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Sunday, 18 December 2016

A Walk in the Streets of Ajmer, India

Ajmer is a city in the state of Rajasthan, India and is being surrounded by the Aravalli Mountains. It is the pilgrimage centre for the shrine of the Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti. This video shows a walk-through across Ajmer, which is also known for its sweet "Sohan Halwa" amongst other sweets rich in taste.

You can reach Ajmer by bus from Jaipur- it is a two and half hour drive, and after spending a day out; leave for Pushkar by bus, which has the only Brahma Temple in the world. It is a favourite amongst tourists, having many ghats and a river. The Annual Camel Festival takes place in the month of February in Pushkar.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

I wonder why?

Life, in a few words would be like “a storm, cool breeze and a picture of a person sitting with eyes settling at the sky above.” There is not much to say, but a lot to hear and feel. It would be like listening to the composure of the winds, watching the beauty of the landscape and believing in the never ending adventure that lays in front of that person.
‘Silence’, is appreciated. ‘Smile’ is always reciprocated. ‘Love’ has its own fine language of purity. Deep thoughts pop-up, realizations meet you, many roads appear to you, yet you wait for the right calling. You connect with the calmness of the lanes, the play with the animals, the deep talks with fellow wanderers. You are ‘who you are’, a unique identity, trying to make some meaning out of this so called ‘life’. The one which has no beginning or end, it is a long journey, about which you never contemplate when it all started or shall end. No, I am not talking about the time you were born, but simply when the realization started seeping in; regarding what your goal in life has to be. This process starts unknown of the time when, and till when it would last, no one knows! Given the curiosity to make things look better and gorgeous.
I have found that there is no fun in being alone, yet there is every happiness in being alone. I have found that being in a company of friends is an enriching experience, you learn people skills, you see world from a broader perspective and moreover, you are not alone. There is a back of people out there to hold you in pressing times, yet always being your support system. Remember, the love of your mother, your father, your family? Heartfelt, unconditional, isn’t it? Different times in our lives, see a different us. Sometimes, it feels good to be just at your own, while at times, the company of your dear ones is what you know, you will treasure forever.
People have a great impact on who we become, given our interactions, our behaviour, our habits, our nature get affected in volume with them. Sharing experiences, lessons is an additional factor which makes us stronger and confident as never before. So, think a little more about your passion, and be proud that you can call it own. “Own what you love, and it will grow. But always remember to share, whatever positive you have.”

Friday, 4 November 2016

Using Art to Raise one’s Voice!

Birit Roosa
Art is an expression of one's inner thoughts and one's sense of understanding the surroundings. Keeping that in consideration, we can see the evolution of an art project, with a grave meaning attached to it.
The two photographs in the display reflect the story behind the Finnish indigenous Sami people, on how the Finnish government took away their self-determination.  It was done by accepting 93 Finnish people to be Sami even though the Sami governing body denied it. This takes away the rights of these people, hence, leaving them with no voice! These photographs are in protest of the government's oppression. 
In photograph: Birit Roosa (@paadar on Instagram)
Photographer: (@nikolaiton on Instagram)
Birit Roosa

At Artist Address, we appreciate the voice raised by the artists for their rights!
Story contributed by: @paadar

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

World from a Different Eye!

It feels good to not be rebellious to the ones who are close to you. For a moment agreeing to what they think is the best for us. As for a greater time, there has been insistence of what you always thought was the best for you; contrary to their understanding of you and the world. It is good to accept things, to be little less of emotional slave, to be willing to strive while paddling more and more towards what you think would turn out to be a good decision in the long run. 

There is nothing much left than a heart which is just silent, and not chattering, fighting anymore. Life is a lesson taught at every step, newer goals are put into place, and newer realisations seep their imprints in this life. Not to complain anymore, not to feel guilty anymore but be at peace finally!

Not about failing at something, but gaining a lot in finding the smiles of the close ones. That’s all you have to do, eventually! While being determined for what the next step in life would be, with a heavy heart you let go of those attachments, those natural instincts. The reality is very simple at this moment, fate, as it can be termed is what is visible to the naked eyes. In this regard, wait, walk and run. 

That is when you know, it was how life had to be like. It is how acceptance had to be like. Silence, peace and wisdom—all walk hands in hand, and one hand is of your people.

Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Monday, 31 October 2016

A Memory of That Night

That night when her eyes bade me goodbye,
unknowing of the fact when we would meet next,
all I could savour was her belief in love. 
After all that I did to break her apart,
someone else had come in her life to tell her,
that love didn’t fail every single time.

This time it was him, standing next to her,
giving me the faith that yes, 
she had found her right man,
and I was satisfied,
and thanked the Lord,
for giving her the love that she always deserved,
not from me,
but the right man!

Gagandeep Singh Vaid 

Sunday, 9 October 2016

"all you love is not a dream."

"All you dream is not love,
and all you love is not a dream." (in reference to this poem)

I would like to explain my thoughts behind these lines.

While I am explaining these lines, at the same time I am asking the question from the reader regarding what is love?

In the context of the given stanza, what you dream about is not love! This lines emphasises upon the importance of a person's physical being. In your thoughts merely, you cannot find love. Love has to be an acceptance that you live with that person in the reality. Being lost in wonderment won't mean love, according to this line.

In the same manner, "all you love is not a dream."
As the first line says, so does the second one. 
If the person whom you love is there standing next to you, then love is the reality and no longer a dream. 

So concluding the lines what I understand is, that lovers are those who live in reality with acceptance for each other. The scope of dream doesn't stay there. If dreaming about love, then it is not love, because there is no acceptance. You can refer it something else, or 'platonic love', as commonly used.

Listen to the poem here:

Thank you for reading!

Gagandeep Singh Vaid

let go of 'love'

Artist Address

i don't know what love is,
but i see it in your face!
the special feeling,
the moment you are around;
it might be infatuation,
but what can i do about it?

staying silent because,
it might break the bond-
of friendship we carry,
i let the winds be,
touching me and moving past.

as someone would have said,
all you dream is not love,
and all you love,
is not a dream.

so let it be,
the way you are.
because that is how,
you are at peace.

while a bond remains strong,
friendship doesn't fade.
with times your emotions-
would understand,
how beautiful life is-
to let go,
of what you thought is love.

gagandeep singh vaid

Listen to the poem here:  
Additional description:  

Friday, 30 September 2016

A Walk With You!

Photograph by Deshpreet Singh Vaid

"You are a writer. What would you write for me?" She asked.
"And, why would I write for you?" I questioned.
She stood struck and surprised as what I asked. I moved by, leaving the girl standing behind. I would never write for anyone unless I really wanted to. For business, it could be a different thing: but personally, it was all different. 

In the later days, I met many people. Some questioned me about my identity while some didn't really care about who I was. The second category of the people simply talked, and I was comfortable dealing with them. The moment when you are in a sense of freedom and no one intervenes your zone, that is indeed a special feeling. 

"Writers need to breathe!" I said to myself and kept my eyes engrossed at the clock's tic-tic. I loved to hear the sound the clock made. I liked seeing my life so much defined. Every moment of that peaceful hour was getting identified. It felt as if my soul could kiss every particle of the wind, relish every drop of water and sing in the tunes of the Koel. And instantly my mind stuck to the game a girl played. The girl whom I gave my heart once. She would count the Mynah's every time when she saw any one of them. In her thoughtfulness or superstition, if she saw three of them, it would mean a good omen. 

The mind filters moments and brings back the best ones to you. While you lay looking for peace in the blankness of the roads and in the softness of the flowers. Getting the treat from them, you are capable enough to stay sane in this big-big world. On a daily basis, you find traffic on the roads, someone trying to draw you down, but no, nothing of them fail you as a person. Because you are secure. The time you spend with yourself secures you. 

At last, I would like to say that it feels really good to be with yourself. Getting so much close to either one or many people at once can make you the happiest, but preparing yourself to accept that happiness, somewhere you have to walk alone with yourself.

Gagandeep Singh Vaid 

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Thoughts on myself, a learner

I could never wear the mask of what I wasn't. Whatever I was, I was the most happy in being that!

I would definitely try to be a better person, when it comes to organising, managing my tasks. I love to exercise to get my physique in shape, I love to spend time with the kids whom I teach on weekends sometimes. I feel that the pressure at work of the whole week gets dissolved when those little kids smile back at me. I feel a small walk while the sun is up, gives me the greatest peace. To find my grandmother waiting for me everyday, gives me reason enough to consider myself the luckiest!

There are small joys that make me human, and act humanly. Otherwise, I might have been a negative person, someone not understanding the meaning of myself, my life. I wish to reach heights, but with this journey, that I can call mine. 

