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Talks, and the times!

Many a thoughts he had in his mind. From where to start and where to end. Music played, the old melodies as his mother listened to them with all her heart. In the beginning he was glad, to sit next to his mom; as they were sitting on different sofas in the living room. Rajan enjoyed the music, the tunes; as his mother remembered those days of simplicity and grace. How, to his mother, how to her friends in their college days; would all of this sound. The love songs, the actors, the films; he wondered as she kept on telling him stories of those days.

In the beginning he was very willing, to give her company just by being there, with his laptop on; preparing the excel sheets. He loved the songs of the bygone era, of Hindi cinema; but then, his mother increased the volume of the songs on the playlist and it started to disturb him. For he couldn’t fully concentrate on what he was doing. In the next moment, he picked up earplugs from the table and asked her to use them. His m…

Stories and the love!

Newspapers were put together in a stack, while Shivam picked them up one by one, to experience the news in a differently chaste way by different reporters in every paper. He wondered what he was looking for in the newspapers, then reverted on reading them once again by himself. Same news had been covered in all of them. What was the change in the same news was the style of presentation! Styles were being experienced he thought, subtly!

Then he thought of taking along the same paper to his office, the one he was reading at his home. In a way, he had just fallen in love with its fonts or was it merely the paper that he liked to carry in his hand, that something in it, connected to his heart?

Then he moved his hand on the printed letters as he loved one interview by a famous actor, in the entertainment box. All in all, he loved every bit of it. So much so, he had thought to save it in his cupboard so that he could read it again whenever he would like. Or just for the sake of keeping it …

Have wings, will fly!

Few things can't be explained. Those aren't meant to be, understood by one and all. People do prepare for the others fall, not even letting them have say in the decision making process. This is one very shortcoming which comes in a society. One believes in the majority. What about the others, who didn't belong to the majority? Are they to suffer, for what others plan for them. Which may not be the right decision. Which appears wrong only to few but they can't put their say, because decisions are always made by those in the power. The minority can't stop it, what the majority walks with; being the torchbearers. Disdain.

Then they have to walk out.
When the power-holders  exercise their free will, and the crowd follows suit, then it happens that the people with a far-sight who don't belong to the crowds, walk out. They had no space in the system.
They walk out in their own lands, to create for a world of their own makings. It is because of that un…

It was about a state of mind!

Sheema thought if she was the only person who had to sit in a house without a fan. She told her friends how in the peak of summers, she had to go through it, to feel the heat. When the temperature ranged from 45 degrees to 47 degrees, she had to but sit and move a paper fan, to beat the heat. She would complain her parents, on their lacking to provide their daughter with even the basic things in life. She would question them, "do I ask more; just if you could work a bit harder or smarter to bring the electricity. We are so poor, aren't we? Yes, we are!" Then she would cry and further this would lead to the broken hearts of her parents. What could they do, if their daughter didn't understand what they went through, when they heard her say all that she had to say to them. Regarding their inability to provide for, what everyone, almost everyone got.

What had to happen, both husband and wife had to work ever more; taking up different works altogether. They …

Don't limit yourself!

Harness the life give it a wing,
Contain the imagining.

Being trapped and squeezed,
Left blank and hollowed;
Still you adapt, stand bold.

Get over with the droplets of hatred,
Abuse not in person, instead;
Smile across and let it way,
In through your loneliness,
To your threatened pace,
Be a bit humble, do say.

For those who went distant,
Unreason being their such style.
You don’t bother to linger in fade,
Let it way, let it say; in that while,
From your side, it so went,
That it was also a lost mile.

For those who really loved,
Went not in a squeeze of sand,
When all it fell a sudden, in a stead,
They wouldn’t have then cleared their hand.
But given love and hugged,
They don’t now deserve such a band;
Of missing, of loving, in a stead.

For those who call you mad,
Laugh at your turmoil,
Ask them once well in hand,
To point difference in the soil.

Those who limit your boundaries are lazy,
They will laugh at you, also scorn;
Your eyes need to be clear, not hazy,
Don’t  wear what others always had worn.
If you think, …

A promise to live by!

What was it, thought Robin. That made him feel low again and again. It was ridiculous, wasn't it? Yes, it was so.

Why would any girl keep on writing him, well; he was thinking about this. About Jenny. It was quite a time, whence she had stopped doing so, writing him back. "Everyone got busy with one's life, wasn't it so?", replied Jenny many a times, whenever he would make her realize that he expected her to talk to him and not break the flow even after doing it himself at a point of time.

She was working in a very famous bank and mostly she gave her time to her job, and when not there; she did hang out with her girl friends, and yes, Robin was a lost thought now. Because, the time she had been waiting for him to talk to her, he was busy with his life. Now, same happened too, just the people on the adjacent sides had exchanged.

"Realization is a good fact, but you should accept walking on parallel sides with it. Alright?" Another such repl…

Creativity of a person

"Would time ever wait for me? Would it but look back once at me again after it flies away?"

Who was it, who could conquer the time, could win over it! Or was it not possible? Questions as such did move in and out of his mind. It was quite uneasy for him, to see his world drifting; things getting apart.

How could he forget it all; how could he redo what was the wrong, only if he could correct the errors. Thinking of all that, he thought this as well that once time flies by, it shouldn't be asked to come back again. It is not that, there was a kind of unique wave in that time that was, which is different from now. It's just that we have seen life better, more closely; in through those experiences which occurred in our past. Things are to be tried for and not let to be as they are themselves coming. "There needs to be a passage in our thinking, that makes us hold certain belief in ourselves." That whatever happens to life, however it may turn out to…

Pitfall to paradise!

Rahul Vanketraman was a young boy, when he was left alone; in a land, unfamiliar to his innocent mindset. As a mistaken identity, he had roamed in the streets of the city; sometimes, in search of his guardians, then for bread.

For a child, it was a greater asking; to tell him, to earn his own livelihood. In the summer season, he would be a street hawker, selling fish on the roadside along with other stalls undergoing similar business. That city, of Kolkata.

Freshness spread in through the mind, into his actions; when he would reach the government apartments from the Salt Lake, surpassing the morning walkers. He pleased his employers who lived in the flats, by being right on time; he washed their cars.

Rahul would never ask for any kind of help from anyone, it was just he, himself; loitering from road to road, looking for a better life, every turn, every block. Passerby's were pleased to see him, with his face bearing greetings and messages of goodness and harmony …

It wasn't about a day!

His eyes were fixed on the letter post daily. He knew that she wouldn't write to him anytime again but still there was quite a belief that she would, someday or the other in the near future. Days combined together in a bun, there was nothing else to witness than the loss of a true lover. He knew, she would still be having his thoughts in her mind, but he knew this too that she would no longer want to carry another round of conversations with him. Knowing what had become of their friendship, that feeling of love; how it had been brought to a melancholy end, how everything seemed to fall apart. How at once, the world seemed to skid away, things that were slipping away. It was in that feeling that many emotions were composed.

There wasn't much room for any guilt but yes, there was a little wish, a keen desire; to know more about her. To know how she was, her well being. It was in that time, when they had no more talks for days, even they knew that they were waiting …