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Memories from March'15


The best of Artist Address~ 3.

They said, 'Hey, you make us read!' I was glad, I readily said; 'Oh, thank you!' They said, 'Hey, you make us dream!'
I smiled and replied back, 'It's you and your dream that lightens. I'm glad, I made you realize your possessions, in your dreams.' 

It was a heart to heart exchange amongst us!

Eyes of suspicion,
Yet eyes of dreams.
You know not what his dreams be,
For you know only of your dreams.  Wait, and think; I suggest,
you to introspect.
Maybe, your aspirations get wings,
maybe, some work you have left,
that you have forgotten, you remember that. Look around yourself, and complete yourself,
for you have the power to do so.
You're the one responsible for your happiness,
your sadness, you're the power, look into yourself,
and find yourself. What you really want,
your heart knows all that.  Listen to your heart, is all what I am saying to you.
That's peace and magic. You're the creator,
the artist who lives to see each day ap…

Felt and said!

Many a days stretched by,
Many a moments combined,
Your smile, your grace,
touched me, to become a
part of me and you progressed
each day, to make a part
of yours in me. Inwards and outward of me,
that I take thine name;
I can feel close to you
that I call you mine.
Some people call me,
they tell me that as I write
upon, you are my muse.
I know not what to say
to them, when I feel
you don't only make me
write but you have
also taught me how to
live. That you're so
special to me, that
you complete me in our
incomplete story. That in
not being mine, you have
been mine and vice versa.
Such is our bond to be in reality.
Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Spring Fever 2015 (Delhi)

I had heard lots about him, this author. Every girl talks about his novels. Today, luckily I got to attend his interactive session at the Spring Fever 2015. He's one of the best-selling novelists of India. Starting with his first novel,'Of course I love you' he made a mark in the reading circle. School, college going students grabbed his novels and soon there was no one who hadn't read Durjoy Dutta's novels. 

Durjoy Dutta, started writing at the age of twenty and by the age of twenty one, had his first novel published. It became an instant success, and as Durjoy points out; how he had used his real life instances in his first novel, to how he had to hide from his parents' the very fact that their son had become a writer. It's a story of Durjoy that is a journey in itself. The journey from being an ordinary Engineering student at the Delhi College of Engineering to becoming an author of ten novels and scripting three television shows in just seven years, it&#…

a ray of Hope~

no one was ever born perfect,
for that there was life,
to cast one's journey towards the light,
the light towards the goal, 
of reaching perfection,
through imperfection.
for, that was the only one, Way~

Some lessons from the day..

Night pervades home,
with the lessons from the day.
Her light was the ending of the last moonlight,
this early morning.
Her light is the starting of this moonlight,
this night.
She had come, she has left now;
just I am left to witness the show,
her presence, her essence,
absorbed in this wind now.
She's gone now, and won't return,
this had been the lesson of the day.

Madrigal'15 Dyal Singh College(M)

The English Department of Dyal Singh College(M), recently had its very first English Literary Festival, Madrigal 2015 on the 12-13th March in the college auditorium. Madrigal is the name taken from 14th century which originated in Northern Italy and it is a form of vocal chamber music. The title sponsor for Madrigal 2015 was, K.K. LEE, KHAN MARKET. 

Day-1 (Highlights) The colourful and lively decorations in the auditorium and foyer gave way to the positive vibes that set the mood for the day. The Chief Guest for the festival, Dr. Anannya Dasgupta who is best known for her poetry and her blog Daily Riyaaz recited few of her poems. The poems had a touch of reality with a poem on 'Delhi Metro' and one,  'Ode to Delhi's driver'. The audience enjoyed the poetry reading very much by the chief guest, and the budding poets in the audience surely got to learn a lot from her. The anchor, Vasudha rightly said; 'Poetry was a way of life.' 

Next came, a performance by the…

Of good spirits and happiness. 'K.K. LEE, Khan Market'

A day in Khan Market in Lutyens' Delhi, I entered a shop which read K.K. LEE. In that sunlit day, with the positive spirits that had touched my gaze already, I could greet the shine and grace of leather shoes and bags at the first. I have to admit, I was in love with their style of craftsmanship. Next to me, a lady entered the store and she appeared to me as a regular customer. Having a good knowledge of the shop and their work, she interacted with the attendants and finally got what she was looking for. Merriment on her face, she left the shop after paying the bills and in this time, the sweetness of the shopkeepers brought a smile to my face. The lady who had just left in hurry, came back with her mother to get another pair of shoes for her and in addition she had placed another order of shoes for her son. Also, the interesting thing was that her son wasn't there with her, but she could make the shopkeeper understand what kind of shoe she was looking for, and enquire if the …

they were different, yet lovers!

but when she went,
he looked upon to say,
that please stop, hey,
but then she went. he had been sitting,
near the shore,
to that sea.
he had been bidding,
byes to the lore,
her dreams. in the silent description,
of the sand dunes,
he found his friend,
his happiness, his pace,
he was yet again,
on his steps,
he had been freed that day. she was right, he wasn't-
in love with her,
for he only praised the sea,
little did he praise her beauty. she realized it earlier than he could,
and in that broken love,
they had found the love,
of their lives. where she found another man,
who had loved her,
but could never say.
there he found his world,
the landscape, the birds,
the stars and the sun,
his love was like hers,
universal. her man, who waited,
for months and years, had met her.
his answers were standing next to him,
answers of life, of joy and decorum.

The Silent Echo

Everyday wasn't meant to be a lullaby, and no longer there stood a need of a lullaby to keep me moving. I had grown up and I had to learn to fit in the world, to fit in the work culture and the prevailing environment. When I had to give my life a new start and that start came to me with Madrigal'15, I know it means to me the world right now. I wish it to happen in a good manner and the experiences associated with this event are making me a better person every other day. Better person in the sense that I am no longer a child, who would just be too shy to not enter a particular restaurant, thinking that the people inside the restaurant would ask him questions in English and that he would have to feel embarrassed on not being able to answer them back in the right manners and disposition. Now, on the other hand I am not shy, I do enter restaurants and can talk to the people and this very thought gives me happiness. It is an achievement for me, and it makes me a better person. Alt…

Madrigal' 15 DSC

It was that night, when I returned back home from the Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF). After carrying a journey from Delhi-Jaipur-Ajmer-Pushkar-Delhi, I had lead one of the greatest experiences of my life. I was happy, I was composed. The beauty, the grace, the affection and the spontaneity of all these places I visited, had given me strength and belief that yes, I could make it big one day to the stars. That someday, I will reach my dream and have my own identity as a writer and as a person who has seen life. I was so curious to understand life, every next moment, I had wanted to stand strong and not lose myself to the world, but to contain myself and be a power, a force, bringing love and joy through my actions and not hurting people. Even if I would hurt them, I would make for that hurtfulness, I would either learn life, I would accept my being rude or just that, I would mean what I did in my act of rudeness. Everyone has his/her experiences to teach self, I was going to have my …