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Definitions of love~

It had been a warm day, not that it was about the summer season alone; but also because I had a pleasant day since morning. The last day at a work-assignment is always meant to be special, starting from the nostalgia that strikes—to saying the final byes to other fellows at work, it can be sentimental too, for some. 
"Would you come again sometime?” She asked me with curious eyes. “Yes, of course. I will come to see you all, one day again.” I had said, changing the emphasis from her, to everyone in the workplace.  “Nice!” Saying this, she got lost in her cabin; knowing that I had been lying.
At last both of us were free. Free from letting love hurt us anymore, we would be free birds in the coming days. No longer waiting for each other at the train station, and going for lunch together. I had told her, that you will find another friend who could be as good as me, or better; but she always said, that the spaces created by me would always remain empty. 
This was just against the idea of …