

Does a sensation churn,
To live upon a moment for a glance once more,
Maybe in a small try we get regions,
To together sow,
For the victory line

Victory shall come to my heart and mind,
When he pats at my back, for the consistency of my work,
But somewhere I did also get grey,
When did I not to did obey him,
Failing in a subject he never thought where my fall,
So, it's my directioned flow to get track right,
To spontaneous the winds, which are set upright,
In our emotions

We need the strengthening power to glow,
And if we need to enjoy together,
Then have me to also sow along him,
The most glittering side of our relation


The moisturizing lotion,
Of deep attachment,
Makes us so much obliging,
With the colour it gives to our smile

I lean back awhile,
And picture those moments,
Which flow in the streams,
As fast they come,
For my love call

Theirs is a look,
Of astonishment,
I stare,
When I taught them that subject,
Were they cheering me,
For they knew not that,
I could also teach that way

Their quarter of care,
Made me so much to stare,
At the goodness of life,
When their affluence of presence,
Filled my atmosphere
The spirit to foresee,
Adds the colour,
Of dazzling sort..
For the trust allures,
In it's scripture,
That beautiful days are all long

In the shallow water,
I dip and I rise,
I when imagine of the friends,
I made,
And again put it that,
All went their own ways,
In that circumstances I see them with me,
Along the shadow lines,
Of optimism and victory,
As shared is the priveledge,
To remember their hearts might,
I do foresee,
They are present in their quarters,
Of dazzlement,
For their style of care,
In my being alive
Strucked was I,
It was a hiccup down the line,
For me,
But that the past I do foresee..

So now do I add the scenario,
With my own response,
As I find I can do,
What enjoying life is about all

This creation,
The magic abbreviation,
Scarlet sized makes me glow,
The happiness has no boundaries I know,
So again today I imagine,
As I am there to sow,
The seeds to refreshment of all people who meet me,
Or even go

For the magic of trust,
Travels all heart,
But I always imagine,
As if this time,
It's gonna be big,
Then the last time,
I foresee


Who comes in your life,
Who does go away of it,
But somewhere those picturesome moments,
Flash in our heart,
Which made the moments worth,
The remembrance.

Here shall I remember the day yesterday was,
Because I know not where went,
All the nice people whom I met,
But yes!
Somewhere it seems,
That caring attitude will magic styled,
Come again,
This life of optimistic creation
When think of the past miniatures do I,
Do just me dance in that breeze awhile,
Till when I learn to miss her again,
Am I in frost...
Or her shadows now latent..


Over that mountain stands she,
I go there to find her still there..
Walked for several miles,
And at once reached that mile stone..
Where she had landed once

But now I signify,
It is her shadow in my heart..
For wherever I go,
Does she come,
In prescribed shadows..

She went where know I not,
Just know I shall love her along,
That strong!!


Four letters make up the most powerful word. Which not only influences our actions to say all true but also holds the greatest status in our lives. The life is tremendous in it's simplest form, we get to work on it to make it wonderful. Tremendous and wonderful are two words, similar in meaning but both have linkages, of different sort. Being a bit difficult to understand their difference, we can put the differences simply. That there is nothing. The most astonishing thing which stands here is that writing full paragraph on the difference between two words, but at the conclusion time saying that there is no as such difference. Can you make out differences? Not! I say that strongly, and lovingly.

This is the way we dream life to be actually. Whatever you utter you should be strongly influenced by it and should be good. Have no space for bad words. What you say if is attractive then each word is love. Can you differentiate the meaning between a word saying, you write beautifully or l…


Look as if life is the most learning experience. An old man I saw today, said to me that hey! you need to know it that you are having only one life to live. Why not then explore the greatest while having fun all over. And I made it clear that whatever has to happen in our life, above all we are enriching it. By giving up you get nothing, but by giving in again is everything which makes it most charming.

Put aside all bearing or things which are very unpleasant and then look into what you like. Work towards it and you will get more influenced by experiences if you keep on moving into it. When we give in we get everything, we ever aspired. The reality focus is the most credible. Live up to it's fragrance, as it's fragrance gets on being more and more.


Click right moves,
And you won't be afraid anymore,
Be tuned with your expectations,
And you win ahead of you..
Looked around today,
There was lightning,
Strongly felt as if I had so much star acquiring,
In me to stance higher in life

This means how much happy I felt today. There is a motion of my dreams to reality when I actually see myself as a star. The belief to the greatest heights does go on and on. The spirit is alright throng and throng. To get to set up oneself one needs to enjoy each moment the most greatest way. Have wisdom, have power.. When you believe in goodness then life does shower in you greatness in real sense.

