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Sunday, 31 August 2014


No one understands,
That life has to stand.
That, to work is one's dream,
Towards one's goals, a beam.

No one understands!

Alas, what can be done?
Than listening to them,
To whom, we have a lot to thank;
Oh, do they realize, mind that bangs?
When, they don't understand.

Reverence it is that resonates,
Heart is that really deviates;
Tensions accustom, but in name,
Of love, every time, it has to trap;
Mind, of the problems,
Problems that elapse their fur,
Onto the soul that sits and watches,
As events brim, and circumscribe.

What to say, what to complain;
When one's body is not in good shape,
Mind isn't equated in righteous stance,
To say anything in contrary is vain.
Still, one has to listen and comprehend,
To keep going well in shape, rid of any dent.

Really, no one understands.

Heart of light!

The heart of my love,
Her embers of thoughtfulness,
Her dreams of love,
Combine to form, every essence.

Essence that is light,
That is the greatest gem,
Folded in the hands of grief
of pain and likewise every plight.

Love, as a residual of being honest,
Love, as a meaning that offers enough of calm and respite.
Love, that is a blessing; in every texture, and sight.
Love, that is to acknowledge, the air so very bright.

In equal compositions, of daylight and the starlight,
In varied composure's and connotations, delight.
There is an upheaval of the dreams that guide,
To capture, to content and keep in eye, the strides.

For what blossoms in love, and what compromises is love,
What agonizes is love, what despises is love.
Volumes of clarity, volumes of perturbed expressions,
Linger around- the hearts unknown,
In the land of love, in the land that becomes of stone.

Anecdotes of celebrations..

The night, the marriage night;
That glitters gold, and diamonds,
As women adore in their neck pieces,
So does the night itself guide.

Meet up of the friends-- distant and old,
Reminiscing their times, of seasons, hot and cold.
A table where these friends sit,
Rendezvous and the pleasures, lit.

There many boys, girls; youngsters walk around,
These ideas of bonhomie, all surround.

They say, that the stars are blue tonight,
That long lost pals, are in the essence to interact.

Walks by, stops by, this warrior in comfort,
Who had earlier been ill composed,
Of the thoughts, that his time was going,
His tasks unaccomplished went soaring.
No longer, but no longer for now,
Does he say or feel any low,

For he feels along, their dreams of snow.
Sits relaxed legged-cross,
It was such an awakened blow;
Of the winds of their happiness, that pass,
That flow.

Yes--he thought of his friends,
And his time was nourished,
At the very thought.
It was a whisper, of the heavenly glow!

Sown oh sown, you mighty lover of friends,
You're made auspicious, in their presence of gems,
Your buddies, your goodness takes to be dealt,
All your dreams and imaginations bred.

Sans them, you think; if you could satisfy,
Who your being was.
Yes, wait; don't let them go that easy,
You have to make room for things to gross.
To make moments incoming, be bright;
To let love be, reaching it's highest crescendo. 
The peaceful essence, yet a royal upheaval;
Wait, you look back and celebrate your lessons.
And cherish the looks on the faces of these old friends,
Eating, talking and understanding their love in blends.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

August, you gave me voice.

Many a times, in our lives we meet those people who remain with us for a longer period of time. They live with us through the times, they understand us as individuals and yet, they get far as it happens with people. We have our own priorities to fill in, and yet; we talk though little as distance counts or maybe if a tiff becomes between the people(well, not that surprising in today's times). 

It's not that easy to believe in someone or have values as trust in people. Trust is a very strong word and shouldn't be meant for people- who are newer to our lives. For them, neither should we leave on others, nor should we give more importance to them, than the importance we give to ourselves. The best thing to do to those people who either break our trust or hurt us is to let go of such people. Forgive them and there are surely many many more things to do. 

Learning from life, learning from experiences on meeting with people; how everything around us works like. This is how we grow up as individuals. This is how, we gain our identity; to eventually become what our aim in life is.

Life is full of opportunities. There are many a times, when we get off track from our dream; but to get back to it, realizing our mistakes or shortcomings is the greatest notion of living. 

Also one thing, I have found in this last one year after joining my college is, that it is very important to have a voice of our own. To learn to say 'No', to those people who take us for granted or else don't deserve our love or admiration. To give chance to people is one thing, but to get cheated is another thing. Again and again, one should not be a fool, to give chances to people. That's how, life has to be, when we have to ascertain our presence, that yes; we also have certain feelings and respect for who we are. 

This year, has given me a chance to select people who are like me; oh, I haven't met many people like me, but yes; I do take positivity from them, and let negativity or their bad points stay away from me. I need not fall to someone for some favour at all, because it's me who has to be responsible for what I am or for that very matter what I become in my life. Above all, I am answerable to myself, my soul for what I do and what happens with my life. I have to be answerable to my family members. 

Yes, my dream is my only influence, that wakes me up daily; with the sound of the fresh breeze hitting against me and telling me, that this is another day to prove your presence. To mark your identity, so be it; the struggles, for I stand with open arms, in my tryst with my dreams. 

Many wishes for my love

In the many segments,
In the skies; I liven across as a secret spy.
There are my heartland monuments,
Across this wider sky.
My love sits in the paradise,
The openness of the dreams so high.
I wish if my love that breathens in my heart,
Remains happy and in peace of a being, glorify.
For our distance that appraises was needful,
That no respite was actually in the sight of us being together.
That it was an ending note,
And yes; it was all that does sit in my heart to atone.
I'm lonely, yet I'm wishful; that her loneliness,
Gets answers and her newly found love.
For she needs someone as her, who could control, heal her.
She deserves a lot better man, a man of a lovely curl;
Softness and purity of being, in all tones of kindness where hurl,
I wish to see all that love for her.

Thoughts on love!

Teary eyed blossoms my heart,
Serenity in it's values rub,
Clashing thoughts end, as does the hubbub,
Of the streets and pavements.

As cluster, the divine expressions,
Of my aching heart;
Hence, revealing my understandings of life,
To reach her, in immense glory,
While making sense of what I keep within me.
I reveal to her, what I feel inside my speechless words.
I know she will listen to me,
For, now I form her life's essential part, 

as she forms me, every night and day.

Who you are, where do you belong?

