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Friday, 27 February 2015

only if..

he was lonely.. yet he had 'his' company,
company of his heart, that had the dreams..
dreams of his daughter.. 
he was eating chocolate that day,
sitting near the lake.
a tear or two touched his cheeks,
he felt if it was rain..that touched his face..
he realised, it was his daughter standing next to him..
in his dreams, eating chocolate with him..
he wishes so much, if it were not a dream,
and a reality.. time had moved faster he felt,
that he had lived the precious moments with his daughter,
and those were now the past memories..

definition of me.

this light that walks with me,
this light that is wisdom,
strength and joy to me.
this fragrance, of the roses,
this garden breeze to me.
it's all a part of my present,
my past and the future to me.
these are the songs of my-
sadness and grief.
these only celebrate my being,
my reality, and my dreams.

Story remains..

Winds flashed by,
seasons came and passed.
The sunlight had the same grace,
while he stood there in time,
to witness and encompass;
every moment he had written,
with her on the sands of time;
he knew she was there,
the time had no say whatsoever,
in their incomplete, yet complete
love affair.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Few wishes of my heart!

There is this spirit inside of me, that wants to be heard. There is this spirit in me, which wants to find its route because that is learning, and learning is joy. In short, I would say that I am looking for love to sprout from the little patches I can find and see, that I say I can see art everywhere, in every place but what can I do when it is hard to justify my stance on art, to people around me. In this world today of so much criticism, so much hatred I wonder if my dreams are just mockery or a joke? If it is a joke, then I better leave them, the people whom I see upon as my elders or my teachers. I think, I would have to make my way once again through the crowd. I need to find those people who believe in love and know what it means to give some respect at least to the hard work and labour of people. That it takes a lot of courage to take a start, that a start doesn't happen everyday, that when a start happens, there has to be some encouragement. I think, that's what teachers are made for, to support the tiny thoughts that dream to be big. I wish, I can live my dream but I know that my dream is not my dream alone. It is a dream higher than me or you, it's the dream for goodness for mankind. I just wish that. I want to dream and work on our dream.

She's a traveller!

People came to her as mere travellers. She had no school to study in, no friend to accompany her. She started writing one fine day, and all she ended up writing was that, 'One day, we all are but stars." She kept watching the night sky with admiration and grace, before she fell asleep under those stars, and they were her guardians. They showed her the way, and gave her company and togetherness. She had herself become a star and hence the written words flew away with the paper in the winds that blew. The page sighted again this time, 'One day, we all are but stars."


Happiness is my young friend,
It chirps, it dances and makes me experience,
the beauty and affection that a flower could transmit.
Happiness, in the laptop screen which flashes,
Happiness in the unfinished manuscript,
Happiness in the tangled earphones lying on the bed,
Happiness in the sight of the lampshade,
There's a lot to celebrate every morning,
There's a lot to live. smile emoticon

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Her dreams.

Nothing more,
Nothing less,
It was the essence.
Never known,
Never met,
Still, a magnet.
Her face appears,
She has many faces,
Every newer road,
He finds her there.
So, he keeps moving,
He knows, she's waiting.
In the necklace of love,
She's a solitaire.

Monday, 23 February 2015

I thought

They said, he had to be correct with grammar and concepts to be a writer.. whereas, he had only known her eyes, her smile.. that was all the grammar and concepts he knew.. she called him a writer, and he wrote about her eyes.. accepting, what she called him.

Yes, somewhere it is applicable on me.


The teacher asked him questions that day, which he could not answer. Yeah, the teacher had taught the lessons beforehand, but he had forgotten those. When the teacher left the class, she had a smile on her face, she said, "I expect participation from you. Come prepared next time." There was no better feeling than this.

Well yes, the above said statement is closer to my heart. It happened with me today in my class, that I thought of writing about it. Something that brought me a smile and motivation to keep moving! Thank you ma'am! :) 

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Awakening of love!

Scattered by the thunderstorm,
he collected pieces of his broken heart.
From someone who had loved her
to someone who was unknown a heart,
in the musings of the choir,
which strung a beat up and down.

Yeah, his friends came to him,
with open arms to stand to his grief,
because, they had known what it was like,
when someone's belief in love thrashed.
Just that, he had to understand,
the difference between an imaginative world,
and the reality side of this world.
They were different, yet lived by the same
people in this world.

