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Monday, 24 June 2013

Basis of our living?

What is the basis of our living? Is it to complain on not getting things done. The work that is assigned. But how longer can you be dependent on people? The need is to wake up in the present consequences and look further, what can be done by you.
To make your surroundings a beautiful picture is desirous in every meaning of the word. To learn is to influence, to feel is to introspect. Looking within yourself, on your drawbacks and your passion. Influence your ideas and not let them rust by making someone feel bad. If you act well, you make the path of your life that well. It depends on our everyday behaviour that we tend to brighten, our career aspects too. So, to dream big and make those dreams living in your present. Draw your own map and don't miss out on anything of value. Remember the hindi film dialogue, "To achieve something, you have to forsake something other of value". At one time, you can do one task. Then why not- follow your dreams and come out in flying colours. The charm that we all get to feel. Make yourself like a ray of sun, that touches the land and the entire expanse of the sea too. Don't be struck up in boundaries, but look beyond and be strong.
Belief systems win over our life. Now, let the beliefs be made on any single man's intrinsic feelings that we all tend to follow. Our mind is stuck in the web of thoughts that aren't made with our sole understandings. These are cultured by the inborn beliefs of our near and dear ones. We feel so proud, as riding onto their thoughts and often think if they are as right from a General view or not.
Life is to understand itself- it is what I emphasis upon in each of my blog post. I wish that we hold our own opinions and don't shy away from expressing all that we feel, but given that we read and cultivate from what we hear or listen. It is the way we want to see the world that we make ourselves like.
If we were very well to do in our life, we would often not be wishful to improve upon the living conditions of the world. It is so because, it really doesn't matter to us and isn't what we lead each day by. Our temptations control us when we sail higher and higher in the little opinions that we have in our eyes. We think- if we are really well accomplished in our lives and we are the born kings. We do not a thing, other than absolute monarchy. It's when we feel no interest in our lives. Often we fall for drugs and intoxication in tryst to our happiness. Seldom, do we fall into our own pit falls and have not a person to help us. Rather, we grow helpless. Our conditions is hapless and we are left alone to die with lots of money and materialistic possessions. But think- what good did that money and fame do if we couldn't carry the notions of a simple life. A man doesn't become a God or a woman doesn't become a Goddess, by wearing any metal or filling ones pockets. The God's and Goddesses, are Rich people who are wealthy but their wealth isn't counted by the land and value that they possess. They are known by the work that they do- the interest and passion that reflects in the bites of their work. They are people to be praised who search their meaning of life and become that. To seek is to become richer, now decide yourself what kind of a Rich man you aspire to be.

Phases..of growth!

Looking back is quite cherishing. Like the "Nightingale" sings as the dusk falls and slightly does the darkness comprehend and covers the entire expanse or the visual of the sky. Now, what so over has the past been. It has brought a lot of memories. Those emotions, that I lived; do bring upon the closeness that I share with those times. The times that were broken and at the same time cultivated.
Long back my dad, gave me a one liner to mark my thoughts. It was; "Childhood is like a little stem, you can give it a shape with much ease. Whilst it grows into a branch, then it's not easy to change its shape or direction". In the wake of these one liners, I led my thoughts across. These have untimely, casted a lot of influence on the kind of person, that has become of me.
In a workshop recently, my teacher gave all of the students; a task to do. She made us close our eyes and lie of the floor. Where our body was dull, devoid of any further actions. This exercise came after a lot of physical training. So, we did as directed and few of us were drawn to sleep. While others, including me, kept balanced in wakefulness. What she whispered was very exhausting, both our minds and spirits. Our heart stopped to respond for a moment. The teacher in the beginning, gave us a lot of joy by telling us to hold a baby in our hands. The baby who had been few days old. We made the tiny tot; drink milk from a bottle and we played with the little charmer. Suddenly, after all that bond that we had created in our imaginations we heard what we couldn't digest. We were told to burn a matchstick, and take petrol. Then put the child to fire. Those who kept unmoved, now started moving their limbs in sheer exhaustion on what had been uttered from the person whom we followed so religiously. Our teacher! She screamed at the top of her voice to put the child into fire. We had to do. We were led to move out of the lying position and we started crying and those tears were the honest feelings augmented from the tender heart. The cries were led furiously to a new height, and the room went into the gloom. Soon, we were told that, the child whom we burnt, dies every time we think bad of others. The child gets burnt, the times we responded with anger and wrath to our parents, and thought bad of others. When we cheated.....etc. The child was us, ourselves. The child in us was dying that very moment.
Doing a mistake is what can't be corrected. But if knowing that doing a thing is wrong, then why do we do it? Why do we kill that innocence that appeared in our silent walks when we were children. Our faces were honest, we weren't looking for materialistic things for happiness.
Let's make the child in us happier now, and change our perceptions about truthful living.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Less words. More downplay.