What is it that disturbs or disgraces.
What is it, that makes things hazes.
There is life, are many phases,
Journey in itself stages,
Also, occurs a downfall,
as much as an upswing claps.

You are a comrade, you're a loner,
your life of silent walks, and cynosure;
when you're a centre,
people with you talk, and leisure.
You learn to interact,
Being yourself in the track;
Many a times, moments splash,
when good times signal in a flash.
Bad ones along come as an experience,
You wish to put them away,
You have no variance;
The same difficulty sprouts and masks.

You wait, wait as a lonely star;
Until you fall,
Or the sheen you encompass,
Your journey, purely yours;
You have to deal with the fall,
To let it simplify, the miffled coils;
To convert the sentiments of disarray,
To complete set of magical rays;
That lead you, your way;
in happiness, so grave.

Only if you so wish,
Does love belong to you,
but be the first one to touch,
to feel, to clutch;
the very sense and possibility,
of who is the person in thee.

What is your very mannerism,
to look at the world,
your purview that matters, alike a prism,
that brings the light together hurled;
above all, know yourself,
where do you belong.
Enlighten yourself, now be you alone,
but in a presence of your friends or foes.

“Only if my heart could reach you.”

You saved me dear friend,
Your tender heart was my saviour.

When the person in my beloved,

Had left me at pain, you stood there.

You felt, what my heart endeared,

You stood by my side, that day; there.

I hadn't given you, a little,

Of what my time you deserved dear friend,

You still kept my side, to tell me;

that in this world, for me someone cared.

That I wasn't alone, in my narrative;

You had your footsteps there, adhered.

When the waterfall of tears was enormous,

Your gentle care, gave me that shoulder,

to let myself at ease;

when all I wondered- disappeared in a glare.

Today, I know not how to thank you,

You did so much for me, and I repeated the same,

Not giving you my time again,

Still, I can count on you, in every countless hue.

For me, to leave your side has been my weakness,

for a friend in you, I have felt in my deepness,

Up in the cresendo of the dreams that shower,

Your place has been the utmost to empower;

Me, of my own being, my identity in the stars,

Me, of understanding, for who is real and who is not.

Even today, I not know; if I can be with you,

All I can say is that, there are very few like you.

Who endured the pain themselves, to express;

how much they wish for our goodness.

Who would in their every glance,

Put up the notice, of reality; up stance.

For us to look at, in the mirror to grasp,

The sight of its truthfulness.

It's you, in whom my heart lies;

that is intent of doing that beauty,

that you did for me, in the underline.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Dreamlands aren't indifferent..

When the dreams set sailing,
Above the grass fields and metro railings,
I do ponder about my thoughtful lines,
About what is mine and what isn't mine!

Oh thine goodness,
Thine spiritual connection does commute,
In-touching my heart's essence,
In all bravado and repute.

I meet them, their hearts are up for grabs,
Their thoughtful lineage that subtends,
To reach me the strength, to my dreamlands;
I know, my journey is in its motion;
However deplete it may sound to the outside world,
It's about the within me that speaks,
And listens along with them,
Their hearts, their dreamlands.

Counting stars!

"Many people stood in line,
His love stood in a different line.
For him, it was more important,
To tell her, that for him it was important.

By being good to them,
He could be good to himself;
And to her, it was all she dreamt.
His goodness, she had told him;
Was what she thought was the best for her, 

as well as it was for him.

She had to understand it then,
That he had to be answerable;
To his loved ones too, than;
Only one person who's she, 

the most valuable!

Only if she could say,
You have to live as much as me;
Up above the stars that shine,
In within the heart, dreams that sublime.
That she would wait, until his return be,
Now, be it to climb the mountains, 

or swim the whole sea.
She would be there, with him;
Presence was what was to be felt, between;
Them, everywhere; the roads they went,
Where the roads bent."

“Sleepy eyes..”

Sleepy eyes, tired of a long day at work,
Sleepy eyes, in lookout for some more sleep.
Sleepy eyes, wishing to feel the happiness in a nap,
Sleepy eyes, that sense the aura of the swings.

More pleasure, utmost love;
More time to keep eyes close,
More time to dream the unseen,
More time, to let memories preen.

All in all, the the day nestles purity,
All in all, the trees ask for clarity.
When the world seems beautiful,
When the air is soothing in dual.
Only when the sleep is complete,
Can yet again, life be a magical treat.

The rest, the patience; the manifesting sight;
when the winds steer, and the imagination guides.
Touching us, matching our breath in equivocal,
the spirits that compose and engross in portrayal.

Such a maniac for love, a simple man can be;
that along the morning walks, the journeys,
can a friend be in the form of  a tree,
or can friend be as honourable as the green grass,
letting people to walk and sit while acknowledge,
the life of colours and joys, in the 'Nature' of the park.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Silence recalls!

Silence in itself had its effect-so majestic!
Every minute that passed, witnessed a cross thought.
Every second that rubbed, sent signals of positivity.
That life could definitely make the past experiences,
speak for themselves and hence balance the seen.

That my life too had its meaning, fumbled from outside,
but really off-bright and jovially, it being my very own.

That I could also say with my normal voice to the world outside,
that hey, you; hey, my friends listen to me; for I make sense to myself.
That, I am someone, I have my own identity, I sayest each day;
this to myself, splendidly accorded with the transparency of my witnessed dreams.
That I can flawlessly dance and sing, when no one points at me for my lesser achievements, neither do I expect them to clap their hands together for me.
For whatever I do, that's solely the reason of my doing, being me.

Some people come to us as life,
Some people come to us, as a meaning to life.
They spend their precious times with us,
And they give and take many thoughts that form basis,
to our existence on this palace called world.
The palace, that lets us overjoy at the thought of a world of flowers,
but with equal conflicts with self and the sadness due to terrible wars.
Terrorists combine to break the dreams and visions across,
how untimely this life is that it disturbs as well as loves.

Well, all these thoughts come to me this part of the day,
when everyone at home sleeps and my typewriter works.
My silence meets me, and lets me be myself, without answering anyone-
other than me, yes; myself!

Positive and determined!