He stopped his thoughts of her,
and felt, there was no joy in doing so.
He didn't want to control it, his feelings,
so he bursted out eventually,
in tearful eyes, and a heart that was unknown.
With the shimmer of the first rays of the sun,
that early morning, he understood,
he got the faith back in love, for his love of her was true.
It was like the sunshine, which always greeted,
with equal love and dedication of a true lover.

With this, even his sadness was something to enjoy,
and he smiled at few good memories,
and he smiled and he smiled and........
His friends sought to make him cry now,
he was acting indifferent to this emotion,
but with this smile on his face lightened,
he had felt peace with his own self.
He didn't need her this time, to make him happy,
he had got a spiritual awakening,
that it was 'life...'

On people and his art.

From the time he met people,
led many interactions on the public sphere,
renowned as he was, people knew him,
he felt complete in his works of art,
and when people appreciated,
as well as depreciated his art form,
he had no problems, for he was complete.

No, it was not only in his paintings,
that he felt complete. What mattered,
the most were his thoughts of her,
that led him to create the art form.
For, whatever the people would say,
he knew, wherefrom he got his peace,
in his love of her, that he loved his art,
and ended up loving himself.
Others didn't come in picture,
it was their story, felt and understood,
by the two of them, 'the lovers..'

Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Meaning of life, memories!

Yes, her presence was unmatchable,
unmatchable as the Northern Star!
Oh yeah I know it is true,
but does it have to be so,
just because I feel it to be?
I wonder in astonishment,
I wonder and wonder,
until I close my eyes and sleep.

A voice wakes me up,
I have to get up and work.
Yeah, I have much work to do,
like anyone else, I always have,
a dream to accomplish,
happiness to taste and brew.
Yeah, my work provided me that!

In between my meals and,
the assignments I do;
her presence strikes to me right,
well right again in time,
as she doesn't leave me unglued.
She's painted in my memories,
some times of the past,
which I like, as well as dislike,
but those belong to us,
that I look back at them and clutch,
onto them yet again.
Well, those rivulets of joy,
pass through me,
yet again in her thoughts,
I have lost my pace of work,
but that doesn't matter now.
She has already met me at a time,
in the day, when all my work,
has seamlessly rhymed.

Dearest lady!
Such is thy prolific beauty,
thy presence that it takes me,
to witness the moon,
in its own accomplished gleam.

I wonder, I wonder over the skies,
it's night and she's with me.
Oh, I know I am imagining,
but yeah, she's with me,
in my memories, and that is,
what matters to me!


The very basic definition of the word 'Democracy', that I had learnt in my school was that it is a form of government which is, "of the people, by the people and for the people." This definition was given by the late U.S. President Abraham Lincoln.

The thought of democracy brings me back to reflect upon the recent Vidhan Sabha elections in Delhi. The elections that changed the very notion of politics this time, with the results not only becoming the cutest surprise to the people of Delhi, but also acting their rhetoric best. With the Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) in Delhi taking away all the seats less three, there was a lot to cherish for the Delhites when their own party had formed the government. In the recent times when I would meet the auto-rickshaw wall's in Saadi Dilli, I would always be taken for a thoughtful escapade. The campaigners for the 2 year old political party were not coming in laal batty cars, but from anywhere in the heart of the city to the nooks and cranny of the city.

When I look back at the past two-three months, I can understand how the people of Delhi showed greater interest in politics than ever before in the history of Indian politics. It was showing, how people of Delhi were fed up of the breeze of corruption eating upon their bread and butter. This time the definition of democracy was given another chance in the reality. Well, I don't want to sound so much in favour of the new found love of Delhites in the AAP, but I am compelled to sound so, because the election results show that. So, does it mean the win of people alone and not of any party? Yeah, it's what the message goes out, that the public doesn't vote with closed eyes, but they are well aware of the reality of the politics of today and how it is affecting the country, and its future. Let's hope, the public's faith is addressed with honesty and transparency on which the party ideals stand. Long live democracy!