What usage of reading or writing, if no knowledge you keep in the shell of your mindful aperture. Emotions do roll, there is a need of insistence, to break the ice from the way it had been and get the use out of it. An empty mind is often regarded as a criminal's den. More knowledge certainly will not give the results unless there is introspection and making of opinions from what you witness, learn or read. To be happy with whatever less we know of use is far better than having lots of knowledge that is of no use.
Having a far sight is alike a very important clause to lead life. Interests should also prevail. We shouldn't run away from doing things that we like but at the same time carve some more space for new interests to fall in line. Don't think that what you like at the moment is the only goal of your life. In the youth, there is time to learn different sort of works and interests. Needless of whether those are taken up ahead or not. As many talents or things one does know, it's less in this fast moving world. There should be something that gives us pleasure in doing; that makes the things instrumental; where our mind can rest and place itself. When instead of running at a faster pace, we can slow down and emphasize over what we are doing in more detailing. We'll in this way connect more closely with what is nearer to our heart.
Time changes, beliefs may be broken, but the will isn't defeated if we keep our fists stronger. The greatest tides can be let go, if the thinking mind is aware of what it is thinking. There should be a route that you are following. There should be a dream for which you work day and night. There needs to be you, as a rock that shouldn't be slaughtered by any butcher. Make yourself that strong and adaptive that you respond to what gets to be against you. You are answerable for yourself, above all the mazes that become of life at times. The thought about, "Honesty being the best policy, makes a sweep here". It plays a far greater role and impact in our life and living. Expressing the things the way you like, and not making your dreams be shattered is the most responsible task of ones character. Holding on to that faith is your greatest quest that only few can maintain.
In addition, you never know whatever bad happens. Don't think any pessimistic thoughts, but be aware that you have to take care by your best of judgement and opinion. Buddha, once said "The problem is that we think, we have time". It's the nature of leaving things on the tomorrow that we break up losing and regretting. Try to cover up for the errors that happen. Know, that it's your life and you have the right to move your wings. The day will possibly come, when you get to stand on your feet. Given, that you carry on your quest.
This article is more of the preaching one, but it's what comes from first hand experience.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A comeback!

The days commenced a month back with a lot of suspicion, I knew I had many surprises in store. Yes, I lived all those moments with an uplifting mood to start with only to end it with less expressions but a lot of vigour and potential still. There is a day, when you are in a lot of characterization of what you do or tend to do. You just see the world from the eyes of a solitary loon that travels across the seas. Similarly, you are marking your present felt. Sometimes, you are in need of some space and at times, some more space. Dreams erupt with imaginative lines and you get to become a hero in days from nowhere. It is sheer dedication in your life, that hits you extremely in order to get out the best out of you.
You fall, you get up. You fall more badly, by this time you are aware of what it takes to be a falling star. Addition of experience to yourself is the way towards victory. Yes, well said. There is potential in the spirits that you awaken out of your self. The need pertains to be aware of what happens around you and the will to take the possible actions. Well, it can be best said, when you think and then speak. Not uttering without thought but with a lot of understanding. Now, be that understanding be of life or be it of the circumstances. Both ways you are afflicted and threatened. Because it is your life, and it is you who takes out a prolonged action.
Acting skills come from life. You form yourself from the boundaries of your inner self. It can be regarded as mere instinct or it can be said from cultivating on the talent that exists in you. Bounding and shaping of the fragments and the rough passages; takes a lot of offerings from you. Your oils of labour, your continuous motion; of mind, body and dreams. You dream because you believe that you can change the world that you see from your limited vision. To see beyond thy conclaves of understanding is what acting is all about. To feel the waterfall rhyming carols of guitar strings. When you become a dog and at the second moment a bird. The flawless nature of your job immerses into you the virtues of solitude, of merriment. Different emotions roll over like ice cream mixes its solid form into liquid form within some time. But the changing emotions take out the real person in you or an actor from you.
If you can feel that you are alive, then remember. You are a great actor because you know; how to live your life.