Call me not in evil numbers,
For, then my heart stumbles.
Well, no; I am not that one,
Ever plain and bright; the sun;
I am a passerby, yet I am someone,
For when the sky shields, entirely blue,
The colour of its resonance beau,
The brightness comes to its hue,
As enlightens the sky, with sun in view.

They say a many days, that sun is the sole hero;
the energy that transmits across the lands in lore,
Comes from this magicians' bow;
Uplift, the shoulders; held high even in trough.

Come across many seasons, when the sun;
has to stay farther from us, but still it buns,
its responsibilities to its land, he runs.
Then, how can he go away completely,
when to him his daughter and son are ocean and sea.
A blanket, he pours; rain that falls,
To enhance the nature emit his calls.
Who says, sun is bad; when everyone has a blow,
that time, when one has to stay at a land far off?
Love remains there, its blessing; a lovely portrayal,
Those who believe in it flare; others just stance a stare.

The nature is a beautiful occurrence to see and feel,
it's being, it's honesty transcripts the many personages;
the values and relations of its wheels.
Relations with the living beings, loitering on its greens and places,
There's a lot in view to catch and likewise steal,
but the surprises of nature are not ever countable, any basis.
For, the mountains stand tall and in those regions, hills;
where beings feel the frills and thrills; carrying them in reminiscences;
along all the journeys that come in the way, life in them gloriously leads,
As come and go many such lively phases,
When the man grows old in bodily gestures, his face;
but the magic remains in high spirits in those high off shore fences.

Gagandeep Singh Vaid
25th August 2014

Sunday, 24 August 2014

A talk in the train! Meetup-2(ii)

It had been awhile that they had settled themselves in the metro coach. Finding a seat for themselves. Now the time being seven thirty. School going boys and girls were visible and so were the office goers, who presumably had their offices at far off places. So, they had to leave early in comparison to the others, who lived near to their offices. The office hours being the traditional nine to five!

Raghubir and Ratan were art connoisseures , who had started to understand each-other's point of view. Gentle smiles they kept lightened on their faces, as their talks stretched further on. Ratan hadn't had good sleep the night before, so he looked a little clumsy that day. On the other hand, Raghubir; the writer guy, sensed happiness in full glow; with a beautiful sunrise, steading hopes and dreams in everyone. For, Raghubir was a guy, who slept at a definite time and woke up at the right time, so following his routine splendidly. Only to sense peace, with the rhythm of the day and night.

Where anyone would be thoughtful, quite concerned about the business cycle to function in their respective offices; with a constant watch at the stock market or the remote figures of sales and profits, Raghubir would imagine what he was to write on. A new subject, a new topic of concern, he would be on a lookout for. He was happy, the newspaper he had worked for, treated him well enough. Respected his work and he asked for nothing else. But, was it the end of everything? To find a good job, and keeping to it. To this thought, he quite a many times; questioned himself. Why was he just following that road. Why wasn't he like everyone else? And would people keep on liking what he wrote; then in the next thought, he wondered that he too had fears. He wasn't different and yes, those fears only motivated one to work towards what one's aim in life was.

The conversation between the two friends started yet again! This time, a new start; as a new blooming flower in a garden. The garden this time being their friendship, and the flower, their new conversation that was to set in place this time.

'Hey, Ratan! What do you think about the best moment in a day?' Started Raghubir!
'Well..umm... is it necessary that we get that very best moment everyday. I don't think, it comes to us everyday. Is it?' Ratan gave a reply, that was not direct, but it had some weight. Raghubir once again, kept on guessing and tried to make meaning of what his friend had just pointed out.
'Yes, Ratan. I feel; there are many a times in a day. We are happy, sad; we are confused, we feel left-out. But that very moment, when you feel the most special. I'm talking of that moment in the day.'
'Raghubir, not everyone makes us feel special. And we don't feel special everyday. Still, if you're to ask me, regarding that one person who turns brightness to my day; then it is the smile on my mother's face, the smile on my father's face. So, that moment is the most special one in the day.'
'Yes, I agree. That's one of the sweetest feeling to see them happy.'

There was a pause in between their interaction. This time, Ratan hit the conversation on, yet again.

'What about that feeling of love?'
'What are you talking about Ratan?'
'I'm talking about, the moment when you feel loved.'
'Oh, yeah; what about that?'
'Oh,, you sound so innocent! Hahaha.. I was asking you, that feeling of love. Okay, tell me; how it felt, when you fell in love.'

On Ratan's instant push back to the conversation, his friend was amazed. Thinking, what to say; if not to keep all in his heart. Also, how did he know; that Raghubir had been in love once.

Ratan poked him, to say something; moving his head in slight motion to the left and then right, and then his head started moving like a pendulum, as they were seated on the metro coach. Raghubir, couldn't hide his thoughts, his thoughts of love; which were feelings once, but had to become thoughts, well; the thoughts that could any day take the rich form of powerful feelings. He had to speak up, he wanted to. But why didn't he do so? The question embarked and Ratan's constant nudging into the situation, made it difficult for Raghubir to keep it hidden. Until he started his story. The story of his love. The love, that was one sided; but yes, it was love.

While asking Raghubir about his love, Ratan got lost somewhere; after Raghubir was a bit confused regarding what to say or tell his long lost friend, about his story. It was as if, two loners were sitting together, unknown of each other’s sole presence. Ratan had insisted his friend but now, even he had to be nudged as if to bring him back to the real world. Somewhere these two men had lost themselves to their imaginations.

Ratan started off this time again, this time in a different outlook; a facet that was felt in traces but not in its real paradigm of place earlier to Raghubir. It happened this time, he began his speech as silence outstretched in between his sentences; only to give way to emotions and feelings to unveil, their significance and clarity. It was Ratan, the actor; or the man, who had been in love too; everyone had been in love, but could anyone show it so beautifully as it came in his eyes? Raghubir kept on his incessant gaze, to not lose its pointedness from Ratan’s face.

“When the heart sings in solitude,
It doesn’t require the possessions.
For, the heart sings in solitude,
We don’t talk of the possessions.

To the girl of my dreams,
I sayest; I had loved thee.
Your presence of solemnity-
ever resplendent thine sight be,
oh, i can encounter a whole sea,
along my thoughtful realms.

To see, to witness along your lines,
To feel, your care, I had felt, you were mine.
Oh, how very pity of my thoughtful tendency,
For no one is meant to live for somebody;
It is left at last to the soul of one’s own body,
No one else, has to be nudged and heed.

