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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Few boundaries and reasons..!

A couple as beautiful as them,
I wonder if I had but ever seen.
So much to say in those starry eyes,
I had felt those truly aligned in a thoughtful array,
In each others' love, fully blend.

Dreams could be imagined,
Affection could be idealized,
When they walked, whole set
of royalty would come to sigh.

It was in their understanding of the world,
Most importantly, their own world,
That they believed they could be,
In the bond cast together,
without much altercations or perplexity.

A little effort, a smile;
Would join their hands
and likewise push a realization,
Of how much they meant to each other,
That they expressed love at that instant,
When they were friends, no longer strangers.

A look back and a look at present,
All the troubles would erase,
Yet, a little time that would gap between,
Those feelings could recreate;
In as much honesty and bravado,
As the kite enjoys to fly higher and above,
With birds living their freedom,
And kissing the winds, as those did club,
Every instant, of their flight;
Up above, the sky that strode,
In them potential enough to be,
Flyers, across boundaries.

It was well said of their relationship,
That would wait for the stars,
to twinkle and yet again,
give reasons many to love.
He waitest, so did she;
To know the love's toll,
The cast of freedom on their love,
Whether to be a decision in glee or melancholy.
He waitest, so did she.

Moral: Always give your love a chance, even in difficult phases don't let it lose. Remember, how u meant to each other at a point of time; take it forward, that emotion and respect it. Because love doesn't happen every day, it takes that time to develop..give it that time responsively.

Memory in personages

Mother is gardening,
Hence watering the plants;
The water that enters through
the roots and supplants in
their existence, in the garden.
The garden where I have played
in the shower of my childhood.

We friends did play cricket
and fought over ball and bat.
We boys sat and talked about
the girls in the colony and the
cycle races and the actors.
Movies came as we watchest
those, celebrating companionship,
friendship all humble across.

It's in this garden that red flowers
ascertain their freshness and humility.
While greenery invades and rules like a
ruler in grace as conspires tranquility.

I walk back the memory lanes,
As outshines the dance of the leaves,
in the trees yet again;
Oh my Life, you have walked life's shore..
With the trees and the dreams having,
Stacked this life with a magical prologue.

Gagandeep Singh Vaid

"In the departure, an arrival!"

When the stars were bidding goodbye,
He kept his watch,
At the streamless sky,
To not expect the forthcoming
of another night.
He had well known,
His night would no longer be;
For it was one such shower
of twinkling darkness,
That would but remain in his heart,
Unmatchable to the shore
of any darkness that shall curb;
In less say, in little a fall of the day,
He had let the love of his life,
bid him, yet another feeling,
to his dismay.

It wasn't painful anymore,
It was solitude for this guy now on,
As he closed his eyes,
to the reminiscence of the past,
And cheering to move on,
With love, the self same way,
Yet another sunny, gorgeous day!


From water to waterfalls.

The walk past the time that sprawls.
In wisdom it is often said,
That age is just a number,
But it shows it's occurrence,
It's being, so supplant.

Alike human beings,
The walls also show, their growth.
Well, is it appropriate to compare,
And rightful to say so, how they equally appear?

Material things and immaterial,
Oh my God, what is not and what is real?
That happiness is but a question of being special.
How we feel so; is it, in royalty or by serving,
That dreams once again freshen.

Yes, relations go like this;
This way, that the equality sums up,
It shows how we are meant to be together.
Thoughts that match, celebrate themselves,
And not rust and cremate upon the sheer sense.

Oh my Lord, the winter Lords,
Flash upon thy ceiling walls,
Tell me, for what is ice and what is snow.
Oh winter Lords, ascertain the weather,
nurture the bough, in rains thy temperament,
is pleasant, and fore-places the lore.
Oh gentle birds fly at a level so high,
In winters, they coat their wings, only then fly.
I wonder, how they maintain their luminous,
In the thunderous composition,
Within which they fly,
Without any complaints or humanly sighs.
They soar higher and on, until feel the need,
To stop en route, and lavishly dine,
In the atmosphere, that forms chill, and to their lives,
cast yet another high.

I meet a bird, it tells;
Me the truth behind its' life.
It's all in holding a rope in a hand
and feeling the lightness,
of the colour so white
and blue over the sky.
What happens then, when;
There's no one to hold you back,
But, your vision and conviction;
In life's yet another ride,
Over the hills of charisma,
And the rhythmic sensations,
Under the weather of symphony,
Alike, the weather of sting, so wide.

All in all,
It's another chance,
To live, dance and stroll;
The walk past the days of youth,
As enters the ride to its' yet another phase,
Being old and celebrating, the highs, the stalls.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Desirous, yet aimless.

What was it that moved my mind.
There were many a ideas combined.
What would mean of my life,
There would be solace every slice;
Whenever I thought much, I lost my rhyme.

Was it to stay quiet,
That I were to sense peace-
throughout the strands.
Or were it a requirement,
To remark and screech,
Over my actions and stands.
That whatever I did,
Whether it got me name or writ?