Gagandeep Singh Vaid
for Artist Address

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

the stars are high!

why is it that the stars are bright?
why is it that someone's presence strikes?
i look within my self, my senses and in that while,
what is there within me, circumscribes. 

every emotion, every thought,
is what forms me, like a Rock.
every little moment i spend,
becomes a memory forever incense. 

why am i fearful, i often ask myself,
until i fall silent, and close my eyes.
there appears to me, my light,
the freshness, the breeze could provide.

the memories fall upon to be,
of those different territories,
wherever i have been,
wherever i had the luck to dream.

this is the sky above me,
there are the clouds,
that walk and find someone,
high above to accompany.
either the birds who share songs,
or the breeze that touches,
and influences the many lovers.
lovers on the land below,
while they glide up over the skies.
yeah, it is all in harmony,
it is in the appreciation of beauty,
appreciation of one's being.

Dear, 17/02/2015 (Grace)

This night is a flight to the harbour of bonhomie and affection.
With the day that I led forth, I could feel and likewise embrace, every moment which came to me in this very day. 
Smiles and misunderstandings to everything being sorted out at the end of the day, there is a lot to call my own in solace of my thoughts and ideology. 

If you ask me still at this hour, between all the affection, care and love that I have with me to counter, then I would say that yes, somewhere I am fearful as well. As I really don't know, if what I am planning with all my energies and strengths is going to furnish or not? Whatever it is that happens, I shall hold on to the belief, in the quote that I had heard once. The quote goes like this, "Do your best and leave the rest." Yeah, I am looking forward to goodness to spring in through my actions, so yeah it is up with me in my faith in the songs.


Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A pathfinder..

"To write, a blog
is to enchant thy thoughts
on the screen in front of me."
This I say to myself,
and begin my day with glee.

Love resembles

freedom to thee
to walk to places
and kiss the sea.
Such is thy notion
such is thy dream
that every star
is proud of its being.

You be that star,
be that every sea
that travels far off
in its territory.
Still it is filled with
all the affection,
your heart could imbibe,
your wishes could enshrine.

I met a girl yesterday

she made me smile.
Enough reasons,
enough wishes she had 
given to me,
on why she loved her life.

Every thought about her

is a beautifying reality to me
as I carry my walk,
I sight to the girl in She. 
Freedom in her walks,
dreams in her thoughtful
chariots. She talked and reached,
to my heart, yeah she connected
that chord of love with me.

I follow her today,

I know she is the Light.
I follow my footsteps,
I know I have learnt from her,
the beauty of Life.
Thank you, dear Stranger,
you gave path to my directions.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Bhelpuri Lover!

What do you want to eat? ", He asked.

"Bhelpuri, maybe," she answered.

Her cheeks turned red and her hands were shaking. The shame of asking for a dish that's so not hep, that's so not pizza and that's so not costly. 
Cheap people eat cheap things. Right?

The boy smiled.

He went up to the Bhelpuri stall and asked him to prepare one. The boy woke up and stared at the customer.

"Is this really happening?", he wondered.

Anyways, on a winter evening, on a summer day or on a rainy afternoon, he was always there, hopeful yet hopeless. With the eyes of a hawk, he craved for customers. Alas! Some, he had.

Honestly, if you want to eat something that's beautiful, erotic, mouth-watering, healthy and cheap ( the price, okay?), don't think twice, go eat Bhelpuri.

A big bowl or container, so many namkeens, so many colours. A plastic spoon and a plastic plate. A lot of love and a mid-day meal. A hungry stomach and happy mouths.

When you take the Bhelpuri and so many spoons, when you share your food like you share your love, when you give happiness to a poor under-rated fellow, when you give happiness to yourself, that's the time when you eat BHELPURI.

It is a such a beautiful dish and so popular at various places. Then why do some hesitate to stand and eat it ? Why do some, with their mouths watering resist and not have one?
The question is Why?

It does not make you fat. It does not make you sad. It does not break your heart. It does not eat you back. Then why resist?

Maybe you don't like it. Maybe there are some who eat it. Maybe there are some who care too much. Maybe some are too class conscious. I hope you are not one of them.

If you have never eaten one, please do. Contact me, I can bring you one anytime. I love to spread happiness and BHELPURI is happiness.

