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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Judgement Day!

You are a lover. Like I am yours. Speaks Shyam hesitatingly at the first go.
Annapurna listens with comfort all throughout the speech that lasted few words.
I know you are an artist, and you know that?
Yes, darling I know that. Exclaims Shyam in a bit of surprise.
An artist loves his art more than anything. Annapurna, shouts out of seriousness that afflicted on her face.
Yes, baby. You are right. But I love you.
Annapurna: Really? You don't love your art?
Shyam: Yes, that I do most convincingly. You don't understand that darling.
Annapurna: Just stop it and today you have told me, that you aren't a true artist my friend. Dad was in such a misconception that you are a true artist. All his hopes have gone in vain. You just disappear.
Shyam: What are your dad's hopes?
Annapurna: He wanted to ask from you my hand. But to no avail. I know your character now.
Shyam: Hey, how come? Not fair.
Annapurna: Dude, everything is fair in love and war.
Shyam: Yes, this is ok. You love me right?
Annapurna: Only a rookie can ask this question. First you aren't dedicated to your work and later you play the blame game.
Shyam: My God! What game?
Annapurna runs away from Shyam and reached her home where she meets her dad awaiting both of them.
Dad:Hello, darling. What you upto?
Annapurna:Dad, he's a cheater.
Dad: What did he say?
Annapurna:He's a cheat.
Dad:How come?
Annapuna: He doesn't love his art.
Dad:What he loves then?
Annapurna:He loves me.
Oh! This is so magical moment. Dad, calls about all servants in the house and directs them to bring sweets on getting to know that Shyam proposed his daughter. He was happy. He had wanted the same to happen.
Servant: Sahab. "Shyam Babu" declined your offer to visit you.
Dad:Ok, I think there is some misunderstanding.
Dad, reaches Shyam's place and Shyam reveals his unlikeness for his daughter.
Shyam: Uncle, your daughter is mad. I am glad, I didn't come in your words and marry her. It would have been so much trouble for me, and her alike. We can't stay happier if these fights sprout up before marriage. What prospects you see furthermost?
Dad: Come on, she must be excited.
Shyam: Oh! Really? Is that a way to show excitement?
Dad: Ok, son! I can't compel you. For, it's your life.
Dad walks out of Shyam's place.
Dad: Annapurna, come out? Where are you?
Annapurna comes running to the drawing room.
Dad: What's the matter?
Annapurna: Dad, I was testing Shyam's demeanour, his nature. He's not a man of faith. He believes in people very easily and without any prominence. He's not sure of his decisions. Whereas I am inward looking, I think our soul should have an understanding of what life is. We need to search the right meaning of our life. Choosing partners is not like going for shopping and looking at the best offer. It's about feelings.
Dad: Dearest daughter. You weren't wrong in judgement. I lost my pace with the growing years. I am sorry, for having chosen the inappropriate guy for you.
-------------------------- Moral: Don't take crucial decisions of life by being carried away. You need to take many turns and swings to seek the right road for you. Make the correct judgement, make things clear.

Poetic Justice!

Look at the scenic views out of the windows. Through the leaflets appears the warmth of the rose. 
I stare on and on. The roads are wet. The sky is authentic, like the best quality jeans available in the market. Such, is the natural attire that waves in the sky in the power of a Lion; energetic, and lively!

The girls walk towards the college gates, while the boys wilful to befriend the girls follow them. 
Says a girl out of the duo,

You boys won't be able to afford friends as rich as us. So go other side, and play bat and ball.”
Boys silent and upset on hearing the duo. Boys stop and change their roads from the ones taken by the two girls.

One of the boys got back to follow the girls, and spoke open to them in this way; “You girls who say, we play bat and ball, know it what it is to play golf?”

The other girl replies, “yes; riches afford that and not you Mr.Torn Cloth.”

The boy could sense sheer embarrassment over the said words; and in reply he had said; “You little girl, you Poor girl. You know not, we can play golf with a bat and ball. You can't play cricket with a golf racket.”
The duo gave an ugly stare and whispered to one another.

Let's not talk to them or we'll be like them. Let's maintain our standards, like a Gem.”

Walking across the road the other boys ran after the rainbows in the holy skies. As if they had planned to catch them all by themselves in merriment, what an ecstasy it was. After all they had figured the perfect rainbow in the seamless sky.

