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Sunday, 29 July 2018

Accept it and move on.

Funnel needs to be filled with water. 
Funnel needs to be emptied and filled again. 
The process can continue till life exists,
there is no short-key or halt-key;
just a pass-key makes sure,
that you move forward & never look back.

Times you're in a fix,
the earth beneath you shifts,
difficult to stand alone,
but you still do.
You wish there was a second chance,
but there is none.
If you have lost once,
you shall be determined as a loser forever,
as it shows up in your attitude,
Where others weigh you down,
they judge you to bits,
and worry not,
you're doing the same to people around you.

You consider yourself to be super correct,
while the other is not as equipped with 
the understanding of life that you think
you do.

Life moves on,
some relations strong while
some relations left behind,
and you are a joy to look at
while sadness cannot be dismissed -
that's a part of you.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

The questions of highs and lows!

The night when you wake up to a bad dream, your reality is shown to you, your fears are brought forward to help you see the real face of life. You are no longer alone in that moment because you are so much more than a soul. You're fear, hope, possession, attachment, and a wanderer above all that. Answerable to a million questions, stronger, sharper and wittier; you have to prove your strength from time to time. 

That is when you understand that you have grown up. Life isn't just a spoonful of calories, there is the mention of fat in your stress report, the blood pressure goes through highs and lows after you meet people of different frequencies and have to tolerate them at the same time. You're wild, rough and open to any kinds of talks. The actor you had wanted to mimic all your life, you become that. The theatre scene of different tones and notes you had wanted to display, comes alive. And you wonder, all your fears were real, and in the end you have nothing more.. but your dream! You have to take care of it, edit it, caress it because if you will not then who will? And that keeps you going!

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Looking for happiness? Just be you.

Philosophies of life shall never die. We live all of them, one day at a time. Progressing through them, standing by them, we make them the irreplaceable part of ourselves.

Simply a thought occurs to me that if this moment stops, what would happen to the consistent world of possibilities? Would it stop as well, or would the world stop only for me?

In a moment, laughter could end up into pearls of tears. The sadness the next moment could create a crescendo of music, leaving it in the ears forever to ring. The sight of pain could remain, while another sunshine the next morning could bring meaning and composure never known earlier.

We all wanderers come to this world thinking it to be a playground of toys, kisses and heartfelt joys. Only when the bubble world ends do we understand, the world we had been living in wasn't so real as at that very moment. Reality and imagination criss-cross; there is still a lot to breathe in and breathe out. More moments and times shall happen to you, and adventures shall seek their purpose in your arms and legs. Then why not? Why not live that another day in the belief that everything will get better. Well that's the eventual purpose of life, isn't it? To find happiness in the not so happy days.

Looking for happiness? Just be you.


Friday, 16 March 2018


Smile, dear heart -
for you have come,
a long way.

Flow, dear wanderer -
who you have never been.

Your majesty,
you have a name;
a riser,
you shall never be
the same.

your potential,
your world;
the time is less,
stay sane.


Friday, 2 March 2018

Happy Holi : The Colours & The Light of Summers

How often does it happen, that life sings for you?

From my point of view that happens when life is happy. Life and you, both!

Happiness is that state of mind when you can be yourself. A person, as a whole; complete.
When the meaning you had written for success comes as strings of visualization and realization.
That is the time when life sings for me.

When did it happen, and how?

It might seem very childish, but then it is a childish thought only. I had planned this, with the conspiration of the forces of the world. "The day when I would be proud of myself on Holi, that day, would mean success to me," I had said to myself. Year after year I waited for Holi, at times I hated the concept of Holi, I didn't wanna go out, but that was only after I was an adult. Five years from then, today at 23, I am proud of myself; I can go out under the sun, and dance wholeheartedly. Today was that day, and I wanted to write about it so I remember that one of my dreams came true.


Holi is that segment of the year, which speaks to me that summers are here. In memory of the summer when I fell in love with a girl; that summer is the most auspicious one for me. The seasons play their games with me, and while the game goes on, I become a winner! Losing year after year, I feel at the moment happiest and compose with my achievements; which may not importantly be in terms of the recognition or awards bestowed upon me by my employers or people who know me; but by my own set of understanding of life. In my eyes, I have learnt that dreams can come true.

That it takes the realization of having lost midway or have met the wrong people; but then, to find yourself, you have to go through all of them. That is the beauty of life, I breathe right now.

The last one month has made me a powerful person altogether. It came with confidence in myself, that I could still think of my childhood and my present state. That I could understand the power of me! The memories of childhood deepened the meaning of life to me. The meaning of relations, upbringing, life, failure, success and faith.

This blog where I write has given me the love of my life. This blog has given me my bread and butter and a recognition in the eyes of people around me. They know me as a writer, they know me as a social media consultant and also a digital marketer somewhere. They know me as a photographer, a person who can conceptualize simple videos, one who can travel on his own in his city of Delhi as an explorer - who can speak and lead a group of other boys and girls. It started with you dear blog, and you are in my journey forever!

Happy Holi!

Love always,
Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Him and Her, a story~

You, a transmitter of songs - of dismay, valour and remarkable joys.
The vessels that lead to my emotions occur in your eyes.
Simplicity was defined when you said, I was no longer anyone to you.
How effective that one sentence had been, both for you and me.
For you in getting rid of me, and for me, it was getting rid of me again.
Never again can a person be the same, when his/her first love fails.

Moments of madness hail.
But no, you can't let it happen.
For - you set the world around when you lose your breath.
Stay in the process of defining yourself better.
Close your eyes and find your driving place.
Right now you are short of words.
Accept this with an open heart.
Start your drive.
Don't fall short seeing an avalanche.
Be ready for a rebirth.

