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Saturday, 30 June 2012

As June'12 bids bye"

Many a times, I judge things as all do. And also thinking if, I am right on my level. Then I go on in this thoughtful process and ascertain, that I am in a process, or a journey that all beings go through.

The way I look at beginners, in the task that I have gone a bit ahead. I believe I tend to see the me of yesterday in the rookie in front. Once I was a rookie and now, a bit grown up. But is it holding true, that those who have achieved higher standards then me, in my field- already know when I am right or wrong? I suppose yes, they know me very well. And knowing not just me, but their field of knowledge- wherein they have put their hours of labour and imaginations.

Teachers are what we call them- the people who go that extra mile because of their affection and determination. But teachers won't tell you every secret or every law behind human nature in a single year of schooling or few classes. Rather they gonna make us see the world, it's secrets by our own eyes, other than putting lenses to our eyes, and increasing the power of the lens to see beyond, that is impossible to see. The truth is simply- that you won't find any answers to look beyond your tendency. What is needed is truly, your wish and desire to acquire your goal, and you have to follow a journey.

Your worship to thy work shall fulfill all the intense of thine imaginations hence dreams.

Now, the closing thought-
"Believe you can do it, and if you do that- then you have a step to put more to reach it, start moving"

Gagandeep Singh Vaid
30/06/2012 :-)

a thought..

"No one is ever perfect, but always in the journey to be that"

Friday, 15 June 2012

Thought at night..!

Through the years' of this phase, I got a reader of my writings. And that reader is but me. Through the songs of bliss and fall, these phrases have sounded. Each new day appears, there's a thing different always in the light of every day. The spark with which we look around ourselves.

So, is it with the world that things change or is it within oneself that things keep changing? I guess, more importantly it is depending on our will and belief in prayers, that actually suggests a path to us.

Changing with the times, and looking things from different views is all the beautiful thing that personifies. For we are getting aura of life that we are desirous to live and enjoy. Let's divulge in the ocean of fruitfulness wherein only seeds of love grow. :)

Thursday, 14 June 2012

The curtain closing..

I am sleepless yet wakeful, but not only to see you. A dream appeared and she moved away from me, as if I was a thief and asking for her heart. Whereas she has it for someone else, than for me.

It occurs to me, to stop writing. For she is the origin of these writings and having naught her shades in my writings, this world is very simple and not special as it was few days back, when I thought she cared. I guess this shall put an end to the numerous writings that had been continuously developing their significance day by day, just to reach nearer to her.

Monday, 4 June 2012

"It's your call, what you want to be"

You better be, what is tremendously (ought) abided from thy soul. In inner quarters of judgement and utmost feelings, you take pride to chance by.(You tend to listen more to your feelings). The institution of thy living shall abound in the truth of a thought, where your soul circumferences around. If you have intense a call, of vibrations arising then take a stand and follow it, abidest by its' holy twitter as possible can be.

Visionary comprehensions develop in space and time, while the silence surrounding you, refreshens the capacities to strongly wish about something of mature importance.

You live in the land of your own drawn fields, as long as you introspect, farther shall thy area of reach be stretched. The far-ness of your reach can be attorned and felt by the patience and deep desire of you, in the maverick walk of thee. Strong impulse gradually compensates for thy love, by the level of your respect for it. You develop and that's your dream forming wings all because you took a stand and spoke for your notion of a dream.

Who you be and what defines thee, is the statement leading to your spontaneity. If answers are framed, if truthfulness prevails and the oils of your perspiration sail, then you are on the track of thy to-be framed life.

Holy enchantments, faith of a hundred uncountable hours and peace of a presidium, shall undoubtedly lead to the fulfillment of thy seen notion of life. The spiritual munificence shall conglomerate, dreams in their eternal form with reality of a flowing breeze of winds.

Look above in the sky, roads to your pavements appear. Even if a single dot of creation starts it's unending fashion, then you knowest not, how thee shall turn of a pavement, a holy scripture of thy favorite shades of colours in that scripture. Look within and take a stand about what thee desirous to be, whether corrupt or happy in your dreams.

Gagandeep Singh Vaid