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Thursday, 26 March 2015

The best of Artist Address~ 3.

They said, 'Hey, you make us read!'
I was glad, I readily said; 'Oh, thank you!'
They said, 'Hey, you make us dream!'
I smiled and replied back, 'It's you and your dream that lightens. I'm glad, I made you realize your possessions, in your dreams.' 

It was a heart to heart exchange amongst us!

Sketch by Ritika Sarraf
Eyes of suspicion,
Yet eyes of dreams.
You know not what his dreams be,
For you know only of your dreams. 
Wait, and think; I suggest,
you to introspect.
Maybe, your aspirations get wings,
maybe, some work you have left,
that you have forgotten, you remember that.
Look around yourself, and complete yourself,
for you have the power to do so.
You're the one responsible for your happiness,
your sadness, you're the power, look into yourself,
and find yourself. What you really want,
your heart knows all that. 
Listen to your heart, is all what I am saying to you.
That's peace and magic. You're the creator,
the artist who lives to see each day appear,
and finds one's path in following that art.
Your life's meaning somewhere is hidden,
in your art and art is an expression of yourself,
so cheers to who you're, and cheers to your art!
When I walk in the same garden where you walk,
Why don't we search for each other and talk?
We are then talking to the freshness in the breeze, we are feeling celebrated; and talking to our respective soul. So, we don't search for each other. 
But why can't we talk? 
It's about the artist thing, to do what gives us peace. In the morning, only my soul can give me that. We will talk after the walk! 
Enchanting and wishful,
Her dreams became mine! 

I never thought, of myself as an important person until I met you. Your meeting me, made all the difference. That, with time not only time differed, but also dreams. Just, what didn't differ was love, our bond.
The stars sat to drink rum and wine,
I asked them; Listen, would you-
please tell me, when do you shine?
They said, we shine only when-
with your dreams you dine and spend
seamless hours everyday like a rhyme.
Then we shine, got it?
Now, please go away!
Let us enjoy rum and wine,
and when you work towards your dream,
we will combine our light,
and you shall shine, and not us!
It became an artistic night,
With many sketches of hers,
Everything lied in her sight.

Felt and Said!
Many a days stretched by,
Many a moments combined,
Your smile, your grace,
touched me, to become a
part of me and you progressed
each day, to make a part of yours in me.
Inwards and outward of me,
that I take thine name;
I can feel close to you
that I call you mine.
Some people call me,
they tell me that as I write
upon, you are my muse.
I know not what to sayto them, when I feel
you don't only make me
write but you have
also taught me how to
live. That you're so
special to me, that
you complete me in our
incomplete story. That in
not being mine, you have
been mine and vice versa.
Such is our bond to be in reality.
Someone's love..

It felt as if, it was all meant to be.
Under the stars, her dreams had become even honest.
He understood her well and so, 
He fell in love with her, yet again every other night.
Since long back, he had the same feelings,
Beautified every day, with new dreams of her.


Wisdom, stars and reflection. Welcome, summer nights.

A way of life~
You need to be bright,
Said the schoolmaster.
I have to be colourful,
Said the boy to himself.
He felt,
For brightness he had to work,
So he gathered all colours
To give light to his dreams.
Those colours were,
Colours of life.
One had to live through them,
To grow up to understand them.
So, he started living,
Up to every emotion,
He was strong
and capable,
Only because, he didn't lose hope.
He struggled and hoped,
That his set of brightness
Would meet his gaze.
In the meanwhile,
He loved the colours,
Those gave him a direction
and a way of life~
slipped into imaginations
he was led by self interest
when she asked him
if it was love
and then,
she asked how long,
how long she had to wait,
for him.
he felt if he could say,
not a single day.
then he realised,
she would go forever,
then, he wiped tears
from his eyes,
and told her,
she could do as was wishful.
she could go,
but he had her memories,
he wouldn't leave her ever.
reality and imaginations,
were two different
set of things.
while she lived in reality,
he had slipped into
his imaginations.
he found his happiness
settled there.
where he found his peace
in the distance
she didn't find her peace
in the distance
he was led by self interest
because he had found
his peace and happiness
least bothered for hers
as it lied in him in reality.
Close knitted harmony,
couldn't be erased with his denial,
that it wasn't love from his side.
If she had loved him,
his presence wouldn't matter,
as much as his dreams would,
matter to her. but were imaginations
capable enough of love?
could one live one's whole life
based on imaginations?
it was strange, how he believed,
that in dreams, love remained.
yet, he had found solace in his dreams,
when the songs of love were denied
to him in the reality. he found happiness,
in the unknown and the known,
that is in his dreams. could she also,
find her love in dreams,
was again a question unanswered.
it was tough for her,
yet it was his way of life.
He was used to it,
while to her it was
all new,
everything new fold.
Gagandeep Singh Vaid
for Artist Address~

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Felt and said!

