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Using Art to Raise one’s Voice!

Art is an expression of one's inner thoughts and one's sense of understanding the surroundings. Keeping that in consideration, we can see the evolution of an art project, with a grave meaning attached to it. The two photographs in the display reflect the story behind the Finnish indigenous Sami people, on how the Finnish government took away their self-determination.  It was done by accepting 93 Finnish people to be Sami even though the Sami governing body denied it. This takes away the rights of these people, hence, leaving them with no voice! These photographs are in protest of the government's oppression.  In photograph: Birit Roosa (@paadaron Instagram) Photographer: (@nikolaitonon Instagram)
At Artist Address, we appreciate the voice raised by the artists for their rights! Story contributed by: @paadar

World from a Different Eye!

It feels good to not be rebellious to the ones who are close to you. For a moment agreeing to what they think is the best for us. As for a greater time, there has been insistence of what you always thought was the best for you; contrary to their understanding of you and the world. It is good to accept things, to be little less of emotional slave, to be willing to strive while paddling more and more towards what you think would turn out to be a good decision in the long run. 
There is nothing much left than a heart which is just silent, and not chattering, fighting anymore. Life is a lesson taught at every step, newer goals are put into place, and newer realisations seep their imprints in this life. Not to complain anymore, not to feel guilty anymore but be at peace finally!
Not about failing at something, but gaining a lot in finding the smiles of the close ones. That’s all you have to do, eventually! While being determined for what the next step in life would be, with a heavy heart you…