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Judgement Day!

You are a lover. Like I am yours. Speaks Shyam hesitatingly at the first go. Annapurna listens with comfort all throughout the speech that lasted few words. I know you are an artist, and you know that? Yes, darling I know that. Exclaims Shyam in a bit of surprise. An artist loves his art more than anything. Annapurna, shouts out of seriousness that afflicted on her face. Yes, baby. You are right. But I love you. Annapurna: Really? You don't love your art? Shyam: Yes, that I do most convincingly. You don't understand that darling. Annapurna: Just stop it and today you have told me, that you aren't a true artist my friend. Dad was in such a misconception that you are a true artist. All his hopes have gone in vain. You just disappear. Shyam: What are your dad's hopes? Annapurna: He wanted to ask from you my hand. But to no avail. I know your character now. Shyam: Hey, how come? Not fair. Annapurna: Dude, everything is fair in love and war. Shyam: Yes, this is ok. You l…

Poetic Justice!

Look at the scenic views out of the windows. Through the leaflets appears the warmth of the rose. 
I stare on and on. The roads are wet. The sky is authentic, like the best quality jeans available in the market. Such, is the natural attire that waves in the sky in the power of a Lion; energetic, and lively!

The girls walk towards the college gates, while the boys wilful to befriend the girls follow them. 

Says a girl out of the duo,

You boys won't be able to afford friends as rich as us. So go other side, and play bat and ball.” Boys silent and upset on hearing the duo. Boys stop and change their roads from the ones taken by the two girls.

One of the boys got back to follow the girls, and spoke open to them in this way; “You girls who say, we play bat and ball, know it what it is to play golf?”

The other girl replies, “yes; riches afford that and not you Mr.Torn Cloth.”

The boy could sense sheer embarrassment over the said words; and in reply he had said; “You little girl, you Poor girl.…

Ruler of Somewhere Land!

Look deep within your tender heart to seek what is and what is not. To see in you, the real notion of who you are! Sitting at home could have brought to you, many experiences to live by. While working on the household chores, you could have looked around for peace. Peace that comes from within you, or that is a part of your living. You never know, if the greatest treasures in this materialistic world are inside your souls' upbringing. Now, whatever it is, it does show in the world which is in front of you. You look at your world, from the experiences that you have lofted in your life and living. Imagine the greatest fruits that have in-held in them, the potential to attract your taste buds. The spontaneity and the deliciousness of the taste of the fruit does really magnetize your thoughts towards that very fruit.

"Don't cry for what hasn't happened. Be thankful for whatever came your road, your way." For the most thankful you are, the more happier you …

Thailand diaries..

People of 'Thailand' sound very soft and polite at the first go. They are easy to approach and very understandable people. BANGKOK, the capital city emphasizes on the freedom of living ones life, ones own style. In addition to which it is purely up to the traveller, the way he/she wants to carry oneself.
As someone has rightly pointed, "A country is its people".
The person in a traveller has lived up by the ideals and trust of his own. Having distinguished liking's, interests and tastes, the preferences of traveller's vary. Few are lovers of night parties, clubs and pubs in greater varsity than visiting old Mansions and places of worship; they may be delighted to witness them too but here in lesser tendency. Similar counts for different traveller's, like a person here might be very close to nature, architecture and little closer to pubs. But everything is normal- it flows into you the manner you dream about it flowing into you. It is because cultures var…

A document of closeness!

A person has to uproar in one's life when it comes to doing one's work in the given space and time. There is a better place to get always and with better place I better point to the new learning's flowing into our mind's castle. The shades of bonhomie are felt the most with our peers and our friends. There should be some attachment that is converging all kindness and charm into one's mind unknowing of the fact. Few people in our life get to become very important. We meet them sometimes or we lose touch with them for a long-long period of time. But still one day we are hopeful to meet them and present them with the goodness collected in the core of our heart. So many stories are to be remembered, so many facts are to be culturally exchanged in the language of closeness, which is known as friendship most fluently. The richness of the world is best felt when the flashback of tender memories accompany us from road to road, and from street to street that we walk on. Wh…

Power of imagination.

Dreams flare as imaginative words, Taking your attention is the stillness of the world, The beauty is like an insurgent, Getting into the pores of thine thoughtful aperture, And as you go on looking within yourself, There is a greater propensity that someday, You will find the answers that belong to your living.Likewise I have written few dialogues, few poems and little of the stories. The dreams have outnumbered most importantly in these writings of mine. I am not aware of how many of the dreams I have witnessed till date or how many more dreams will reach the abbey and my gates. My thoughts themselves have acquired their strength by imagining. At times when there stood no knowledge, it was the very distinguished will to see this world from a better lens eye. It wasn't at all about being better off than anyone close to me or distant. It was the sheer resemblance that I wanted to nurture into my soul. Like a new day is paragraphed with new happenings. There is a dream to look at t…