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Yesterday, and today, sweetest

Mint freshened mornings, when in the cool breeze, or fog my father did accompany me, till my bus stand. As I was to go to school, he daily got me "Chocos" biscuits from a nearby shop. Which if in winters, I kept in my blazers' inner pocket, but one thing was always that I opened the biscuits in my break time during school hours. The motional touch made me remember my home and I felt good, having something from me parents with me. There is happiness eternally.

Here I wish to talk more about the affection my father sprinkled on me, not only was it permitted till biscuits but making me turn for school, and himself getting ready along me. In childhood a bond between someone close attracts the child, and my family was significant to me, as before starting to go for school I had only family members with whom I talked, enjoyed and remained. The home atmosphere was so close to heart and then started the school game, which I always felt nostalgic to leave home, without parents but…


The exam time

Days before this propaganda, starts a feeling of integration. Everything other then studies terminates from latent end! Yep! I do love to study, but I fear when people tell, then to gain the highest momentums there are people striving 24/7 while I am giving time to all the tasks I love to do, including the invincible, vital part of the terminology, lovely studies!

I am so much encouraged by the success of people in their respective fields. It's only that they have certain talent in what they do and let the talent not vitiate. Then why, do I not go one directional in my talent, rather I go to classify myself best in all things? I ask daily questions, and when confused the spritual centre confines beams of magic on my lively senses. Praying God, is the loveliest mantra, it makes me rise and rise and rise. I wonder again, assuming that I feel out-tracked only when I give less reference to the magic energies, the almighty.

Now, as the new session waits, I have new things …

I wish I change good!!!!

The days are made the way we turn them. I just believe as if I was inhaled by mischief seeming thinkings. So unhappy things make us, when we feel about how wrong we went. They have their own power and when we utter something wrong and then don't realize, later over then we are in the thunder shake, cries they sprawl over full day on us.

I have just learnt to be good-willing and to gain a majestic look one has to prepare really hard, and hard is not really that hard. It is only having good behavior towards out tasks, and having control over what we do, can be the biggest help in the goodwill of our nature afterwards. Losing the right lane is making us feel so enormously bad and I have experienced being the baddest of all, when I disregard respect and overlook the necessary instructions on which we need to reflect in our life. Why did I do that wrong, these are regrets but always there is a hope intense underlying in our clotted blood, that we will turn the situations all right. So,…

Thé New Words Which I Learn

Quicker and charmer does life turn,
To be..
Iniatiating the realities along dreams, learnt..
I build my nougat tree!

At once do I rellish,
On completion Of necessary task,
Joys enveloped squash,
Rewriting my past,
As future entrails new journeys,
To mask!

I find on new clothes,
Coloured with yesterdays, winning stance,
Obliging myself to lift above ropes,
My futury dance!
Stratergizing with wisdom,
Of my love alarmed,
As I enter my stardom!!

Free World

Standing on the top of the hotel,
Screws on my mind,
A thoughtful aperture,
Along the winds,
When my heart bears a variant stature,
In the love the being sways along..
I have found a new friend!
The party which has a lovely alignment !

There is the lively call, from the inner self, which is so much willing to strive, and party hard. Maybe, there is a sense of judgement that today I shall be the most happiest, doing all what I do alone, that is overjoy.

The party preparations are on, and with the cultural bond getting broadened I feel the reality the most abundant. I go on wearing a special styled turban, which shall make me withstand with the ongoing situations, which again is manifesting all goodness from the earlier beliefs.

The Raja's, Maharaja's, we are attired as, with girls as the, 'Princess'. It is 21st century, and people have emerged with life in new sectors, but that love and aspirations are intact with strong feelings' of brotherhood. This can't be undermined, as the love which sprouts from each corner of the world has gathered to give respect to the imaginations, thinkings of the people century back, or many more years back. It's not o…
If you miss me,
Imagine if I am within you,
If you wish to see,
Me passing the lanes with you,
Keep a hand on your heart, 
And feel as it's mine beau,
Towards your love mart

Again if a song makes you love me,
Feel the times we have had,
Maybe in ecstasy or fate of ours' being happy..
Care for a child, a women and all beings, (clad)
As they have also a day past fallen in love with anybody,
As you fell in love flag,
With me!

Classify your own way of love and affection!

Screw ill thoughts,
 Uncare about the frightening world,
You board in the amazing boats,
To gain success in the days not hurled,
Not in unhappiness of any sort,
But jubilant aura curled

Deep affection for all beings,
Where utters,
In lively sense of deep wonder ness, relieving,
You flutter,
Accepting love and care arising!

You win the life route and classify!

And turn the world fragrant if,
You attain peace, within,
Not sly :)
The more you interact, the more you love. Caring is a human reflection of grace and purity of mind, enhanced with good imaginations. 

