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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Imaginative pride!

That was one road of mine,
A journey, that my heart did 
My breathe, my knowledge;
It was amiss a confusion but 
I sensed in it patronage.
Yes, I had it deep within me,
Somehow a feel, a potential lit.

Yes, I could make it to the stars,
I could gain as a journey was to pass.
I had for this reason, waited for miles
and hours,
I had nothing to lose, but encompass.
Yes, my life would get a road to follow,
An eclipse to sight, a bucket no longer
to be hollow.
My mind makeup was strengthened,
With every click of the clock.
Dreams were imagined and blend,
With surprise of a win, until a shock,
did dent.

Still, I believe I can take it ahead,
Well, going through roughness, only cleans;
There is a lot to accompany along the stead,
Until my boundaries outgo the fence.

Let me walk and not disappear,
There's a lot to imbibe and steer. 
Whether I waste my time,
I shall be myself, oh spirit of mine.
I would wait for myself, until I hear;
That there's a lot to come, nothing to fear.
I don't follow directions and lines,
Everything to me is my heart, that sublimes.

Poetic sense or attitude say it,
I don't follow any distant warrior;
For my road is simply mine in wit,
I am adamant, egoistic, my own saviour.

Friday, 30 May 2014

What's it, fella?

A new spell casts,
Music to the stars.

Affection within me at par,
For my goal that I encompass,
It splurges and flies;
And route of magic emulsifies.

What I look and what not,
Within my being I carry the remote.
I stumble, I linger; in my thoughtful aperture.
How I wish if I could define, My mood, the culture.

Not much have I got to say,
Than being patient to portray,
The tides as those dance and flow,
Glitter enchants as I pick up my bow and arrow.
Uplifts my passion through every pain,
It doesn't stand stationary, but stains,
Only to furnish further and repair,
At least, it's my dream, as I am there,
To hold it, until I exit fully,
But not leave it in slurry.

What it is and was,
Belonged and still does.

Even when I reach the deepest pitfalls,
Life opens many reasons to smile,
Over my loss but the fact remains,
My dream is still in hands of mine.

What to say,
To break me errands,
Oh, you try it again,
I will cry and yet,
Respond with my art
Ever matured and polished,
For it's my dream that you hit,
Whence that hurt of yours,
Brings me once again together!

Emitting that light,
Its splendour rich shine,
Oh, I'm glad,
The dream is still mine.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Unheard response of the hearts!

Dreams had almost shunned for him. No more of expectations, as he moved through those roads, which at a point of time meant to him his world. Maybe, it wasn't how he had seen life and set its imprint over his own. For him, things were simple; the way, one person could stand for his beloved. For her in the beginning, to contemplate; it had been quite a task, to bring him together. But, after a point of time, she had stopped; stopped to think about him. Time had passed, an eventual triumph. From its magic, came it's very fall. Bringing along the rejection in a bun, it was quite not assumed that things would end so sooner.

What could he say, or what couldn't. He had learnt from her from road to road. This time, it wasn't even difficult to carry forward his task. For he had known her and every work had been for a reason. For its very tantalizing feeling. Life was a watch, a watch of expression; whereon life grew, grew in it's winged seeds. Whence that reason that was stopped, there was another stoppage to life. When life couldn't move ahead as it was assumed. It merely broke, when it could have been made beautiful. He wondered, why things couldn't be as those assumed at a point of time. Was it mere his fault that he thought more, or was it a fault; that he dreamt. Knowing that dreams didn't always have to come true. That people, their priorities did change. Things weren't constant, life was meant to be high and low at the same time.

With time, he had felt most importantly that understanding also grew. But it wasn't what she intended to say or feel. For her things were either magical or simply boring. There was a monotonous in life, but he was of the view that things always had a room for betterment. If given a chance to life, it could answer back in equal response.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Darkness and the stars..

"When the stars were bidding goodbye, he was looking at that end of the road; if she was coming. Maybe to meet him. The darkness fell errands, he kept on looking at that blank road. The night had already chirped its wings, into the wilderness of that forest road. He had kept on assuming as if, life wasn't over yet. Without her, it was like a moment gone in her waiting. Whereas, he didn't really know, if he were to see her anytime again. Years had passed from the time, he had seen her, known her as an acquaintance, before becoming a good friend of her.