That, the person who smiles has to be you.
now, your happiness is defined not by her,
it's about yourself and your new life,
without her.

Thursday, 27 July 2017


whether it's in your coming in
or departing,
that my heart would sleep?
the one who succumbs,
isn't really the heart
those are the memories.

you gave me enough reasons
to know you well,
only to leave me behind
forging links to the girl
whom i had known
once, a long time back.

not that our love was
a bond that had a time-frame,
it's still there
and not that our feelings
have dissipated.
for they have grown
immensely like the twigs
lead to the branches.

it could be true
that our meeting
was to help us discover
how full of wonder
the person in the either of us

sometimes, it takes
the interaction of soul-mates
to lead the path
for each other.
they might not be together
for every sunrise & sunset
but their breaths say
the definite songs
of their togetherness.

i love you,
oh departing lover
that's what i always
had for you.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Friends and explorers together in the heart of Delhi

School friends are always special to us, and so it happened that we three had planned a meet-up after a long gap. I was excited to meet Ankur and Himanshu and our plan was almost on (proof being our WhatsApp group) but suddenly I had to change the outcome. I messaged in the group, "Guys, just got to know that I am selected for a competition. But the thing is, I need to be there for three days - it starts this Monday.") The best thing about friends is that they turn out to be the most supportive people on the planet, especially when we need it the most. I was tensed regarding what they would say to me for delaying the meetup, but what I received were congratulations and good-luck messages!

I left for the competition on Monday and then finally we planned to meet on Friday! This called for excitement when I took my camera bag along while leaving from home to see them. All I remember is telling Ankur to take me to the Hanuman temple, a very famous temple in Jhandewalan which is iconic to Delhi. While the three of us met, Ankur drove us to a jungle area next to the Hanuman Temple. He drove the car through the narrow lane made by cutting the trees. There was green blanket greeting us on the either side of the passage and after many bumps and genius driving, we were led to a theatre that was supposedly hundred years old. We spotted some children playing cricket, who were sweet enough to let me bowl two deliveries. 

We interacted with the security guards of the cinema hall, who filled us with stories of ghosts in the forest area. The three of us kept on exchanging looks as the guards narrated more stories of murders and crimes in the same cinema hall that they were guarding. But it was not functional anymore, so why were they even there? That's because a case was pending in the court regarding the ownership of the hall and it was anticipated that the real owners would win it back from the government. Later they could freely renovate the hall or start with some other venture. As we were leaving the men asked us to find a stick from the forest area and keep it in our hands, in order to save ourselves if a snake attacked out of nowehere.

I clicked some pictures of the forest area and we started our drive back, playing a bollywood track "ye bandhan kyu pyaar ka bandhan hai" in the car. We stopped at one of the most haunted places known in Delhi, referred as Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal. Going by news feed on the internet I found out that it used to be a royal hunting lodge built in the 14th century. We couldn't spot anyone there other than us, until we were leaving that few boys came in with great interest. That's not a place one should plan going with one's girlfriend, you will be more scared by the silence more than the history of the place. Right next to the Mahal is a pond, which is quite a creation in between the green forest cover. An explorer's tip that I would like to share with you guys is that plan visiting Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal in the day time with your friends. 

Later, we finally parked our car and visited the Hanuman Temple. I was touched by the complete marvel that the temple is, both from the inside and the outside. The pandits are so humble, that they are happy answering all your questions about the temple. While we came out of the temple, I got a chance to photograph a couple with their beautiful baby girl. 

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It was time for us to eat something but we settled with fruit juice near Pusa Road. Listening to more music in the car, we bade goodbyes at the Jhandewalan metro station. It was good to explore a new place and meeting my old buddies.



Dedicated to Sheetal Bhadauriya

Wednesday, 12 July 2017


"Through the roads of lustre and potential
I would like to walk", said the boy.
"Destiny takes us through many hills,"
said an old man in glee.
"Why are you happy? I ask thee."
Replied the young boy.
"Oh, that, it's because I see myself in you,
you little champ!"

The two of them walked through the street,
they felt the downpour of rain, 
smiles on their faces, they danced
in hunky-dory, for friendship had
opened its wings of acceptance;
and the old man had found his childhood.

Friday, 30 June 2017

What time is it?

What more can I say when my mind is out of pace? Yesterday, I thought the day was Saturday, whereas it was Thursday. "Moving so fast or are you left still in a mental condition/dilemma where you walk a different mile?" I questioned myself!

This very situation makes me remember a chapter I read in one of Robin Sharma's books, where he described how it wasn't an urgency to wear a watch in one's hand every time. That, it wasn't important to pick up every call on your phone, because telephone or technology for that matter exists for our convenience, not to drive ourselves out of it. Similarly, don't just keep on reminding yourself that today is Friday, Saturday or Sunday!

Yes, I very well understand this that in our everyday lives it is important to keep a check on the date and time considering work and assignments. But why not try setting yourself free of all the boundaries constructed around you? "Take some time off and give yourself time for expression." This is the statement which I keep on reminding myself whenever I feel a little disoriented from things around me. Yes, that is mental peace to me; now whether I forget the dates or time, there is sun coming up every morning and the moon adding the solace to the night. That is to tell us how magical and wondrous this world is, and what part of the day we are living in!

Through the many actions performed day and night, there is some rest needed by the mind. Give it what it asks from you. Because in the long run, giving your mind some space for fresh air (relaxation) shall be good for your well-being, health and happiness.