I don't want to cheat on someone. While at work, I want to be smart. I am learning, that makes me happy enough!


Sunday, 11 September 2016

never take away

Stars twinkle, so do your eyes.
My heart considers you dearly,
dear love of my life.
We move different paths,
share stories of melancholy and warmth.
You call me a solo traveler,
while I call you my dream love.
While not staying in touch,
I can feel your presence around me.
While not sharing your touch,
I can feel complete.
On learning that our dispositions are different,
You walk miles, 
without letting me know even once,
and I sit thinking we formed a great couple.
While you leave today,
still I am here considering you my lover!
Because what heart could match,
neither you nor I could ever take away.


Thursday, 1 September 2016

August Written Works

There are those times in life when you can't say but only feel. This is one such situation. The point is that I am thinking too much but then what can I do? When it's the fault in my stars!


Removing the covers of madness from her face, she felt the cold breeze making its space in the deepest corner of her heart. To the world she was a comedian but this comedian needed the moments of peaceful embrace too. She liked silence, away from the showbiz, those cheers and buzz of the crowd that greeted her every time. 
This was the time when she was her true self, the one which she only knew.

"It is difficult mom," said a 10 year old boy.
"That’s why you need to win it,” answered the mother.
“But it needs hard work mom.”
“And you will do it.”
As the mother said these lines the boy’s confidence reached the seventh sky.
Years later he was on the television winning for his Nation at a global sporting event. 
He could thank his supporters, friends, relatives but the push he had received from him mother in childhood, had made all the difference. 
It was difficult but the experience was worth it. 

“Be positive and the let sky be the limit for you!”


"In one room seven children lived together with parents in childhood.
Years later, 7 houses, but no room for the aged parents."
.. inspired from Baghban film and the reality I see!


"Why are you after my life, when I smoke? That's my choice afterall."
He said to his beloved.
She fell silent, moving to a corner yet another time.
"See.. just don't ask me not to smoke. Say anything else." He said to her.
"You know I wouldn't have tried to stop you. But I remember that day, when you hated your father for smoking.. drinking and what not!? You had never wanted to follow his footsteps. You had not promised this to me but yourself. But today..what do I see? You know, this is what hurts me. The person whom I loved, is not the same person anymore."

They fell silent. Life had closed another chapter! He couldn't leave cigarette, but her. Her fears had been real.


"What is your stress-buster?", asked one man to the other.
"The photographs of my son and daughter. When I see them happy I am at peace." The other man replied. 
"What is your stress-buster? Tell me."
"My written works!" The man said.
The first man to answer was an old man whose children separated from him once they were married.
The second man was a writer who found happiness in spending time with what he loved the most.


You are my light, you are my day and night.
Passion, your face is both intriguing yet challenging.
You are the most beautiful and fulfilling,
In the truest light. Adding colours of roughness and wisdom to my life so bright.
You are my day and night.


Appreciate the nature; it has the power to redefine your perspectives; to help you live through its beauty, to walk past the gentleness of life.


You might have fallen in love, but the day you start rising in love, you start feeling how beautiful an emotion love is!


You might be living a happy life, but until and unless there is the light or motivation of the special ’body’, you can’t live fully. That special body can be a passion you are following or a person closer to you. You need to keep meeting with that body, through the sing-songs of the day and night. You have to meet yourself, by meeting the ‘body’ to feel complete.


I am as honest to you, as you are to me. At last, what matters is, we want to be free.


Your eyes rendered magic to mine, no wonder I too smile. 


The songs buzzed in his ears and his heart sang once again to the times spent with her.


When there is no fear, there is art.


All these quotes and written works are by Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Mornings and Nights!

I like it when your eyes keep their firm gaze at me. I know you see in me the inspiration that I see in you, I know we are happy in each other’s company. But then we stop expressing the ingenuity of the feelings we have for each other. You don’t reply to my letters, just the manner I don’t respond to the letters which many school boys and girls send me, telling me that they liked my last novel. I think I deserve it for being so rude and singing so highly of my talent. But you know what, I don’t care whether they still like me or start disliking me. I never wrote to make them please, if all I wanted anything, then it was to earn the tag of a writer. I wanted to tell you that I was good for something in this life of mine. You know why? Because I care for you, I don’t like this nature of mine, but I cannot stop myself from liking you. 

