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Friday, 31 January 2014

A walk in the stars..

Every word had its meaning, every emotion had along with it attached memories and portrayals. Rohan drove his Bajaj Pulsar motorbike and left for his work. On his way to work, he saw different characteristics of his city. Things that weren't the manner, he had felt. Things were deeper to be given a thought and to introspect. To avoid a red light at one busiest road, he took the other road that day. It wasn't a main road but a bylane; that was a treat for the bikers to let aside the long traffic jam, in the wee hours of the morning. As Rohan took a left turn towards the bylane, his eyes met with a road, that he hadn't visited from ages.

Rohan was twenty seven years old, but he hadn't thought of paying a visit to his Primary School. Just incidentally he had found himself right in front of his school. He paused for a moment to look at the school building. The silence, the relief that occurred to his heart, set the reminiscence bells ringing with it's own charm and realization.The characteristic of that emotion was an incomparable figure, a structure of the heart which no money could bring. He saw a father holding his daughter's hand; and how the father's fingers held his daughters' hand and looking at her made him revisit the memories of his distant childhood. But, in that moment, it appeared as if, it had been just yesterday. How time had moved, he thought. Next he saw, a small girl dressed up with in her embroidered suit, in her fancy dress; as if there was going to be a fancy dress competition at the school that day. Or, that day could also hold her birthday and maybe she was so excited to celebrate the special day with her friends. That really meant enjoyment. The enjoyment that Rohan felt that anyone could only feel in childhood. When the realities of the world were unknown, then not much pressure visited their gates. It was about playing, cycling, getting on the swings, playing with the toys for the tiny tots there. That excitement to feel every moment had just lessened with the times.

Rohan no doubt was nostalgic. He had been standing in front of his school, not going in, for he was shy to feel in every breathe, the honesty and innocence of his days. He was getting late for work; he realized. A drop of tear or two fell from his eyes unto his cheeks, he stood like a statue impaired with the bike from the external appearance but within his heart rung the dreams and imaginations. He could relate himself with those children, playing on the swings before the school hours were to begin. He saw their cute fight for toys and that one was to sit on a given swing before the other. But, he also saw friendship in them, and the faces of his childhood friends came to his eyes. It had been a long time, they must have settled by now, he wondered. Many faces of the friends had just remained in the book of memories for him because he hadn't maintained contacts with them, once they had entered the High school after the Primary school was over. There was no stopping to his reminiscence of the past days. From comparing every little particle he could see around him. Particle in the form of every brick of the building to the expression on the faces of the boys and girls whom he saw in that chilly morning. Well dressed up and brought up to school, even the love and care of their parents could be felt. That moment was instrumental to warm the forlorn heart with honesty of the situation, when the parents were coming to drop their children and sharing the special bondage.

That day, Rohan had felt as if he had grown but the real understandings of the world, the children had well known. The simpler understandings, that friendship wasn't meant to be for and of a day but it was to be unconditional and forever. As he was going to leave from that memorable place, from that lane where the school was, he left thinking of a day when his dad had got him ready with a Santa Claus cap for the Christmas celebrations at school, about how he painted in the art class that was held in the basement to the big building. The names and faces of his teachers, became crystal clear and reached to his eyes, that had by far become a wonderland of hopes and expectations. Hopes and expectations, to learn from the children, to cherish the very fact that once he was one of them too, a child. Life was such, it was an experience far beyond the words could express or testify. It was a feeling to be kept in the heart as a fork lore, that could inspire humans from road to road, not to forget the ideals of justice but to encourage the emancipation of art. To play with the colours, to write good stories to our days, and not to be angry all the times but to let a room of understandings also stem like the wood to tall trees, that snowed greenery and subsistence to the environment in the form of fresh breeze and rich air of quality. But, human beings only threatened the nature, and polluted the air content with chemicals by the incessant use of technology etc., he thought, from his point of view inspired from his school lessons in the bloom of innocence, in childhood. Still, a lot was left unfelt as he was leaving for his work, and at last he saw boys and girls doing horse-riding and tears erupt yet again with those pervading shades of innocence that somewhere had hidden in the strong sheath of his heart, that wasn't only innocent but grown up. He removed his helmet, wiped his tears and couldn't stop but think, how pleasant it was then. Not that his present was any bad, but childhood was something that couldn't be compared with any stage of life. It was school that prepared the children for the future, to live life with open arms. So, this time he got in terms with the situation, with the reality that he had grown up.