The duo, girl friends find the place so muddy and fear their fall in the Bog.
They seek help of the Riches, and no one is seen. They must be travelling in their cars, in bad weather according to them.

The girls were looking for a way out through the muddy street now.
One girl calls for help from the boys, who are still in the vicinity. They were called this time with compassion, and with values coming up from nowhere. Oh well, was it compassion really; there was a lot to wonder and be surprised at their change of expression in the next moment.

Hey, dear. Please pick upon your parked bike in the cantonment and bring it for us, two. So, we can pass over this muddy area.”

The boy who was thrashed by bitter words earlier, felt it better to let go of people who were selfish all the way more. The boys left the girls and after trying to pass the road, one of the two fell in the mud; only to let the dirt drench her stylish clothes.

Poor girls, we are.” Replied the girl in agony of her situation. Her friend agreed to what she had said and pointed at. “The boys had come to tell us that the road towards the college gate was not in appropriate condition. As we misled their softness to a desperation, and we paid its price.”

The girls confessed in the end on how wrong they did and were silently understanding the Rich Thoughts of the boys.

------- Moral: Don't judge people merely from how they dress up. Peek into their hearts, to know if they really do care or not.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Ruler of Somewhere Land!

Look deep within your tender heart to seek what is and what is not. To see in you, the real notion of who you are! Sitting at home could have brought to you, many experiences to live by. While working on the household chores, you could have looked around for peace. Peace that comes from within you, or that is a part of your living. You never know, if the greatest treasures in this materialistic world are inside your souls' upbringing. Now, whatever it is, it does show in the world which is in front of you. You look at your world, from the experiences that you have lofted in your life and living. Imagine the greatest fruits that have in-held in them, the potential to attract your taste buds. The spontaneity and the deliciousness of the taste of the fruit does really magnetize your thoughts towards that very fruit.

"Don't cry for what hasn't happened. Be thankful for whatever came your road, your way." For the most thankful you are, the more happier you are. Do for people those things that you can do for them. But don't expect as if you are going to be the best just because you did something for someone very precious. Giving is happiness that flows into your life in great varsity. Look for your possessions. Look for your imagining. The dream that is you, shall come up in flowering colours. A day will appear from beneath the horizon, for some life there exists also. There is a possibility that you become a true lover for whatever occurs to you and your life. Don't ever let a fall hurt you, make a fall impact your life, in such a way, that you are proud that a fall of such tendency had come to you. Everything happens for a reason, let that reason define why it came. Let your life also get a shape. Try to mold it the way you feel upright. Don't give up, but believe there are stars that shall shine one fine day for you, even if those don't exist today. Even in your greatest falls is the secret to your upbringing.

You wake up as a winner and not a loser in this song of life. One day, we have to be answerable to our soul, when we shall be knowing what we did with our life. If we made fun of it, then we will be accountable and if we worked day and night for answers to our life's meaning then too we are accountable to ourselves. No one else holds any responsibility than the one that you hold upright and upfront. Your life, has your own wings and you have to flap them and find your way, your route.

Faith is a beautiful picture and if you get that embodied in your spirits then all gloom, all sadness shall get it's very value. All the colours and the powerful emotions that you lived in your life shall get answered. Slightly your life will get the answers that were appealing to you. The difference shall exist when you would know that you made that effort, to hear your soul and what goes around in and out of you.

Be a ruler,
become a wave,
like a dreamer,
you have to crave,
enough to listen to your heart,
being proud of winds that did pass.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Thailand diaries..

