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A walk in the stars..

Every word had its meaning, every emotion had along with it attached memories and portrayals. Rohan drove his Bajaj Pulsar motorbike and left for his work. On his way to work, he saw different characteristics of his city. Things that weren't the manner, he had felt. Things were deeper to be given a thought and to introspect. To avoid a red light at one busiest road, he took the other road that day. It wasn't a main road but a bylane; that was a treat for the bikers to let aside the long traffic jam, in the wee hours of the morning. As Rohan took a left turn towards the bylane, his eyes met with a road, that he hadn't visited from ages.

Rohan was twenty seven years old, but he hadn't thought of paying a visit to his Primary School. Just incidentally he had found himself right in front of his school. He paused for a moment to look at the school building. The silence, the relief that occurred to his heart, set the reminiscence bells ringing with it's own…

Living and breathing!

Vaibhav and Ruchika were in a relationship. They had been together for good seven months. Both of them were madly in love with each other. From knowing, the likes of each other, they planned beautiful surprises and went on dates; probably every month, at least once. They would plan out trips and likewise explore new places by travelling. From the time they had been together, they had been avid travellers. They were from the city Agra, so they had an in-build taste for the cultural mosaic, in the form of Monuments to the taste dipping Petha's of Agra. So, they went like two lovers, in an unknown city, defining it all by themselves; hence, making the moments, all the more romantic.

As the days passed by, Ruchika would often complain about Vaibhav's habit of keeping busy with his office work even when they were together. He was not willing to take up all the office work, but he also had to handle the wrath of his employers, who had assigned him that work. His work commitments an…

"Incarnation, a blessing"

Early morning struck, her thoughts did come. About what she liked and what she didn't. He often told her, that life was a boat sailing in the pond, the pond of emotions. She seldom agreed and at times kept her confusions to herself, railing upon her head, whenever he said these lines. She was unaware of the truth behind these lines that Rishabh often said, but on the other hand, he was sure of what he was saying. Rishabh really meant and also justified his thoughts. He said, "To love is to feel its bliss, its wondrous offering. It is to give a chance to love that it grew manifold in its outlining. Composed of love were the memories that formed a spectacle of audacity for the incoming future. To love was to give yourself to the dreams and imaginations of the other person. Maybe, it was what romance also had to mean. Love was an experience of beautifying your soul, with freshness of the cool breeze and charm of the Nightingale's sweet sensing melody." In…

Fog and warmth!

The days were beautiful, from the very beginning of the school life. Much better whence she met him, and they fell in love. Like an ocean in depth, the dreams were laden at the forefront. Only to be recurred with a pond, lesser expectations; but more on living the moments. The tidings were felt, the upsurge and downturn of the waves taken into note. It was terrific, to see the stars brim with twinkling. They talked in person in the chilly winter mornings. She came running from her home, in ardent hope to see him standing with roses in his hands everyday. He came with hopes to see her as dazzling as a queen that she was, just because he had loved her every passing moment.

For a moment, time used to stop. The winds might flash, just they stopped as soon as they found each other eyes in eyes. The roses, the rain,the winds, were the background solitaires doing the rounds to make the moment as romantic as ever can romance be best defined in the dictionary of love, if there was…