I thought you would be proud of me too, the way you sing praises of people who inspire you.. here I don’t want you to sing praises of me, but just to know that I can make you feel how we felt when we met for the first time. I want you to relive those moments again and again. I am glad my writings can do that to you, and that is the greatest success for me. But then you don’t say anything. I am waiting for having a walk with you in the evening, or any time would be just perfect. 

So here I am still waiting for you to say few words. It has been months since I heard from you. I think you are hiding something from me, but then I am not that important to you ‘maybe’, but I will live with it. I will miss you and think of meeting you again, and if we don’t then I will write those moments again and again, the ones we spent gazing at each other for endless seconds. Every time I feel them, I feel complete, and I feel different set of sentiments, all coming and ending at a magical feeling of affection.

I will not say my heart cannot beat without you, since a school girl wrote to me in one of her letters that, heart is over-rated word, everyone talks of it, either of its breaking or feeling the blossom when someone special says the three words, “I love you”. So I am influenced by that girl. 

Considering that I read the letters of the school boys and girls, even though I don’t reply them; I feel you will read what I write too, I won’t expect a reply from you. I won’t change myself, and I know the world will never change for me too. I like this life that I lead in my moodiness, and wish you wonderful days. 

P.S. : I miss you sometimes, but am too egoist to send you letters again and again. Take care, girl. Praying for your happiness wherever you are! (caring for someone takes away logic from us, we just want to spend a lot of time, thinking of the one who is special.) 

Your friend,
a midnight writer~


Gagandeep Singh Vaid (@artistaddress)

Monday, 11 July 2016

I don't write to gain sympathy!

Writing for money, writing for causes you support, writing two-three lines to make yourself happy, where has the writer who wrote senseless articles gone? The long narrative posts saying anything and everything, where have they gone? The countless comma's, the without proof-read articles and stories, where have they gone? 

You miss those writings of yours? Do you?

What is more important for any person; his passion or sustenance? 
You can't drive your passion without firm ground where you stand!
For what if the world drifts beneath your feet and you drown.. what would passion do in this case?

Here I don't want to prove myself right or myself wrong, I just want to be myself for once. 

More than any writer or someone who pretends to be one- I am a human being. I am someone who even if he doesn't know how to write has a life. Yes life. Life as comes with the winds that pass, life that feels broken apart, only to be stronger the next moment. 

Life that I live in those scars on the faces of people whom I meet or cross by, life that is not given any sympathy, in the down-trodden. Everyday the life in me sees many other lives. I breathe, I fall silent, I pass, I click their pictures in my mental frame and sometimes through camera. I want to click the best pictures, for I also want my pictures to be shared on famous pages. I keep sending my articles to even those pages which don't give me credits, I send my stories to those pages who neglect them every time but I don't want to gain any sympathy from you for this. 

I like to write at the speed of my thoughts and not look behind what I wrote. I feel what flows is what will make me happy years later when I would look at it. I would carry the me I am right now, into tomorrow, day after and forever. I would be able to meet myself and yes my life!

I don't really know from where I started this writeup and I don't want to see. I don't want you to clap for me, you can clap or pass sighs I don't think much about it.

In the end I would like to say, I don't write for sympathy. I write for myself and life, my life! I share them thinking you might feel them, and if not, it is alright. I don't write to please you!
Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Definitions of love~

It had been a warm day, not that it was about the summer season alone; but also because I had a pleasant day since morning. The last day at a work-assignment is always meant to be special, starting from the nostalgia that strikes—to saying the final byes to other fellows at work, it can be sentimental too, for some. 

"Would you come again sometime?” She asked me with curious eyes.
“Yes, of course. I will come to see you all, one day again.” I had said, changing the emphasis from her, to everyone in the workplace. 
“Nice!” Saying this, she got lost in her cabin; knowing that I had been lying.

At last both of us were free. Free from letting love hurt us anymore, we would be free birds in the coming days. No longer waiting for each other at the train station, and going for lunch together. I had told her, that you will find another friend who could be as good as me, or better; but she always said, that the spaces created by me would always remain empty. 

This was just against the idea of parting. To wait for someone is the worst thing you can do— I always felt this. Why? Why to wait, or even think about someone who is gone— get started with your new life. Yes, store memories but don’t let them upset you from time to time.

I know she won’t get over me that easily, but I know that my leaving her today, would be the first step for her to move on with life. 

Introspecting over all these complex thoughts, I received my final pay-check from the manager— and I took the train, this time alone. It didn’t feel warm any longer, but it was a feeling of being what I had always longed for. 