A question taking analysis,
Did strike in the basis,
There assumed ideas,
serenading along an eclipse.

I had to do this,
I had to make that,
I had said many words-
in a hiss,
and become a fathom-
in grimace stack.

Had I got that control,
In what I had said,
I would have been worthy-
then, of her love,
And even the brash.
Now, that distance appears,
There's indifference, oh Gnash!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Find solace out of the maze!

Questions, questions and
Oh I wonder, how will I
answer them all.
Reasons, reasons, and
I wonder, how will I

Silence, I seek, within
and external to me.
Oh how I wish, I had it in
Shine, shine, oh please
I wanna please acknowledge,
the trees.

Wait, hey wait;
Be my companion,
I have melancholy state,
As well as joy in union.

Still, I say, I say,
Do wait, in your wait I
Look, upon the streamless
Touch me even, don't speak
any lies..

For, fragments my heart,
It gets cocooned,
Ravels across thoughts,
Likewise a bottle of
Upcoming, and incoming;
I become, my own stalwart.
When to complain is,
Of no definite use.
To find an alternative to
Does heart really muse.

Affection in unsaid tone, rules
and knits,
With smile as a precious gift.


Dreams under the sun!

The roads of my childhood dreams,
Compose and flower in their being;
Summer is here, so is the wishful appetite-
Forever clear; To roam around the streets,
Covering heads with umbrella-
and the sheets.

Memories of childhood days,
Spring along the connection-
in every pace,
Chilly drinks to intake,
To follow the junctions-
near to the lakes.
Rain quintessentially royal,
Atmosphere no longer loyal.

But, it is up to me to face it,
Wear sunglasses, light t-shirts-
as likewise is my travel kit.

School days, yet again steer;
Oh heavenly, how pleasant does-
all of it appear.


Walk with the times..

You ask me, what love is,
I look at a couple,
they are quite old,
Their hands held,
road they crossed,
I could sense in their walk,
eternal bliss.

The heart, contended, loyal,
Dreams and realities,
they had led along,
All these years,
they have been together,
Bond they share,
imaginatively strong.

Not that they wouldn't have seen-
issues everyday in the sight-seen,
Oh, they believed they were present,
For each other, in tones resplendent.

Little fights, or big ones to say,
They had held hands still-
Oh, there was dismay.

A little forgiveness, a little sorry,
They got together under the sun, holy!
Understood what was right for them,
Still holding the hands, life was a gem.

From the youth, till their older days;
They carried promise not in the saying-
they took the blessing ahead, the foray,
With blankness, disparity and the mood swings,
They knew they had to live every moment,
as if; it was all anew.

It was this,
And this was that;
They had loved,
They had gapped,
Still, they had met,
With a smile set.

They are soldiers,
Oh, warriors in bonhomie;
Best friends and lovers,
In their yet own story.


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Flying as the winds let me

Florescent yet identical,
Accustoms the starlit sky,
Simple yet optimal,
The surface occurs to ply.

Birds had varied dimensions,
Many options,
In various quotients.

To sit at a place,
And fly towards another grace;
Well, life had moodiness,
Every other phase.

It could sing with the waves,
Or migrate to another landscape.
To take in the essence,
The poetry of difference;
Away from the homeland,
That was the most significant.

We did go, we had to return,
We did strive, we had to learn;
Every walk, every journey,
Woods in the far vicinity;

Churn, churn oh reality,
Life was more than-
dreamlike poetry.

Over the streams,
Over the skies;
Over the dreams-
that lullaby;
You belong to me,
As I do to thee.
Over the fragrance,
The shapeless skies.
Although, no one was-
meant to rely,
It was my love as-
it became a passer-by..

Now, I'm made to sigh,
In an adjacent wood,
beneath the sky;
and say, my position-
where I stood,
not merely but utter by,
that I could, I could;
And I did glide,
Over the rainbowy skies-
and understandable woods..


Saturday, 5 April 2014

Stars and love!

When the stars had been shining,
Thunderstorm broke in the middle;
The charmistic view of the sky, did sling,
Turning the enthusiasm into a riddle.

Magic of the view, of the stars;
Was blurred in it's disposition,
Imaginations were within confined bars.
Life, not as thought;
as of recreation,
But thunder, chill and snarls.

She said, the future had no weight;
Every notion of her mind, did she state.
Honest, yet lively girl is she,
Her face depicts freedom and glee.
Over her life, her being herself,
Giving power to the outlined shelf,
Of being, who we are.

She walks away, in vibrant tones;
Whereas, I go timid and broken hearted.
Still, I wanna say, she did her best, on her own;
To hold us, together strong, until she departed.
Now, I go yet again;
To feel her, glitter and dreams,
That were cast yesterday's lane;
Under the sun, that used to gleam.

Another chance, every day;
Every moment, a lovely hay.
She taught, I learnt;
Young and smart,
To live life;
Not run the strife.

I bring to me self,
A broken rose,
It's petals offer,
But nostalgia across.
No matter, no reason;
Life seems alike a prison.

