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Rain and Lightening!

Rain and Lightening!.This morning the rain broke into quarters. When I woke up in the mid of night, after completing my sleep of six good hours, I found a quiet dark night outside. Meanwhile I opened my assignments and started furnishing them forward.After getting into stream of the work that I was building upon, I got a slight scent of waterfall. Somewhat wet, the leaves of trees had been and little droplets made their tone very mesmerizing to the ears. It was drizzling outside, but I thought it best to stay in and follow my work routine as I had thought about it. Also was I acquainted with the ghost stories, to add little plight to my enjoyment.Brother woke up as well, to leave for his morning flight to Bombay. He directed me meanwhile to go to sleep for at least an hour if I was going to school that day. I took his suggestion and took it to direction, following with a sleep. When the alarm bell rang, I found that rain had stopped but a beautiful day was set outside, and little ligh…

A Child's Dream!

A Child’s Dream!
Spoke the minister of Maharashtra- It's been a wonderful evening, sitting by the side of greatest achievers, and crunching the feast has been a remarkable experience. Not to leave aside, the robotic performance of the real machines modeled by- Mr.Jaideep Singh Arora, the mechanical engineer, who has excelled from his kingdom of sports utility vehicles (SUV's) to the robots. Sir, would you like to add more information about your job, or how you could make this possible? To this Jaideep smiles and makes a prompt reply; Sir, it has taken my dreams to create what I always wanted to. But all these times in my dreams, I saw a different thing. A thing or a model that I could muster, sans the support of other achievers in this field. And day by day my ideas' flourished. And let me add more affably, a thought about my success. It's been a wink of failure that brought me to sense the accomplishment I feel. For wherever I visit, I am no less then a chief guest or…