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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

“Revitalizing dreams!”

Ram Vyas, had been quite admired in his village. Not only the triumphs he had bagged to his name and also to the fame of his village. But in addition, it was to his self confidence that he had given wings to. After bagging gold medals in spreading awareness, to the offshore villages, or places where actual information could not reach. He aligned and solely electrified his village, after studying the very science and basis that makes a bulb to glow. It was his added vigour to bring the shine and glitter of the utmost serenity, upon the faces that usually carried a damp facet. What he did, how he did was instrumental enough to make him popular in his village and now, the media that had become occupationally strong to cover important issues, picked upon this man on their cover pages and in the news hour. Ram Vyas had a dream, it was sensationalized.

In the house of honour, he entered the Rashtrapati Bhawan where he was being applauded for his work with the Padma Shri. The man with little years of experience but experience worth lightening the faces, was standing in his Khadi wear as he walked up he lectern. The President congratulated him and honoured him with respect that he deserved. Soon, Ram Vyas; a Maths enthusiast and Physics student himself started teaching the students in colleges across India; on how they could create energy models for Sustainable Growth. He said, “More than science, it is to understand the psyche of the people of India. Over what they wanted and dreamt of. That, they as students had the magical rod to do the unimaginable. Well, if you can dream about it in vacuum, then why not remove that stillness from the vacuum?” He made the students question themselves and their instincts and offered them interactive sessions. When he most importantly pressed on to talk about how we should not act like animals. Why we should know the usage of the animal instincts, robbing us, occurring in us. “Know your people, listen to their complaints, their views. Use their knowledge and understanding about life. I was born in a village. So, what? How, was it different, in what way? (No one answered). Pause. Resumes- We didn't have electricity, I learnt how to produce it. Now, there's no difference between the city and my village. We people are setting up our lives, the way we want to. If your land isn't adequate, then why not step up. Why not study? I know it takes time to reach the dream, but why not take the lead?”

While he was addressing them, many students abused him, saying that Ram Vyas, Padma Shri was merely wasting their time. They could have gone for a movie, than listening to him; his geek talks. The next lines, corrected their confusions in no time.

He continued, “India,the imaginative India. Politics or no politics. Criminals or no criminals. Fearful and abashed, we can't scrape out of our comfortable zones. A day in the woods, sounds serene, sounds compose. A day out in a village, fills us with anger, when we look at the prejudices prevailing there; inequalities that exist and ring over there. The undeveloped statures of our villages. People just talk and forget, isn't it? Compare the pains that the people over there suffer. What cinema would they watch or what internet would they use. They have no basic lightening. The villagers are seen as those group of people, who are orthodox and are taken to feel the pain and tears, sometimes because of the landlords who charge exorbitant rates of interest, leading to farmer suicides or simply be those politicians who grudge their innocence and trust after the voting season. I don't complain here, about the villages and the facilities that these lack. I complain about our easy going attitudes, that are leading us to our animal instincts. We waste the food we could have saved, we recklessly burst crackers, spend money on the name of enjoyment. What good does it do? Simply, it gives us material satisfaction and pollution. What else is in the animal instincts? To enjoy in the present state, let going of what good we could have done for those who lack what we waste with pride and highness. Is it? Who are we? Ever thought. I assume; Never thought! Great!”

Ram Vyas was unhappy by the way students in a deemed university reacted and responded. He felt his village was far better. Because, students waited for the teacher to come. In these cities, teachers are compared with the public transport; when one came for the lecture, the other left. After this very incident, he said to himself, “I need not give myself to such feelings to grab the material possessions, I need to create that dream that I see. I won't lose myself to the world. My village, I am coming.”

That day passed and within few years, his village had educated farmers, who questioned the world and with the unity that was a dream of Ram Vyas. People there knew,the importance of whatever they consumed. One lady said to a news reporter who happened to be present at the “Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony” of a new engineering college in the village, “Sapne tosabh dekhte, par jo sachchay hote hai, wahi kuch karte hai.”