You can prepare it at home too. Take some " murmure", chutney , namkeen, onion and tomato. Mix them up and that's it. Beter than Maggie any day. It won't form a cyst, it won't kill you.

That person who prepares the BHELPURI, look at his face sometimes. His happiness when you approach him, his happiness of earning mere twenty ruppees in a day are evident on his tired face. He must be so happy, I think. He must be so sad, I think. Mixing those colours and smelling that aroma, expecting arrivals and monotonous days, failures and love, days and nights.

Humans can't love you, BHELPURI can.
Humans can't make you smile,
Humans can leave you anytime,
Humans can throw you away,
BHELPURI doesn't mind being thrown away.

A friend once told me that cooking is an art. It truly is. If words give you power, food gives you life.

You can eat it, relish it, smell it and fall in love with it. Trust me with BHELPURI, you won't fall in love, you will rise in it. Everyday.
And it won't complain.

And you know what's the best part?
You can adjust the spices, you can adjust the chilly, you can adjust everything. Just the way you want.


Written by,
Shruti Shukla

My work, means to me the sky! :)

Eyes water, unknown of the fact over what to do? After a day full of running, to catch the pace of this swiftly moving life; when one sits and looks aback at the happenings of the day, then there is joy and there are lessons, either good or bad. There are many tasks which were left in between and could not be completed, and there were few tasks to be done, which were completely forgotten. Where at one point, all this varies from person to person, I look at all of this like a film. A film that plays in front of my eyes, just before the day is set to conclude with me bidding it goodnight. Somewhere, I see that my work defines me. I see the certain tasks in the day, the very manner they happened to me. I also judge myself, I look at my personality and the way I carried about these tasks of mine. Either, I led these tasks in a haphazard manner or I had a way out through them; all of it defines me. My work, simply because it belongs to me.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Another chance

While she was about to leave their home, she was also leaving him. The way he had changed, the way he had started drinking and abusing her, it was all she could do. The house they built with so much love, the house that had their dreams in, it was about that house, that it was no longer a house.

In the bloom of their youth, when they had been the perfect lovebirds, two people who were made for each other, who were compatible and understood each other better than anyone in the world, were leaving each other, after being united for six years. She couldn't question fate, for such a tragic upbringing of their bond of love. Just the way, she didn't question fate, for giving them the most beautiful days of their lives, when they respected each other.

In her last message to him, in her eyes of pain, disdain and heartbreak, she gave him the possessions of their togetherness. She left on their bed, the diaries they had written in admiration of each other, the letters they had posted in longing for the other one. The photographs, the CD's of their special moments, she just left it behind for him to somewhere see, how he had changed with the time.

Wine had reached his head, his heart was no longer capable of emotions. Then, finally she left.

It was one day, when he was alone that he didn't eat well, wasn't appreciated at work. It was a remorse, a guilt for his deeds of the past. He finally ended up, viewing their treasures of life. He felt what he hadn't felt for years now, he had felt that heart full of emotions, of love for someone whom he had married. Her eyes were reflective of all those dreams they had seen together. The time, seemed to correct his flaws.

With a heavy heart, he finally ended up calling her after three years. He was crying on the phone, he had felt the worst, he had apologised her a hundred times that day. When she agreed to come back home, he felt he was given another chance to love her, give her all that she deserved and not disrespect or abuses. As, she entered the place he called his home, where he lived after their separation, did she see, how he had beautifully given a place to each memory of theirs that she had left behind to him three years ago.

She knew, it was time that had brought yet another change in his attitude of life and towards her. It was just loneliness teaching him, that because of his wrongdoings, a girl who had loved him a lot was suffering. It was about love that they were united yet again. It was peace above all, to see the old him; the person who had cared for her, at every point.

She still didn't question fate, this time she thanked it. Not all people who leave ever comeback to their love, with apologies. She had given him another chance but at the same time, she didn't know what more the future had in store for them. In that moment, she had merely given themselves another chance because it was about heart that it wanted things to happen in a particular way. For the love of their youth was as glowing this time again as it did in the very first time, when they had met. Fate, it was; the greatest incarnation that came with stories and in the passage of time.

Gagandeep Singh Vaid
for Artist Address

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

IDENTITY 2K15, at Hansraj College (D.U.)

