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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

A Place To Celebrate

Why is it that you are the safest place for me to hide? Is it that till now you are not attacked, that I am proud enough to call the safest place of mine. What about the day when stones are pelted at you in sheer disgrace? Would you be no longer chaste to me, as you are today? I think you would always be chaste to me—for, I have always seen you with eyes of a dreamer. I have been honest, regardful for you—and I know, my love of you is incomparable with anything for me.

I wish to dance in the stars, 
I wish to be a part of the starlight.
I want to not be heard but felt,
In the hearts which respect dreams. 
I want to be you, and no one else,
Because I know, what it means to be you.
It simply means, being selfless—
being the silent wave, which kisses the shore,
to beautify the essence of the breeze,
I long to be, your safest place—in all manners.

At this point you might be wondering that I am beating about the bush. But wait, that is something I have been doing ever since— I know my existence.  I rarely think logically when it comes to writing. I have so many thoughts transfused in my thoughtful tendencies—which sprout one after the other. In this note of today, I just wanted to thank you dear diary for being there for me in all my thick and thins in life. You are the only power which keeps me moving, and helps me and motivates me to achieve my dreams, my goals.

Thank you!

Yours lovingly

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

happy birthday SJ

wishes for someone who is there for you, 
wishes for someone who becomes a known, from a mere acquaintance. 
one year back, we didn't know each other,
but today, there are few memories to cherish.
from being a guide in a phase of life, well a part of my college life;
you have been a friend, sending in greetings and advice.
when i am left in my land of ambiguities,
you are someone, who tells me, it is alright to be "yourself".

as all of us, cannot be best at everything, we have to learn—
learn to accept, who "we are", and not to be sad about.

wish you a very happy birthday Ms. SJ,
and i am sure, you will achieve all your dreams this year!

--Gagandeep Singh Vaid

कुछ बातें, अनकही।

तुमने कहा था की तुम आओगी,
मेरे लिए नहीं तो, उनके लिए ही सही।
मुझे पता था की तुम अपना वादा,
पूरा करोगी, अपने लिए नहीं तो-
सिर्फ उनके लिए ही सही।
वो दिन चार, वो सपने हज़ार,
ना जाने, कब से-
तुम मेरे सपनो को संजोयी हो।
मै तुम्हारे लिए बहुत मायने रखता,
उतने ही जितने तुम मेरे लिए रखती।
लेकिन बेखबर इस ज़िन्दगी की राह पर,
उन काँटों ने हमें बिखेर दिया।
आज जब तुम, मुझसे नफरत करती हो,
उसी वक़्त तुम प्यार भी करती हो उनसे।
मेरे लिए तुम्हारी नफरत,
उनके प्यार से बढ़कर तो नहीं,
की तुम हमेशा के लिए छोड़ कर चली जाती उन्हें।
मुझे पता था की तुम आओगी,
मेरे लिए नहीं तो उनके लिए ही सही।
गगनदीप सिंह वैद

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Falling In Love (Travel Escapades Vol.1)

By  Kasak,

Chicago, or alternately the windy city, land of Lincoln, the heart of Illinois or City of the seers. It’s embellished by innumerable names people associate or identify it with. In the history if the United States, many artists, entrepreneurs and revolutionaries have dedicated their struggle and success stories to this wonderful city on the shore of Lake Michigan. And I, a freelance model from India, was invited here for a month to shoot posters for a prominent Indian clothing brand in the city.
Well, being alone in a city that is alien to you is seldom a good idea. So, with the scarcity of options and time available, I decided to try out Tinder. For those of you who don’t know what Tinder is, I know you are all being ignorant. All of us, by us I mean the esteemed members of the “male” community have tried out our luck on this dating application and most still haven’t crossed the grand milestone of ten matches (myself included!). However, this time the experience was pleasantly different. It was USA!
I had a bundle of matches in few minutes of swiping (The six pack profile picture worked!). The spree continued for a few days and I felt like the next hybrid of Casanova. Women were craving me like I was “The Catch!". Some sent me naked pictures, some gave their phone numbers even before I typed a text and others asked me to come over. That’s how luck plays a vital role in a classic rag to riches story. From being considered a creep for having a shirtless picture on display in India to being the ultimate “Alpha male material” in the most powerful country in the world, I was intrigued. And not surprisingly, I loved the attention.
After a few days into the player zone, I slowed down my swiping for some peace of mind. I had an inbox of 30 unread messages and I didn’t care. Little did I know, the most beautiful 20 days of my life were around the corner!
One day after a few swipes left and right, I saw something so majestic that my heart skipped a beat for a second. I didn’t swipe left or right, I just stood there entranced. There she was, with her eyes gleaming along the smile she wore so perfectly. I stared blankly at her pictures for an eternity.  She was perfect!

