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Expression - a Medium

"Why would anyone paint, draw or build an empire for one's own sake? There is to be a response attached to things. Response of expressive nature, like really - to know whether one's efforts made any sense or not? So you know it's important to be valued - to seek a response warm or cold is any artist's dream or call it a hidden expectation. Otherwise, it is like talking to a wall or explaining an anecdote to your own self. They say expectations hurt, but doesn't a person deserve hearing back from one's most precious friend?
That is the question - which should be answered with appropriation and thoughtfulness."

Thoughts of the Midnight Writer

Long time since I wrote last, but believe me - it was difficult. From losing some integral gems of my life to accepting life - it is a journey in itself. Today I sit for the first time to write in this room of my grandmother who passed away exactly three months back from today. Her memories are fresh and I miss her right now in an ocean full of anecdotes. It feels she is sitting right across smiling at me like she smiles in her last photograph with me. Thanks to my friend who had asked for my picture with my grandma. It is difficult, but that is how life comes to you in measures. It is then the time to be grateful to the Almighty for granting so many lovely moments together.

What has changed in life since she passed? I ask myself many times and get my answers. Sometimes I would pray the Almighty to relieve her of all she was going through. Couldn't see her in pain anymore, and then her suffering came to an end. She was in my arms when she breathed her last. It was in those last 1…