Many a days stretched by,
Many a moments combined,
Your smile, your grace,
touched me, to become a
part of me and you progressed
each day, to make a part
of yours in me.
Inwards and outward of me,
that I take thine name;
I can feel close to you
that I call you mine.
Some people call me,
they tell me that as I write
upon, you are my muse.
I know not what to say
to them, when I feel
you don't only make me
write but you have
also taught me how to
live. That you're so
special to me, that
you complete me in our
incomplete story. That in
not being mine, you have
been mine and vice versa.
Such is our bond to be in reality.

Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Spring Fever 2015 (Delhi)

I had heard lots about him, this author. Every girl talks about his novels. Today, luckily I got to attend his interactive session at the Spring Fever 2015. He's one of the best-selling novelists of India. Starting with his first novel, 'Of course I love you' he made a mark in the reading circle. School, college going students grabbed his novels and soon there was no one who hadn't read Durjoy Dutta's novels. 

Durjoy Dutta, started writing at the age of twenty and by the age of twenty one, had his first novel published. It became an instant success, and as Durjoy points out; how he had used his real life instances in his first novel, to how he had to hide from his parents' the very fact that their son had become a writer. It's a story of Durjoy that is a journey in itself. The journey from being an ordinary Engineering student at the Delhi College of Engineering to becoming an author of ten novels and scripting three television shows in just seven years, it's worth admiration and respect. The way he has taken his art form to greater heights, one can just assume that there's a long way to go for this young author. 

Durjoy Dutta's autograph~ :) 

When, questioned in the Spring Fever 2015 being organised by Penguin Random House in Delhi; about why he wrote only about love and not other genres? Durjoy replied, "Because, that's what I understood. It was romance and love, which I had experienced and the first novel I wrote was never written to be published. It was written as an honest account, of my experiences." His upcoming book, 'World's best boyfriend' is to be released on the 24th April this year. The audience was all cheerful, as the candid Durjoy answered their questions with equal energy and interest. At the end of the session; he even posed for selfies with young boys and girls, after letting them make video selfies for their friends; where Durjoy wished them luck and happiness. The Spring Fever 2015 is scheduled for 14-22nd March, at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. For more updates, follow

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

a ray of Hope~

no one was ever born perfect,
for that there was life,
to cast one's journey towards the light,
the light towards the goal, 
of reaching perfection,
through imperfection.
for, that was the only one, Way~

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Some lessons from the day..

Night pervades home,
with the lessons from the day.
Her light was the ending of the last moonlight,
this early morning.
Her light is the starting of this moonlight,
this night.
She had come, she has left now;
just I am left to witness the show,
her presence, her essence,
absorbed in this wind now.
She's gone now, and won't return,
this had been the lesson of the day.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Madrigal'15 Dyal Singh College(M)

The English Department of Dyal Singh College(M), recently had its very first English Literary Festival, Madrigal 2015 on the 12-13th March in the college auditorium. Madrigal is the name taken from 14th century which originated in Northern Italy and it is a form of vocal chamber music. The title sponsor for Madrigal 2015 was, K.K. LEE, KHAN MARKET. 

Day-1 (Highlights) The colourful and lively decorations in the auditorium and foyer gave way to the positive vibes that set the mood for the day. The Chief Guest for the festival, Dr. Anannya Dasgupta who is best known for her poetry and her blog Daily Riyaaz recited few of her poems. The poems had a touch of reality with a poem on 'Delhi Metro' and one,  'Ode to Delhi's driver'. The audience enjoyed the poetry reading very much by the chief guest, and the budding poets in the audience surely got to learn a lot from her. The anchor, Vasudha rightly said; 'Poetry was a way of life.' 

Next came, a performance by the Space Theatre Group, that consisted of five women artists who made the audience realise the power that everyone had in themselves. From every little expression the women gave on stage, to the every word they uttered, there was a lot that connected to the heart and made one think about life and the artist in everyone. Someone correctly said, 'a child in oneself should be kept alive even when one grows up, and is not referred to as child any longer. That childhood was all about free expression and so should a mature person be able to bring out of himself/herself, that hidden child. Theatre was about that form of free expression.'