No I don’t want to hook up with you, even if you’re the next Brad Pitt out there! 
Foodie, and just here to meet new people ☺

Reading the first sentence of her bio blew my accumulated male ego to trash. The six-pack wouldn’t work here! Hesitant, I swiped right. I waited for what seemed like forever so that I may be able to witness our match notification, that was if she found me worthy enough! And she was online, that added to the anxiety.

After about an hour, I received my desired Tinder notification. It was a match!

I immediately texted her “Haven’t seen such a beautiful foodie in a long time!”, keeping my fingers crossed as that was the wittiest opener I could come up with at that moment. I waited and my anxiety levels reached new heights. What if she blew me up and unmatched me? Or worse what if she sent a bitchy text? I tried distracting myself by watching the television at my hotel room but all I did was stare stupidly at my phone’s notification blinker. She was so stunning. I wanted to make her mine! 

Some fifteen minutes later the reply flashed on my phone screen. “Aww thanks! You don’t look like you’re from around here?”

And then started a spree of texts which lasted for week at a stretch, she was not only beautiful, but the most interesting woman I had ever seen, or well, texted. We discussed everything from my travel stories, to our not-so-pleasant past relationships. From places which served authentic Chicago food to “why I wasn’t dark like my Indian counterparts!". Our conversations flowed like symphony; the way I could connect with her was so magical, that we could get over the most 'heated up' discussion with an inexplicable smoothness, which I never knew ceased to exist.

After a few more days, we decided that talking all night over the phone, caused her falling into a deep slumber at work, and resulted in heaps of ‘concealer’ being applied under my eyes to hide the dark bags and give me a presentable look for my shoot. It was time to meet in person! I was excited because I knew how much I liked her and yet nervous because there was a fair chance that she liked me too! (We had phone sex once, so I was just assuming).

The day before our first ever date she told me “What if you are a cat-fish?” (Apparently, cat-fish is an American slang which stands for an old or middle aged man, using fake profile pictures to invite young females and trick them through words and kidnap or rape them, or do whatever he wishes with them- poor victims). I laughed at the irony. Here I was, some 16000 miles away from home, alone in a city I knew nothing about, and I was already being viewed as a potential rapist by a girl I desperately wanted to date.

I followed the Metra (Chicago’s version of the public train transport, which unfortunately, should not be compared to our Delhi Metro) route she explained and reached the aforementioned station by her, where the most beautiful girl I had ever seen awaited my arrival at 12:42 PM. I sat in the train (yes, sat! that’s why I said comparison with Delhi Metro would make no sense!) like an anxious anime schoolgirl until I reached Elmwood Park station, where she was supposed to meet me.

I saw her standing at a distance from the compartment of the train I got out from, and I was mesmerized to the extent of being numb. She wore a long white dress and carried it so elegantly. She smiled and waved at me. I smiled back. A part of her beauty was so magnetic that it invited me to go over and kiss her passionately and on the other hand a part of me wanted to run away. My legs started shaking, which was quite unusual as I am socially confident otherwise. It felt as if all the people in the background had melted away and all the noise and settled down.  All I could see was her, amidst the silence and the empty station.