Help the people, give then water if you have for yourself. For it's success tone that their blessings make you move in. Love

The Stripes

There is glitter,
That is life,
When I don't go quiver,
But look for the light bright..

The stanzas to life,
Are a bit cheerful,
When we fill in them spirit,
And don't just shed tears,
But we have to be smiling,
All throughout our blossomed life

There is the freshness,
The rejuvenated look,
When I encounter eyes to glare,
I myself propel myself to go ahead,
Stear on and stear

To be fully happy,
Charming we have to wear dresses,
Of massive glare,
Making us win and win each life stair :)

The curious web chanter

The man who grew curious each day when was a child, split apart when he was growing along the bay.
All the failures strike a wisdom call to start again but he wonders why he doesn't float in his dreams when he's supposed to after practicing much. Does he practice a lot that he overflows the things from his stimulus. So, one day he said I won't prepare anymore for the grand function thinking that he forgets only when he's done with it too much and admits living like everybody while taking a break is the best approach.

So he flows on the call of life and tries his best to maintain equilibrium in the magnificent life created by his conscious.

He is an art,
Scriptures of which were long before thought,
But in reality do these scriptures, were remade and he's flowing unaware of what his dreams were.

The grind of the weak

The person who doesn't forecast himself along, with the reality somewhere suffers being at last in anxiety. He does come with his own plans, but are they really developed. Rather the dreaming self of his only optimizes things which only make his dream but not look into the reality. That haunts. For why doesn't his spirit orient in him the magic to glare the world around.

He learns respecting people and in response the respect he gets is made fun of. So, at longer times do the nice people face the prestige of being cheated but still they don't call it a failure but on the other side it's starting of another journey. For which the person may be more cultivated but if another lose comes he has to admit that something is wrong in him for sure. But get on and always be in motion to seek ahead the spirits which are only his art.

Face Reaction

I always thought what corresponds the biggest is how I react to things. Then was it termed face reaction by me. Looking at people with a smile, not only gives them a chance to smile but also sweetens their mood. But if we keep smiling do, they take us for granted. Is that smile having no face value if they laugh of rather making fun of your smiling face. Well, if that gets their has to be bold appearance, and we oursleves picture what we have to do.

The person who smiles looking at you,
No way is weak,
For that smile makes you,
Stronger that you don't imagine,
That the power you get in you,
Is the creation of that smile,
Which you took for granted..

Figuring myself

Relying on someone we thought really responsible, was it a fault or was it love. I still wait for something he was to send me, but the friend turned down his promise. We have to learn a lot, before saying that an unknown who comes to our approach is really a gem. What if he's just fiddling with our deeper feelings. But who are we to give heart to anyone, but when we really rely on that person, then actually we have led that faith between his conscious and ours. The dreams continue to come, but at times I go baseless, doing not good or rather worst then my colleagues. Then, I dream and make more chasms, barriers for myself, and another time I look at ideals and say, I won't give up and above all these times what I keenly do is do what my mind says.

I may go unseen,
But what I have captured in my eyes,
Is bigger then any other scene,
Then it could ever had in my dreams.

Different people were whom I met,
And we only call it experience,
So I move into the call of it's fragrance,

strike in coils

we have made the cobwebs,
what is it?
we have made the control,
to our ease,
what is it?
we make the morning news fill,
with our name in it.
what is it?
we have changed the wrong doings.
what you call it?

simply it's our attitude to what we make of it. nothing else does it tilt.
our 'enigma' does it exhibit

act of patience

it's simply the waiting time, it's simply the time for generating spirit,
actually to inherit the properties of joy, in that time gap,
simply to form some great link with something which is out of control,
so, to do that you put your inner soul,
at work,
as you have to turn the time,
the best energetic time

View from the roof-top

whatever happens is the good thing it does happen for. it's a fact, but soul-ly depends on how we react to it. if we convince ourselves that we will make the best use of the failure then we will really see ourselves the most experienced. if not then it's some sort of difficulty striking us. so, see around the world,
the fresh cultures it inherits,
it has blooming quality,
it has the dove of your blinking eyes,
flowers come up and go away,
take good from their way,
AS the roots are magical,
which do lay,
the fruits slowly and slowly on portray..
Love, love love.. as it's on approach.
happy stake keeps on showering dove

Unthoughtful linkage

Striking between good and bad, then at an instance we know not anything. That time, either we have failed in striking right shot between our routine! We tend to overspend, then if we were saving a penny before. We just think, that being like everyone is so easy, why act differently? But then the actual thoughts link and push us to make the best out of the moments.

