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Her smile

When I came that morning. There was only the radiance of sun getting brighter and brighter. I stood for some time there until you came. With your sweet smile like always you again stepped near to my presence. There was so much to say and listen. But as for the society norms we were standing near but could just give a stare that also which was to be invisible to the world. But who can stop anyone who is in deep affection. The atmosphere made me feel as if the most warmest day it was getting to be. As we were waiting for our transports to come, it was heart beating on a fluctuating rate when any bus would come. For it could be her's.

Her smile was lessening now and a bit pale was her appearance. For when her time was to go and when we couldn't anymore look into each others eyes.

It is truly magnificent atmosphere reflected whenever I am able to see her and that also in the morning which is slowly setting for a very big day. But is it really true that a small presence in the mornin…

I saw it! Didn't I?

There is a face of yesterday we have seen already. Just comes ahead what have we never glanced any time. But is it true? I asked myself that why can't we see future? Of course my thinking's were childish but I was dwelled into those thinking's so keenly. Yes! True! It's what I describe an experience, when I opened basket of my mind to actually garner the thoughts about have we seen tomorrow?

People suggest that we can believe in good and better tomorrow. If we strive our foot forward towards our goals. For sure shall we succeed and so shall our dream be foccused into blooming reality.

What happened was that I knew what I saw, I experienced it someway any day! That was my imagination or the reflection which was again and again making me see things. I got to believe that we already know what is in front of us. There is the sixth sense which illuminates expression of trust. We have to nurture whatever we learn and give it wings. For if we give it wings it shall then fly h…


What scrolls beneath our nerves,
Is the wisdom call which envelopes,
A dream is near but it's only achievable,
With utter patience,
Does my mind say to me.

I had seen the glitter,
The lively feeling emerged which,
While writing about you,
And your ways in so many,
Different styles.

You loved wearing the antique jewel,
That piece of necklace,
And the shining metal,
You knew your attire,
Which suited your perceptions.

You said to me one day,
Ey! Dear, tell me what does make you feel the best?

I was so much confused for what to say,
I said it was our thoughts,
Which only reflect in our actions,
And thoughts are demanding at times,
For the attraction they affluence with material things.

Yes, is it true in real sense,
That we all like being looked nice,
And is it so lovely,
So let's try something different,
I said to her,
She got bangles that day,
And all the day passed,
Until we got to believe that,
We loved buying all stuff,
For was she and me,
Expressing our thoughts,
Which matched our perceptions.


You have loads to express,
You have trust to believe in me.
It's only the charm which,
Engraves about our roads ahead.

The distance what may be much,
To express, in words what you want to,
But in each winds blaze,
Do we enjoy the trust which speaks.

It's as if we know,
What all is it going to be,
When we nurture our skills in our art,
And strengthened willed together,
Align the roads ahead.

But to keep specifying,
What the goal in life is,
We need to believe in our today,
And work for securing our dreams,
Which shall we live for sure tomorrow.

Your gesture

For me is your expression saying everything. To me does each silent moment says a lot. It's the love you sparkle around me and make us together enrich it's blossom. It's being silent and saying all that when you wanted to speak otherwise. It's your journey along me which starts now and we just see what is bright.

Bright which is to speed up our dreams. Layering the trust do we move ahead as it's the only way forward, for otherwise we don't know how to live.
"The act of versatility is only one in my thoughts, the one which bears love. There are fruits which we do plant and there in our fruits we do enrich trust, only then it's real enjoyment of the winds, wherever we skate"

"Dreams and interest are two beautiful personages which you always want to make growing in you"

"While dreaming of something each day and night, by moving our feet's that way (with versatility) through our diet we love and move more closer to our dreams each day and night"

"For things to shine,
And life to sprinkle,
On your lovely harmonic tones,
You have to make things glide,
To your side bearing anecdotes"

"Like it's her sweet talk,
Or is it her cute appearance,
Whenever I find her flock,
I run to catch her glare,
And omnipotence"
It is the free window of my dreams,
From where I glance into your skies,
What you feel like do I simply note,
In my minds understandings about you.

It has been time of me thinking about you, and tracing your destinations along our journeys. It's the curious case of my love blend towards the chariot which leads through our track. We may not be able to speak what truly we want to while we see each other, but for sure do we say each other whatever we love to say in each word and then our hearts' smile for then we get closer and closer.

Still walking

I walked for about an hour and got to know that I was heading the wrong way. But at that moment when that very thought inclined me I saw there was someone. Who's face seemed to be like the beautiful face of that girl whom I wanted to see from so back. My heart was so afraid at once but when that person came near to me, I had to believe, that for whom I was at a moment so excited wasn't there in reality. It was hence another face making me remember her twinkle and charm. I reversed my direction and thinking about her moved in the direction which was right.

You go.. and come

I never ever wished so,
That you go away from me,
Knowing that we both did care,
Enjoying each moment so brighty,
But were those days,
Singing the real life

But still does the effluence sight..
When I stare at past,
For sure which is mighty,
Making me remember you.. :)

Heart talks'

"Excellence isn't something which is the ultimate point rather it is a point where from you stretch farther"

"Huge buidings,
Rainbowy skies,
With quack sound of that bird,
I estimate that we have to glide"

"Signature of the atmosphere,
Spirit of the grass,
And me in and on it,
I activate my flask"


"Each book is written with dreams in head and life in that very scene. Why not love and be the extreme dreamer reading any scene from anyones' dream"