She lived in an unknown land but knew where he had lived. In the hope that she would one day come to meet him at his car shop where he was a mechanic. And if she had forgotten him, he felt, maybe one day she would come from nowhere, to get her car in order. That he could see her, how she had looked; with age, as years had been since he saw her last.

The time moved but his love was still the same. Not expecting but still the same, he had wanted to make her smile once again. Alas, it was his last day; just he wished if he could see her just once, before the night fell and there was no longer any other day for him.

Well, the stars would twinkle the next day, the self same way; but the world wouldn't witness a lover again, looking at that road, for a shadow in darkness and light of the moon to place. It was all he had in his heart for her, a token of love, to reach to her, a smile he could yet feel again blossoming in that face. It was darkness now, no longer a lover, waiting for his beloved from an unknown road."

Thoughts and affirmation!

To be a well known man, could his fate destine to note? To drive the best cars, when he was to be the mechanic of all the cars. Few people know the ways to rule the world whereas they don't really want to rule it. Confined to their own space, they are quite satisfied. To find the winters as chilly as the snow imbibes in them, the freshness that further fastens them to memorize, the times they had spent in similar winters way back.

Gorgeously, the sun develops its grace, its potential reaching to the far off lands. Yes, it touches the people with its majesty to symbolize that it is a giver of energy in the form of light and surely, that light has many nutrients stored in it to enrich the lives. To see in a nutshell, the world is enchanting freedom and it is nature that makes a person love himself as much as he loves the world. There is peace enough to visualize, to dream and imagine. It is about working on an art that one grows in it, by work of an art, it means loving it, as much as growing with it. Art has its own bends and steeps, sometimes; these become for people, the strong energizers, the basis to believe in the goodness of life yet again. Goodness in life, where life moves not importantly with smoothness, but with variation in velocities. Bad accustoms as does good. Somewhere making us realize that life is real and we are human beings. We can't stop the world from what it does to us, we can't similarly change the feelings and views of other people, for us. If we can do anything then it is to keep the control of our lives, in our hands.

Doing this, it can be well seen that life gets to know its importance. That, it is important that “what I feel”, more than what others feel. It's not about, 'our' always,but it is of “me, I, myself” that gives life emphasis. Yes, we are meant to be celebrated the way we like to and no one has any say in what we are to become in our lives. Yes, I know my morals; and I live them, not tick mark over what is right or wrong. My friend, recently told me that once you give more importance in your life to some other person, or people all together. Then, it's going to happen that either people will take you for granted or you will simply lose your confidence. It will be then, that people will just move ahead, leaving you sidelined, not caring, whether you are in dismay, or in a state of melancholy.

Similarly, what happiness really is; differs from person to person. It may be for a guy, to meet a girl whom he likes very much or maybe also loves but doesn't tell her; knowing, they can't be together. Yes, he may say that situations aren't in their way. This and that! Mind moves 360 degrees, right! For that guy, a sense of happiness can be just to talk to her. At the same time, for another person living in the fantasy world, the best way to bring merriment in one's life, can be by being in platonic love. So much to life, isn't it? Sometimes, life is so small for a single shot. There's a desire for a complete set of hang over. The one that goes for days, yeah! This is what is with mad people. Hahaha..anyways, we all are meant to be crazy and that bit of craziness only defines us to our friends. Well, we won't discuss out work commitments, all the way on our holiday with our friends; there has to be the fun part. Right? So, hangover! Define yourself.

The man, who wants to rule his world, doesn't need possessions to make him realize that he's a ruler. What matters is, that he feels in his life, the tenderness and omnipotence of his dream walking with him. This is life, made of love and having space for seamless love. Love, when one winter makes you realize, the charm of it, from the memories of the past winters. Well, the sun seems to rise again now, as there are couple of hours to morning. Enjoy your day!


Saturday, 10 May 2014

Affection and identification!

What did he mean he knew, when he didn't read what was meant to be re-read as revision. He didn't give it much concern. Why? Was he in a fool's paradise or was it in disguise of the fact that he had studied really well? What was it, and why wasn't he concerned any longer; oh, where was he treading.