Sitting in a corner.

To lose myself to the world,
As change is the basis of this sphere;
Do I need to follow the lines,
And wear a mask,
Of the person who I never was?
Is it justice done to the rightest esteem,
I wonder and concord;
To this newer world that develops,
Each morning, every passing day.

I thought, I could hold;
On to the person I had been,
But time is such a person;
Affects me, and brings out the different me.
Now, it's on me, to feel if the change has been,
In the right direction or not,
And go on swinging in my dreamland,
To pay it homage for it's lost vigour and interest.
I wish to mourn that person I had been,
I loved him more than anything.
When he was alone, when he was a failure,
He was so perfect in his eyes,
Set aside what the world called in it's cacophony of vices,
It little affected him or afflicted him,
Just because he was shy, soft and innocent to the core.
He goes away in the bushes,
As an answer to the changing world.

I shall miss you my old self,
You were simply gracious and lovable.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Coldness And Warmth!

 "Cooler mornings and nights,
When my arms in-take the blanket,
Criss-crossing each other,
Creating bliss and warmth in the sail;
For I leave off to a voyage,
In her dreams and therein,

In flows the sunshine of my life.

In the darkness and under the twinkling of the stars, 

And the cold envelope of the incoming winters,
Warm shelter offers up itself to me,
In my blanket along her honest dreams."

My love for you!

"Why this heart beats faster, When I think- of being farther from you. When a day would appear, When I could not see your face, Your smile and your eyes. How could I set a foot forth, When I would get to know, That I am thousands of miles away.
I shall be thinking, dreaming about you; all day and night, that shall fall. I shall be thinking of your goodness and well being. I shall want to be yours, in your arms; But I shall be far away, distant for this to actually happen. I shall also be thinking if you forget me, I know, you wouldn't, but just a thought comes up, Because, believe me Princess, I won't ever have this space for anyone else, than you.

I would just wait for that fine day, When we shall be united as a force, And I shall work towards making that day enliven, I shall work every bits of my energy, That shall combine our lives, That shall bring you to where we belong, To each other. I love you this much, You're the reason for my breathe, The meaning of my life. You teach me what living is, What being fearless is; What being us is. What love is.

I love you. More than anyone in my life."

Saturday, 9 November 2013

In loving you!

"Maybe, in this waiting;
I shall feel what I never did,
Maybe, this time that prolongs,
And gaps between us,
Shall bring us near.

Maybe, life's many unseen truths,
Shall occur to us;
Maybe, we get to understand,
The harmony of our Bond,
Our Love!

Maybe, we become the dreamers,
In love,
It is of love that strengthens us,
In this waiting.

That I cherish and also feel agonized about,
But I want to feel it,
As it comes to me;
While I am yours;
While my life is yours and yours mine,
Let me not miss even a droplet of this purer feeling,
Let me have it,
Let me love you like never before,
Let me be yours and you be mine,
I am sure this bond is as profound and honest,
As I feel it right now,
And shall forever do;
As I feel, it's immortal.

I love you."

Monday, 4 November 2013

“The meeting of two birds..”

Sunita thinks about him gravely, just the way he wonders about her day and night. They live far off, still the love lingers as the most satisfying source, to combine their feelings and become a gift in each morning they wake up, similarly as the darkness enters; does the composure of the land. No, they aren't twits; just because they listen to the tweets of the nightingale in the dawn; the morning sky. They are merely wishful to bloom themselves, and each other's life with meaning and truthfulness. Truthfulness that they hold for each other. The world can't question them, their feelings. For, the world stands nowhere between the two lovers. What stands alone, are the feelings in bounty and that are also ever developing.

Sumit, the boy; painted the image of his girl, as the sun gave the background to which the portrayal actually emphasized and took colour. There was something more to life, than mere work. It was the love for the work. The love that grew manifold, when her thoughts enveloped in his mind's intense. He wasn't any painter, not even a dreamer. But he had become one, because he was in love. Otherwise, he studied commerce at school. Good enough!