Ever along, the waterfalls;
The sight of a maniac, my heart of glow.
Her feelings of sunshine,
My love and hers always combined.
So, why did we have to part the ways,
Even if we did, was it any wrong, do u say?
No, not at all, you live in my traces,
My being alive, singests thine tones;
Oh, how wonderful it was to be with you,
And how lovely it is to say so, that we still do
belong. To the same sunshine, to the same ghettos;
in pain, disarray and broken hopes we lay,
but why sow the seeds of weakness to let us haunt.
When we know, that we still love each other,
Even when we had to part ways and afar to go.”

Ratan had expressed his heartiest feelings to Raghubir, in his own stanzas and poetic exclamation! Raghubir kept on his glance at his buddy to know, what really he had said, had meant. How rich his thoughts had been to not expect someone to be by your side always physically. Even the girl who took your heart away. You couldn’t possess her and neither was it right to do so. Because, it was so eternal to let her be what she liked. Let her decide for herself and her life. As this life was all about that person in us, who came alone to this world and had to go away alone as well. Also, had Raghubir realised a thought put by veteran author, Paulo Coelho that, “If you love someone, you must be prepared to set them free.”

Engulfed in his thoughts, Ratan kept on his eyes gazing continuously at the floor of the metro coach far ahead of him. His head wasn’t bent down, he left it lofted but slightly his sight ended at the flooring. As if, he had remembered everything while looking around the metro coach and having found solace in his vision at that floor surface. The chain of thoughts had well bred, with a realization, a comfort; magic it was, that Ratan could open his hidden passages to his friend in utmost freedom and comfort as pointed out earlier already.

Ratan began setting his eyes over his friend’s eyes. “You know man, that life shows us different paths every time. What matters is, how we accept that path. Either as a learning, an emotion to cling to and define our space in this world, or just keep on the grudges for the bad that we think, happened only to us. Just, to breathe easy and not let the situations break us, we learn to live our lives. That’s it from it, all I had in my mind.”

Ratan began his poetic expression as if it had been his ritual or the mood set for that day.

“Days and days,
Oh-you pass the sage,
Who loses and who wins;
Who cares to see that in life.
What I see is myself-my mindful state.
That moment, I feel special of my being present.
I get to say, that I also live and I am not lost- so yet again,
I have got the values to stick to, and that is to respect my art-
oh, it’s magical grace.”

Raghubir had got answers to his questions in the earlier part of their conversations. When he had asked Ratan on what he felt was the most special moment in his day. The answers were coming, and the spirits were ever awakened. Yes, those were the spirits of love. Well, someone rightly said so- that, if God ever was. God was there at that moment.

Raghubir’s love story could be heard some other day, or yes; when destiny would stage their meeting ever again.

It all seemed like a stage, and the curtains were drawned to that very stage; as the two friends parted, promising to meet again, some other day.

Gagandeep Singh Vaid
23-24th August' 14

"The self same way"

When the tide comes to greet us,
We accept it in affirmative.
For, we are wilful to let it come to us,
To show us how life sails in each directive.

Directive of life, in peace and harmony;
When alters its sheen to rough patches,
cornering the vibes of amiable symphony;
there is left to the heart, a push back, a scratch.

A wisdom personified personality,
Stands behind all these times; as a back up,
Surprised by life, its incarnations;
In lot many murmurs, definite dreams, thoughts;
there's a lot assumed and likewise crapped,
about life and living through a different strata every time.

Yet the heart mingles, with happiness and solace.
The times, that cheer and outplace.
There is a lot left to be called yours and to embrace.
In every patch, and your every trace.

Every day passes with agony or pain,
Yet all efforts and dreams aren't the same.
Merrier times, pass their splendour, in the game.
Oh, difficult times, only appeared to be a gain.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

The only love..for her glance.

Time that moved forth.
Rhythm when lost it's bow.
A lot was thought and dreamt,
It did really sight, an advent.

Lost was lost, the greatest of the volumes to be,
Someone's hand, a wish an emotion;
yet no feelings could erase, when occurred,
so much so, a rain, a thunder, a lightening.

Many a times, a many reasons,
yet the smile was as ornamental,
as the ripened fruits in the summers,
every feeling was justifiable then.

On guard were signalled, the soldiers that day-
on war, he sight the way, that moment, that day.
Only he had to go to fight for his first love,
his Nation that asked him to run and dove;
upon the burning fire, that was to find it's way,
back to normality, in the life and living of others.
Hence, he had quite forgot that girl to whom,
he had promised his love, that he was to return.

For a many reasons, he had to go;
he had to hide himself.
In the clouds, in the rains and the dreams;
when he would only be meeting her there,
in her heart remained his every memory,
as for his Nation, he endeared.

Monday, 18 August 2014

A talk in the train! Meetup-2(i)

Raghubir and Ratan met after few days again, waiting at the metro station for their trains.
Raghubir waved to Ratan and they got along yet again. Quite a surprise it was for the two of them to catch each other's sight. The two classmates who hadn't met all the way long for many years, were meeting for the second time in a week.

Ratan had with him a novel in hand, that he had been reading; and Raghubir had a laptop bag hung round his shoulder. Ratan was wearing a shirt with jeans whereas Raghubir wore a kurta-pajama. On finding his attire very funny, with a laptop bag round his shoulder, the sight of Raghubir could only get laughter and ceaseless laughter from Ratan's side. That was something of a game now.

Raghubir found it an offence yet again and yielded in his reply to Ratan; “Don't you know anything else than mocking at people? What's your problem?? Huh!”

“Hey, no; I haven't seen anyone like this before. See, I'm sorry; but I really can't.. oh man.. sorry, but I.. I can't really stop laughing...” Ratan was in splits of laughter and this only added to the vows because his friend had started to show his aggressive nature hence forth. Ratan stopped himself and his laughter to further not make Raghubir run away from the train station. Because Ratan was one person, who had no manners whatsoever for showcase in front of a person whom he was meeting for the second time, ever since they had changed their schools in childhood.

“See, brother! I am sorry, really I am. But, you know; it's better to laugh and smile from the heart at the same time. You know it's a good sign brother. Really good.”