It was a morning like any other, yet it was a different day. This day marked the annual Mathematics Fest, IDENTITY 2K15 of Delhi University's prestigious, Hansraj College. The students of Mathematics Department presented a lot of enthusiasm to align for the events of the day. It was 9:30 A.M. sharp, and the decorations were complete by the time the students of other colleges reached the Hansraj College. There were happy faces all around, just like the bright colours that had webbed the area around the L.P.! Well, L.P. is the short form of Lovers Point, where the college students sit to gossip and talk about their experiences of the day.

I reached for the desk where two girls were sitting from Mathematics Dept. and I could understand that because they were involved in some work, obviously it had to be related with their fest. I could learn their names from their badges and they were really sweet, in addressing me.

They told me about a game they had in their list of games. The first game that was named to me, was the Mathematical Tambola. I smiled in a sense of joy and excitement when I thought that I had to just cut the numbers from the list given before me on the paper. It was later when I went to play the game after nearly two hours that I found, it was simple yet there was a twist in its simplicity. Now, instead of just speaking the numbers straight to cut from the paper, the girl spoke, 'square of nine plus four'. Well, I had to multiply this time and then the addition of the number had to be done. Every next number she uttered was in a different style. Not that I was a nursery kid to be afraid of it; but I had kept distance from Mathematics; just because I didn't find it so intriguing. I heard the next number, 'half of four'. Well, I had a word for them, the organisers. It was, 'Creative'. They were creative people with beautiful ideas. I didn't participate in it because I was drawn in no time by the Hula- hoop stall next to the Tambola stall. I found it intriguing this time and I was game for it. A beautiful girl was rolling the Hula-hoop around her waist in a regular fashion and  there not only me, but everyone was impressed by her art. It was fascinating! I tried it, but I knew where I was going. One couldn't expect oneself to roll it around one's waist, even more, when one was holding it for the first time in his/her life. It was just that moment of participation that made me happy, and yes to be at IDENTITY 2K15, and giving a try to it was worth it. Next, I moved on to play Chess, and it was an experience to play with a polished player who knew the rules of the game pretty well. We shook hands before the game started and did the same after it ended.

Through all these experiences that I have explained above, the most important one is yet to come on my visit to the fest. It was when a very well accomplished professor of Mathematics, Dr. Shobha Bagai gave the inaugural speech in the morning, when the topic of her discussion was, 'Aspects of Mathematical Modelling'. After, a very warm welcome to the speaker with the lightening of the lamp and an introduction by Dr. Preeti Dharmarha, a senior teacher who talked about the accomplishments of Dr.Shobha Bagai. In Dr. Preeti's words, Dr.Shobha was 'gentle from looks and her demeanour but hard on Mathematics.' She expressed how much motivated she herself was from the speaker of the day and how she had once been Dr. Shobha's student in an event.

The speaker started her speech very soon and started the session in a very friendly manner, and in no time the audience was comfortable with the speaker and everyone was as much present in the discussions as the speaker herself. The audience consisted mostly of the first and second year Mathematics students of the college and the teachers. Dr. Bagai asked a simple question that why did we watch models on the ramp and get so much attracted to them? A student named Daevesh answered that, the models were beautiful, the reason behind the attraction force. Answers came from all around the seminar hall now. Students described how, confidence played a greater role in a model's looks. The manner they carry themselves is very praiseworthy. The speaker was glad to get such quick answers from the audience. She began, while saying that; 'Even Physics can't be without modelling.' A voice came from behind me, 'True', said a girl. So, it was clear by now that modelling had applications in all areas of life. The very concept of modelling was even discussed in junior school, as the students present rightly pointed out that even the word problems had equations. For example, 'If Sheila had 4 marbles and Nalini has 6 marbles....' Equations could be made with such statements. Likewise, in the later part of her speech, Dr. Shobha explained how important equations were in making the works of even the Biologists easier and more efficient. She shared her experiences on how she disliked Biology in her school and college like many Maths students do, because they love Maths so much. :p But, it was later in her career as a teacher that she understood how interlinked these two subjects could be; in order to make researches happen prolifically. Biology and Mathematics had a future in their own respective fields but when brought together, they had a future as well. The biologists of the day have started understanding this phenomenon.  She explained that a problem would arise when the biologists weren't able to explain their thoughts to the mathematicians. Even the Nobel Lauretes(Biologists) had good mathematical base. She emphasised how essential it was, to appreciate the subjects related to mathematics.