On the other hand, he saw a boy in rough hair, in torn clothes pleading for coins as his sister danced on the road with her acrobatic skills, they were also children, small incarnations of truthfulness. Why weren't they getting to live the life that they deserved? He questioned himself and as he couldn't do anything for them at that moment, he himself had become a little weak in the wide morning of dreams and expectations. In his leaving he wished if he could do some little for these children who weren't getting the access to education. All throughout his journey to office; he remained in these thoughts. He had a very nice day at work, earning respect of his employers for his good work. Rohan had achieved a lot in his life, the love of the people, whom he met. It was his tryst with dreams that brought him back to imagine his youthful years. Every memory flashed like a gift to his eyes. It had been an influential day itself in its enchanting colours, embracing his heart with affection and likewise interest.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Living and breathing!

Vaibhav and Ruchika were in a relationship. They had been together for good seven months. Both of them were madly in love with each other. From knowing, the likes of each other, they planned beautiful surprises and went on dates; probably every month, at least once. They would plan out trips and likewise explore new places by travelling. From the time they had been together, they had been avid travellers. They were from the city Agra, so they had an in-build taste for the cultural mosaic, in the form of Monuments to the taste dipping Petha's of Agra. So, they went like two lovers, in an unknown city, defining it all by themselves; hence, making the moments, all the more romantic.

As the days passed by, Ruchika would often complain about Vaibhav's habit of keeping busy with his office work even when they were together. He was not willing to take up all the office work, but he also had to handle the wrath of his employers, who had assigned him that work. His work commitments and his attitude towards his job often landed him into a sheer feeling of dismay. The trust and love they both had for each other, seemed to face a heavy blow with time. The girl waited for her lover to call her for days, but he never called himself. This was an indication enough for Ruchika to think, that he didn't care about her anymore. For, she often pointed out to herself, in disgrace and sadness that why did he always have to be busy, that he couldn't even call her once? 'Does he take me for granted?' She wondered by herself. Vaibhav called her after four days and apologised for not calling her number whereas, he kept himself busy with his clients on the phone for hours and hours. He had a belief, and beyond that belief an undying faith reverberated in his heart that she very well understood him, from all that he was going through. But on the other side, it was all happening on the contrary to his noble thoughts. She cried on the phone and didn't answer him in the manner she mostly did, when she used to be curious to tell him how excited she was for her new plans. Few for her life alone and few with Vaibhav. He had always loved listening to her voice, and likewise she heard lovingly, whatever he said. It was true that sometimes, she didn't listen to him and continued in her tone of anger upon him, whenever he didn't give her much time. Above all, they had known that they loved each other a lot.

That day was quite different. She told him, “It's very sad to know that your work is more important than me. You know what, you go; go to hell, whatever your work is. I don't really care, you get that?” Vaibhav had never heard her talk this way ever before, but that day really put a harsh hit to his heart and his noble ideas. Ideas to see their future together! Whatever she said was very unexpected but she had meant it. He tried to convince her that the phase of disharmony would soon be over. Then, would come a beautiful day, they would be together enjoying the look back at the passage of the walk that they had carried so far. She didn't listen to him anymore. To add on more, she didn't want to meet him even. Whereas, he couldn't take it in, whatever she had said to him that day.

Vaibhav visited her home, and found that she was unable to walk, having a steel walker by her side, trying to put a foot ahead. Crockery, was all spread on the kitchen floor, while her bed flooded with innumerable medicines. As soon as he saw her in that condition, out of shock, he ran and took her in his arms. Her eyes pale, her breathe nauseated, with difficulty to inhale and exhale, she was in disdain in the reality of her life that had become. With a guy standing next to her, to whom she had meant the world as he had meant to her. Vaibhav was disturbed and this appearance of his girl filled his eyes with pity for her and remorse on his part, over the fact that he wasn't there next to her when she expected him around her. He didn't know, what she was going through. He asked her, shook her from her half conscious state and got to know the truth, of the moment. The girl was suffering from cancer.