“Oh, is it? YoUUU.. Moroonn!%%^”

“Raghubeeer, see brother; laughter is a good medicine.”

“Oh, yeah; why not, as if you are suffering from some disease. That I am to help you get back in good health. Even, if you had it; still I wouldn't care to be at your side. Man, does anyone do this? Such a mischievous personality you are, Ratan.”

“Okay, but you don't really know that I am an actor Raghubir. I am honest this means and I tell you how I feel because I treat you as my friend.. well, not just a friend but a good friend you see.”

“How true is it, that every actor is an honest person? How can you prove your point?”

“Hmm.. I think, I know about myself better so I can say about me. More over, I think I act pretty well; so your heart has to be clean, to be a real actor. You can't disguise to be someone else by wearing someone's mask because in the end as the Law of Karma, resonates; the truth comes out to be. People can make out between a fake actor and a real actor. Be it on the stage or in real life. The same rule applies. Only when one is clean by heart, can one impersonate other characters on stage for the audience to watch and comprehend to. Well, that's the only time when an actor is taken seriously. That is, on the stage; that's the actual problem. Because otherwise, people doubt, if the actor is a walking theatre. Everyone has a life of their own. Don't you think so?"

“Yes, that means I have a life of my own too Ratan. So, you can't at every point go on making me a laughing stock. Not because I am a writer, also in addition I am someone who has a heart and hearts need not be always left broken.”

“Oh, Okay! So, that's what you do; Mr. Writer! You take small things too seriously. Why so serious?? Hmm.. Can I know this, why?”

“Yeah, why? Do I have to ask you, for what I need to take seriously and what not? I have always been like this Ratan. You haven't known me much then.”

“Raghubir, you are such a personality, man! At one place, you like to go for adventures, the next moment; little things affect you, such as my laughter. Things don't go this way brother. We are too young and this can't go like this. Okay, tell me what do you write?”

“That's my double personality brother, I have phenomenal mood swings.”

“Oh, Mr. Writer. Life doesn't go that way. You have to keep it all sorted out. Isn't it? To be free and to know yourself, what kind of an individual you are. Have you asked yourself, that who am I? These funny instances in life only embrace us, in the bond of friendship; that we know better of one another brother, so when I laugh; it doesn't have to be offensive man!”

“Yeah, I think yes- you are right in saying that. And yes, Mr. Actor! I have asked myself about who I am and I have already told you so. That I am a writer.”

“Yes, that's alright; for you are a writer by profession, but within you; what kind of a person are you. How can you keep on wearing this mask from outside and show the world what you aren't in reality. You may disagree with me on this, when I say that; to show the world who you are. For an instance, think Raghubir. Life has to be made simple. It's to define to yourself first of all, that you are in ease with the world. That you can adjust anywhere, being completely yourself. But, at least know who you are. Okay! Remember, one thing; when you say that you love adventures and going for them all the way to Australia; do you know, what is that thing that makes you bound?”

“What is it? Yeah, tell me; what is it? You, actor of somewhere land, tell me?”

“Haha. You writer of somewhere land, listen to me then. You have specified things as adventures and not adventures. Whereas, every next moment should be an adventure in itself. Yes, for sure; few activities that require determination and willpower like sky diving, and others are quite different. But, why think that life is less than that feeling of completeness and freedom- the freedom and happiness that only your specified adventures give you! Life is way beyond! That's what I feel, Raghubir!"

“Yeah, I get you brother. You make sense. Thank you, I'm sorry; I reacted to your laughter but what you said, really makes me go in that ocean of an unknown, those horizons which I haven't yet given a view to. I will surely, break this ice that has unkempt me over and over. Yeah, I told you Ratan that we connect in someway or the other.”

“Cool, brother! I am happy, you were all ears to me; when I was sharing my philosophy regarding life and its portrayal with you. Thanks ya!”

“I am glad too, that you said all that to me. I feel blessed, and it's been lovely talking to you and to meet you today, yet again. How life, brings people together; oh, destiny it is. Oh, God! Wonderful..”

The train came at the station and they boarded the same coach, yes; to take forward the thoughtful aperture of great significance and appetite. Significance because their talks were bringing them, nearer to each other's persona; the appetite and willingness to know each other better was sailing in their hearts in through their interaction.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

A look back into the sea..!

In the wake of my silence,
I look at you for the peace that I seek.
Not that the days back, were any thrashing,
Just that I want to forget them now.
With that, tie to a new journey,
The journey I have been leading named life.

Your presence filled my past days,
Now, it feels as if we are distant, far away.
From that bondage that was termed as love,
Now, I feel if a term is beyond love,
or is this what I feel called love.

To acquire someone, was that love?
To know the person feels the same for you,
Is the best feeling? No, there can't be any specification.
For no one who comes does know, for what might just happen,
this journey is in itself a lamp, the glitter of which that you can see.
When eyes open wide, on the possibilities of events that do churn.
Well, surprises were a part of this journey, you call your own.

To see her whistle to me, that it was infatuation from her side to me,
that she had to leave me here in the midway, of our prepared countless dreams.
Well, it informs and cherishes in me, every dream that I imagine and see.
How those are people who give us their love one moment, to keep it as a treasure.
For the time, for the eternity to see and dream about in the castle of love,
mean of it to be the best quality liquor available in the county.
For love that has no comparison, for the feelings that take time to realize,
it's all in all the search of one's being and identity that finds;
even the person to whom it attaches the most, under the twinkling of the stars,
when rose petals dine in one's imagery of life and the past days sing along,
as I praise their magnificence so grave, that every pore of my being knows,
and understands me, all that goes in my heart, it's in my being; my body!

Saturday, 16 August 2014

A talk in the train! Meetup-1

Ratan and Raghubir were classmates in their junior school. One day they met in a train after a very long time and after they exchanged greetings, they talked about school. Then, they started talking of other things. Things about life, fast life, slow life; boredom, success and failures. Not to forget, the instant thoughts that came to their minds. Quite flawlessly they could interpret their thoughts. Daresay!

Ratan: Raghubir, I am of the view that life is all as it comes- day after day, minute after minute, it's such a combination of specific events which define what a path our life steads upon.