It was a very informative session, where she used several mathematical differential equations to explain her points. In her words, 'There is no best model, only the better model. Accept it.' It was in simplicity that many solutions appeared, not importantly in complexities. I was overwhelmed by her session, even enjoying the sight of the equations, being the only English(Honours) student in the whole seminar room. I had a smile on my face, she had got another fan in me. It was overall a beautiful event and one of the greatest college memories to me.

Gagandeep Singh Vaid
for Artist Address

Few places of Delhi in Bollywood films today! :D

Delhi has become the next destination for film-makers to land in after Mumbai. Delhi being the capital city of India, is not only rich in the monuments but also in its own unmatchable culture. Well, yeah it's a mixed culture here in Delhi but that's what defines us, Delhites. So, let's celebrate the fact that Bollywood celebrates us in its films. The famous places amongst them are as follows;

Connaught Place

Being in the heart of the city, C.P. can never be missed from anyone's sight. It's loved by all of us, EQUALLY! :D Flashes of C.P. are in every Bollywood film, which has glimpses of Delhi in it, or as a whole is set in Delhi. 

Few films of the countless many films shot here are, 2 States, P.K. , Rockstar, Delhi-6, Delly-Belly!

Arjun Kapoor in 2 states, shooting in Connaught Place

India Gate
Film after film has had glimpses of India Gate! Recent films such as, Student of the Year, Vicky Donor, Raanjhanaa and the well acclaimed film amongst these being, Rang De Basanti.
Still from, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

Ranjhanaa film shot!

Humayun’s Tomb

This monument is the favourite amongst the film directors, also because they can fit their budget while shooting at Humayun's tomb, in case they can't stretch shooting schedules to Taj Mahal in Agra. Recent flicks like PK, 2 States have glimpses of this monument. This is a beautiful monument which will make you fall in love with every little patch that makes it stand so headstrong. You can rest on the grass in the garden as the monument stands gracefully in the infamous CharBagh style. It's on the top lists of the places to see in Delhi, if you want to catch Delhi's beauty in its heritage. You will love Humayun's Tomb when you visit and after you come from your visit, it won't leave you memories. It is such magnificent and rich in texture and in its architecture. 
To be frank, people often compare Humayun's Tomb with Taj Mahal when they see its structure, like I said its built on similar lines. 

Qutub Minar
Built in the year 1300's, the Qutub Minar is after the name of Qutb-ud-din Aibak. The Qutub Minar is the 2nd tallest minaret in our country, India. Its popularity amongst the Delhites is enormous. One's visit to Delhi is complete with a visit to the Qutub Minar and if you're a tourist then yes, it's already on your itinerary. The Hindi film industry understands this heart beat of the city, the treasure it is to the Delhites. Few of the many-many films shot at the Qutub Minar, are Fanaa, Cheeni Kum, Black & White(2008) etc.  

Bollywood actor and director Dev Anand wanted to shoot the song Dil Ka Bhanwar Kare Pukar from his movie Tere Ghar Ke Samne inside the minar. However, the cameras in that era were too big to fit inside the tower's narrow passage, and the song was shot inside a replica of the tower instead. (Source: Wiki :p)"

Lord Hanuman Statue

So, you mean a Bollywood film shot in Delhi and no appearance of the Hanuman Statue that is near Paharganj in Delhi. Films one after the other shot in Delhi contain flashes of this huge Hanuman Statue. This statue symbolises Delhi and the Hanuman temple has thousands of devotees everyday. This ancient temple is claimed to be one of the five temples of Mahabharata days in Delhi. 

Films like Delhi-6, Fukrey, Delly-Belly, P.K., Tere Sang. etc. have glimpses of the Lord Hanuman Statue.

Agrasen Ki Baoli 
Located at Hailey Road in New Delhi, a lot of history stands behind this Baoli. It's a new tourist sight for the travellers, more even after Bollywood directors found their lost love in the central Delhi near Connaught Place.
Film diaries: (Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, Tere Sang, P.K.)