The first day had upcoming next, two competitive events that brought the participants from different colleges to compete in debate and Ad-Mad competition. The twist in the Ad-Mad was that, this time the respected teams had to advertise for a given product and in this manner convince the audience to NOT buy the same product. Hence, it was also called the 'Reverse Ad-Mad'. 

The other cultural event for the day was the Ballet performance by the students of the English Department. The name of the Ballet was, 'Gusto-Era's-on feet!' In the ballet, the students danced and acted on the tones of the era's of literature. Starting with the Pyramus and Thisbe, to The Wife of Bath, Twelfth Night, Rover, Pride and Prejudice to the present age, 2 States; the ballet was another gem to the day! 

The day ended with students posing for pictures at the PhotoBooth set up in the foyer area. There was excitement and cheer in the atmosphere where everyone cherished the success of the first day of the festival. Drishti, who had a stall for her chocolate brand named ChocOoze greeted everyone with handmade chocolates. This was a day of great learning, for the students of the English Department and for the participants at Madrigal 2015.

Day-2 (Highlights)

The second day of the festival started with the play, The Silent Echo which was about the story of a boy named Dinesh, who had no other choice than studying English Literature in college, whereas he wanted to study Commerce in college. Coming from a Hindi medium school in a remote village, he comes to Delhi University and the play shows his struggle with the course which he had got to study. Motivating and honest, this story is of a boy who comes with dreams and gives his heart out to achieve those dreams. This play was scripted and directed by Guneev Puri and Pallavi Priyamvada. The audience loved it and the applause said it all. 

Another play was performed by the first year students of the department of English. The play Dead Poet's Society was an adaptation of the film by the same name. Dead Poet's Society is about a girl with a keen interest in literature, but tired of her life, burdened by the science forced by her parents and sent to a school named Welton's Academy, where a Teacher changes her whole life. John Keating a new literature teacher who inspired students to feel poetry and understand the depth of literature not relying on the scientific way of studying literature and the story takes upon twists and turns even death of the loved ones which affects this girl to the core. It is a tale of long suppressed language, fighting the prevailing mentality that excels the science and engineering.

In addition there were four competitive events, like Quiz, which had a great participation and which turned out to be one of the most interactive sessions of the festival; the other event being SpellopAEdia which was the Spelling Bee competition. Thirty students participated in this event alone. In the competitive event came the Treasure Hunt and the search was worth it. As the winners received exciting gift hampers from, The Reader's Club of Delhi (R.C.D.) They also gave internship to the winner of another event called the 'Creative Inks' which was the Creative writing competition. With such prizes, the participants seemed very much involved and cheerful. 

The entire program was concluded in the auditorium with the prize distribution ceremony, where the winner of the Nano Tale competition was also announced. The teachers in-charge for the festival, Mr. Sachin Narayanan and Mr. Anshuman Singh spoke to the participants and had interesting speech regarding the Nano tale competition. After the prize distribution ceremony, everyone left the auditorium to unite yet again in the college ground where the North Eastern Wing of the college had organised a special Manipuri event called "Thabal Chongba"where the only rule was to move one's feet to the rhythm of the beat. Interestingly, the teachers and students formed a circle and music was played as everyone danced to the centuries old tradition of the Manipuris. This was also, first of its kind event in the college. After an hour of dance and celebrations, the event was an energy booster and it marked the success of the English Literary Festival, 'Madrigal'. Hopefully, it will continue the next year as well and its trend shall form in the English Department of Dyal Singh College(Morning) in the years to come. 

Written by,
Gagandeep Singh Vaid
Dyal Singh College

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Of good spirits and happiness. 'K.K. LEE, Khan Market'

A day in Khan Market in Lutyens' Delhi, I entered a shop which read K.K. LEE. In that sunlit day, with the positive spirits that had touched my gaze already, I could greet the shine and grace of leather shoes and bags at the first. I have to admit, I was in love with their style of craftsmanship. Next to me, a lady entered the store and she appeared to me as a regular customer. Having a good knowledge of the shop and their work, she interacted with the attendants and finally got what she was looking for. Merriment on her face, she left the shop after paying the bills and in this time, the sweetness of the shopkeepers brought a smile to my face. The lady who had just left in hurry, came back with her mother to get another pair of shoes for her and in addition she had placed another order of shoes for her son. Also, the interesting thing was that her son wasn't there with her, but she could make the shopkeeper understand what kind of shoe she was looking for, and enquire if the size of the shoe being offered for her son would fit in correctly! Being assured, the lady went back with three pairs of shoes. It was then, that I wanted to talk to the kind man who was also the shop owner.