I didn’t love her, the manner she fell for me. I couldn’t let anyone be more important to me than myself, I couldn’t let even the little bit of importance that I gave to myself, be given to someone else. I hope she understands with time, she understands what I wish for her happiness— in our parting.

Note: This story is a part of the story series called, Snippets—Stories of the Mind—(Part 15)
For more snippets, keep following Artist Address and if you like them, do share with your friends. Cheers!

Monday, 16 May 2016

*Acceptance and Solace*

Two friends were listening and singing songs at high volume, from the English Rock to Jazz, the songs buzzed all throughout the afternoon at their place. Through this time, two woodcutters were silently working in the veranda as renovation was going on. One of them started music on his mobile phone, a song in one of the Indian regional languages. 

One of the two friends came out to grab a water bottle from the refrigerator and crossed the veranda, and could hear the song played by the woodcutters. As a reaction he screamed at the top of his voice, “Stop it now!” with a stern look appareled on his face. The song stopped playing, and he got back to his room, narrating the incident to his other friend. On hearing this the other friend stopped the music in their room as well. “Play it, what happened?”, asked the friend in confusion. “How does it feel?”, was the reply! The atmosphere went numb. 

Both of them left the room to catch the sight of the woodcutters. They were young men, working their best on their craft under the hot sun. The boys sat and watched them for sometime. As they stopped their work to have lunch, the boys saw how they took out their tiffin, and used a newspaper to keep their chapati’s. They were smiling, and when one of them finished the lunch, after washing his hands, laid down for few minutes by the side of his friend and stayed their until he completed his meal. 

Those eyes talked with grace, familiarity of what the either one of them liked. They were comfortable in each other’s presence, and didn’t ask for anything. Even the harshness ushered by one of the boys from the household didn’t take away their peace. Soon the sun was setting, dusk was approaching and they were preparing to leave. That day, left in thoughts and introspection, the boys didn’t do anything else. 

When the woodcutters were leaving after saying, “Achcha bhaiya, hum jaa rahe hai,”  (okay brother, we are leaving) the two boys asked them together— “Kya ek cup chai pi le sath me?”, (can we have tea along) and four of them sat together to share stories from their own worlds over tea. The woodcutters described the inheritance of folk songs in their culture, while the two friends discussed the English Rock and Jazz. Acceptance was more easy as it brought peace to their mindset. The four of them were lovers of music, and considerate of one another choice with respect!
Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Sunday, 15 May 2016

"Actions and Realities, How Close Are They?" Chavi Kala writes!

People say that you need him to live on. They say you are nothing without him and he is anything but incomplete without you and this is the irony dear world: We tend to give a large chunk of ourselves to a person who is anything but constant.
We are left with a little part of ourselves to move on if that person leaves just like others do and then we mockingly try to brush away this self guilt of giving a part of ourselves to others by saying the very famous "change is the only constant" , things change, times change, people change and here people like me are there handling this shit of changes as if its just a mere day to day chore for others.
Well, I tooo want to get rid of this thing as soon as possible so that I can strive for something better but then my emotional quotient is not as same as yours. So what am I supposed to do?
Cry on? I could have done this had the world been less critical of this act as a mere attention seeker and had this world respected feelings of people; in this busy life of ours I don't think we have a single moment to ponder upon our deeds and mistakes and subsequently getting caught by this urge to mend things so that things get better if not perfect.
Well I am not saying that hey dear world, come on let's go on streets and find people and console them and help them but indeed we can be a bit careful with our daily actions and make this world a better place to live in. 
P.S. I couldn't resist the very same mainstream ending so apologies. xD

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Snippets of the Mind (28/04/16)

The father waited for his son to come and sit next to him, so they could interact about life ahead of him; the son a great achiever didn't have time for his father, since he was busy updating his bio on facebook, to tell his friends what he was doing. His virtual friends congratulated him, and he spent time in thanking them for days; only to take away that moment of glitter and the proud feeling from his father, on his son's achievement. A relation was at one place built with the world, whereas a relation that should have meant the world stood secondary to the son. "The times have changed, or have we changed them for ourselves?" Something to wonder and think about for oneself, isn't it?

Snippets of the Mind, Mindful Stories
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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Snippets of the Mind! 16/04/2016

13. Facing Troubles to Breathe Easy!

Every day is a new date with struggle. Every afternoon, every evening, every night—one word, struggle, struggle, struggle. This is what penetrates, this is what remains; struggle is in every lane. 