The mind at a point in day to day life, stands on a platform from where, no turn back seems joyable , it's because we change and have started loving. At instances we may try to think of our attitude towards this blooming life was, it may had been a bit bashful, or extreme hater of things. But when the love call filters through your minds shelf you are as pure and glad then never before. The attainment of thoughts gets to be as, to hug each person coming your way, more and more energy to love and that is by your communication broadening with people, in a positive expression. Days happen and make you a peaceful, experienced, complete man. One who always want to succeed and failures are just nothing more then preparing your eye sighted nature to scroll and win, while loving.
flip through the bench, to hide the neck, of the person who indulged along u, in that corrupt analize, for overshadowing the little earned by poor.

oh! yes, you, care how what? for u have gone astray from the spritual righteous path. ur God has been turned up as money, wealth and you in this way enjoy the weather which is sunny.

i ask how befallen can a minister entrall in not realising his wise goals are to be. befallen under the blunders.. creating mischief the way even children would not undergo through.. for they are untouched by any mannerism which exerts intentions to downgrade the millions in population!

we pay taxes and they evaluate the material growth of their distinct beings, is'nt this behaviour dangersome for the days to come?

their earlier were quotes by those ministers who sacrificed their mighty life.. into struggling for good growth.. they said.. person is one who stand as a path shower in success tally.. where is goodness.. visunaries can call world good.. but it…

Till I can walk alone..

there is no stance to strand my moving feet,
no stop i mean..
i get down from the bus, fleet,
a stoppage behind been..
to fizz in the mood,
romancing in the melody,
singing in the tone of adenaline to chirp,
to entertain the generations to be,
and confident my presence scrolls..
within me..

i am just in pursuits,'of desires,
which glare,
to walk until i find a companion who even shires,
his/her, presence into me portrayal..

Flying sans fiscals

i gaze the sky over throughout the nights,
asking why is the sky not that bright,
for girls like me:
parents trumble to disobey the God's advice,
of giving a girl a cheered life?
isn't this life made for me to rise,
am I solitude striken, or in plight?
even I can slare the wings to glide,
in the sky, turning it always that bright..

matters' how,
if is it a girl or boy child,
what is standing to look for is pride?
they, say girls like me have not to slide,
their expections as the boys abide..
but I have even a heart to dream..
mind to love..
for am i a child.. my heart and mind work together free..
so nothing is to hide..
but am I tortured by men,
or women who grew like me.. in this ride,
where i get a chance to live few more nights,
until i ablolish from the scene as it seems,
or from people's fright..
but am i a child.. i wish to try
The optimism we grace in our characters is flaring us, our lives into tomorrows world. Well, each moments ablazes us into tomorrow, and we have to link these notions of life, to make it for a big day.

"Dreams oriented and work accordingly or logistically"

There is scenic beauty in the mountains, in the rainy day we leave behind our baggaged thoughts, drowny feelings, and uneventfully our mind is set. It happens many times. But linking on the world with the deeds we have commited, has wrecked as havoc seeming as we think and revolve about our imaginations of the next genre-world. What didn't happen is planning. We may have dreamt and achieved but dreaming , what is cultivating is the need. We have achieved and on other side have taken a step hike in abolition of our natural surroundings.

"Plan as if the space shuttle has to launch the last stepped analysis along"

Re-approach the lanes you may have untarnished by, into an understanding of wisdom, termology, and most …

Excitement, joys, thrillers, jeans.. Peace..Failures..Victories 1/70 marks.. 70/70 marks

A cute blissful stature, of a person is emerged, each time when there stands something to celebrate.

My, brother has gone out to meet relatives and he has come after 10 months from miles in 'K' standards(1000's miles). He did bring for me, exciting clothes to stare at, and wear of-course.

There is a childish behaviour confronted, when love and care is sprinkled by. I can relate, this joy, melody at moment, as I wait for him to return home, from relatives place.

I am in full glow, curious to share talks and reluctant to bore him. I just want to live this moment. Overjoyed today and all charged is me.

I feel girlish touch to me, the way girls in my class, utter softly, I also utter strong feelings in revamped mind, in caring fiesta. I whisper pure love, glare the dinner which is going to be lovely and summing up all great times to come, I am going to stear, living as I can't wait for tomorrow.

When in silence, there is a tone, which spears.. which gets to be listened, b…

Yeo! Craftsmen!

Craftsmen oblige,
Theirselves by, greeting people,
With their art work,

For the material they give life to,
Meant is for getting an image..
of it, entrailed inside hearts!
of those who stare

The rules, adorned in creviant fashion,
Master piecing, a churned
Light ablaze my heart's stature

Where does air take us....

Slacked not is
heart of mine,
But ripened fruits
It bear!

Hold, along your
presence elated..
As pure is you..

Imagining do I,
Glide along
the flock of birds,
Who alike me,
Cherish the love
and search for more installed....
In the atmosphere, or
This sky of ours
Linking my
day today....
As I get back to
routine work....
It's just you made
me to do..this way!