"The brave may not live forever, but the cautious won't live at all"
----Richard Branson

So, go on and prioritize and you have already won it.

The thought

If you give some knowledge over one issue, and which is responsible for the growth of other person then it is so nice. Isn't it?

Skills which go from one person to another, give the other person a way of life, something to live for. In life, there are many opportunities and we learn from people and get satisfaction when we enjoy over everything doing our tasks. Slowly and slowly we get to it's tone and slowly slowly we move ahead. It is all fun, and all love making our dreams meet along with our tone of working habit. Life is classic in form which best suites his expectations.

So, always cheer ahead a person, even if he/she makes less sense. Making them sensationalize the real love, real tone of things so they flow along them making the glitter move on in life. Respect the feelings whatever it is, because learning has to go on and life has to steer along.


the view of life, is the most entertaining at times. the variance of different things, matter so much in our lives. we are colliding with different sort of understandings, and when we give or view on tasks, we may enter into conflicts or give answers to questions of people. so in short, each moment dazzles expectations and each expectation raises fun, and frolic in our lives. we are into flow of lively life, only when we share interests with people and participate. act of helping and act of entertaining both are the most jovial, which give you peace. well, here peace refers to the strategic life, which evolves new expectations(anticipations).

we go great distances, with meeting in flocks,
with different people,
and we always don't tend to remain with same people,
as we go variant places and travel long route..

it's the marvels of life, which thunders on us and we make ideas, because we can't simply live without growth. we enjoy to fill the tank of knowledge with each possible…
I wonder if I am going right,
I daresay you have not to fright,
Even on big seeming hurdles,
But get the 'Enigma' into your being,
Not at time losing hope,
But trying..

For, that 'Enigma',
You need an approach,
Of curious roads,
Filled with frost,
Who still in that uncalm situation,
Take time to face the wax,
But slowly does the ice melt,
And again the bushes,
And the roads then come and stand,
In the brightning fences way..

Again the phenomenon repeats,
Of snow getting on,
But don't we like the snow,
Wearing the jackets and scarfs,
So, come on and mark your approach with 'Enigma', when time is difficult,
And tell yourself,
Wonder had I got no hurdles,
What was my fate,
Had it been so marvelous,
Get to believe in good,
So does it happen,
With power of a change, 'Enigma'


The counter of your dreaming area,
Is filled with trust and brightening criteria,
Which works all time fine,
But somehow, is into emotions,
For that time, have space for suggestions,
From friends who glide your way,
In the breeze of the magical light
For making the winds,
Star up right,
You have to eat that precious diet,
Moves inner to your heart which,
Making more and more fun enrich,
In your stardom of light,
You make your aim clinch,
And sparkle your light,
Enters which your dream abbey

Fly as you want

Just the flash of winds if you can make full of,
Just if the twinkling of stars can give you influenced light,
And your friends talks' sharpen your mind,
Then you are the person tracked on right,
In your move to sparkle the wind of sight
Whatever happens,
Will I not ever stop,
As I have got a picture of world,
So, I have to not stop,
Rather love the paths with mighty throng
Getting up and winding,
With the cluster of joy,
I do make a sight,
And get my wits to employ,
For a structure which binds,
Even if tensions strike in coils,
To lessen my cheer toll,
But sharpened brows are learning..
So steer me along

Brisk Orientation

For short while's this,
Mind is filled with much to say,
But as the wrong-doings of the people
Make me again and again fall,
But still I have to get up,
And steer along

The Mountain

Slightly, does the little boy, pick up his feets.
To move up the steep mountain breeze..
Life to enchanter,
Magic seize!

Each step when promises,
The real adventure,
Up his move follows the conviction,
For the air, lightning of the sun,
Make him sensationalize in that sun,
Awaits which his filled adventure ahead,
When he looks for the the mountain breeze!