Mr. Richard Lee and his brother, Mr. Kenneth Lee gave me a background about their shop. K.K. Lee is a Chinese shoe store and it is amongst the oldest stores of Khan Market. It is over sixty years old. The store consists of self-made, women's and men's footwear leather accessories comprising of wallets, belts, handmade bags. Their very speciality is that, they keep all custom made products. The different styles in shoes that catch one's gaze, cast a light at the dedication and interest with which, the shop has maintained its long standing prestige. Time is given to every customer, to help them get the best fit for their choice and interests. Another lovely thing about them is the lovely attention that they give us, letting us know about the artisanship. I had spent around half an hour in their shop and it never happened to me, that I was a stranger to them; we were friends in that little time we spent. Not only because I got to know about the Peshawari Chappal, and likewise many new names which I hadn't known existed in the differentiation of the sandals. It was getting to be a day well spent and at the right place with beautiful people. They asked me to come again sometime, and yeah learn more about their artisanship. 

Meanwhile, the colours, the purity and the love that was draped on their products, lingered and connected a chord in my heart to praise and cherish for a long-long time to be. I look forward, to buy my next pair of shoes from K.K. LEE because it felt happiness to just be there in the august environment. 

Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Friday, 6 March 2015

they were different, yet lovers!

but when she went,
he looked upon to say,
that please stop, hey,
but then she went.
he had been sitting,
near the shore,
to that sea.
he had been bidding,
byes to the lore,
her dreams.
in the silent description,
of the sand dunes,
he found his friend,
his happiness, his pace,
he was yet again,
on his steps,
he had been freed that day.
she was right, he wasn't-
in love with her,
for he only praised the sea,
little did he praise her beauty.
she realized it earlier than he could,
and in that broken love,
they had found the love,
of their lives.
where she found another man,
who had loved her,
but could never say.
there he found his world,
the landscape, the birds,
the stars and the sun,
his love was like hers,
universal. her man, who waited,
for months and years, had met her.
his answers were standing next to him,
answers of life, of joy and decorum.

The Silent Echo

Everyday wasn't meant to be a lullaby, and no longer there stood a need of a lullaby to keep me moving. I had grown up and I had to learn to fit in the world, to fit in the work culture and the prevailing environment. When I had to give my life a new start and that start came to me with Madrigal'15, I know it means to me the world right now. I wish it to happen in a good manner and the experiences associated with this event are making me a better person every other day. Better person in the sense that I am no longer a child, who would just be too shy to not enter a particular restaurant, thinking that the people inside the restaurant would ask him questions in English and that he would have to feel embarrassed on not being able to answer them back in the right manners and disposition. Now, on the other hand I am not shy, I do enter restaurants and can talk to the people and this very thought gives me happiness. It is an achievement for me, and it makes me a better person. Although, I am child by my heart who wishes to dream still, and it fills my heart with joy.

Day by day, I have thought about my very personal blog. That who would read it, and if others don't read my blog, then am I the only person reading and writing the content for myself? No, I have friends who read my blog sometimes and that is joy to me. These days, I am willing to share my experiences on my blog and when I look back at the past 2-3 months, then surely I have a lot to share. The need is to pen down my thoughts and surely I will write about them in the coming weeks.

I have learnt how I was never weak, when I thought I was weak. I have learnt how, the dreams that we see in childhood seem so beautiful and if we do not work upon getting those dreams, then we feel as if those dreams are better being mere dreams because, it is hard to achieve them. But, the person who believes in his dreams, gets the way through, towards that dream. That dream is achievable he feels, and it is his own and he has every right to get closer to it and finally get it one fine day. It's your dream and your hard work towards it, that gives you the magical wand to bring home your dreams and aspirations. People often say that to become an overnight success, one has to put in efforts for years and years. That is the real joy, I feel. Experiences, like I said. Experiences that give our life a path, the rays towards glory. I hope, I follow the rays that show me the way, as I work towards achieving my light. I hope, I keep moving and don't lose my dreams. That, I define them because they belong to me and no one can better achieve them than me, because they are meant for me, they are my dreams.

We'll make, Madrigal'15 happen. Dreams, they say; come to light, so I am following the rays to my light. Cheers!

Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Monday, 2 March 2015

Madrigal' 15 DSC

It was that night, when I returned back home from the Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF). After carrying a journey from Delhi-Jaipur-Ajmer-Pushkar-Delhi, I had lead one of the greatest experiences of my life. I was happy, I was composed. The beauty, the grace, the affection and the spontaneity of all these places I visited, had given me strength and belief that yes, I could make it big one day to the stars. That someday, I will reach my dream and have my own identity as a writer and as a person who has seen life. I was so curious to understand life, every next moment, I had wanted to stand strong and not lose myself to the world, but to contain myself and be a power, a force, bringing love and joy through my actions and not hurting people. Even if I would hurt them, I would make for that hurtfulness, I would either learn life, I would accept my being rude or just that, I would mean what I did in my act of rudeness. Everyone has his/her experiences to teach self, I was going to have my own journey through that.

Then, things changed. I came back to Delhi and from the very next day I made sure I was attending all the classes in my college because I had taken college off for almost a week before, as I had been travelling. I was in Delhi on the 27th of January by night and the next day I left for college, to make sure I did not miss any class. It was Wednesday, the 28th January and my professor was going to teach Romantics (Poems by William Wordsworth and other poets). Our professor, Mrs.Shayista Khan asked me the reason for my absence from the college. We had a brief discussion regarding the JLF, and she wasn't angry with me; least of what I had expected. I had been ready for the scolding but she talked of a topic which was, 'Democracy and Secularism'. She asked me to write an article for the college magazine, 'New-Star' and I smiled at this thought. Moving from this topic, she started the lecture on similar lines. The course book was not opened yet, so we discussed about the college festivals and instrumentally, we started talking about the English festivals. I asked her questions, regarding why our Department of English wasn't going to have its Annual English Festival this year? We agreed on one thought as she suggested it to me, 'Why don't you people work for it? Make it happen.' , she had said.

From that day onwards, I greeted my friends and took this idea forward. We classmates interacted with the possibility of the first English festival that we would witness in our department in our almost two years in college. It was thought provoking an idea it could be. The same day, I had an opportunity to talk to the teacher in charge of festivals in our department, Mr.Anshuman Singh. He was very cooperative, and it gave me wings and I tried to gather people together who were willing to work and make this event happen. Having rounds of interactions with our juniors, who were very much interested and excited about this idea, to finding my seniors in college who were busy preparing for their entrance examinations for admissions into postgraduate courses after their graduation was complete. They are 2-3 months away from their graduation, and when these 2-3 months are to come; it means, my final year in the college starts.

With our seniors, we didn't have good coordination but that very day I started looking for them. I met two girls from the third year, who asked me, when they were getting their farewell. I asked if, they wanted a farewell, and the girls were surprised as much as I was embarrassed of myself asking them such a question. There had been a tiff between few second year students with few third year students at the time of fresher's and this had led to the coldness between the two sides. We exchanged our contacts and I had asked her to talk to her classmates regarding the festival. She smiled and gave me a ray of hope. I reflected as my friend, Guneev had suggested me; "that not all people are rude, if few are then it's alight,  let them be." I respected her suggestion and I was happy, in the way the two girls who were my seniors, talked to me. Till then, it was almost the first week of February that had stepped in. I had good interactions with the juniors and Anshuman Sir,  who suggested us to have Elections, to make things go in an order and spontaneity. We agreed upon it and in the next week, we had our elections where I became the Vice-President of my Department.

Now, it's 2nd of March today and we are going to have our English Department Festival on the 12-13th March this year. The seniors have shown greater interest in the festival as much as we have and the juniors have. I will miss this bond between us, in a matter of few days and let me quote Guneev again. That, "if we have led bad experiences once; this doesn't mean that there is no room for goodness to strike. It means, there is enough room for happy times to come." I am happy to see my department together once again, and we are working for the English Festival with zeal and enthusiasm. Our seniors are participating, even after having assignments to submit, presentations to give and entrance exams to clear.

College life has started molding me with the different situations, and I am happy that I am growing, and taking on to the challenges(this time together with my department), and I believe this is all that matters in the long run. Experiences of college, written in bold characters in the manuscript of life.

I will write again, regarding how we come up with our English Festival. Enjoy, and if you're a Delhite then please come to my college on 12-13th March 2015 at 10am. The event shall go up till 3pm, all of you are invited if you're a student. Thank you! :)

Gagandeep Singh Vaid
Dyal Singh College, Lodhi Road
New Delhi- 110003

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Madrigal' 15 is the name of our festival.