People of 'Thailand' sound very soft and polite at the first go. They are easy to approach and very understandable people. BANGKOK, the capital city emphasizes on the freedom of living ones life, ones own style. In addition to which it is purely up to the traveller, the way he/she wants to carry oneself.
As someone has rightly pointed, "A country is its people".
The person in a traveller has lived up by the ideals and trust of his own. Having distinguished liking's, interests and tastes, the preferences of traveller's vary. Few are lovers of night parties, clubs and pubs in greater varsity than visiting old Mansions and places of worship; they may be delighted to witness them too but here in lesser tendency. Similar counts for different traveller's, like a person here might be very close to nature, architecture and little closer to pubs. But everything is normal- it flows into you the manner you dream about it flowing into you. It is because cultures vary, they lead and play a greater part in you. What all you insist to see, you get to see in volume. A city has got a lot to offer, at first you present your order, your expectations from the new city before the itinerary develops in your mind. 
Bangkok, offered different things likely. It gave a big offer from all dimensions in abundance. To witness the royal breeze or to purchase and sell love on streets. The choice here fore places in reference to the needs and wants of the traveller who visits the new city. It is how you remember the place, identify it; "with the things you saw and the dimensions of the new city you entered". It's a part of your destiny on the basis of what you do seek. To see beyond the skies- to witness the dance of the clouds even if it doesn't happen. It is the mind's focal lens like the one of a good camera these days. It looks into the little patches and finds the treasure of love.
Similarly, I wrote something on my way back Delhi from my first overseas experience. Here is the extract of my imaginations unto the paper with a Monte Blanc pen, a replica I bought from the street market of Silom. Trust me, I see no difference between real and fake, because it doesn't appear in my sight and so I keep it with that care- knowing people are out for it and it is very costly. But I have one and from my eyes, it is real and the best. Here you go;
"You live upon the sky shore, you feel like a royal mistress or man. When the sky soothes thy imaginations while the mind is fulfilling dreams. Collecting the passages of glory in thine pocket and where your dreams make you- attire you as a "Premier" or a "King of Somewhere Land".
In me had I seen an earnest boy interested to notice the bloom and colouration of a new land, see its people and figure out the bounty in which dances the culture, livens the art. I had a dream long back, to walk in the foreign land; to know, how it was to live there. In short, I wanted to feel the different place, live it.
Although I was accompanied by my caretaker brother and had my trip fully financed by my family, still I had felt there was a lot to be happy about, and nothing to be sad on. The new city imbibed in me a will to think with an open mindset, to ring my thoughts in such a way that I got to understand the meaning of my life. What I was seeking from my life. This trip taught me the different flavours of leading life. Few people are happily adjustable with others while few people show some anger on simple issues. Few laugh the troubles away only to be left with finding out the right answers, whereas few sit upon their fears and are resistant to change. In some limits, one has to adapt to the newer place in order to relate to the place quite definitely. You take back pleasant memories and feel good, but to make the occasions worth a remembrance, you need to not over rule the traditions and cultures that exist in the hearts and minds of the people whom you visit. That is their country, their lifestyle, their respect, their emotion.
In the attractive city of Bangkok, or on the outskirts of this city. Almost wherever we went, whichever place it was for that matter. One thing really touched the hearts' core quite dramatically. To the extent of moving the thoughtful passage to a new height of personification. The people of Thailand, respect their King utmost, and this connection with the Royal Highness can stimulate in anyone's heart, the connection between the Thai people. They all love their King, and so respect his orders. Because they are well aware, that the King is a noble man, he is generous to the causes of Thai people. Few rulers can be seen as very partial, they fulfil the wishes of a specific group or their own group of people. But in the case of this new place, specifications didn't seem to exist. The King is like an amicable man with the very virtues of an Economist.
An Economist need not be centralized towards one group, for an Economist needs to look at the facts with an open eye in order to present a truer image and an honest disposition of his job. The facet of honesty that an Economist bears defines the person's sincerity towards one's profession. But coming to the point, I was talking about the present 9th King of Thailand. His Royal Highness Bhumibol Adulyadej, also known as Rama IX who is the reigning King of Thailand. Having reigned since 9 June 1946, he is the world's longest-serving current head of state and the longest-reigning monarch in Thai history. I saw this man's photograph outside every house and every market. Such kind are his deeds.
Scene 1
After reaching our hostel, Lub-D; in Silom district in Bangkok via a taxi, that was one of the colourful cabs in the city of Bangkok at midnight. We reached our hostel and slept unceasingly until the alarm rang in the morning. The hostel was a cool place to be at, with wooden work in the vicinity. From the stair cases to the book shelves placed in the entrance of the hostel rooms. I had picked up a book from that little library the night we reached there only, and my brother had picked up a thick book where Thailand was featured from the eyes of "Lonely Planet". Soon, we got ready and I had read a few pages of the book that was on friendship by Elizabeth Taylor. I liked her story telling style to start with and that marked my first lessons in Bangkok, other than the experience that I had pulled along chatting with my fellow passengers in the plane, and later talking to the airport officials regarding the visa on arrival that I had to proceed through, after getting into the new country. Learning's come from all sides, and to grab as much new stock into one's perceptions is a great deed. I was happy, thrilled to see new roads, new places, and most importantly the lifestyle of the people who appeared very different in their customs, language and their behaviour. Well, that was meant to be, as I was away from home.