She was right in-front of me smiling, my dream had materialized. I went forward and leaned in for the kiss. I didn’t know whether I was right or wrong, my impulses were in action. I kissed her hard and long and she kissed me back. We walked hand in hand in silence thereafter; all words which would come out seemed futile in the intoxicating silence. We knew it wasn’t just infatuation, it was LOVE!

After our silence broke, we engulfed in each other and carried our date ahead at an Argentinean restaurant. The more we shared time together, the more we wanted each other. We danced at subways, drank in cheap bars, had long walks by Lake Michigan, sat for hours discussing why we hated our hometowns at Navy pier and told random people that we were happily married. The only sad part in our perfect love story was that it wasn’t durable. Spending every day with her surely gave me inexplicable joy, but I would return to the hotel miserable and depressed. It wasn’t going to last forever. And long distances NEVER work!

She would tell me how much she loved me and how much she would miss me when I was gone! It felt as if I was nearing my death with each passing day. Our souls were attached, and breaking such a strong connection would always hurt. The pain would subside but the memories would haunt. We were in a state of no return.

On my last day in the city, I decided to go and see her for the final time. She insisted on not meeting because she wasn’t a ‘goodbye’ person. But I decided to show up at her house. She opened the door, and looked gloomy and tired. Her eyes met mine and suddenly, their gleam returned. We embraced for a long time. I asked her to dress up and get ready.

Puzzled, she asked “Where are we going?”

I told her to follow suite and sent her into her room. I went into the kitchen and got my apparatus ready for our last ‘Pasta Dinner’. By the time I finished cooking, she came out, radiating panache of a queen and we had a quiet dim light dinner together. I cheered her up singing a few Hindi Songs on her old guitar and we spent the night together making love. It was then I realized what people meant, when they said sex is a sacred unison of souls when you’re in love, not a humping game. Looking at her sleeping beside me with a lone tear flowing across her cheek made me want to stay back with her, live for her and protect her like she was a part of me. I didn’t sleep all night.

I had an afternoon flight back home, so after our morning coffee, she decided to walk me back to Elmwood Park (the station where we first met!) although I didn’t want her to walk 2 miles just to say goodbye. We walked hand in hand and she hugged me whenever she broke down into tears. We didn’t talk much during the walk.

My train arrived and I wished it would disappear or break down so that I could stay there more and look into her eyes for a bit.

“I am going to miss you Isabel.” my voice cracked.

She held me tight and kissed me long and hard, just like I kissed her the first time I saw her. My soul felt content.

“I wish I see you again,” she could barely blurt out the words.

I entered the train and it started moving. I saw her from the window waving goodbye, teary eyed. Tears trickled down my cheek. Isabel Miller had disappeared amidst the distance.

About the writer!

The writer known by a pen name, Kasak is a fitness freak, who does modelling and in his words, he is someone who, "emphasises on all experiences in life". He likes to travel and it is music that keeps him motivated. 

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Pushkar Diaries

A conversation with a foreigner in India, makes you joyful at the first. He lives here, walks by and loves playing with the cow. Let's see what he has in store for us. :) 

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Wonder Phase of Life: College

Why are few things difficult when those could be easier? Why do I have to insist upon my ideals with a team which believes in something totally different? Why do I have to interfere in everything, just to make sure things are going well? And then standing at the receiving end with all the blame pouring out on me. 

We had started as a team which somewhere got drifted from its main line, or theme. Why? No answers for this, I suppose - it is just in exercising authority and power. But how far can one go about in doing so? This I have seen, standing at both the ends; of a performer and a viewer, (exercising authority and being exercised upon). Then finally there is a day when you are all at guilt. With people throwing bits at you, their intelligence gives them the authority to be judgemental about one person, that that one person almost dies within one's being. 

There is an end to all the suffering you say it, or there is always a beginning of the suffering. Not wishful, you have to stand at the pulpit where the world watches you and throws stones at you, one after the another. You are no longer the sight to see, you are told - you are no one, and your efforts sum up to nothing. But are they wrong in saying this? I would say, No. They are absolutely correct. 

