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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Room had the dark compartment,
On one side..

On other half of room,
A figure, lustrous,

My heart clasped.
When in my vision, felt
If it was she,
Later I realized,
Out of my joy

It was a dream,
Sailing in my sight

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Fog..Night through the airport

Fog has trapped me as well,
I don't understand,
This nights weather pattern,
But I have sublimed myself,
In  love with this nature

Saturday, 25 December 2010

pinkish face

When look at lovers,

Merry Christmas
Nd love unconditionally,
as it's only on approach
I work,
gleefully oriented

It's not end!

World may cite,
She's in deep affection,
With any other guy,
But what if she really is in?

So, what,
I will let her go,
Dreaming of girl,
Who was always mine

Maybe my love was less,
But will I not!
Leave the rose of that heart

Surely will talk in dreams,
Like earlier,
For it is only, though,
I can achieve life goals,
Living alone,
With shadows,
Of whom I think is still there,
In actual has gone away

Thursday, 23 December 2010


"Comes to my silent murmurs,
Your attractive face..
Your image is created,
When I walk the alone path ways..

The lanes,
Which are so long, 
I walk gliding my imaginations,
Going through the words you exchanged

Now, anticipating your arrival,
At every turn,
When I walk the empty lanes..

Then do I wonder,
You're along me,
Even if you,
Try to go another way

I'll always,
Be in this tone,
Searching you,
Until I find you,
Any lane"

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Time runs faster,
What about warm intent for her,
She when comes in my thought process
Yes! It's you,
Who fills in me the wish,
To keep on the love,
In the tasks which I mask

Living life of purpose,
The havenly stance
Linkage is formed,
In the light filmed,
The rays of sun,
Take the same charm,
Bestowing in us life to glow,
And to live

Along and when the clock of sand,
Of bells rings,
I feel absence of your calm,
For it's my time,
To revert to other tasks
The paper,
Can't be withdrawn,
The life in it

As it has some or much,
Beam lamped,
Taking the hopes,
To spindle my desires,
Cherishing me,
Whenever I am alone,
Hired on alone,
Feeling the distant miles,
I have this page then,

To be with your,
Presence mingled with me,
In it!
The drought of words,
Never is to be there,
For, mind is taking your name,

aT TIMES, WHeN I find daily work,
Very much

I fill the life in it,
As if you appear in that,
So it's you the sigher

Streaming the hopes,
To reach a place,
Being successful in,
The work I approach,
While loving it alike you!
Her desires seem to be as mine.
Her acquired strength,
Is to be encouraged,
When turned back,
From those social barriers,
In a tone not of grief,
But jubilant sapphires

Felt to me as if,
The sun was showering,
Upon us strenghth,
To replying honestly,
To each others,
Structural bond

Relying on each other did,
Heart of our churn,
The sun was setting,
With mighty rays,
Inhaled by us,
Truth tales

And we grew our bond,
Sparing friendship,
Tuning the word lovers,
Installed was from long back,
Just gathered wings to glore,
To take off,
With dreams,
Sailing higher,
Making our beings,
As true sapphires

Sunday, 19 December 2010

I was moving down the lane,
I felt as if,
There was someone, following me..

When turned back,
Was a lady
Went near, she was the girl, I loved..!
I wanted to hug, her and I did,
It was air and not she..!!

The winds, energies,
The trees, and flowers' blossoming fragrance,
Made me feel if she was there

Her, lively bliss,
Creates in me,
Feeling of honesty,

Monday, 13 December 2010

Up on the roof,
Does sit my dreamy flower

When approach I,
The roof,
I look to the moon and stars

Finding her, I find a joyful tone,
Making her appearance, 
In my minds flask,
For she isn't present physically here,
Bit I find her presence in the stars,
Which are flickering,
As my heart does..

What happens in love,
It's about emotions,
Not essential,
If really around she is,
Or has flown in the craft, 
But yes! somewhere it pains,
The pangs I retard by,
Bringing these sort of thinkings

Love does always prosper,
In our lively minds..
It's bearing everywhere in our tasks,
Attired with variant masks
I glide in anticipation,
For a yes, from your lovely side..

Long for now,
I have waited,
It's for you to say, hi!

I also heard people uttering,
It hurts when our love us declined!

But to me these talks don't imply,
As to these I don't listen though

As I know it's the great fate,
Of us together in a jolly show

In time to scroll,
We'll be surely,
Along same journey.
The crowd is all,
Just what I wish,
Is to find my angel here,
The road sides have the vehicles all over, 
But my love is still not here.
The car,
Dropped the girl, side of her house
My eyes clenched,
Stiffed to look at her, 
The foggy day aside..

I wanted her to stay out,
And not enter house,
As the car passed.. 
I was left to see,
The empty walls,
Of that distant lane
Which was now visible,
To the curious eyes,
In the fog,

But she went in her house,
Without giving an eye shade!