Sunita lived in Jaipur whereas Sumit lived in Delhi. They had met each other on an exchange programme, when Sunita's school visited Sumit's school in New Delhi. It had been a very provoking meet, yes; it opened few facets of life for both of them. They had felt the touch of love. Sumit had been a “Travel Incharge”, when he took care that everyone on the school list had boarded the bus and similarly other vehicles that took them to the various places, that the students paid a visit to. As the two month long exchange programme streamed ahead, in the summer holidays; they became friends. When Sunita told him that there were many monuments of importance and history in Jaipur from the Amber Fort to the Hawa Mahal. He pronounced his superiority about his city by telling her that there were 1376 monuments in Delhi alone. She was puzzled as she further understood what he said. Oh, really? Don't mock at my innocence, I know it can't be true. I can hardly count 10. To this Sumit replied, “Yeah! Who listens to honesty, even when we have nothing else to tell.” To this she said, “Is it? Then, okay; can you convince me, that you are no liar but actually there are the reckless numbers prevailing that you talk about them.” He answered back and they laughed simultaneously, “Madammm..Don't call them reckless, these monuments are yelling the stories of the romantic lyres that rung and still mingle in the heart of the city's tombs, buildings of importance.” Sunita corrected him. “Okay, Mr.Observer; if that is so, then let me also correct your wordings as you refer to the monuments with certain respect that they deserve. The Monuments don't yell, but tell.” “'Yell....', is such a negative word for such a description.” Then he continued with a slow tweet.. “But, who looks at the beauty today? Who cares if these still stand or not..hmm..” They fell silent, the bus moved and soon the world around them stopped into a station; where they stared into each other's eyes and after learning for what was becoming of their little friendship, they looked elsewhere. Trying to change their thoughts, to talk with others.. but what had to happen had happened.

Then, they came much closer; well, they couldn't any longer pretend that it wasn't some magic that furnaced while they watched into each other's mindscape and similarly soul. If they answered themselves back, they understood; they feared going away distant. They wanted to remain near each other, the time that moved. Now, five days were left and Sunita was leaving for Jaipur. They talked less, although the truth was in believing that it was love. Still, they were resistant to say it, albeit they wanted to. They waited.. time moved, while love embarked.

It was night, Sunita was ready to leave; sitting in the coach that was to first take the students to the Bikaner House near the India Gate, where from another Coach took them to their city, of Jaipur. But, Sumit; even after being the travel incharge, didn't appear in farsight. He wasn't seen that time, the time for bidding bye! The bus moved, she whispered to herself; “this city could give me, the calling of my life, I feel priceless; the emotion is eternal.” She had a belief that he was around her. In sometime, the coach reached the Bikaner House, and there Sumit was standing with a bouquet of flowers. This was for the young girl; this was to tell her, that he would miss her and would always wait for her..that he loved her. She felt the same. As the feeling was mutual, life rang bells and their conscience became powerful enough to exclaim that love was the only instrument to connect the dreams..the hearts!

Then, they remembered each other every passing day..they talk on the phone and about each other..they had planned that they would meet when Sumit was to visit Jaipur on the next “National school's exchange programme”. Well, the friends of the two of them sometimes did joke that, “These exchange programmers, had been impactful; and had connected hearts than mere cultural exchange.” Life was this simple, the two of them felt. They felt jealous if they got to know that they had more friends. Because, they had proposed their love for each other. Now, there was no way out that they could forget each other. “In commitments of life, we see life with more responsibilty”; they felt.. and worked towards their goals..their studies with as much love that they had for each other.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

“Deepawali Mubarak Janaab”

Like other Indian festivals, Diwali or Deepawali, as it's called; brings the people of the Nation together. These festivals unite the different cultures that abound in the heart's and soul's of our people. Similarly, Diwali brings my family together. We celebrate, rejoice; every moment that comes up while preparing for the Grand celebrations.

