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To go abroad was a big thing for me in childhood to think about; and the fact of me going out of India for a vacation was far from a dream. But I did see dreams of me being with my brother and mother in beautiful foreign land. I was very collected in a world where playing cricket was life. To see not a road other than the familiar countable roads was my life left to. I was sentimental of the lots. Now, I leave tomorrow evening to Bangkok; where my eldest brother shall meet me.
To start from, I can talk about the qualities of the west. You follow them, you try to act like them but you can't dream as big as they can. It is Indian mindset that "Videsh" is miles and miles away and to be there you really need to press upon life; work day and night to earn. Whereas the world is much bigger from the view of traveller's who have in held a passion to travel around the world. They work too, from one country to the other obviously following the rules and taking permission befo…

Inclination still exists!

I have been writing for four years now on this blog and this new post comes after two and a half months. Writing from 2010 and now it is 2013; the emotion hasn't changed much. The intensity in writing might have been influenced. Call it learning little or more, it has been very special to me. Relating how ambitious I was when I started posting here times back and today. I am more settled and not merely flying in an unknown land. I know my writing style and so am I posting again. With little ambition although, but the emotion is so much concentrated in my words.I remember those days and greatly honor, how I sent the link of my blog to my friends who were little concerned to read my articles but yes, doing that made me happy and was fun. But when I got no replies from anyone, I felt bad. Be it; at least it made me think a bit more, to feel the emotions somewhat more. I could climb a mountain peak at one moment just for the sake of being there. Well, just in my blogs; otherwise I was…