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Friday, 24 August 2012

Rain and Lightening!

Rain and Lightening!.
This morning the rain broke into quarters. When I woke up in the mid of night, after completing my sleep of six good hours, I found a quiet dark night outside. Meanwhile I opened my assignments and started furnishing them forward.
After getting into stream of the work that I was building upon, I got a slight scent of waterfall. Somewhat wet, the leaves of trees had been and little droplets made their tone very mesmerizing to the ears. It was drizzling outside, but I thought it best to stay in and follow my work routine as I had thought about it. Also was I acquainted with the ghost stories, to add little plight to my enjoyment.
Brother woke up as well, to leave for his morning flight to Bombay. He directed me meanwhile to go to sleep for at least an hour if I was going to school that day. I took his suggestion and took it to direction, following with a sleep. When the alarm bell rang, I found that rain had stopped but a beautiful day was set outside, and little light greeted me in the morning outside.
When I was ready for school and opened the gate to step out, the rain had appeared with the queen of affection to give me a tantalizing view of the charming environment. Picking up the umbrella, there was no looking back, for a day in the realm of majesty had touched my senses already in form of rain.
All over the nation there stood a blank few days back. Blank in the sense of decision making. When no thunderstorms or monsoon greeted when welcomed. The government was in a state of confusion, resting its hopes on the Rain Gods, to revive the economy and it’s people’s breaths with coming of a prolonged monsoon. Being devoid of good west winds, the farmers were in a state of widespread trauma and blessed with a thinking that brought them to a view that they were neglected, and no one cared for their plight. But the day made me smile, because I thought more days like these will cheer up the economy as well as the families which depend on agriculture for their livelihood. So, it was a wondrous start to my imaginations and thoughts of wellness.
A long day leaped in front of me and new expectations had driven their aboard in my dreams. I had planned many things for this day, and thought would be able to well finish them before the day dwarfed into another dusk. We all depend on the nature, for it will give us day after a night and vice versa. In the similar fashion was I looking at my anticipations from myself.
I found in the interim of my dreams, there rested sorrows and happiness in equal quarters. Like every man’s day, is proliferated with different ideologies. He is moved by his strong emotions just the cloud in his heart never opens to convey it’s real meanings. To whom should this man say, that how much he loves to spend time with his loved ones, or is desirous enough to speak his heart open to the girl of his dreams? To no avail are his wishes granted. So, he has to find a new route to remain happy. The man needs to feel freshness of the breeze that touched him throughout, and he needs to praise it affably. The richness of a person, whether man or woman is greatly described by her/his act of thanksgiving. The more gratitude prevails in her/his spirits for the world outset, that greater is the force of attraction forming in the person. People will be pleased to hear from you, if you are curious enough to thank them and tell them how great it is a fact to have met them.
The phenomenon of love occurs to all and this had occurred to me ever since I saw that girl. To my amazement she stood beneath the tree holding umbrella along. And her mother accompanied her while she seemed to be leaving for her school as well. Soon, I was restless to move into the bus, as it got late that day. But sooner I got into the bus, looking at the girl whom I admired greatly and remembered my responsibilities that belonged to me. The love be it of a girl or any form, is unique with a characteristic. It makes you stand tall even in your downfalls, and tells you faithfully that your day is near to come and there’s nothing much to worry about in this life.
At each texture of the movements happening around me, I had a soul objective of love filling in my heart as more and more I thought of my dream. Actually my dream consisted of love as it’s apparel and resounded me the vibration of love as I flowed into the stream of my imaginations.
And with a remarkable beginning to the day, was my day lead ahead in praising myself as well as the nature that had gifted me with the meaning of my life and everyone’s life- LOVE. Or was it that, nature does this gesture of affection each day, but I felt it’s blessing that very day with the rain streaming to the charming day in the offset of monsoon blues.

Gagandeep Singh Vaid
New Delhi

Sunday, 12 August 2012

A Child's Dream!