Raghubir: Yeah, quite right you are Ratan. Your philosophy suits well, it stands so appropriate mate! I would add on to it, that one should be positive enough in living life and one shouldn't always hold on to the doors, but let things happen to them too. If your instincts want you to experience what earlier you didn't think was right, don't hold back now. Maybe the right time has come for you, to experience it.

Ratan: Yes, yes right brother. I think, that depends on what the thing is or what the matter is, that we are to hold ourselves to experience that or not. Just think, that a person never accepted drugs to even occur in his wildest of dreams and once all of a sudden, he tends to feel that his life is so boring-so he should, maybe give it a try. I hope, you didn't mean that.

Raghubir: Of course not, I didn't mean of drugs or such intoxication to speak of brother. Why do you take what I say, in that sense... I meant of taking up adventures in life, and those adventures have got nothing to do with taking drugs. Well, I think- from my perspective that everything in our lives has a right age to go for, as you also said. But, drugs aren't required or needful of, in any age. Why should one dig the ground for one's own pitfall. That's so annoying! I meant of the adventures, which say that; break the barriers around your being. If you have never been to mountains, then give a try to explore those new places. Bring beauty to your life, than sowing the thoughts of boredom to even threaten you in the long run. Try mountaineering- and such activities. It's so steering. Or more, learn guitar, it's like a paradise! Only if you like to share my point of view!

Ratan: Yeah, why not! As you like to go for skiing, you like to experience 'flying fox' wherever it's available, that you go. Anil, told me that, you even went for sky diving in your teens. Just for this purpose to Australia, all the way more. Oh, God; can you see anything other than your adventures? Haha..

On Ratan's statement, Raghubir got offended and didn't answer to his words in affirmative for a moment.

Raghubir: Your love is always your love and that's what you see. I don't think, you should have a problem with what excites me, or what I love all the more.

Ratan: Oh, brother! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to mock at you, neither did I think it that way. Chill! Okay, tell me; have you been to the Old Fort in Delhi?

Raghubir: Yes, I have been there once with my friends. It was a memorable day. Sitting on the steps and staring at the people of all age groups coming up with such excitement, to even watch the old sandstones figured together; depicting the life of their ages. It defines so much soothing an essence, it can be. Well, at least when there's no one available to talk to you; the unconditional love from the monuments, always calls to me. Okay, you tell; why did you ask me so? Anything special, or some special memory attached with the Fort?

Ratan: Yes, Raghubir. I have the similar connection with monuments as well. I love to touch the red sandstones, the architectural marvels- that have been standing tall from hundreds of years. How I think, that our past generations must have felt their presence and so do we. Also, our coming generations would do the same. These places are so enthralling! You know what brother- our thoughts match this sphere. It feels as if, the same writer has planned our thoughts, because these match somewhere in the end.

Raghubir: Yes, yes; why not. See, how we connect. This is awesome! Dude, I feel happy in your company. You know, I have many acquaintances, yes; we call one another friends but I wonder if really we people share that connection. For them, to look beautiful is to dress in the most expensive clothes. I'm not like that. I wear what I like, not that the brands have to call to me, and nothing else that I like other than them.

Ratan: Okay! Don't you think, branded clothes last more than the ordinary clothing? I also like purchasing from the brands, what's the harm in it?

Raghubir: Ratan, you take me the other way. I didn't mean that. I simply meant that, one shouldn't be mad after brands. If one person can't afford it, then one should not make it a rule to wear only branded items. I have a friend, his family is not very well to do. His dad works so hard to make ends meet, but he has to create problems at home, when he doesn't get a high amount of pocket money. That's really annoying yet again. Isn't it?

Ratan: Then, Raghubir, what is to be done with the brands? If the person is doing such things, then it's the person's shortcoming to not be able to understand the situation of the matter. Any ways, the Indian brands or the small scale industry has diminished. Because of our love for foreign brands,  that are the most expensive. I won't disagree. What do you have to say on that?

Raghubir: Damn! The foreign brands, buy the raw materials from India at cheap price and then, the finished product is also sold in India only. I pity the lack of Indian brands to take on the market that is supposed to be fully their own. I thought if Indian's were business minded people. But no, that's a long run, brother. Long time to go for that to happen.

Their discussion was interrupted, as they had to change their train stations. Thoughts were left to be talked about in their next meet-up. Until then, they had found a connection between themselves. Which gave more space for more thoughtful exchanges in the times to come by!

Friday, 15 August 2014

Why I had liked FYUP?

Personal it is, yet there is love for the curriculum that was once in our course. Yes, it brought a smile to my face, whenever I thought about the course. When I was not getting to study only a specialized course but along with it, I was getting a chance to study those subjects which would directly or indirectly push my creative tendencies. How long and how far can you go in this real world with only knowledge of one subject? Well, yes; only studying literature, could you think about making things better for the farmers who were being cheated upon by the ruthless landlords?

When I thought of casting my support for FYUP, I had thought of those various classes by my Hindi teacher, Mr.Upendran; who made me think beyond those bars, which I wouldn't have crossed otherwise studying English. Our course, where we were studying language, of the Shakespearean times and Renaissance. I was glad, as I had come to study that. But, studying my course only gave me an insight of the world of the bygone era and centuries; what about today? Citing an example now; that to study about today, we were assigned a book named Bhimayana, on the experiences of untouchability; the experiences of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. Our professor did give us an insight into the real world yet again, by showing us videos on untouchability and how it felt to be an untouchable. That moved me beyond anything. Still, they said; FYUP was a waste of time. I wonder, why!

Being English students, a change to study Hindi, a chance to learn about Information technology, about the Big Bang Theory, what wrong was in it? We were given a chance, to choose the right road for ourselves. But, then the teachers didn't like it? Maybe, because their teaching hours had increased; and they weren't liking it. Our P.M. , Mr. Narendra Modi, talks about Skill Development to play an important role for India, but when skill is imparted; the whole lot of criticism follows and wins the race. The race, unfortunately only deters the very thought of skill development.

You came to study literature. Nice. But, when you got to learn of your present world, that is not done. Isn't it? About, how many new professions you can opt for. I think, in India, only the thing which moves people is to get a good placement. But, what about doing something different. Yes, differences are what one can't expect from anyone, in this society, where power wins over the dreams. Also, FYUP enhanced the presentation skills of a student by giving them a platform to express themselves and their thoughts, viewpoints; to share their knowledge and gain confidence in this manner. These positive points were not given enough attention, at the time; it was brought to a dismissal.

