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Accept it and move on.

Funnel needs to be filled with water.  Funnel needs to be emptied and filled again.  The process can continue till life exists, there is no short-key or halt-key; just a pass-key makes sure, that you move forward & never look back.
Times you're in a fix, the earth beneath you shifts, difficult to stand alone, but you still do. You wish there was a second chance, but there is none. If you have lost once, you shall be determined as a loser forever, as it shows up in your attitude, a PROBLEM. Where others weigh you down, they judge you to bits, and worry not, you're doing the same to people around you.
You consider yourself to be super correct, while the other is not as equipped with  the understanding of life that you think you do.
Life moves on, some relations strong while some relations left behind, and you are a joy to look at while sadness cannot be dismissed - that's a part of you.