Somewhere in realising a dream for everyone, I nearly forgot that it was not all about me and the work. For, it was everyone else's work as well and they were equally responsible for it, not me alone. Taking up the charge was a mistake I believe, and not letting them breathe in freedom, I feel I were an entrapper. But now as the days pass by, I feel that the people I thought were mine, and near me; are no more wanting to be near me. I am not talking of everyone, but few of them. Today I feel a failure for not letting them exit my side with any good memories but bad ones. Although I may say that I have nearly died today - but I won't accept that it is the end. I just believe that in my next initiatives, I will do only my work and let other people do what they think they can do well. After all, it's not mine alone - but journey of everyone who is in the team around me. 

Walking past, walking away might be difficult for you at this moment. But believe me, it is the beginning of a phase of life, when you know yourself better, your work better and your dream even better. You are sentimental as every being is, you are emotional and keep things to your heart, your closed ones and your diary as many other people would do. But you dream like nobody, it is unique; and maybe, that is the same with everybody. All of them are led with unique dreams, and their dreams are as closer to them as they are to anyone else, or even me. 

I feel dear diary, that what I lagged behind was because of inexperience to handle, to manage people and my inability to create a structure or a team. Still I felt, I had to give my best shot; and what I could not learn earlier, I learnt it now.

College has given to me A LOT. A LOT, that will definitely create me as a better person. I have fallen in love with these two years and two months in college life. It is beautiful in short. Today I understand the reason behind people regarding it as the wonder phase of life.  

There are many things you do not know anything about. It does not mean, you should not try them. It just means that you should try learning, and managing different aspects of a plan, with a calm mind. As it is very well said and suits up for me as an advice is, "A calm mind can overcome even a storm." (Advertisement Tagline) 

Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Me, (Dated: August 2015)

Friday, 4 September 2015


By, Ananya Nandi

With the ending of Class 12th Board Examination, a realisation occurred that School Days were over and there was beginning of a new chapter in Life. My School Life finally came to a hault when the results came, it didn't give me any kind of over the top happiness but definitely brought a smile to my face.

JUNE was the month of Admission in every college. 
With the Students taking Admission, JULY had been the month of shopping, shopping and more shopping.

Image Source: Artist Address

20th JULY'15: The day which saw a lot of hustle bustle with the gates of New Life Opening. The Fear and Excitement was evident on each & every Fresher's Face regarding how exciting the College Life would be and the awkwardness of adjusting in a completely new and different environment.

First Week of the College started with a bang of New Friends , interaction with Seniors & New Teachers and even with the Students of Other Departments as well.

Gradually the Days Passed, I started missing my School, Old Friends & Teachers and even the Tuition Days.

My Main Concern while entering to the New Life of College was to make no mistakes and having no regrets. 

Choosing Good Friends is the toughest task. And somehow I managed. 
I can't make any judgement or have any perspective for anybody as it's just the starting. With the Days Passing, I will get the CLARITY for everyone.

I always ponder upon the Question that How Will I Spend My Golden THREE YEARS with the Good as well as some Self-Centred People? But , TIME is the biggest Healer and I need to give time. I need to adjust myself with the changing Times & changing People. 

People Hurt. Expectations Hurt. Memories of the Past Haunt. People are Least Bothered for the People around them. But A Dark Night has to END and Bright Day has to come. I know that A day will come when there will be NO REGRETS , NO MISTAKES and NO GUILTS. 

Days Pass by HOPING 
Days Pass by Each MORNING, AFTERNOON, EVENING and NIGHT being Passed



Ananya Nandi is a 1st year student in Delhi University's, Dyal Singh College and is pursuing Geography (Honours). Writing is one such passion which gives a righteous expression to this artist, who does not want to miss any chance to turn her thoughts into words; as she pens them down magnificently.

Thursday, 3 September 2015


About the writer!