Vishnu's mom called him all of a sudden, that evening to know how he had been going with his preparation for the exam the very next day. To his surprise, everyone was so much interfering in his life. Yes, he was busy with his own life, with singing the guitar tunes out of his heart. Everyone knew, how well he composed the songs; for which people praised him, his ability. But, at that time when he was supposed to study well. It was then that he was playing the guitar.

"Well Vishnu, you should really know what's right and not for you." Was the reply, he got from his mom; when in his easy going nature, he expressed how he was enjoying his exam days as vacations. Mom felt bad, on knowing how disobedient her son had become. It was just first year in the college and the first time, that he had left home and he was in different colours.

“Vishnu, I need to alert your dad about it. You are not taking your life seriously!” Mom thundered on the phone.

“Mom, it's not that I'm not studying. It's simply that I have already studied what I had to. Now, I am doing what I love doing and you know mom, I can't study anymore. I just don't know what to study, that I should go on to study. Please, understand. Mom.. hello!!”

She didn't answer him at this point and kept down the phone. Both displeased and hurt, on listening to her son; mother sat in the courtyard to the house and kept on remembering her son. How he would fall aback again and again in studies, never got any reward in school. How she had heard the complaints from the teachers regarding his easy going attitude towards life, then. Even more, she knew it as well, how he had to settle within insufficient in life, when there were financial issues at home. Somewhere she felt, that her son had seen a lot, with his age. He knew, what it meant to her to prepare the dinner with coarse meals. How she would not eat but try to make him eat, every bite of his chapati with as much love and grace, that lied solely in a mother's hand. The mother had known one thing out of all, that whatever would happen, how bad marks her son would score in class. He would never cheat on her, on his father.

Then the doorbell rang, and she opened the door.

“Hello, Sunanda! How was your day?” Her husband greeted her.
“Hello, ji! I made sharbat for you. It's very hot outside. How do you stay out so long in this heat? I have asked you so many times, to get back home early.” She answered in the joy of finally seeing her husband, for whom she was waiting in the courtyard, since she started to think of her son.

“Yeah, it's hot outside. Well, I am used to this heat. I always keep two water bottles in my bag.” He replied gently and softly to his wife's query.

“I know that well. Right! When do you get time to drink from it, when you are going through the city; for your work. On the red lights, that are the only breaks to your drive under the sun?”

“You know it Sunanda. Everyone does this. It's not a big deal.”
“It's not a big deal for you, but for me; I after all care for you, but you know; you won't understand it.”

“Do one thing now, use Delhi Metro now. Why don't you listen?”
“Sunanda, I am to visit my clients in different places. Your Metro doesn't go everywhere. Does it?”
“Yes, as if your bike is an aeroplane. That too, without a horn; that you can't buzz if there's a passerby all of a sudden on the road.”
On this, they both shared a bit of laughter. She offered her husband a glass of cold water, and he asked her, had she filled the water in the bucket already hours before, so that it was cold now and he could bath. As in summers, there was hot water supply because of the incessant heat of the sun.
“Yeah, I did that without fail.”

“Well, listen; your son is not studying these days well. It's his exam tomorrow and he says very gaily, as if he's the most intelligent in his class; that mom, I am playing new tunes on my guitar.”

“Yeah, he's gone on me. It's just that, you can't see his real talent.”
“What do want to say? That you are any talented?”
“Yeah, I am...”

The chat went on for longer the evening, and Vishnu received a call from his father, this time.

The father-son duo discussed everything else than his exam, that was the very next day and mother kept on the annoyed look at her face, to see what was happening. The phone call ended in sometime.

“What was it, I ask? Are you a friend or a father? I can't point out any difference. Can you?”
“I guess not! Hahaha.. So, what's in the dinner tonight?.......”

Sunanda called him in the kitchen and Anil helped her with putting the crockery on the dining table and as she gestured that the cooked vegetables were in the bowl; Anil, as usual helped her to take the bowls and plates from the kitchen, to keep them on the dining table. They started with the dinner, and talked about the milk vendor, that his month was complete and he was telling that milk price was to be raised from Rs.44 to Rs.45 from this month. Anil felt puzzled and then said, “I know; it's okay!”