Monday, 6 December 2010

I travel, places,
The cracked walls are watched,
People say, these are old,
Ah! Built efforts conceding still,
Passed with years of straight miniatures,
Align just some dull,
But stand undaunted,
Inhearing pain of bricks

Compare I, the wall with life,
Oh! Not mine,
Which not further should be,
I may, alike it had been so earlier,
Now, want not that love to splee,
Colour instead the life

I gather, turning it gliding aero,
Reach whales higher,
Not frightly
Approaching on near and closer,
Has my eyes beauty being,
Coming to me,
Much intense is the likeness between us,
She does come some bit step ahead now,
Area is captured with figuring majesty,
Of roses and fragrant sea,
Blashing straight to our lives presently,
Waves of happiness and enlightened tree..
Swayed, the atmosphere,
My inclined sigher,
I know how one can,
Start liking somebody,
As our life sapphire

Now, to clear the roached thought,
Which not should come,
She no longer, is someone,
On side of true nature is my,
And my dove..

Looking on.. the pearl!

Looked her today,
In that motionful vehicle,
From where she looked the site opposite me

The peace and waiting trail,
Itself brings us facing our lives,
On the same platform,
Never is it an issue which streaks,
If even not seen me,did she,
But surity I sponser,
She felt the same as me.

Was distance.. but is love

From distance can I stare at her,
When she moves out of those hurdles,
Of the social receptors,
When she leaves home,
The morning so early

I sweep out all tasks, early,
Not to miss to look her,
Running, or riding on,
My feats and hopes,
So curious to enter that lane,
Of pearl.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

bye for now

The world is cited with beliefs,
Which look so true,
Your company makes me wordlessly beAM,
of success rates,
which with glee roll

P.S. Lots of love sweety

Epic nt an Ode

In short I have nothing to convey,
In epic even 'll I have more to say,
The flashed dreams,
Creating the strings,
To lead patient nights

I am dreaming, as you even felt in reality so,
Didn't you,
Yes, did you, calls my inner side

I have space within you,
I cross the gates which give a place in you to me.

Everywhere it is you

Coming to me running.. Is yOu,
I gain that confidence as I,
Relieve with fragrance of yours'

Toss of bearings,
Is now over side,
With us leaving abodes.. and climbing strides

The mountains or the place where destiny takes,
Will be curious and happy to make

Nightingal sort does voice of your flows,
In my mind I ponder our liking with jubilant thoughts.

7.joyous state in sea

In the blue sea,
Dine I with enigmatical life of yours,
In this dreamy world,
I get a stake of honesty,
With diving a real power,
Over from the sea,
With you enjoy the beauty of its,
With joyous state in sea

6. The silence of the sea is so exhaled

The paths followed to tell you truth,
Has taken longer to speak the three mighty words,

I nowadays have a view,
Of you making to meet my brows

The silence of the sea is so exhaled,
But the speed of it's hits, when on,
Is less, so less then what calls from within each moment,
How I want you

The world, the energies are gathered so,
MagniFicIenT your pride, is felt all

5. wish you accompany me with your gracuious persona

The roars of the evil,
I turn to sweet poems by your magic

You may know,
How big to me you're,
YoUR gleaming senses, I am goer of.

I don't actually know,
If you'll read all what is written here,
But wish you acompany me with your gracious persona,
Which shall be fair

3. Wondering the nice rolling sensations

Waiting on the bus stops,
Or crawling for a sight of hers'

How can I live her dreams,
With she not replying to my thoughts

She is also an angel of my livelihood,
Pushes me to win life's perspectives,
With mazez which don't appear so

I wish I get her shades of lifefulness,
All the days I live,
Wondering the nice rolling sensations,
Which in reverance and love,
Fly straight to her

2. PATIence

Life is short,
How can one enhance,
Live with sympathy wen one leaves you,
So what left is impatience and cries

What makes worth living,
The love and glow,
When you get your love,
You need not bow,
For the stars above,
Strenghtning you

Have that courage,
To speak how much you care,
ANd I see, fearful,
WHen I get that moment,
Because I love her,
ANd my key to living is with this cLUe.P

1. My hello to you!!

The staring power of the girl that day,
She didn't tun to me that evening,
But yes I liked the life in her play

I am seemingly poor in heart,
I get the bearings when don't get to speak,
That how much I love you

Each day and night,
Taught me what life takes to trust, to loVE,
For it's just what I care for

After your sight,
I lived since then with your lively seeing,
I told my conscious that it isn't you,
When looked at girls and at everyone,
You had a bright touch,
Or you are an alchemist to me

Since then has my being turned high,
Enlightened with good thoughts and somewhere,
Fresh brashes of sensuality