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The questions of highs and lows!

The night when you wake up to a bad dream, your reality is shown to you, your fears are brought forward to help you see the real face of life. You are no longer alone in that moment because you are so much more than a soul. You're fear, hope, possession, attachment, and a wanderer above all that. Answerable to a million questions, stronger, sharper and wittier; you have to prove your strength from time to time. 

That is when you understand that you have grown up. Life isn't just a spoonful of calories, there is the mention of fat in your stress report, the blood pressure goes through highs and lows after you meet people of different frequencies and have to tolerate them at the same time. You're wild, rough and open to any kinds of talks. The actor you had wanted to mimic all your life, you become that. The theatre scene of different tones and notes you had wanted to display, comes alive. And you wonder, all your fears were real, and in the end you have nothing more.. but y…