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A Memory of That Night

That night when her eyes bade me goodbye,
unknowing of the fact when we would meet next,
all I could savour was her belief in love.  After all that I did to break her apart, someone else had come in her life to tell her, that love didn’t fail every single time.
This time it was him, standing next to her, giving me the faith that yes,  she had found her right man, and I was satisfied, and thanked the Lord, for giving her the love that she always deserved, not from me,
but the right man!
Gagandeep Singh Vaid 

"all you love is not a dream."

"All you dream is not love,
and all you love is not a dream." (in reference to this poem)

I would like to explain my thoughts behind these lines.

While I am explaining these lines, at the same time I am asking the question from the reader regarding what is love?

In the context of the given stanza, what you dream about is not love! This lines emphasises upon the importance of a person's physical being. In your thoughts merely, you cannot find love. Love has to be an acceptance that you live with that person in the reality. Being lost in wonderment won't mean love, according to this line.

In the same manner, "all you love is not a dream."
As the first line says, so does the second one. 
If the person whom you love is there standing next to you, then love is the reality and no longer a dream. 

So concluding the lines what I understand is, that lovers are those who live in reality with acceptance for each other. …

let go of 'love'

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i don't know what love is,
but i see it in your face!
the special feeling,
the moment you are around;
it might be infatuation,
but what can i do about it?

staying silent because,
it might break the bond-
of friendship we carry,
i let the winds be,
touching me and moving past.

as someone would have said,
all you dream is not love,
and all you love,
is not a dream.

so let it be,
the way you are.
because that is how,
you are at peace.

while a bond remains strong,
friendship doesn't fade.
with times your emotions-
would understand,
how beautiful life is-
to let go,
of what you thought is love.

gagandeep singh vaid

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