He read the doctor's prescriptions and saw the brown bottles of the medicines which she was asked to take. He got his answers over why she got rude at him. But, that time wasn't meant for him to ask her any questions but that was the time for him to be by her side, till the time she recovered from her ill health. Vaibhav, brought her to his car and drove her to the same doctor who was treating her. Ruchika, wasn't well, her face said that; everything about this bubbly-talkative girl had taken a reversal. With the turn of events, her life was miserable and hopeless, whereas Vaibhav had immense faith in his love and he knew that she would be alright after the medical treatment.

Vaibhav remained by her side for the next couple of months, when she was in the hospital getting the medical treatment. Being an orphan, Ruchika had no blood relation known to the world but a person stood next to her, her lover in the face of Vaibhav. The nursing staff all knew him and reached to him whenever they needed any assistance. The times when, Ruchika didn't want to eat the hospital made food, that had no spices, Vaibhav would pamper her and in their lovely interaction, she would complete her meals. She knew he was with her, through all the pains that she felt in her body in the name of weakness and low health. She hugged him and told him that she loved him a lot. Somewhere, she knew, how much troubles she was giving him. Finally, one day she said; “Vaibhav, you have left your work for me. How long will all this go? Why do you care about me now, knowing that I'm in the lowest of health. Don't you feel, that you are missing on to something very important in your life; your office?” To this he replied;“No, Ruchika; it's not that. You come first, and my family knows about us, they are supportive. Don't you worry about anything. You take rest and we will live happily together, once you get out of this disease.” They interacted, as she cleared her doubts about Vaibhav, who helped her in her endeavour.

It was the month of March, with the festival season in full light, they watched everyone celebrating. Ruchika usually told him that she had never expected him to be so much caring as he had turned out to be, leaving all his work for her sake. Giving upon all that he could have done, all that he could have achieved in the name of bonus at the office for the good work and that would surely be added to his work profile. It was her lover, who told her to not worry anymore about him, “Darling, no work would provide me any happiness if that is done, forsaking your wellness. For me, my future is in the wellness of my present and my present is you. You mean the world to me.” The celebrations of love and unity conglomerated in ecstasy when Vaibhav presented to her a ring, telling her that he had wanted to marry her. She was spellbound and in her joy, came the tears rolling down from her eyes to her cheeks. He wiped them off and told her, that that he had really meant it. She accepted his proposal. For them, that moment had meant a lot. It was one of the most beautiful, yet special moment of their lives.

They were sailing in the boat of uncertainty, as her disease was appalling on her health, with slight recovery in the vicinity. The sunny day gave them dreams to see at one place and at the other place a fear that augmented more and more with every breathe that they took. They didn't expect any future, their present was everything. They knew its value and celebrated their togetherness in the uncertain world, but their thoughts were clear on love and that's what mattered the most.

Photography by,
Deshpreet Singh Vaid
In some days, her health gave good signs and doctors gave positive reviews on her betterment as well. Ruchika felt even better and she was out of the claws of the disease that had caught the nerves, of both of them. With the grace of the Almighty and under the righteous medication and supervision of the doctors, she was once again the bubbly-talkative girl. There comes the time, when the true love goes for a testing and for that, there's no fear of losing. Because, love always wins and its victory is well pinned in the end of the difficult times. Whenever such moments come in one's life, when the future is uncertain, the faith and dedication always wins. So, did it happen! Vaibhav's love wasn't for her only when she was all hail, but even when she was in difficult times. It was then that it came up to show in its actuality. Love was never for any show, it came up itself if its spirits were held tight.

In the upcoming months, they married too and Ruchika had got her answers, that Vaibhav did care for her and his dedication to his work in no way meant that he didn't love her anymore. She worked too, just the way he did, in a bank. Life was all set, colourful and affectionate; springing joys from the little moments they spent because they had well understood in their heart of hearts, that they were present for each other in every high and low they would face in their lives.

The dreams they saw were taking form in the reality and their togetherness brought them more closer to understanding each others' heart and mind. Life moved ahead, with patience, hard work and love being the ruler of their lives magnetically.

Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Saturday, 25 January 2014

"Incarnation, a blessing"

Early morning struck, her thoughts did come. About what she liked and what she didn't. He often told her, that life was a boat sailing in the pond, the pond of emotions. She seldom agreed and at times kept her confusions to herself, railing upon her head, whenever he said these lines. She was unaware of the truth behind these lines that Rishabh often said, but on the other hand, he was sure of what he was saying. Rishabh really meant and also justified his thoughts. He said, "To love is to feel its bliss, its wondrous offering. It is to give a chance to love that it grew manifold in its outlining. Composed of love were the memories that formed a spectacle of audacity for the incoming future. To love was to give yourself to the dreams and imaginations of the other person. Maybe, it was what romance also had to mean. Love was an experience of beautifying your soul, with freshness of the cool breeze and charm of the Nightingale's sweet sensing melody." In these many lines, he himself searched for what truth was and how it could appear in their lives. Rishabh had a strong sense of calling that it was in the mere feeling that they could get the joys of the world.

Preyashi was a girl always meeting his eyes with either an affectionate grin or with ambiguity outlining her facial expressions. Rishabh's very presence brought to her not just peace of a million stars but also thoughts to nurture and fruit. His eyes had that enigma or were those eyes showing an illusion, she would also question that. To not lay in a fool's paradise, thinking as if their love was the greatest. Every love had its story, and their love story was in the making.

"Over the hills, over the skies, over the dreams that justify, you be mine and I be yours, until in the sky shore we engross, along the birds and with our dreams, to find the sound reality of what was life and in its meaning." These lines formed for what could be said as a song that they sung in the quiet mornings or whenever they woke from their deep slumber. Love gave them an insight into what dreams were, what you meant to the other person. In their breathes, they had configured the most glorious moments. Even with the distance growing in the upsurge of life, in the complexities of life, when they were far, as they had been, romance continued its portrayal and connected the love birds.

At times, holding the hands and arms couldn't materialize in the actual life, sometimes all the imaginations and fantasies could not be true. If there could be anything in the varsity, it was to inspire your life and likewise your loved one's life. It was to express how important you were to her and similarly how much she meant to you.

It was never that you lost yourself in the struggles of life. It was simply that you could learn with the newer insight that you could get with the passing times, with emotions scripting your moments with the aspired fantasies, imaginations. In love no one ever lost, loving itself was winning the chance to understand the world and it's concepts if there were any.

After a long passage of time, after months, Rishabh, who was in the Navy came to meet his love. They sat together gazing at the stars and then staring continuously into each other's eyes. Sharing their thoughts and telling how much they influenced each other. Life was a beautiful dream, they felt it and life dazzled with the charm of innocence widespread in their talks. Love was really a pond of freshness, an insight into the reality and practicality of life intoned with the beautiful imagery of the thoughts, with the dreams.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Fog and warmth!

The days were beautiful, from the very beginning of the school life. Much better whence she met him, and they fell in love. Like an ocean in depth, the dreams were laden at the forefront. Only to be recurred with a pond, lesser expectations; but more on living the moments. The tidings were felt, the upsurge and downturn of the waves taken into note. It was terrific, to see the stars brim with twinkling. They talked in person in the chilly winter mornings. She came running from her home, in ardent hope to see him standing with roses in his hands everyday. He came with hopes to see her as dazzling as a queen that she was, just because he had loved her every passing moment.

For a moment, time used to stop. The winds might flash, just they stopped as soon as they found each other eyes in eyes. The roses, the rain,the winds, were the background solitaires doing the rounds to make the moment as romantic as ever can romance be best defined in the dictionary of love, if there was any. The aura of her presence, the nascence of her breathe, as they came closer and she rested her warm hands on his hands became more defined. Life was a poetry, the heartfelt poetry, a rendition of art, the treasure beyond measures. In no time, the lovers resumed the feeling and arms in arms felt what wasn't felt otherwise. The warmth and the soothing. It was then that the day began once again, with reminiscence in the memories of their school life, now that they were no longer kids at school, for they were remembering those days.