Sparkle of the hills

we make a child grow in very safe environment. He's made to play, read and do all sorts of magical things. Magical things simply refers to his mannerism. With what he/she does, the love the child does with something. When he grows, he's stipulated with thinkings, as to what should he become rather what he wishes himself to be? He likes everything, in the world but somewhere doesn't orient well and is off tracked. That phase which we say he is off-tracked may be his failure but the real gift he is going to shower the world someday for sure. To bestow the wisdom to each person when he grows up. Looking around, there maybe poverty and bad conditions outside but he has the power and that is the power of intent. His desires when get to be making some shape, his flash of thought when makes some meaning. Then that some meaning sparkles and makes it clear that life has so much to conquer. You have to dance, all types, play all games and study each subject, for that is life. We ar…

What you ought to be?

(To no person, is it denoted to, Fiction purely)

Sanah: I use the gadget BlackBerry!
Parul:Oh! That's so cool, when you got it?
Sanah: Just a week back, on Birthday bash! You know my BoyFriend gifted me this precious thing. I love it!
Jackson: Oh! My girl! (says in a loud funny tone, which irritates Sanah) You got it.. And tell, me you take your boy friend precious or this gadget?
Sanah: None of your business! Cow Man! Go and rush from here, if you don't want to have it tight from me!
Jackson: What, the gadget you gonna hit me with it? That's not bad! But what about your boy friend?
Sanah: Just move away! I say!! (She smiles)
Jackson: Yeh! Just kidding that hard way.
Sanah: You are really bad.
Parul: Oh! Till now I was just looking at him, I wish I had got it hard on to his face. Vampire, of the moment.
Jackson: So, Paaaarul, what's up you girl?
Parul: I am so much in love of you, oh!!!
Jackson: Aww.. He can't believe what she says, and contrary t what he thought is said. Oh! …


move around the doors
as about the results
if you are not taken
go and get your dream boy..
(in a tone of power says Raghav)

James: what man I won't grant you this job! u r simply not meant for it dude! so stark away. don't become visible again! get it! u chap!

raghav: ya! I get! I get it! You dude, you think you so cool, whereas I think you the coolest!

james: you don't tend to oblige me, because I have this very job for my dear brother. u stupid boy

raghav: hehe! don't make me smile and laugh at same time!

james:confused.. oof! it's same thing.

Raghav: Laughing is at you, for your condition and smiling is me at that fate of me, the most glittery. u get it dear man. you know I am not your job seeker, I am your friend, who thinks he is meant for this very job. get it.

james: Quite funny! Prove it, for why you need this agian.

raghav: I want it(He whispers to himself)

raghav: I got to meet a person yesterday, and he was my Grandfather, who meets me daily, just it was morning 4…

a start

what do you think a start should be like?
rather what do you think from a start? can you be the best at the starting? it's not! because when you fully dwell in your senses to get something, then it's what you purely receive. life can be regarded as a giving and receiving phenomenon. it's as because when you sow goodness you only stimuate goodness coming up. but yes there are circumstances being likewise when you don't get what you may be wishing or be strongly wishing. it's as the more you are tightning the better resuts you forridge and so is life making ou believe in goodness and love is the same thing. for when you ike someone you make a person like you. if you enter in trouble and peacefully get a thinking propaganda over it and say and talk to yourslf, you build that faith and when you uild that cool faith you are getting something of lovely stimulus originated in you. Life is to live to have fun and it's all about it. In the walking distance, there are ma…

Stream Of Love!!

Think of love,
You get it,
Dream of love,
You have in you,
Feel the love,
You already have it

How you turn the wisdom tree

Stare at the plea you submitted,
What all mattered to you,
You wrote,
For blazing winds,
Freshned thunders,
You have to gather love..

You are the man,
Who has to give form to the child,
Star lighting the lives of those,
Who have just got that life,
Knowing you are around them..

They are not lonely people,
For they have found your love,
In the shallow sea,
Which gets deeper and deeper,
Replying to your love call,
Doesn't which has power to stall,
But pouring and pouring,
The love enricher,
You get to make the life, storing,
The greatest moments in a blaze of Lancaster,
You visit so many places hey,
But tell me where you found that girl,
Who made you love and orient,
Your life for the call of love.

Hey, that girl, the Lancaster, the blazing winds,
All which I encountered were just with me,
In my dreams was I gliding,
Shaping the life to see them pure,
For love of them do I go into,
The deep pool of their shadows,
I have seen them,
Always do I see them,
As I am lonely when I don't dream about them..