When someone raises one's voice then others only complain like this, “he has lost his mind". When the teachers are against you, your own classmates are against you. But, there are few people who are with you; and they can't support you, because they know, they have no say in the system. What happens later is that they feel, they could have raised their voices. Now, the time that has gone; won't come back for them, to stand against it, because the decisions have already been made on their behalf.

In DU, not all students get a course of their choice. FYUP gave them a chance, to know their creative tendencies better and not just stick to a given novel, to ascertain that they were learned men or women. FYUP, in itself was a creative process, which wasn't given importance; once it came.

Just after a week after the new session kick started last year, there was a poll done by AISA, another such student union, which showed that 91 percent students had disliked FYUP. On what basis? Or, was the survey that was done, gave correct answers? The students who disliked FYUP, said so; because they had to study for another year. This they couldn't digest. They had always loved to remain and study under bars, being bound. In school, what was in the textbook, they had to score 100 marks in that. No one, thought that, how to make a better India. Only, if the marks could assure, good health facilities or education to the poor people. 65 percent of India is poor(who earn less than US $2 a day), I have read.

Through information technology, I had learnt about the situation of farmers in villages and how digital platform could make things better for them. All these memories came back to me this morning, as the PM talked about them. I had studied them, my class had studied it.

When my dad asked why the foreigners who had headphones to listen to PM this morning, and how the translation was possible so quickly. I could make him understand how it happened, because I had learnt about it in my translation course(foundation course) in my first year in DU.

What I feel sorry about, is that; those people who stood against FYUP, mostly the political parties, those people weren't even DU students. How they behave during elections, this can just explain; how desperate they are for power, or how much concerned they are for DU. Or, do they ever attend the classes to know what FYUP really is, if they are students? Almost all the students against FYUP, were second or third year students; who had no idea of FYUP. They hadn't experienced that.

One of my English(H), senior told me that he had attended three classes of FC's, sitting with juniors and they found it to be full of flaws. So, they were sure; it was a waste and useless. Who are they to decide what is good for us? When they haven't gone through the one year journey that we have been to. They join political parties and call it exposure. Damnit, their exposure!

Then, people said that as their were no hostel facilities available in all DU colleges, they had to spend a lot of money; for that additional one year. Now, brother; if you have to save your money for that additional one year, does it say that you have to change the whole system that is in place? You came to study, and if the course has been increased by one year; does it mean that any disaster has come over to your confines? I find this very annoying.

I can say in the last that, “don't study the textbooks only, study the people, the world because reality is what matters. Use your dreams and imaginations in the right way. Right way is to look at life as a whole and not based on a three year or four year undergraduate degree. Don't just live for yourself, to do masters, or M.Phil and get a great job. Do it all today, what you want to do tomorrow. And don't be selfish, define your being different from the rest.”

Views are all personal.

a question of 'why'?

mind is at unrest,
something or the other
needs to be done to revive
its potential.

mind is really annoying me
these days. it has never before
happened to me or with me.
it's disturbing moreover.

reality of mine, bites me
over and over again.
few mistakes which others make,
we are to feel for their
consequences as well.

that now they are to decide
for us, just whatever they feel
is right. why? why should i
always bow to their demands.
just why? that i have to shape
my identity because of them.
why am i even answerable to them?

a story back once again!

many a times, in dreams
and similar lines in my days and life,
enormous of questions roll and blend their tunes.

in general i see,
how imaginative is my life;
that wherever i go,
i witness places and days under the starlight;
at a point i reach right back there,
at a time in my blossoming life.
colours, paints and gestures that i enjoyed,
yes that i had cherished.
i form my dreams and those formed dreams
get back to me, once again.

this is a life story of mine,
that i live and pack with myself
to witness once again
in the the already written sands.

Your eyes, your patience!

Artifacts and dearest stars,
that reverberate and slide
along the winds, and the tides.
Thou keepest no grudges or the bars,
So no one stands to break you and
your lights.
Shining, bright renders your calm
enough respite, that the blankness
in anyone's mood dances in an instant,
with a gentle slide of your being alive.

Oh, thy sight I seest, it feels so endear
and free within alike a free flying kite.

A date with you!

Idealize, yet realize;
My dream I am wishful
to anyway picturize.

To be able to look back
at the junction of life,
Apparelled with softness of
a touch,
A cotton ball to rub
to the many sides of life.

To be able to say in my look back
that this was my life,
this was one of my many, a

Call me lover, Oh dearest charm;
My interest for your goodness
shall forever glitter warmth.
Up above, the dreams that soar;
somewhere in the middle passages
of my walk would I accompany a
that the time spent with you was,
the greatest touch of appreciation
that belongs.

Sans you,
I couldn't have been to this passage,
Says my heart and I stay glued,
Thanking above the destiny of my stars,
to have met you!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Chill itself walks..

Eyes blink,
The stars among the streams.
The mighty illumination,
Empowers and rings,
The chords within of appreciation.

Winter strikes,
Murmurs the child on bed,
To not skid away the blankets,
As the morning strikes,
School bells ring for,
Dreams have to prolong.

Security men, burn wood;
To gain heat, to warm themselves,
Their bodies, to replace the cold.

Weather plays with the winds,
the murmurs of the morning birds chirping,
While the morning walkers cling
to their ongoing schedule, ever responsively.

Call it pleasure, call it pain;
but the night shelters, offer no gain.
For the drunkards lay on the roadsides,
While the homeless children sleep closer
and closer to each other, to let heat develop;
that's in the lacking for the atmosphere to be.

Lanes to the stars!

Dreams cradle,
And the hard time flies;
A leaflet of hope, sublimes.
Into the beauty of her heart,
His own creation, his love;
That he did impart.
Over and over, with the rains
And the trees, he had hopes;
He thought of his wings,
To be strong amongst the various winks.

People sighed,
Made him a laughing stock;
He was hurt, broken and fallen apart,
Oh well, yeah; he still had something called hopes.