The writer known by a pen name, Kasak is a fitness freak, who does modelling and in his words, he is someone who, "emphasises on all experiences in life". He likes to travel and it is music that keeps him motivated. 

We all want to avoid the term ‘heartbreak’ from our lives like plague, but it happens! It’s inevitable. We prefer novels which have ‘happy endings’ and are obsessed with the Bollywood's fetish for stories which end when lovers re-unite after long periods of solitude and paitn, or in other words the ‘DDLJ’ culture. However, real life follows its own set of rules. Seldom it gives us chances for our happy ending in the first, second or maybe even the third attempt.

When a relationship ends, a universe dies! All the events, moments and inexplicable experiences two people have been through together, are destroyed within seconds. And just like someone loses a limb or a hand which doesn’t grow back, one requires getting used to the absence. The pain of a relationship’s expiry has the same if not a more agonizing effect on one’s soul. Your insides burn and your energy depletes alarmingly, you have a million things to say but words can’t escape your mouth, you feel like crying can be a solution, but hold yourself back anyway. Old memories keep on coming back to tease and haunt you, but you PRETEND having strength. But we all know it’s a lost cause. There’s not much which can be done about it!

In those moments of gut-wrenching agony, we look for escape routes to fast-forward or numb the painful process of change. Some drown away in alcohol and other intoxicants, some become artists, musicians and writers and some look for the next person available for solace to their injured heart. In my case, it was a change of setting, a change of environment and a change of perspective in the serene town of Himachal; Mcleodgunj.

Distraught and broken, I sat in the first Volvo Bus I could find from Kashmiri Gate ISBT. The conductor told me that the bus was going to have two stops, namely Dharamshala and Mcleodgunj. After 12 hours of my rare and much desired slumber, I woke up and could smell the hills. The vibes had changed and I instantaneously felt better. I was away from Delhi’s noise, pollution, helter-skelter and more importantly, I was away from HER. As the cool breeze brushed against my forehead, I felt better.

After I reached Mcleodgunj, my only motive was to find cheap accommodation and food for my time there. I had no itinerary and didn’t know what I was doing there or how much time I would be spending there. As I walked through the feeble drizzle which refreshed my spirit, I could spot few foreign tourists walking away nonchalantly, with no worries of the world at a relaxed pace.

Their psyche resonated equilibrium! After a few attempts, I managed to find to find a room for myself at a small travel lodge, owned by a Tibetan couple for five hundred rupees a night. I relaxed for a while in the room and set out to have a late lunch-early supper at a café nearby. Post supper, I visited the Dalai Lama monastery and sat in silence amidst the beautiful view of the foggy green mountains all over the vicinity.

I came back to the room after dark, to find the other two rooms beside me, noisy and occupied. I put my boxers on and started sipping vodka from the bottle I had with me in the common balcony, when a beautiful girl with long blonde hair came and stood next to me.
“Do you want to share a jumbo J?” She asked, pointing towards the marijuana joint she had in her hand, rolled.
Her name was Katya, and she was in India all by herself to learn Hindustani classical music. No prizes for guessing, she was an Israeli who had come in search of some peace of mind in this euphoric town in the hills. She had accompanied a few contemporaries and was exploring the town with them. She offered me to join them in the trek to five hour long hiking segment to a peak called Triund. I had never seen or even heard the name of the place, but I agreed anyway to break free of my distress and monotony. 

We started our trek at 9am sharp the next day and that’s where she introduced me to her friends cum roommates, Avec and Ramatilla. Avec was a psychedelic DJ and Ramatilla was his girlfriend since their naïve schooldays. Katya and I hiked together for most of the time and I couldn’t help not staring at her beautiful face like an idiot. We talked about the Palestinian war and why Israelis absolutely love India. She told me about her brief tenure as a stripper in a club and how much she loved travelling. I remained a silent listener throughout the conversation. That’s when she asked me;

“I barely know anything about you; tell me what brings you here?”
I told her that I didn’t know my reason for being in town, it was just destiny. Neither did I know why I agreed to accompany them for the trek. She gave me a look of intrigue (which by the way, made her look indescribably beautiful!). She said she loved how spontaneous I was and we continued walking amidst the silence, hearing faint sounds of exotic birds and waterfalls. The more we walked; it was as if I was steadily shifting into a trance. I just wanted to keep going as a voice inside me suggested that there was a consequence which awaited me. All the events which were taking place were not mere co-incidence.