Baoli is a Hindi word which means 'steep well'.

Chandni Chowk
Well I assume, that the Name is enough. :)
The heart of Old Delhi, Chandni Chowk can never be missed because of its cultural adherence and the people of our Purani Dilli

for you, dear readers.. love :)

Saturday, 7 February 2015

The best of Artist Address! 2.

The joy of looking at your face,
Is incomparable .
But then it is about a but, 
I can't stand what according to you, 
Is fun and bearable.
I think in our attachment,
Is our detachment.


What is, remains!

Whatever is, that remains.
The times lived by you once,
get added to your memories,
for days distant in a sum.
Yeah, for sure you won’t
have every other event lived,
at the back of your mind,
but it just remains there 
in the flash of your eyes.
Every dream, every glory
does sublime,
your memory, your life,
is all yours and belongs
to none other than to you.
You possess, it’s yours,
just the time to write them,
you have to manage.
To remember every drop,
every flash, and write it
for you and others to read it
in the sands of time.


just it's a 'me' thing.

few images unseen, 
were now found.
few confusions were sorted out.
her name gave all reasons,
to give him faith in his reasons to live.
like her, many other men and women who met him,
gave him reasons enough to, 'smile'.
he had found his road at last,
road that was always a part of his calling.
he was glad he met that road,
and now he was travelling.
far and far, the newer streets,
the gardens, the pubs,
the markets of newer cities and towns.
no cash, nothing with him;
but his faith, his solace.
that was all about himself,
he was no longer a part of that race.
he was glad, he had met her,
to understand what his life was meant to be.
yeah, it was about that life he had led,
which gave him his reasons. it was that phase.
he had won life for himself,
with his reasons.


"The night sky is full of glory and contentment. It heals, it celebrates, it takes one's dreams, to another height. Such is, the night sky!"
on 'Night Sky'!


my life, my love.

no, don’t call me harsh.
please don’t.
if i don’t talk to you,
it doesn’t mean, 
that in anyway i feel bitter
of you, or dislike you.
just that, that moment,
is not the right moment,
when i can't be the Gagan to you.
at that moment, i am only,
Gagan to me. the one person,
whom only i know,
so you know, he asks for my presence,
and it’s our space,
our togetherness, our bond,
when i flirt with myself,
and make myself smile.
i don’t mean to keep you away,
just that, i want to keep myself,
closer to me.
but ya, i am mad, but mad
because it’s how it’s meant to be.
i am like that,
you will have to accept that,
dear friend.
friendly yours


ruffled and intertwined in their dreams,
they had constructed a building of love,
with their ocean of emotions and feelings,
which arose from either one for the other one.


from tides to waterfalls,
she only saw his face,
those expressions of humility,
those expressions of his love.
like, every drop which formed the waterfalls,
had little of him in it engrossed within.
the compactness, the bond between those water molecules,
were enough to tell her, how much he had loved her sight,
how meaningful her presence to him had sighed.
he kept on looking at her,
and they both constructed a land of their own making together,
describing the essence of their bond of love and respect for either one of them.


yesterday she asked me yet again to wait.
i kept on wondering what to do or to say?
because it was she only, who had left me.


Following their dreams..

She said, sooner she would be back.
He said, he would also come back one day.
They were in love with each other,
but it was important to follow their calling.
They parted, to meet yet again one fine day,
along with the love of their lives.


Everyday they met roses,
the warmth and glitter.
Everyday, miles apart,
they sensed each other's presence.


to thee, my thoughts.

unknown of thy roads of glory
how far shall thee go
oh dearest lady?
wait, look within
what beautifies your dreams
and follow your path
as your instincts say to thee.


Someday, someone comes to you; to tell you, that your dreams of love are true.

With a heavy heart, 

she said all that she said.
She knew how difficult it would be otherwise,
to give him her heart yet again,
to love him yet again.
It would be difficult to go through that again,
so it was important to feel this pain,
to not let the multitude of it come to her later.

On blog updates!

She told him. "We need to talk!"
He smiled and knew what it was all about.
Her love, her love for his faith, his belief.
He had told her, that he would make it big,
one day to the stars. He replied to her,
"Yeah, we can talk!" She smiled as he did.
That day, he updated his blog and they celebrated.