But my dear w…

I write for my improving my trying spirit and sense is made by those who believe in our friendship

How much can you go on writing,
For the fun of it,
Knowing not what takes to reach it's heavenly stature?

Do you know how you can make the reader get into the influence of what you write?

For my friends to understand my rhymes,
To my goodness seekers,
I oblige them through what I write,
If I don't make you understand,
Then it's my way of thanking you,
Through each word,
Which gets out from my soul,
Making sense or not to world,
But those who understand and love me,
Will make sense out of it,
If not even does anything lie,
For the careful nature does try,
To make me understand you,
Reaching the closest place to the hearts' who care..

The Conquer!

Wonder how you can be,
As strong as the mountain rocks,
Said a friend to me,
To which did I repond, opening my minds' blocks!

That hey, the energies which do gather,
When you synthesize wisdom, through toil,
Does go on making you go farther,
To the heights of blessings, as your vision doesn't ever spoil

You are the enricher,
The mountain sticher,
The energetic soul of the present degree..
For goodness, you turn your eyes to see..
The benevolent life.. up above the winds..

everywhere it's honesty and no place for guilt,
To see..

Watch your actions

Don't smell, badness and let it go into you,
But come up with new thoughts,
correcting things which unwell be,
screwed into your fragrance ,
If you don't tend to stop the wrong things of yours',
Theirs' no way to be the The King Of Your Beau,
If can't you control over your dusty actions,
And then continue reacting on more timidly,
Life is just portraying you going away from the ship of your sea..

You're dressed

I go alone,
The times which come,

When I have failed one take,
I tell myself that don't you need to break,
For simple the words which get to be,
You have realigned you fate in ecstasy

For the friends who go away,
As you say,
And that year goes unseen,
You are not correct hey,
For the brightness incurred was which along your bay,
Couldn't have been that shining had you not learnt from that way..

You know the power the gem you are,
Just you also do know that you are even tightened with that scar,
For your journey tells,
That you have a dream so far,
Which arrays,
So, this setback is nothing that bad,
For it is a trademark of your brave clad!


When you do the wrong tasks,
Know you yourself,
As if you go how wrong path..
What you do if have you indulged in wrong-doings,
Tell me please?

To make the world shine,
And otherwise which has to be so for sure,
But I just say,
Is that make your dream brighten,
So you, it's pearl enjoy the sight of the shining world yours' is which..
With love inclined

Turn the badness out away,
Get the sweetness make the life arrayed,
Loving, remaking the pathway,
Making the sapphire you're which stay!

Again, then again go you wrong,
But more say to your breath,
That hey..
Get to be nicer the next day!
For you have to endure along the dancing sapphires,
The people,
And as it is the real essence of magic,
Let it come your glittery life, which has learnt from grey

Dreaming the awakened sky

There to trust is what?
There is a dream which does envelope,
Your silent being, which is the beautiful pearl,
Orients desires, and it's freshness..
Recaptulates all charms of the marvel land,
Which is ours..
And empathy do I call the emotions,
Which make me feel as the world is mine,
And I am it's power..
For I grow in this land..
And dance along the breeze which enters my mind,
Making me dream.. and dream!!

The Rain Forest

Came back the bears,The animals from their sheds out,When I was near,On mountain of rain forest no doubt!

Appeared the rain, the quiver and those creatures,I being that sort of fearful guy,Saved my eyes not to meet of those animals, mainly bears, which passed by..For the black fur of theirs, made sensation of whiskers crashing sigh..With me into their furious shadow light

Then the salient feature of rain forest came to my notice,When I felt the rainbows making their sanguine form all seen,And the animals didn't try to make us afraid,But sang in their marvelous tones,Like the nightingale chirps on gardens' gate,And made the day enjoyable, In rain forest, that night..of that very day!

Slowly I found that, Happened had what, Enigma in my inner thoughts, When the bear was going back into it's shed, I wished had it made there bed only near, so could we have admired it's thoughts fragrance, but surely learnt that life is beautiful and so is every creature, the mightiest..

When w…

The midnight dream

Not knowing what I was to write, just knew that something to soothe your lively persona. For the nights are dark and summer days hot, alike is my heart in full love of you. I keep never finding a figure of you, for that is obvious to be in my head, which unknown, undreamt gets to be, there of you, my fairy. At times, I thought to say you something that auspicious but was there a midnight of darkness never getting to it's brightness. For is it said right, fairies are beautiful and charm of theirs gives us a life of ecstasy, but you are more then a fairy, your a luck which glows my face even when I am said to be in a setback. There I know is no setback for my life has found you in it's core and so does start the gleeful days.