She said, “How can you be so numb, regarding it? These people raise the prices, every other day. This is not done! Even Mother Dairy has the price of one litre of milk; fixed to Rs.44 only. How can our milk vendor be so fierce and strategic.”

Anil controlled her raising voice, directed at him; just to tell him about it, but Anil felt if he had done something wrong about it. “It's okay! Pass me the curry from the bowl.”

It was the next week, that Sunanda and Anil were having their breakfast that they had a visitor, to their home. They let him in and he was from Canara Bank, presenting them a cheque of a good amount of money, which their son had sent back home after winning the championship in his university level which was the Battle of Bands. They were quite happy that their son, wasn't living in a fool's paradise, as they had assumed at times.

You see this dear, I used to say; it's not that bad times remain forever. Just that he didn't score marks in school, didn't have to mean that he wasn't capable. He won a prize, it means he won the hearts. When hearts are won, love is won and there's nothing more important than that in this world. I'm a happy father today, my son has made me proud. They embraced each other and this was a moment of love, which their son had brought. He hadn't forgotten his responsibilities. It wasn't about any cash reward that he got; it was just about, that coy, the signal; that the boy was determined and his efforts weren't going unnoticed.

They called Vishnu and congratulated him for his good work and mom expressed her happiness, when she felt the success of her son. This was both a priceless and an emotional moment for the three of them.


Friday, 9 May 2014

Words of his say!

He didn't work any stronger,
He had a dream, that didn't
build any longer.
It was about a sky and a sea
that he hadn't but thought,
he could fail all of it.

Still he had felt, to give it a try;
For life wasn't always meant to be
a lullaby.
It was a brash, of storm and haze;
Until merriment did atone or phrase.
A hand of care did accustom in strings,
He knew, how life could flutter the wings.

Dedication of a love that he,
Singest was of his.
He ran from boundaries,
and climbed up the trees.
Writing his dreams, on a page,
oh ya, it was a leaf.
A portion of his heart,
his sentiments did release.
Met the strangers did he,
Spread on his face was glee.
As much as he ran, he singest
in his own praise.
Yes, he couldn't handle the
happenings of the world;
but could walk and be satisfied
of life, in his own slower pace.

It was all in his heart
that he had to say.
Oh, yeah, yeah and yeah!


Wednesday, 7 May 2014

colours that inspire

Few colours of life, if could be rolled;
into the freshness of the morning so composed.
I tell you, I would be a bird, catching every nuance of the biting cold,
the flashing winds, that stroll into the heart; like a carol and a prose.

It would be, yes it would be;
that I shall reveal myself to the world,
undone but cultivated within, the calibre of my feelings;
many memories shall I live that moment,
I would cry and still, soar with newer hopes,
high over the bounteous sky;
that accepts me, and to dream sings me a lullaby.

Goodbye note!

When the stars were bidding goodbye that night,
he was also bidding his byes to his homeland.
He wasn't merely taking back his dreams,
but memories that meant to him the world;
how he had wished, could those mean to her too.

To an extent she may miss him,
his nature of love that came naturally.
How he had wished, he would live with her,
yes, thoughts had elapsed, life had moved ahead.

Yes, time had moved;
he had but stayed there,
somewhere willing to talk,
to tell her, they would look
so much good together.

Well, she won't listen to him,
his heartbeats had been his.
To him it was but an illusion,
if love wasn't meant of an individual,
but the two of them, together.

He looked, he stared at the roads,
he had expected her return but,
it wasn't so, that she came;
he was there still, just the time
was no longer the same.

It was long, long that he thought,
she would but realize, she didn't.
Alas, it was a day she finally did.
Till then he was gone, it was;
night and stars bade a goodbye.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

As I write in the midnight!

Pages of life were incomplete,
had her presence been not there to linger.
Over his mind, the calculated thoughts
wherein that she lived and persisted.
Being a person who made him aware
of what life was and how was it to be lived.
He had been beguiled always of her
goodness, honesty and purity of thoughts.
Being a lover, he had crossed many
boundaries of shyness and of a recluse.
He was no longer an unknown
but he had known it all, in regard to
either the feelings or emotions that rubbed
and clubbed in harmony and symphony
as life walked through the days well
led by flair and likewise frost.
Even in the fears, in what hurt him the most
he had felt peace as a freshened thought!