Days before this festival, we start decorating our homes. We shop, for artefacts, to handicrafts; to the things that take the form of gifts for our near and dear ones. The festive season sets and upswings the mood and the vibes, hence setting the feel for the pomp and show to accustom and acluster.

India is an interesting country. The whole month of October-November goes in the festive season. Starting from the “Vijay Dashmi(Dussehra)”[Victory of truth over bad] to “Dhanteras”[Buy utensils, gold.etc.], then comes “Diwali”[Ramchandra Ji returned home], being followed by “Vishkarma Day”[A day to pay respect to one's work; like jewellers clean their equipments] and so on and so forth.

On a personal note, I like “Diwali” because relatives meet and remember one another, that otherwise we may not do. So, we get a reason to celebrate and enjoy; hence making memories to cherish for life long. Such is the humbleness of the traditions, that we connect to them, whenever these fall in place.

“A walk uplands..!”

Over the upland slopes,
Stoves the feeling;
The shine of the stones.
Flapped by the winds,
Ejected with the fumes,
Visits a dream,
Flourishes the breeze in the room.

My mindset asks,
To where do I belong?
I say, I am a Being;
Of a place where, love resumes.

With the tattered clothes that I wear.
The shy demeanour, that occurs in my stare;
While I romance my soul,
And the winds that cross me, that I hear;
I just can't let my life fall,
I shall minstrel with the birds,
And as they fly across, I do stroll;
In the round abouts, that do appear,
While I stand at the turns;
Guessing the beauty across the hemisphere;
The very green cover of the trees.
I walk along them,
My life is under the influence,
Of a meaningful foyer.”

“Weather Patterns!”

The sun comes up,
As a fruit of love,
Delight, naught decay.

Frost chirps when,
The winds are flying,
Amidst the chill and shiver.

Children play,
Wear the woollen dresses,
As the morning stems;
So does their excitement.

Lingers the atmosphere,
Of shower and fruitfulness,
As the winds of cold;
Get a hand of the warm sun breeze.

Rooms get aquainted with,
Warmer blankets;
Bonfires are but blistened,

Coldness pervades and dances with hotness,
The dreams calligraph and become of poetry.
Life shines, as paleness distinguishes,
Only to reappear as warmness,
As the winter conglomerates,
Us; the warmer beings.

Such is the portrayal of such an environment,
When our solitude gets a name and alike, a companion.
It's related with life,
The so called months and weather patterns that develop.
Charm formulates as do the streams,
Of understandings;
As December enters and November plans,
The dream.”

Friday, 1 November 2013

Let's not accept denial; it's a phase!

"At times, I fall apart,
At times, I tear apart.
What makes me,
What builds me,
Is it my face or is it a mask?
I go on to question myself,
On and on, I go.

Am I to be the one for you,
Or am I to dissuade away in the flying ashes,
Up above the air.
I move up the sidelines, the truthful imagining,
Of the solitaire;
Outlining the holy stair;
That cultivates and leads my Being!

The life develops of paramount importance,
I think, I believe;
Things can be fine, and nicer.
From the days in agony, and pain;
When confusions stain and penetrate,
Do I tell myself that,
Life is a beautiful trail,
And a heavenly sail.
From the days of merriment, excitement,
When the roads could cling to the heart, with pride and joys;
Do I yell at myself,
Life is a beautiful trail,
And a heavenly sail."


Newness of life, manners occur;
Portrayal of life from yesterday differs.
A bird like charm, a will, a heart so warm,
Even could counter attack a storm.
Your life, becomes someone's greatest prize,
A dream becomes a beautiful flower,
In form of a blessing comes this today.

I said, to myself;
This life could churn,
Romance and understanding,
Fulfill the aroma, the nature;
With freshness along,
Around the presence of ours,
There existed truth and solace,
Of a far higher note,
The altitude of love could be enhanced,
In this lesser a time,
That has passed,
In the streams of life.”