Nothing in hand, no one to see;
Alone, he bent; to the stars, he sought;
To the waters, caressing his every wish,
He walked that road, to the monumental stone,
He sat besides it; how strong the stone was.
He got up and started yet another walk,
And still he had no food to eat, no one to accompany, 

than his hopes; the trees, and the forever stretching roads.

To the highest decree!

When I looked once back
on the roads that I had walked,
I got very happy,
Well I had there only belonged.

When no one in people was
to forever remain,
Only the ones to not leave
were these roads.
Family that stood for me forever,
Knew it how I, from my intense be.
Never did a material thing
ever allure me,
than the sight of these roads to me.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Does this say your story? :-)

A prose in love! (edited: my reach to your heart)

Slumber kicked and a new day appeared. Out of the meadows, a ray steered. I was a lonely brute in the alley but when the taste of art reckoned, I craved for it with an affectionate bond. I could sense within me the transcription of determination and power, reaching out to my heart. Every dream resounded strength along my walk.

This is the song, I sing for you my girl, for you do I create the magic and art in my attire of songs.. I am far from you, still I can feel you around transcend into my each movement in the phrases of day and night, this is how my life lights.. In full vigour do I say to the world that my girl teaches me, with her reflections of pure dazzling eyes.. I want to express on how her style originates the feeling of glory in my heart, as I get to live fully the way she does, and I move in my artistic approach, dreaming about her in the luster of my imaginations..

She likes to wear ethnic clothes, depicting the fashion of her tender age, a pure artist is my girl, she chooses her thoughts and dreams alike the manner I do, in every trace. We can dance betwixt the heavenly rain for the long quarters in each trinket of smile on our faces and in every rain droplet her essence perfumes. That reaches to my inner senses and awakens the dreams, while I glare around over the rivers and lakes, for her sound of bliss that occurs to me at every twist of the nature, in the air, in rainbowy tales. Her beauty triggers in me waves of amiable connection and she my girl rules the words in my dialect of speech, she remains silent waiting for the persona of our friendship to form a simple song of fanciful atonement, of love.. I ask you, thy hand, do you accept me my girl..

I go on conveying to the world around me, trying to speak my love for thee, in the form of art that connects the most to thy lively songs of charm and sensational feel. I want to be added to the tone of these and am I most desirous to be yours, in the witness of the rising sun to the noon, and each atmospheric creation that comes along in my life. I, in admiring you, want to live with you my girl of countless mine..forever!

Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

A lookback when isn't a bad idea! *faith*

Her freshened glare

On the journeys my heart slips alone.
Oh darling life,
you wait, look beyond.

Heart of fulfilled
happiness and glow,
Oh skid upon!
Walk along and hold
your might,
in your emotions on the roll.

Beyond sits your satisfaction,
Oh dearest grace.
Sits her eyes on the
many fantasies she loves.
To fulfill her broken passages,
bring her your care in a rose.

Flowers, oh daisies that
strengthen and calligraph
oh her face,
only give her peace and warmth.
Peace that no one can ever take,
When her eyes are affectionate,
So is her holy state.

Thoughts of the everyday man!

Not everyone was meant to follow the same journey to step the ladder of success. There's no denial in saying that, a person who is willing; makes one's own path in life. There is no accuracy in the say song, that success comes from doing this or that. Because, as things come to us and the manner we respond to them, define where we are steading. So, there shouldn't be any guilt feeling, if we aren't like the others or doing the things which others are doing. If we like their work then yes, there's a lot to learn and give importance to. But, in no manner putting our energies low or wayward. Never follow them, but follow the passion and energy that they live by.

A single thought can change your world,
Which otherwise a lot many thoughts fail to change.
Believe. Power livens.”

Never to lose hope if others don't understand your point.
Maybe, it owns to you; that you are to nurture it,
for the ages to come by and learn from your very thought;
the one that was misunderstood by others at a point,
well yeah, you know; you ruled it completely.
The happiness is that you made it your own,
You loved it and gave reasoning enough for your thought.
To make it nestle and reach the maverick skies.”
When people hurt us, it doesn't mean that they will always hurt us or if they can't change the face of their rudeness towards us. Yes, one can try to bring a good change in the personalities of people whom we meet daily. Why to let them be as they are and not give them a reflection of their deeds, when it's what we think is a viable option to be. Those negative points that lay in people, can be corrected for their own good and the company they remain, for its betterment.

For, those to whom you gave a reflection of their being,
Came to you in magnificent smiles;
For what you did to their lives,
Instead of pains, you gave them thoughts to frame.
To reflect upon their ideologies,
When pain was gain,
When truth was the greatest virtue to be, and enthrall.
Your company had been magical, with your belief,
in friendship and yourself after all.”

Let goodness be thy blossom,
Let stars make your presence affirmative;
as you go by along them in humble enchanting.
To let sail of the smile on this sphere of the world.
A simple curve on faces, that was the answer,
to all the griefs.
Let that be thy virtue dearest man,
to give people a reason to share a warmth and glee.”
Everyone makes a mistake,
Can't correction to them be a supersede?
Why to let self be in pain,
While the stars of love heed;
over your nature and dream,
to give you another thought, another dream.
That to you world becomes not a burden,
but an incarnation to the supreme.”

Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Monday, 4 August 2014

A story and its take!

Face goes pale as a ruthless sky,
Eyes ask not cynosure but freedom to be.
To walk as a loner, as any passerby,
Impaint within self, the emotions of the sea.

Yes, they say; his face loses its charm,
They noticed how his joys had ceased to exist.
Within himself he could feel the calm,
When experiences of life had very much billed;
Upon him, the roughness and the storm,
Still, he had let life open to the window silt;
To take in to the changes that would swarm,
In his newer life, that at an earlier point spilled.

Why couldn't he, well why couldn't?
Let it be, to go away and not taunt him again.
But, he couldn't let her be alone in his want,
If anyone else couldn't be hers,
was it needful of him, to be the same?
No, he wasn't what the world may have been,
For, to him; her smile was his only dream.
What would be, oh what would be;
When he was her only one lover,
from the heart, did he heed.

Love was to appear once again that day,
When she said sorry, it was her mistake;
To not hold him, when he needed her to stay;
when to her, not he but her own self did sake.

Gagandeep Singh Vaid