I'm stuck, she free;
It's once, it was; she had loved me.
Now, I alone; climb the unknown tree.
Unknown, dissipated; I walk, the lonely roads,
The stationary shores,
Which used to be elated,
Wide across.

Lightening the lives,
Painting love in the strolls;
In the expressions likewise.
It was all, I had witnessed;
Affection, harmony;
And now dismay, as it does undress,
In my known, territory.

Friday, 4 April 2014

A bottle of thy love..!

When she turned back, 
In the examination hall; 
Listening to my murmur's track, 
Awhile a sip from the water bottle, 
She drank, 
As I watched her eyes, 
Streaming at my face. 

Later, a film we went for; 
With friends. 

Rhythmic, insurgent bore; 
Her every nuance. 
I wished all the more, 
If we could continue going, 
Alas, time had elapsed to shore. 

The sun lit dreams, did cling, 
And it began as a feeling of a downfall. 

Those memories, of the waiting; 
Nostalgia of the talking. 
Effervescent was the string; 
That calls to her, in a swing; 
My heartbeats, as to her being.

Walk past, the lanes..

Memories occur,
Days of inclination rub;
When in her smile, her eyes, that stare,
Jubilance and affection do club.

A little bit of anger,
Buzzed the air, with rendition;
An effect, ever so tinger,
When I remember, our unison.

Such perfect, star liked day;
Had it been;
Her love, I had but all seen.
While our walk was in an array,
We gossiped, talked and passed, in beam,
Through the wintery days.

Emotions sing,
Rolls the sadness, all grey.
Freshness insights in another ring,
Oh, how pleasant was that day.

Reminiscence yet again, presumes;
It shall go about this way,
Oh, this is what I have got, to say.
When those sights, over-rule.

Dreams were august,
Made into a foray of charm.
Now, that she's no longer with;
Life isn't that royal and warm.

In all those days,
I did wait;
Not to let go, but trace,
For her presence, did I crate.

Albeit, had I taken afoot;
Still, I couldn't match my girl,
She walked far away now, stood;
I waitest for her realm.

For the days of magic,
The days, of terrain;
Won't come back, with a wick,
I have to draw a mere portrait.
As I go about, becoming a mimmic,
To those poetries of lanes.

Touch him, reach him!

When the stars had,
Taken up the heed;
I had been a warrior,
I had been in need.

Bottomless heart,
Blossomed and turned,
No outlining stretched,
It curled.

I did wait, until it said no;

As I began my walk once more.
I thought if I did sing a lore,
Of affection, I was right and wrong.

It was a tone,

Of majesty and stone;
Hitting the hearth without it's very presence;
I had witnessed afar many lens.

Life was a seeded reality,
A truth, a vision; sincerity.

Heart was made to sit,
It had got up and started to shake;
It's very ill fashionably lit;
It needs to walk through the lake.

Shadowy plots follow, it's being;
Oh, treasure, Oh glory; where walkest he?

I search for his reaches, seeing;
The offshoot stars, with the wings.

Casting themselves upon him.

Where did the fantasy evolve,
Oh, Lord; for that matter,
When did he in life partially dissolve?

To ascertain freshness and mettle!
Oh, it exists and roams,

Alike a traveller,
Under the streets, the halls.

Oh, poetry; thy might, so enormous,
He finds soothing, yes, grace;
Being an acquaintance,
Even on being placed on the window ledges.

It's he; it's he,
A trivial personality.
Watch him, touch him,
You can sense his purity;

Now is the time, for it;
To express itself and be.

All rights reserved!

My dreams of thee! :)

Up, above; the chandeliers.
Up, above; the dreams that steer,
Over the woods, over the seas;
My mood, that does become of glee.

Accustomed, far-sight;
Of my vision,
Gave me a glance,
To enquire.

Repetition, repetition;
Oh, dear life; you singest alike a lyre.

I lookest, down the bushes;
The pavements that lead to,
And take out of life, the brooches.

Held deep within one's being;
I wonder what is astonishment,

And what is skiing.

Different connotations of speech that lay,

Your words and mine, do fore say.
Rebellion or call it, my mercy;
You have only taught me,
The words that I say.

Roads of surfacing,
Roads of peace,

Royalty it is,
It is ease.
To carry one's dream,

With butter and with cream.

To give it nourishment,
Plan that is to be implement.

I say not, as if;
I be the hero,
I possess not that leaf,
I'm a distant flier, a crow.

Watchest, thou, thy embrace so definite,
In your actions, in your rhetoric.
Daresay, that you frighten from my actions,
Only if you followed,
My inspection,
The way I searched,
I worked;

To know you better,
Fly an extra fur.

I watchest thee, and lookest at the sky,

Knowing the reasons, why;
It had to apply.

For surer answers, that could but be,
I can counter optimism in bounty.
When you would cross over the sea,
I watchest you, your being clever in higher decree.
That's my watch of thee!
Spontaneity, oh! Spontaneity!

All rights reserved!