We reached the peak of Triund after an entrancing strenuous journey. My trance hadn’t broken and everything appeared majestic in the moment. We found out that the only accommodation we had at the place was tent accommodation, which could be hired on a twin or triple sharing basis. Moreover, the place had no mobile network and washrooms. There were just three small tea-shops which would serve us food that night. We were now distant, cut off from the world.

After enduring the serenity and admiring the beauty of the mystic view of the hills the peak offered, we all sat down for supper together. We were joined by another group of hikers from Mumbai and a few more Israeli enthusiasts and decided on having a small party that night as we were loaded with tons of organic weed and hash. To compliment it, the ‘Mumbai’ group had got their bags loaded with stacks of alcohol.

Our party begun after dark and Avec played some ‘chiptune trance’ on his mini-console. Guys from the ‘Mumbai’ group played bartenders. The girls danced and drank. Non drinkers joined the pot smokers, who sang songs and played the guitar around the complementary bonfire lighted by our tea-shop owner in return for the supper contract for him that night. I stood far away from the limelight, sipping whisky and smoking my blunt joint in silence, looking at the innumerable starts that were gleaming. Yet again, I was joined by Katya, who also smoked in the mystifying silence.

“My four year long relationship ended two weeks ago!” I blurt out to her. A part of me regretted having told her that whereas another part convinced me that it was all in the flow and I would be wrong if I resist it.

I told her everything that there was to tell. As words finally escaped my mouth, I felt more and more aware of my being. I felt as if a lethal fire in me had just extinguished. I felt like a bird being freed from its cage, where it was captured and tortured for centuries. She embraced me and we stayed like that for a while. It was then I experienced a feeling so inexplicable, yet so right. As she looked at me with her eyes radiating abundant love, I found my solace. 

We went back to my tent.


I woke up heavy headed next morning. I checked the time. 5.15 am. Katya’s sleeping bag was open and so was the tent zipper. I looked out to see an overcast symphony. The sun was nowhere in sight and it started drizzling as I got out. I could hear soft notes of music and I tried to follow where they were leading me. The tune was familiar, so was the song.

Jaise koi Kinara, deta ho sahara,
Mujhe wo mila kisi mod par..

I walked hysterically in all directions to figure out where the song was being played. I suspiciously checked Avec’s tent and found him sleeping with Ramatilla. I could not spot any person in the vicinity. I started walking towards the tea-shops.

Koi raat ka taara, Karta ho ujala,
Waise hi roshan kare, wo sheher..

As the song progressed rapidly and I didn’t want to miss it, I ran to the corner-most tea shop, the only one which was open. That’s where I saw a huge radio with almost a meter long transmitting wire, rightly tuned to a radio station. I saw Katya, sipping her morning coffee and having an animated discussion with the shop owner. He boasted about how he bought the radio for five thousand rupees and the transmission came in from a station in Amritsar. Katya looked at me and smiled and I sat next to her in the small shed accompanying the shop. The drizzle had now turned into rain and the song progressed to its second stanza. To make the shop owner shut up, I asked him to bring a cup of coffee. I held Katya’s hand and closed my eyes and became receptive the vibes of the song, which were turning out to be the elixir to my soul.

Muskata yeh chehra, deta hai jo pehra,
Jaane chupata kya dil ka, samandar..
Auron ko toh hardam, saaya deta hain
Woh dhoop me hai khada khud magar..

Me parinda besabar, Tha uda jo darbadar
Koi mujhko, yun mila hain
Jaise banjaare ko ghar..