Until does the world end, or this my being when ends, till then it's not even to promise as I will continue to dance in the waves of your bright emotions, as I am deeply into the feel of it's majesty.

In the midnight of darkness when I haven't see…

The Lamp Of Ecstasy!

Says, Tom! The boy living the next street to Mr.Robert ; Mr. Robert! I have been coming frequently to the garden where you plant seeds for newer flowers' and more blossom to sparkle, your mind when you get up early. I am deeply pleased, to be around your garden, I feel the breeze, I never did this way anytime earlier.

I wish to tell you a story, of a Lady, who lived alone like I do. It's 25 years' old story. That means this long time back, when she fell in love with beauty the nature subtends. Being alone, she so deeply dwelt her being, in the freshness of the natural brows. So much so, that she took her nature of job, as that of 'A Painter'. Painting so much, what she felt, breezed her thoughts, in the linked blooming alignments. The truthful nature of her job, made her oriented to what was no more a job, but only thing she lived for. Slowly, slowly she unthinking of herself, gave the paintings a new sort of alignments. One day she wrote,

I move to the streets, and …

The boy of Wither Garden

Am I surprised with people naming our area, withered households? Why so? We do have glowing flowers and we have these green trees' all in flaunting hemispheres, designed. I call my area rather PARADISE OF SUGAR, we have soft spoken people, who with-held with their situation, a lovely freshness all time. The man he was asking simply said, this name doesn't correspond with the real beauty of this place.

The name is given so that people learn that even what they call withering, has power to rule their lives.

To give them quite empathy,
To reach their hearts', a drop of nectar,
Making them dance along this garden, breezy..

Earlier our area was given the name, so because, government said that this land was not more cultivable, but dwarfed, but care and love of each member who came, only enlightened this place in full, strong appetite of wisdom and for their love sake do we glow, enchanting the PARADISE OF SUGAR. 

This shall tell you, that doesn't matter how bad you are, but if yo…

Trust, the beliefs :)

We do make some 'Interference' deal with few people. Who come as unknown and just make us know the power of trust and goodness. I have a friend, with whom I discussed daily all what happened with me and she used to tell me her experiences. We did start planning along each time and what happened was that she was disheartened as I didn't furnish in one task of mine while she passed it well. 

But still she tries to help me, and enquires if hardships are not so depressing one. Well, we get each day stronger, and swim in the world where  we have to attain strong attitude, and work until we get things right. So, respect those, who respond to you, and who don't, do respect them too, as the life is brilliant and it captures more people who come and always remain sparkling your days, in strings of optimistic alignments.

Whatever. Get hold of it!

I don't know what is all happening. It is so simply to tell, that there is some danger. What danger are you talking about Sam?
Man, I just don't know how vampires are in real life. Simple as they are in your imaginations. Oops! I have many portraits of them. Oh! Is it so, by the way why do you want to see that disgusting for sure creature around you? Don't you know he's dangerous? Oh! Yes, I do know so. But I was just thinking that had I not failed that way, had I not had those sort of evil thoughts or dreams. But you know only that happens what you fear about. So, whenever you feel to be in danger, take hold of the situation and stand up. When do I know I am on track? Confident alone confines everything. Have that in your picture and when you feel the freshness of the sky and enjoy each moment, so you are going well. Oh! Ok! Life stimulates now. Let me in line with my dreams. Bye!

Life moments

When there is something making us, distressed. What is it?
Simply a failure, because we shall not be unhappy after we are winning continuosly but do we stumble upon when dark day is on! So, being depressed, where is the song of optimacy gone, which made us glide amicably in the dreams of our own. My friend says me so, that keep dreaming as those are simply your own creation. But what if there is some adulteration? Well, I didn't write that sentence to make it rhyming but why I wrote it was because of a splurging effervescence steamed accross, in the young minds. They lose hope, faith and they are weak.

A friend said even after working that hard, I find nowhere eternal for me, but you know there comes another setback. Oh! The matter is instigating upon, as again I say more darker day is on, streaming senses which make us quiver. As you fall into the pit, you are gone! So, then I took one book out from the shelf from library by Charles Dickens, somewhere I found this quote, "Don…

Love Enricher' :)