I had seen a friend come out of a person who was unknown to me at the first sight but was my co-passenger. I started the interaction between the two of us, telling him about my first overseas experience and the one being alone too. It felt great to hear from him and to know that my co-passenger was a fun loving man. Then, we exchanged our views about our home country and he introduced me  to the full name of the city we were visiting. BANGKOK is the short form of the long name and in Thai language it can be spoken with certainty and correctness. I couldn't grab hold of the name at one go, even when a guide at the Royal Palace that we visited on day-2 spoke open, still it wasn't well taken. I was sitting in the middle seat of the very first row of the air-plane and on my left was my new friend, whose seat was being referred as the Alpha seat, the best seat with window to the left and leg space in a flight that flew only Economy class. The man sitting to my right was a Thai man who knew the Hindi language and was a hotelier in the city where we were travelling to. He uttered out his frustration on the law system of India. He had shown his anger when we asked if he had visited India for the first time. Whereas, in reality he had been brought up for a few years in Delhi as his grandfather lived here in a place called Faridabad, that is at some distance from Delhi. When the family shifted to Thailand and the space remained unoccupied for sometime. Then all of a sudden a news broke out that thirteen "Kabari wala's" had illegally taken up the land and were stubborn to leave it. The frustration broke into tatters when he exclaimed his remorse on those ruthless Kabari wala's for their unscrupulous act. In addition the lawyer of this old man was cheating on him, for few years while taking money from both the sides. Such, is the plight Indians hold, and adds to the disguise of those few who are responsible citizens of our Nation. The Thai man continued,  "The Thai people are not at all fond of the Indians. In their eyes, Indians come all the way far for only two things. One to show off their illiteracy of manners and the second, to buy love on streets." This had become the image of our country. "Thanks to our law and its justification. Law abiding people aren't happy to live here anymore, they are willing to seek a place in an honest land, that sadly ours isn't any more." I said to myself, referring to the Thai man's sufferings and stress.
The Thai man offered us Red hot chilli potato chips, that we at first resisted from eating because the spice could be smelled very easily from a distance, but in reply to his warm gesture, we picked one by one at random moments. It was very sweet and kind of him. We offered him a pack of potato chips that we had purchased from the Indigo flight. The Haldiram chips were good in taste and were abundant to keep our hunger in control and so we didn't ask for anything more in addition to the tea and chips. Incidentally I got to know that the Indigo airlines, being an Indian airlines didn't accept Indian currency. While getting back from Bangkok, I asked this question from the "Leading lady" of the cabin crew and she told me the directions given by the RBI, that was to accept only US Dollars and the currency of the country where the plane was beheading, or was returning from. The ambiguous thoughts had fallen to stillness on being answered. I was learning all throughout the passage of this walk and with the newer steps that I put forward in ecstasy and delight.
The moments when we didn't speak a word, something or the other kept us thinking. When the weather sounded rough outside, the captain would alight the seat belt sign and we would follow his instructions as humbly as we could. Otherwise, it was good enough to remain in our comfort zone, by putting off the fastened belts. The moments went by, eagerly and convincingly. At one point lied the destination to add to the curiosity of the journey. The other point took good hold of the fact that the journey up till then was as beautiful and charming as a flawless dream could be, immaculate like a diamond(a crystal clear diamond).
Bangkok was seen from above; down the land the eyes pressed upon. Constant look down the lightening, where the buildings added to the glitter as much as the street lights in the darkness originated a new city, a new delight to capture for a traveller. For me, it was the sight to retain in my mind for years to come and flash by. That could be childish to say, but an emotional moment when today I look within and say that I had seen a different country. I was lucky enough to step into another land and share those experiences which not all could get in India, or other parts of the world. But, luck was by my side. The imaginations make your faith appear in the reality, that's the most important thing in life, to dream.
We had made a touch down on the runway of the Bangkok airport and it was blend of priceless rapture and a little fear. I had to still get the visa before I could meet my brother at the airport. When I stepped out of the plane and walked upon the aero-bridge, I constantly checked my documents that included the immigration form that I had been acquainted to during the flight, my passport most essentially. Rajeev bhaiya, my co-passenger guided me through the walk way towards the exit as he had been to Thailand many a times back, and like me it wasn't his first time. Through the walk way, I looked at unfamiliar faces, it wasn't India I realized in no time. I saw the Air-hostesses of Emirates, apparelled in a beautiful clothing look like royal princess who were having their dinner all together. It appeared more like a special walk in a Royal Garden, as if I were a King or a Prince, enjoying my visit. I was a wanderer, moving about the beautifully cleansed flooring, everything appeared as bright as happiness, that sighed in my heart's valves. I received a call from home as soon as I switched my phone on. My Vodafone India, had paved it's way all over the world. I smiled and said, India isn't far back, but it charged me far abundant(money) than I could have thought.
Then visiting the immigration office, I bid a bye to Rajeev bhaiya who had already taken visa from India itself, so he didn't fill visa application form there, in order to get a visa. I met my brother at the airport and we headed straight away to Lub-D, and in this way we get back to where Scene-1 above started.
An overview (Background)