By writing about it what do I want to show? That I am afraid, or am I not able to cope up with the times or simply, is my way of working incorrect that I am trying to pace up things, and am not able to do what I am trying to, or that it is taking time? What is it that prompts me use this sort of speech in this very writeup? 

I have asked many questions and think that it is the time to answer them for me, for no one can do it better for me than me, myself. I write it because I find peace writing about it. It is not only to add another blogpost to my blog, it is also to add one experience that I am living at the moment. For I believe in writing things because they would make me happier to read days later, when I am well off in one way or the other. I am scared of hating my works, for that would leave me with nothing! Simply nothing!

It is the love of word, that I say what I say. It is for the love for my passion that I let it condense me off my fear, and leave me with wisdom and bliss! All what lies in me, is the creation of my thoughts; so I thought, why not talk to myself and make things clearer as often I have felt that to sort things out in a proper manner, we should talk and share feelings and emotions we are facing wholeheartedly. "We say that talk to him, talk to her, to sort out the differences you have generated with him, her over certain reasons, this or that." Similarly to talk to oneself sorts out one's path in life, is what I believe. Every step is a pathway only, to let every ill feeling disappear from one's mind, to let solitude dive in makes one a stronger person, and so I have finally reached my answers.

I am in a better state of mind now. I have taken out all the ambiguous thoughts off my mind, and this blogpost only knows what troubled me. I am evolved to face any situation now, I inspired myself, I am happier. 

Gagandeep Singh Vaid

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Friday, 15 April 2016

FAN- The film! Commentary~ 15/04/2016

"Connection bhi na badi kamaal ki cheejh hai..," this dialogue captures you in its vibrance and vivacity. It is indeed true that it is connection only that makes you go back to watch the film of your favourite actor, the Baadshah of Bollywood. The film is moreover based on a fan of the superstar, enacted by him only. 

"Jabra Fan", the song which hit the blockbusters prepared the fans to eye towards the releasing date and finally the date is here. "A date with your star", would not be wrong to call this day. After looking at the fan following of Shahrukh Khan, it can be understood that the release date of the film actually means a lot to his diehard fans. When I use the word "diehard" for his fans, I mean it in a way that these fans have stood by him through thick and thin. Whether his films hit the blockbuster figures to a high or didn't win many hearts, his fans were always there as his greatest support system. Although it came as a surprise to many in the audience to not find Jabra Fan song in the film. Even while the credits were aligning, the audience passionately waited for it—but the film had ended on not so jolly note as the song is. 

As Aryan Khanna (the character played by SRK almost the replica of the stardom he lives) says in the film, "tum ho to me hun..," dedicated to all his fans with all humility and bravado. Later his very fan is seen questioning him for not standing to his words, that the story takes a complete twist.

Being a constant name in every household for nearly 25 years, Shahrukh has defined what superstardom means. Many stars came and went but he has been there as a constant, never leaving the news headlines be it for the business deals he makes or for his statements given on certain issues, pushing many high and mighty against him. Through the rage and furore that faced him, he maintained the love of his fans, and this film directed by Maneesh Sharma, also an alumni of Hansraj College brings fore a nerve thrilling story that makes you bite your nails till the very end. No wonder both the alumni's launched FAN's title song in Hansraj College only 2 months back. 

There is a new level of introspection that has been opened for the viewers on the life of a star, and moreover a superstar as big as SRK, who in a very fun loving tone says, "I will be the last one!", in his interviews. Not only for the common people but also for stars themselves, FAN is a mirror over the desperation of some of their fans. The manner Aryan Khanna deals with the aggressiveness of Gaurav Chandna (his fan), would be open to different interpretations. Some might think he was right on his stance, while others might not consider so. This is a question we should answer for ourselves, on what we think of Aryan's and Gaurav's actions. While Aryan emphasises on working hard in life to gain one's dream and not try to act like someone else but make your own name. Gaurav keeps up with his replies at every point, "tu ni samjhega, rehen de"

