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Turning us who we are..

Touch of success, a torch of dreams, a sparkling road ahead. Linking these three, aligns our life story. If a failure ever sticks, then the act of removing that corrosion from one's image is theory of success or victory, that is ought to be celebrated with pomp and show. But does one really feel that bliss, when one is granted victory, I guess no, but he feels the pressure of different viscosities, while arming and preparing for that win. I read it, that the biggest happiness, is arising from the will to overcome and complete a challenge. That act is versatile and brings along greatest affection, while teaching us and bringing a transformation, a change for good and well being. Challenges make us what we are, and in their absence, we are dull and lazy.

There arises a call from within..

There arises a call from within, to thank my companions for the trust they have budded on to me. Silence of this friendship is well conveyed, through each expression of love and affection that they confer. We wake with a smile of brotherhood, although friends are we. Figuring enormous situations, exceeding from fun to ecstasy, we interact about the day to day involvements. We go on climbing this ladder of true friendship, through all the waves of the sea.

The sky upwards..

The sky upwards twinkles with countless stars. Whether it is a lover, wondering about the beloved soul, or a child, the stars bring along dreams in unbreakable aperture. The northern star, bringing the most glaring light, the constellations forming to entertain all ages, from childhood to older years, these stars form a part in our lives. The night glows with moonlight, the stars acting as catalyst, enabling us all to glide in our work and it's beauty. The touch of the nature, sustains the belief in us ever brightening.

Later part appreciating the cool atmosphere across the mountain breeze, I felt the tendency of love and affection.

The girl of my dreams

My arms reach to your shadows, appreciating your look so warm. Sleeping is this world day or night, but how can this lover be that calm, i miss thinking a minute's dream without you in its shade, my arms stretch and find you, and you are the girl i praise.

A girly charm embodies my girl, she laughs and lets me cherish, her very thought, her name, and her might, when she glorifies each reflection of the sun rays.


Incarnation call it of the soul,
Seen are the shades of prosperity and wellness, while I stride with my mother, the same roads that once accompanied us in times of distraught. But I am thankful to the Lord, the fullest as he gave my wings, spirits to fly in my own land, but with more richness of character. Excited!

Results that are awaited.

Silence is the mix of each feeling,
In this phase of ambiguity, do I flare in my own land of deep froze and such feeling. My midnight oils, do ask for mere recognition, if not in way celebrated, through the murmurs of loud uproar taking place in material world, where no longer lays respect for the efforts, but the recorded marks in the answer sheets, that people assume to be depicting the soul and his entire life. This silence conveys those feelings of malaise and heartfelt solitude, thinking what is to place, if these efforts are not given their due tag of honour.

Sitting in a corner, of different territory..

The corner of this room where I sit, unknown, makes me realize the beauty of her thoughts. The flair of her love, never let's me be alone, wherever I go, for its she looking at me and giving me priceless dreams of her.

Who says this life is empty, who says my walk is aimless, I don't believe so, for I believe in this love and in the sight of my girl, who does not speak loudly for me, her love, but she dreams the way I do for her, and its how we interact, while not speaking much through words.

Amicable girl..

I knew not how, happened this,
I stared at her, and felt eternal bliss,
The atmosphere of love and emotions streamlined in most fructifying fashion
Letting me praise her smile, her words that she flawlessly shared with her female friends,
I soon gave a shy appearance,
Finally understanding this was love,
And walked to different road,
And this is a story of my love of that unknown girl whom I praise.

Unsaid words

Her eyes are precious, her intent is beauty personified, her embers of thoughts are alluring for a boy, who falls for her love in ever satisfying terms. A princess is my girl, name of who's describes perfection and I reveal to her heart each moment, sitting here, distant from her presence, that I have let no day go away alone, not hearing your affection through the buzz of the winds that offshore fly from her towards me. Our roads are one, paths may be different, but when two people are in deep love, they need not care about anything else, then praising each other, that from my side is ever glowing, in each spirit of goodness and truth. I may be left less of words to describe her persona, through my real intent, for she deserves a lot of love and for she is a royal girl of dreams.

It accustoms to my spirits, in all bounty or freshness, to speak to her my intent, that is flow of true love, for her and only her.


Your mannerism is the dialect or derivative of your life.

The drama

Watching actors perform with full gusto, let's my spirits splurge upright. For I am the person forming a friendship with the actors onscreen, through the marvels of connectivity.

Spontaneously I roam, in the world of the portrayed scene. Forever do I find a feeling of pride and honor, and also this feeling lets me glide high in my beliefs. These beliefs are not false stated, for these let me abide in the pond of love, and I get to feel the luxury and manifestations of the pond of love, through looking and staring at the actors, whom I praise and form an attraction towards.