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A document of closeness!

A person has to uproar in one's life when it comes to doing one's work in the given space and time. There is a better place to get always and with better place I better point to the new learning's flowing into our mind's castle. The shades of bonhomie are felt the most with our peers and our friends. There should be some attachment that is converging all kindness and charm into one's mind unknowing of the fact. Few people in our life get to become very important. We meet them sometimes or we lose touch with them for a long-long period of time. But still one day we are hopeful to meet them and present them with the goodness collected in the core of our heart. So many stories are to be remembered, so many facts are to be culturally exchanged in the language of closeness, which is known as friendship most fluently.
The richness of the world is best felt when the flashback of tender memories accompany us from road to road, and from street to street that we walk on. Wherever for that matter we are living in this big world, one day in the sunshine or moonlight, the shadows and the vibrancy of our friends rule over, up and above all the material facts that are ever around us. Nothing beats the feeling of bliss that is warmly encountered when we meet our bestie, or best friend after a long span. Because so many moments that we had lived together for quite a time, reappear as a blessing upon our shoulders. We stand up like a dreamer that we already are, remembering the blooming days in the upbringing of the flower of friendship from beneath the tender roots, that are deeply fitted. Like the nerves are these lines connecting. The lines of closeness.
My friend may go far, he may forget me for many a days after we depart. One day shall shine, beneath the sun when our roads will meet, when the lightening can be as proliferate than any shine or glitter. We shall smile and hug and an enchanter wave of merriment, shall relish, from that road to road and from the street to street that we go to, not alone this time for we will be together. --

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Power of imagination.

Dreams flare as imaginative words,
Taking your attention is the stillness of the world,
The beauty is like an insurgent,
Getting into the pores of thine thoughtful aperture,
And as you go on looking within yourself,
There is a greater propensity that someday,
You will find the answers that belong to your living.
Likewise I have written few dialogues, few poems and little of the stories. The dreams have outnumbered most importantly in these writings of mine. I am not aware of how many of the dreams I have witnessed till date or how many more dreams will reach the abbey and my gates. My thoughts themselves have acquired their strength by imagining. At times when there stood no knowledge, it was the very distinguished will to see this world from a better lens eye. It wasn't at all about being better off than anyone close to me or distant. It was the sheer resemblance that I wanted to nurture into my soul. Like a new day is paragraphed with new happenings. There is a dream to look at the world from experienced eyes. Not that everyone is born as an experienced man or woman, it is the very fun and interest that comes all together to see the possibilities. To imagine that we too can draw an art as beautifully as the Great Painters. Someone drew on a canvas whereas someone drew on one's face bearing truthful and honest emotions. Some guy is an actor and showcases ones' abilities on the screen whereas someone is a Pilot flying an aircraft. I saw in a scientist an artist who could imagine the roadways and link ways up to space. He/She/Both most probably or definitely is more pragmatic(practical) and this may differentiate the likes of a painter and a scientist. But what most importantly forms a link between them is the grace of pure love. They have a calling of their life and themselves scroll towards it.
Paulo Coelho once said, and I quote; "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." Unquote.
Now, it can be seen that love is the point of converging.
Albert Einstein once remarked, Quote. "Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere." Unquote.
Similarly, it's very important to believe and when the belief is broken there is faith. These lines were written by Oprah Winfrey.