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Converge 2015, The Meet To Raise Your Voice, And Be Assured To Be Heard: A Youth Ki Awaaz And Unicef's Presentation

What a better way to learn to break stereotypes from the people who broke it? #ConvergeNow — Karan Sharma (@DarpokKiller) December 12, 2015
Converge 2015, an event brought up by the Youth Ki Awaaz (YKA) and Unicef, saw discussions streaming amongst the youngsters on various themes and concerns. From giving goosebumps, to describing how important service to the community was – Converge 2015, will always be remembered for its diversity in reaching out to the youth of today and questioning the stereotypes prevailing in the society.

The panel brought distinguished speakers, who not only enraptured and brought a clearer picture of what they experienced happening around them; but also kept to the particular theme of the event #RaiseYourVoice. Sofia Ashraf of the "Kodaikanal Won't" fame; said that, it was very important for her to feel strongly about some issue, that she would push her artistic abilities, to make music by which she could stand by! Performing her raps for the a…

Light in you!

I wish to read,
I wish to write,
just the many facets
cling to me of life;
I wish to speak,
my confidence lacks,
I feel amiss,
Incomplete, yet some
work fills me.

I stare you in the face,
I find an innocent look,
Fulfilling me with
thoughts of love,
There is kindness,
while we find 
in ourselves our home.

I and you
find ourselves
through our light,
reflecting each other!

Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Is OYO Rooms Really A Comfortable And Affordable Option? Find Out In This Blog

It is a matter of great prestige to site a fact that, the largest literature festival in terms of its scale is the Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF). I had been hearing for a long while about the OYO Rooms, thanks to its massive publicity. This time I chose to stay at OYO Rooms, and the nearest one to the venue of JLF was DRS 8586 Haveli, in Adinath Nagar on the JLN Marg.

I was satisfied to hear the price to stay there for a day, which was a nominal Rs. 999. The room which I got was clean, with all requirements which a decent hotel would provide to its customer, plus its location was very posh. I liked the idea of the dining at its terrace, where I ate my breakfast daily! Students d o not miss the free meals, mind you. Haha!! The fresh chilly breeze of winters added to the excitement to visit the Festival venue as soon as possible every day. The best part was that there were choices the hotel gave us at 8am in the morning, starting from Poha, Maggie, Butter/Jam Bread with tea/coffee wh…

Under the light of my promises to you, oh guardian angels; accept my dreams!

Life, I see you grey,
Life, I see a ray.
Life, you wisdom personified,
Life, you a plight!

Many moments I wait,
Look at stars,
I find myself amongst them,
Shining, yet blinking!

I find myself so complete,
I find myself incomplete.
You, my hero,
My guardian angels!
I hope you know,
That everyday, I look up to you.

That everyday,
I smile, I weep, I gaze at you,
And finally I settle,
I embrace myself.
I know one day,
I shall meet you.

Dearest stars,
You who give me,
My identity,
I am definite,
I shall see you,
Very soon!

I cannot hide,
That I wish to be one of you.
Not only on this land,
From where I look at you.
But I want to stand,
Just next to you!

Your light,
Shall show me my path,
That I am to rightfully follow.
I promise,
I shall never,
Never leave you, hollow.

I shall spring as much joy,
I shall spring as much grief,
I shall try, to circumscribe,
To you the reality!
As the world is,
And you see it,
I promise you,
I shall make it, a better place,
A better place to live,
For all of…

She grew

The heart sank deeper
than the conclaves of her reach
deeply rooted to herself
she felt dispatched from the world

Now all it was she alone at one side
and the entire world at the other
unwrapping herself from the cultures
she withdrew for those days
and spent time with herself
the much needed break
needed for her to settle herself
in her new life


Dear Diary 03/12/2015

Mind is at unrest, I do not know what is the right path for me. There are many thoughts rolling past, flashing by but I am stuck somewhere in a land unknown, trying to get out of it—yet I say, mind is at unrest.

There are situations which are easy to counter and which are difficult to counter, this situation of mine is difficult at the moment. I wish to breathe easy, and be like the dew in the morning and evening breeze. Now how cooler and satisfactory it would be I wonder and keep liking the very idea. It just makes me feel strong and yet again gives me flashbacks of how chiller the morning would be—when I would wait for my school bus at the bus stop. How the thought of cold water in the morning would send goosebumps, but I had to take a bath in the morning nevertheless. The very tinging memory of the winters is itself so victorious, as it also warms me up and cools me down.

I remember my friend Arjun, who would spend hours with me in the tennis courts—not playing tennis but discuss…