Well, to understand what I am talking about, you should watch the film. You will enjoy it! I will rate it 4 out of 5. Hopefully it shall turn out to be a hit, the best part would be the fabulous acting done by Shahrukh in his double role. Both the characters have their different identities, and the difference can be easily seen and felt. The visual effects (VFX) have given Shahrukh a new look as Gaurav, even decreasing his height and changing the facial features somewhat. King Khan has once again brought the memories of his initial days alive with FAN. And the Dilli connect keeps the Delhites hooting in the cinema hall, with names of areas like Rajinder Nagar where SRK resided—making Aryan more of SRK only. Similarly the film halls, namely Golcha, Novelty and Delite lift the heads of the Delhites as they watch the Dilliwallah winning their hearts like always! Many more secrets of SRK are shared through the film, including the intricate details of the hotel where he stayed when he reached Mumbai, travelling in train without a ticket. These minute details and their knowledge are treasured by the fans; it's just shown through means of this film. 

The loopholes in the film as some critics have talked about are regarding the gap between the reel life and the real life occurrences. One of them being, the fan masquerading the star and making everyone believe that he was the real Aryan Khanna at many stages in the film. Although it can happen in reality and there is some room of such possibility as well. Anyway I would stick to give it 4 stars.

FAN would definitely take you for a ride, so don't wait—book your tickets now and enjoy the film with your loved ones. 
Gagandeep Singh Vaid

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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Snippets of the Mind! 14/4/16


Many sides within of you lie unknown to the world. As much as you hide yourself, that something unknown that lies in your heart pinches you a little, and a little more. You feel combustion in your heart, your mind begins to boil like iron—then finally you say it all. Now you are free, you are calm, once you have let it all out, that you have released finally what otherwise created problems for you. 

In saying the truth maybe you shall lose some people you thought would always understand you, but you came out honestly at last. You said all that lied in your heart, you are free as wind is with no strings attached. The people who were to stay, are still there while others have left behind or their own ways. 

You are smiling now, knowing that you can be who you are with your people and that there is nothing to worry; you are home with yourself, and yes your people who understand you, would never leave your side. They shall guide you, and never let you become who you are not. Remain you, and don't pretend because you are supposed to be your own hero and not a masquerade!

Value your ideas, and have faith in your dreams. You are meant to fly! 


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Snippets of the Mind! 13/04/16

Being there, not being there, you are still there. All lies in your mind, what you want to see, that you see.

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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Snippets of the Mind!—(07/04/2016)

10. (Meeting Yourself)

"Those eyes looked up at me once, those eyes no longer look up at me now. Those eyes are experienced now."

Life comes to all of us in different volumes. We are never so easy to be read, we are deep or at least I am deep. Some people would be straight forward in their interaction with others but I do feel that even they would be lost in their understanding of life. I am sure even they would be left to ponder over who they really are and what defines their identities. For as much as they try to be clear, they face the reality of the world which isn't always familiar to their conscience. They are not the God's that they can predict the world or their destinies, they have to live up life, and write their own stories.

Hard work is required, struggle is required and the willingness to accept and work the challenges is very much required, to knit our stories. 

"To be who you dream to be, you have to knit your world that shall take you to your dream. Belief is the word, and 'experience' is another wonderful word, that makes you meet yourself in the real world." 


I have heard many a times that it is easy to critique someone, to mock at someone and one's efforts with little knowledge of that person's conditions and situations. I have felt that it is easy to bring someone down, to win yourself; I have felt that it is wrong to break someone's dream, just if you feel that that person's way of doing things is inappropriate. I feel that one should never come between anyone's dream, but I think that's how we have to accept life and move on, staying strong—knowing that external forces can anyway interrupt us in our journey of realising our dream! We can't stop anyone from doing that but we can 'ignore' as long as we can, and make our path out of all those complexities. You only realise the work it takes to row a boat, when you actually row it and not just critique whether it is right or wrong way of rowing without trying it yourself. Realisation is the word you need to consider, respect the work others do; before you point at them for their work; without doing anything yourself for it. To speak and to do are different words, with wider set of meanings. 


Things get better in sight when one faces those situations oneself. Call it the law of karma or simply the way of life, that criticism comes to you when you are taking up responsibilities— although it is not necessary that you will only end up getting criticism, you and your work would also be appreciated. Again what matters is how you handle the dissent, the criticism— "ignore" is the right word for you again, while collecting the viewpoints boldly and openly. While what matters the most is to be fair enough in what you are doing if you think, you are trying to create a route that shall flourish forever with dignity, and love. Be fair and there is nothing to worry about, your work, your deeds shall give all the answers for you. 

Be bold. 
Stay happy.
Be loved.

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