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Looking for happiness? Just be you.

Philosophies of life shall never die. We live all of them, one day at a time. Progressing through them, standing by them, we make them the irreplaceable part of ourselves.

Simply a thought occurs to me that if this moment stops, what would happen to the consistent world of possibilities? Would it stop as well, or would the world stop only for me?

In a moment, laughter could end up into pearls of tears. The sadness the next moment could create a crescendo of music, leaving it in the ears forever to ring. The sight of pain could remain, while another sunshine the next morning could bring meaning and composure never known earlier.

We all wanderers come to this world thinking it to be a playground of toys, kisses and heartfelt joys. Only when the bubble world ends do we understand, the world we had been living in wasn't so real as at that very moment. Reality and imagination criss-cross; there is still a lot to breathe in and breathe out. More moments and times shall happen to you, a…