I went out of track of
my un-whimpering goal,
Until your freshened smile,
Made me stand in that route,
ahead mile....
all once again

So, more I remember you,
the more I link my works' splendor..
while loving you in my day dreams

My simple sort ode to the words I glay

Tickle, play, and
Dance along the words,
When at instances,
They hold my bow, as swords

Streamed to gaze around,
Do I utter enchantments
As steady flee...............

Out stead of problems,
Called are which,
To reproach back..
as solutions gate my sea!
As thunders turning,
To merry vibrations,
Flaring my emotions free----
high up the transcend
Imaginary, bore,
Tangling me to attain intelligence,
In the rightly possessing
Itself with no forbearance,
And I go where
Captivating love,in
tasks, to complete
Fructifying mansion.
Of my dreams.

Gods' stare beneath,
your being,
Just sought you to remember
him, reigning,
Therefore love all beam,
For God shall be EVERYWHERE SEEN
Versatile moments
sprout up,
I dream you
coming near,
To remove blanket
from this platonic love,
Respiring, along the
powerizing feel,
Epitome of strengthened
imaginary you are,
Praising my being,
your lovely heal .
Crop my blazing thought approach,
Synthesizing the heart,
From deepened froze,
Is the bird emerging again,
To flip the clouds,
And shower rain
Each day, each night,
Pendulum criss crosses my expectations,
The reason is a sort different,
Being special as it holds your name..
And the fractions,
Which link my dreams along yours',
Unthoughtfully groomed,
Just heart felt
Leap across,
The garden of flowers,
The sizzling sense,
Bears and entralls..

With the fructifying nature,
Of the sight..
When appear the wonders..
So bright
Flow where the winds oblige,
Straw the area on the tumbling part,
To come up,
Spearing for a new start

There never offered was resistance..

Just to survive is the,
Blaze of the winds,
So, if made you,
A patient, imagining mind,
I am sure, you will grind,
More faliur which come along winds..
To a winning stance!

So you gather more love from ofference.


Right before, writing about,
The love I interned..
I calligraphed the topic, no doubt,
For closer, really near,
To me does this send,
Flash back of the clouds which appeared,
With sun glaring majestic,
In for mart of love..

When she looked back..

Just the calmness,
Gave stems,
To cheer the life,
The lustrous face sent!!

A lovely glance,
Appeared the emotions,
Malibulating, my love rhymnes of,
Intangulated slimes..

Just I keep on finding,
the love,
more quartered each time,
And I keep on living!

Happy Valentines Day

When I come, in the land of yours',
Won't matter, be it a day, warm or cold

As the heat oversky,
Mositurises the call of love,
And calm mind fiddles,
With the meet of our eye lashes,
Playing as if with the snow..

Slowly the pondering,
Imagining latent vibrations..
Beat the heart,
With more charm in sight,
When my life inclines..
Towards your might!

Scribbling with my words! :))

Day past day,
Passes, visible,
A ray which sighs..
Possibilities uttering in no,
Frivolous lie..

The wrinkles have dissipated,
When I look the night sky elated..
In stories which are to be rhymned,
Along the future,
Following the winds..
Slayering from the skies dove
Today the morning stars,
Charmed my eyes,
As I glimpsed,
If I was clear..
Of all bars

Frimmered along the angular stance,
Striating life in glowsome tasks..
I say so,
As have I felt..
Variant joys at times..

When was sad and lost,
I learnt and now,
Striations give so much love..
So much so, I feel them no more..
But have found a way of own,
Out from screamt lars

Do pal

Tasveere to banai hai,
In neano ne kitni..

Pur himmat juta nahin paya hu,
Bas apne aap ko sujhaane me..
Ki bus kuch waqt aur,
Intazaar karoon ous masoom se parchai ka,
Jo dheere dheere aa rahi hai,
Kareeb in neano ke!

Hindi Writings

"Kuch ehsaas to hoga tumhe,
Ki banana ha tumhare zehen ne kya..,
Ushi paltan ke tehet,
Tumne udna hai saara jahan"
Aligning of the drizzle,
Towards me...
I deep heartned.. swirl with the rainbows..
As the coloured pattern in the sky..
Leaves my being not alone..
Wishing to travel along, your being..
In the starlight.. Or you call it moonlight..
But, my day is filling love when in my path,
I am seeing.. you!

Dreams, flare.. With mighty my dove..
In where appears your soul!
I am in love..!..

The Carols We Sing

The songs glare, our moods,
Making us create lifes' lovely portrayal,
For the joys flutter our thoughts, tuned,
Filling the crevices of the earlier called failures' layer..

Earlier, passed in deep, enroaching betrayals,
I was disloaded from path of rightness,
It's as people say..
But, I know deep inscence,
That heart, of mine, truth rated shelved..
To make life enlightening

Maybe, today's it tends to be a bit scary..
Bit I fill more and more cheering essence,
As knows my mind,
I will win,
And live lovely blend