Day after day, we at equal intervals streamline our flow of motion, moving and gearing ourselves towards the palace that we aspire to be and at last that day falls in rightful place, and is our life. Therefore I deeply believe there needs to be love acting as soul in our drama towards our dreams, for that is the act of ours arising from deep within.

My silent watch..

I look on the silent roads, thick breeze cremates my rose, and doesn't let me fly with my beloved. I feel the thunder ever tight, but pluck the leaf of my flower and keep it in my hand immersed strong. For even if the blowing winds take away the whole rose, then remains with me my very little part of rose. An acquaintance of my girl shall always be made with this little part, and I don't want to lose it at any cost.

It's not that her love needs a remembrance, it's reality that her love is ample but I wish to feel variant shades of her, and her love that keeps on calling me towards her and only her resort of love and affection that is her heart!

Hard Rock!

The time these days is more technically moved, in contrary to the one that long ago was lead. There were simple things, simple people, in all a simple world, where everyone was accepting the way out to be happy with less resources, and were comforted too.

Today, times have changed, diseases have spread, because of increased pollution, human activities and unordered chemical use, that we intake through our food. As a result of short supply of food, that to a large population has to make use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, directly affecting the human health. We have those diseases today, which weren't heard in earlier times, or if heard were comparatively lesser or minute. But today, our medical facilities have gained great frontiers, we have good techniques and have stronger medical segment in our economy, doctors have increased, studies are diversifying, leading to growth of human resource through researches in field of medicine. But along our path we have stead away fr…

Stories of the sunlight lovers!

She comes with little steps towards me, slightly a hand waves a hello to me, and I am left speechless, to know she is the girl whom I like to praise. Comes and stands in front of me, asking about how the days are going and it is a royal moment for both of us. The aroma of this pure love is well felt, when she wants to convey her affection for me, but can't do and I don't know the reason why.

We soon forgot about where we were going, because it was love not letting us go anywhere else, but we actually had to listen to our mind and not always heart. She soon left my company turning to her friends home, and I went other direction. This is another day in the lives of the sunlight lovers.

Night or day, dream has to fulfill

Eyes liquefy, are red enough, and blinking with a need to sleep. But can this person, let the days closure, without fulfilling his duties, that align in an everlasting segment. Can the aspirations lessen, making him less careful about his time, this every passing second lets him understand his ideas better, for he has to let the hard work go on. Not making much joys or luxuries he moves with his feet's on, moving with increasing rhythm, to make things possible and alive. His days are asking for toil and he's supplying the same, in his trail to his dreams, with blinking eyes, that are red, in need of sleep.

Art of life

The sun shades the world
In the dialect, of an artist who directs his boards,
Variations are implemented, a color governs the nature of the art,
And in a slight breeze, I can believe we all are an art, and a form of art,
An art of a spirit,
That directs the noon and sunrise,
That sprinkles rain and whispers about the coming of monsoon,
Then the seasons change, the colors abound in a different exclamation,
While we are sharing our happiness with friends, and sadness too,
But this blend of occurring is a shade of the art, always flowing with full gusto, like a monkey dart from one rock to other, greeting is the sound of love in all the variations, that we see, through this art.

In her name of "Perfection"!

Heart speaks in higher volumes, when her name arises, she is but a girl of wonder, a perfectionist in each manner.
When she phrases her speech, she speaks with innocence and a girly charm, teaching me the way to talk and present myself in times of victories and storm.
She is but a fairy, a beauty queen, not only by her heart, but from warm thoughts, that cross from her heart to her mellifluous tone.

Until I find you..

Her flair of beauty,
Occurs to me, as a royal bliss and might,
Exhilarating heartfelt joys,
Of higher dominion,
From inside me, and the things I like,
She's visible everywhere,
The world I glide!

Holi! Hai!

The fest of colors, labors and traditions are warmly felt. The spring is august to swarm in and we lead our language by a way out of celebrations. The litmus red colors, the bountiful water, we are playing with affection and luster of our thoughts. We aren't dealt to enjoy alone, but forming a bondage with our neighbors, friends. For this is the festival of Holi calling with open arms of manifestations.

Celebrations without you..

I wished so, if I could meet you; last night as the celebrations swung in full gusto. You weren't seen, through my short sighted vision, but I attempted to find a holy glimpse of yours in each way possible. Oh! My friend, my arousing love, where do you keep yourself in any unseen shade. I want to be allured by the dreams together with you and I still can't find you after slumber today morning. Is it that you are hiding your love from me, or is it that this love is more felt by me alone?

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