A Child’s Dream!
Spoke the minister of Maharashtra- It's been a wonderful evening, sitting by the side of greatest achievers, and crunching the feast has been a remarkable experience. Not to leave aside, the robotic performance of the real machines modeled by- Mr.Jaideep Singh Arora, the mechanical engineer, who has excelled from his kingdom of sports utility vehicles (SUV's) to the robots. Sir, would you like to add more information about your job, or how you could make this possible? To this Jaideep smiles and makes a prompt reply; Sir, it has taken my dreams to create what I always wanted to. But all these times in my dreams, I saw a different thing. A thing or a model that I could muster, sans the support of other achievers in this field. And day by day my ideas' flourished. And let me add more affably, a thought about my success. It's been a wink of failure that brought me to sense the accomplishment I feel. For wherever I visit, I am no less then a chief guest or guest of honour. I humbly put it, they celebrate my failure, because as long as you face a downfall, it's possible only if our quest for a victory is firm enough. And believe me, it's form of eternal beauty to see one's dreams alive, catapulted to reality by one's wisdom of not saying no.
There sat many children of the great achievers too, who were listening to Mr.Jaideep, and were inspiring their in-held confusions, to seek the treasure of their dreams. To those tiny-tots, it was akin to winning over one's villian in a video game. But to the grown ups, it was no less then a secret put forth by the man, whom they often read in newspapers about, titled "The Indian Dream".
The mood was august, while the guests sat with their families. But a young boy, named Joseph went downcast hearing a line, Mr. Jaideep just spoke. And it was this little boy who felt no need to remain silent, while his confusion could be solved by the same man, who created it alive. Joseph, the little boy exclaimed; but I have a question to you, pointing with his little fingers towards the greatest achiever. The boy's parents wanted him to withdraw his urgency to question the man, but to no avail he had augment the flame of his existence. He wanted to seek answers, unaware of the fact, he was 7 years old, and could end up making embarrassment to the guardians. His parents actually didn't like him being unrehearsed as they thought of him, and disliked his manner of pointing at a person, who was noble and generous. The child's mother uttered, I told him to be cordial all throughout the gathering.
Yes, young nut, what have you got to share with me? Hello, I enjoyed watching the robotics, and I respect you a lot. I have been following your articles on the technology column of newspapers, and I am a fan of yours.
Mr.Jaideep was impressed highly but now came the question. You land me today in trouble after saying you did all the hard work for what you created, on your own. The reply was, yes I had no partner or any sponsor. But that doesn't mean you could create of the robot yourself. Yes, it does mean so, claimed the irritated man now.
Respected sir, I can't become a prolific writer or an influence through what I express, until and unless I have had a taste for literature or poetry. Till I don't read freelancers, how can I be sure of my success and know if readers will acknowledge my writings from so many shelves filled with books of other writers. We can never go ahead of those from whom we take inspiration, he further spoke his heart open.
Now was the turn of an old man in the gathering to interrupt. Yes, you are right dear child, I think it's the only way to move ahead in life. Increasing the wisdom of belief in our moves, sets us to accustom more beauty in our life, and our goals.
The engineer was embarrassed and felt it as a need to shower the gathering with the wrath of his, predominantly the young creature. Why should I proclaim the yesteryear achievers were better than me, knowing that I have gone miles beyond them in terms of discovery in science and technology. They can't be my inspiration. Get it, but I can be yours, for sure you boy.
Few men and women in the gathering nodded with what had been said by Mr.Jaideep, others thought nothing of what was said, because they thought, it crucial for the men being more learned then the boy. No, sir, it's thy misled belief or misunderstanding of a simple fact of life. We gain step by step only after learning from what others or achievers of yesteryears have attained in their quest to understand facts. Their laws and concepts give an ideal philosophy of what is yet to be discovered. If I read English dramattist and greatest writer of William Shakespeare and I start writing, and become a best selling novelist by making history of most sales- I may leave my teacher in Shakespeare back in terms of my volumes sold. But the truth is I can never defeat him, for whatever I become, because it's a universal truth and faithful concept that we gain that potential after seeking the style to write or understand the forms of expression by our stars of past. Who may or may not be present today, but the true flair of their art reaches to us, and acts as a flame to enrich love in ourselves and than express what we profoundly feel or believe in.
The ladder of brilliance goes ahead and on its journey with new people joining and new people following the stars who left, from their laws, learning’s of an era or a lifetime of hard work. Likewise, do we all follow this path of success. And for sure, any boy or a girl today is interested in mechanics, then he/she shall follow you as an ideal and use the thoughts of yours, and add on theirs, to make this ladder going up, in quest of new realities or possibilities.
The gathering was surprised by the thoughts of this boy, and Mr.Jaideep came to Joseph, sitting on his knees and hugged him, to tell him how honored he himself felt today, to realize his love with his teachers and how they all played a big part in his life.
He spoke to the gathering, describing his level of joy, after meeting Joseph, who made him see his days of hard work, and appreciated the work of the legends who made discoveries, following whom, Jaideep could see his dream a possibility. On the other hand, Josephs's confusion was solved, who did it by himself, and his parents' were proud of their son's fair disposition towards the truth of life. All the people went back their homes with a learning to follow.
Writer: Gagandeep Singh Vaid, New Delhi(India)