It was then I had reached my nirvana. I opened my eyes and noticed them welling up. At that moment, I just merely existed but at the height of my awareness. I felt like I was the rain and I was the mountain. I had reunited with my true roots. I felt I was home. I was appreciative of the moment and I didn’t care about the next one. That’s when I realized, I had fallen in LOVE. With everything! 

With the old radio which played the song, with the warm cup of coffee in my hands, with the wonderful painting-like scenery which opened itself in front of me, with Mother Nature, thanking her for my nurturing and rejuvenation and with the old shop owner, who blabbered away in his quest for uninteresting conversation. Most importantly, I had fallen in love with the wonderful woman sitting beside me, who now rested her head on my shoulder.

I felt pure and exhilarated. It was as if all that I wanted from the universe, existed in that very moment. I had found my EQUILIBRIUM.

Koi mujhko, yun mila hai,
Jaise banjaare ko ghar…
Jaise banjaare ko ghar…
Jaise banjaare ko ghar…
Jaise banjaare ko ghar….

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Introspect, Ask Yourself; Was This The Reason We Started This Initiative?

Sometimes your heart is not really at peace, yet it has to seek for peace. When you are not happy with the things happening around you, but you want to let it be- you don't want to create any more disturbances. You feel that sometimes things get better by their own. You feel that sometimes, silence will make things better; but does silence really work? Don't the voices around you, tend to rule on you when you are silent? But then it comes to me, and I say, "let it be". I always feel that respect is what makes a person perform the best.

Respect not for who you are, but respect for what you do or you have done for others and for betterment of either society or some condition prevailing around you. You don't ask for power or post in anything, knowing that these things for Namesake can create differences amongst people, and especially when you have your friends with you. Giving someone regard doesn't have to mean that one person becomes the ruler of others. It is just a manner of acknowledging someone's efforts to achieve something. So you would also expect the same in return from your friends and co-workers.

I heard someone say the other day, that don't let friendships affect your work. I felt that it was rightly said by that lady. But my point was to give chance to everyone and not just let your company work in the same manner, the other companies work. We were different, we had to plan out a structure differently and not give in to using the same as of other companies. If we do, then where does our goal or aim get achieved? Where? Nowhere I feel. To take a plan of a well established company is a good idea but at the same time, there has to be an essence which is different in your work culture. Otherwise people would join the already established company and why would they come to you?

There has to be something which speaks volumes. That something has to be the factor which differentiates you from the rest and makes you proud enough of yourself and your team that you created that difference in the working culture. The focus from the aim and goal should not get hidden in tryst to become famous, or in tryst to become a talk of the town. You have to take care of the people who give you their time, who work for you- seeking your response. And believe me until and unless you understand their power, you won't achieve anything.

Accepting their energy and powers will make us, our company even powerful. So if you want power being in the writing, publishing business than you have to love your readers, and people who send in entries for publishing. To try out something different of your new found enterprise is not a bad idea. To stick to an old plan followed by others may sound a safe harbour but in the long run, mind me- if you have to stand out, you have to make your presence felt. You have to get out of your comfort zone, and try to reach those horizons or heights which aren't yet achieved by people.

Never become so proud of your deeds that you forget to respect those people who stood for you, who stood for your company, just because they got silent at a time under pressure from all of you. If you think they are nothing to you, then let me tell you, the power you are seeking in your company is already lost. Because the presence, advice and suggestions of people who were there since beginning forms the soul of your company. Even if they talk nonsense, still that "nonsense" would have experience behind it.

Introspect, give a thought- and yes, don't fall prey to accusations within your own harbour. Don't let your company dwindle easily to rising ego's against your friends or each other. Because it would otherwise lead to bad memories for you and others. The goal or aim which you were to achieve won't be achieved unless you give a view to everyone's thoughts before forcing yours on anyone.

Life is to learn, make sure you make it worth it.

Gagandeep Singh Vaid