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From My Heart For You

Where would be our meeting point I wonder at times, under the trees while I sit and explore the greenery of the lands. You're the calling of my distant shore, yet when I come near to you; you just tend to move across. You say to me that I no longer care for you, but do you really know how much you mean to me? I would say no. You haven't seen me from the inner quarters of my being.

I don't mean to say that you don't understand me, I only say that you understand me but little bit of an individual self, somewhat secrets of mine, you don't understand. The same I would say in my case, when I can't stand to your expectations.

Sometimes it is better to leave things on time and that's what I and you have been doing for a month. I know it is better to not talk for fewer days, then breaking the most powerful bond that we share, the bond of 'love'.

It doesn't happen everyday that one can give one's heart to a person. It takes months, years to believe …

Dr. Kalam

I will fly,,
I will fly..
said, the missile-man of India that fine day,,
standing in front of him, when the crowd cheered his coming on the stage of the JLF..
he was the star of the festival..
he asked everyone to pledge,,
that we would do something for India..
his poetry his words.. have left an essence in my heart.. like in the hearts of thousands of men and women there.. as he looked at the crowd,
that was a man with a plan.
vision 2020. he said he had wanted to be an air force pilot but was rejected at 23..
he fulfilled that dream after he became the president of india.. being the chief of the armed forces.. as much as i say about him..
will be less..
his achievements have been diverse,,
what he did for india, we can never forget him... love you always

Freedom to learn


Your smile, for all miles~

In a journey to understand the blossom in your eyes,
I not only found solace but also you and me,
We both lying in a state of unknown,
At the time when we were to depart. People were nostalgic that it was an end,
To the college life; few were celebrating.
While we cried in each other's arms,
We had known, it was our last meeting. She said, we will meet again,
I knew she had been lying upfront.
She would soon be wrapped into social boundaries,
While I shall be a free bird. She a lady with the scarlet in her eyes,
Me cheerful with her smile and times we spent,
Our affectionate picture curbed in my eyes.
We kissed the last time,
In the walk of the gardens of bounty,
Kissed the spirit of dreams,
Which had brought us together,
And were stretching us apart. It was the day, to be the last meeting place,
Until I realized that I had been asleep,
Dreaming, and she was sleeping next to me-
My wife, my happiness and every dream. I told her in her sleep,
We are together forever-
For the times of the breeze,
We sha…


You turn back or you look forward. 
There is someone staring at you. A many images will reach your conscience, Yet many in a few eyes would be longing towards you.
Yes, these many eyes are in my few dreams that I see.
When her eyes give me the belief of who I am. When the sky gives me company, Wherever I go for that matter. I feel and take my life as a blessing.
Yes, it is a roller coaster ride. You start with a belief to come out of a journey as a winner. Whereas sometimes the journey stretches too long, That there is no other option than returning back.  You win, you lose but in this process you learn.
Lessons are most essential, And the process that goes into those lessons, Is the beautiful of all. Do you know what this process is called? It is called "experiencing".  

-Gagandeep Singh Vaid

On Faces And Disposition 8.)

I thought, that he was someone whom I knew. Well, whom I knew very well. I thought, he was the same man. 

His eyes, his face structure just as the man I saw in my dreams. But, he was younger, this man I saw on the train looked old. This man with grey hair, whereas the man I see in my dreams has black hair.

Somewhere, my dreams of childhood had been saying me that; hey, we have turned old. But needless to say, the sight of this man; made me interact with my childhood dreams. Dreams which greet me even today. I just saw the dream walking in front of me today. The man, appeared to tell me; he had a real existence. I saw that dreams and the characters of those dreams, are real.

Or maybe, it's just a state of mind.
Sometimes, what I have seen; I feel it happening in front of me, as if I have lived it by myself. People call it deja vu. Have you been inspired by any incident or character of your dreams as well?

Unkahi Kahani

Chadar aurh ke apne rishton pe,
Chala vo rahi ek safar pe,
Apne vaadon to torh ke,
Chala vo ghar baar chorh ke.

Is jahan se nahi lekin,
Apne aap se sawaal poochta,
Ki khud ki parva kare,
Ya apno ka sath vo de.

Jab apne dil se poocha usne,
To sawaal mille ki haan,
Sahi raah pe tha vo,
Jab apno ko dekhne ke kiye,
The aur log, to vo chal diya,
Unki maddad karne jinka,
Koi na tha. Uski unkahi kahani,
Kaash kissi ne sunni hoti,
Kaash uske apno ko bhi,
Uspar naaz hota. Door nahi,
Vo to hamesha unke dillo me,
Nek iraadon me atoot tha.


Gagandeep Singh Vaid


Our task must be to free ourselves… by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty. ~Albert Einstein

Will Legalising Prostitution help?

Prostitution has been around since time immemorial. It is sometimes referred to as the world’s oldest profession with brothels dating back to mughal era. As Google defines it, Prostitution is the business or practice of engaging in sexual relations for exchange of payment or other benefits. With women and children being increasingly forced into this business, it has become one of the most sensitive issues demanding immediate legal action. A recent proposal by the National Commission for Women chief, Lalitha Kumaramangalam to legalise prostitution in India has once again spurred the debate whether legalising prostitution can actually help curb the menace of human trafficking or will it only lead to increase in this sector? There are two schools of thought on this issue- those like Ms. Kumaramangalam in the favour of legalising and those opposing her stance.  Ms. Kumaramangalam and the likes emphasise that legalisation of prostitution in India would ensure better living conditions for wome…

On faces and disposition! 7

Based on a true story.

One day I boarded a DTC bus that was going towards Red Fort via Delhi Gate. The road which attached the two roads was another road called Daryaganj.

I received my dad's phone call and he asked me at what time would I reach our shop near the Red Fort? I told him, it would take around fifteen to twenty minutes to be there.

As the bus was going on its route, suddenly it turned right instead of the straight road it was accustomed to take. The passengers asked the bus driver regarding what was the matter and they searched for a possible reason to understand his very act. While the passengers were passing glances at one another, the bus driver himself stopped the bus. He waved his hand towards the road that was not taken but was meant to be taken. It was jammed with traffic, and I felt that somewhere it was a wise decision to take the other road, but the passengers like me who were going toward Red Fort had to get down or remain in the bus, to get down at the othe…