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Silence : A State of Mind

There are many ways of controlling the anger or situation. One could be through the practice of silence and by letting it be (to avoid arguments); the second, to speak up and clear your heart to not keep burdens for later. Interestingly, both these ways are for complete peace of the soul.

Afterall, all of us need healing and there is no one else better than the person oneself to bring that healing, through any of the above two ways.

Ups & Downs | The Great Digital Startup

It started just as a thought, as a trial but it has come a long way of trial sessions till now. This life, this journey every passing day, has its own identity. Philosophically, I have gone through experiences of all heights in this journey of 24 years. From the feeling of achievement to embarrassment; from finding love to losing it, from finding care in dear ones to getting frustrated over minor issues, life has given me substantial moments to believe that I am wholly alive. And it continues the self-same way!

The decision of studying English was mine, the decision of taking up digital marketing as a career was mine, the decision of saying Goodbyes to a full-time, well-paying job was mine, for something I could call MINE! It's not just about the OWNERSHIP, but also something that could INSPIRE and send a strong message that GOODNESS is important and shall prevail. 

To sustain me in this journey of mine, I have the COMPETITION to tackle every day, but not to forget that competition …