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Smile, dear heart -
for you have come,
a long way.

Flow, dear wanderer -
who you have never been.

Your majesty,
you have a name;
a riser,
you shall never be
the same.

your potential,
your world;
the time is less,
stay sane.


Happy Holi : The Colours & The Light of Summers

How often does it happen, that life sings for you?

From my point of view that happens when life is happy. Life and you, both!

Happiness is that state of mind when you can be yourself. A person, as a whole; complete.
When the meaning you had written for success comes as strings of visualization and realization.
That is the time when life sings for me.

When did it happen, and how?

It might seem very childish, but then it is a childish thought only. I had planned this, with the conspiration of the forces of the world. "The day when I would be proud of myself on Holi, that day, would mean success to me," I had said to myself. Year after year I waited for Holi, at times I hated the concept of Holi, I didn't wanna go out, but that was only after I was an adult. Five years from then, today at 23, I am proud of myself; I can go out under the sun, and dance wholeheartedly. Today was that day, and I wanted to write about it so I remember that one of my dreams came true.


Holi is …