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A Place To Celebrate

Why is it that you are the safest place for me to hide? Is it that till now you are not attacked, that I am proud enough to call the safest place of mine. What about the day when stones are pelted at you in sheer disgrace? Would you be no longer chaste to me, as you are today? I think you would always be chaste to me—for, I have always seen you with eyes of a dreamer. I have been honest, regardful for you—and I know, my love of you is incomparable with anything for me.

I wish to dance in the stars, 
I wish to be a part of the starlight.
I want to not be heard but felt,
In the hearts which respect dreams. 
I want to be you, and no one else,
Because I know, what it means to be you.
It simply means, being selfless—
being the silent wave, which kisses the shore,
to beautify the essence of the breeze,
I long to be, your safest place—in all manners.

At this point you might be wondering that I am beating about the bush. But wait, that is something I have been doing ever since— I know my existence.  I…

happy birthday SJ

wishes for someone who is there for you,  wishes for someone who becomes a known, from a mere acquaintance. 
one year back, we didn't know each other,
but today, there are few memories to cherish.
from being a guide in a phase of life, well a part of my college life;
you have been a friend, sending in greetings and advice.
when i am left in my land of ambiguities,
you are someone, who tells me, it is alright to be "yourself".

as all of us, cannot be best at everything, we have to learn—
learn to accept, who "we are", and not to be sad about.

wish you a very happy birthday Ms. SJ,
and i am sure, you will achieve all your dreams this year!

--Gagandeep Singh Vaid

कुछ बातें, अनकही।

तुमने कहा था की तुम आओगी,
मेरे लिए नहीं तो, उनके लिए ही सही। मुझे पता था की तुम अपना वादा,
पूरा करोगी, अपने लिए नहीं तो-
सिर्फ उनके लिए ही सही। वो दिन चार, वो सपने हज़ार,
ना जाने, कब से-
तुम मेरे सपनो को संजोयी हो।
मै तुम्हारे लिए बहुत मायने रखता,
उतने ही जितने तुम मेरे लिए रखती।
लेकिन बेखबर इस ज़िन्दगी की राह पर,
उन काँटों ने हमें बिखेर दिया। आज जब तुम, मुझसे नफरत करती हो,
उसी वक़्त तुम प्यार भी करती हो उनसे।
मेरे लिए तुम्हारी नफरत,
उनके प्यार से बढ़कर तो नहीं,
की तुम हमेशा के लिए छोड़ कर चली जाती उन्हें। मुझे पता था की तुम आओगी,
मेरे लिए नहीं तो उनके लिए ही सही।
------ ---- गगनदीप सिंह वैद

Falling In Love (Travel Escapades Vol.1)

By  Kasak,

Chicago, or alternately the windy city, land of Lincoln, the heart of Illinois or City of the seers. It’s embellished by innumerable names people associate or identify it with. In the history if the United States, many artists, entrepreneurs and revolutionaries have dedicated their struggle and success stories to this wonderful city on the shore of Lake Michigan. And I, a freelance model from India, was invited here for a month to shoot posters for a prominent Indian clothing brand in the city. Well, being alone in a city that is alien to you is seldom a good idea. So, with the scarcity of options and time available, I decided to try out Tinder. For those of you who don’t know what Tinder is, I know you are all being ignorant. All of us, by us I mean the esteemed members of the “male” community have tried out our luck on this dating application and most still haven’t crossed the grand milestone of ten matches (myself included!). However, this time the experience was pleasantl…

Pushkar Diaries

A conversation with a foreigner in India, makes you joyful at the first. He lives here, walks by and loves playing with the cow. Let's see what he has in store for us. :)

Wonder Phase of Life: College

Why are few things difficult when those could be easier? Why do I have to insist upon my ideals with a team which believes in something totally different? Why do I have to interfere in everything, just to make sure things are going well? And then standing at the receiving end with all the blame pouring out on me. 

We had started as a team which somewhere got drifted from its main line, or theme. Why? No answers for this, I suppose - it is just in exercising authority and power. But how far can one go about in doing so? This I have seen, standing at both the ends; of a performer and a viewer, (exercising authority and being exercised upon). Then finally there is a day when you are all at guilt. With people throwing bits at you, their intelligence gives them the authority to be judgemental about one person, that that one person almost dies within one's being. 
There is an end to all the suffering you say it, or there is always a beginning of the suffering. Not wishful, you have to sta…


By, Ananya Nandi

With the ending of Class 12th Board Examination, a realisation occurred that School Days were over and there was beginning of a new chapter in Life. My School Life finally came to a hault when the results came, it didn't give me any kind of over the top happiness but definitely brought a smile to my face.
MISSION ADMISSION JUNE was the month of Admission in every college.  With the Students taking Admission, JULY had been the month of shopping, shopping and more shopping.

20th JULY'15: The day which saw a lot of hustle bustle with the gates of New Life Opening. The Fear and Excitement was evident on each & every Fresher's Face regarding how exciting the College Life would be and the awkwardness of adjusting in a completely new and different environment.
First Week of the College started with a bang of New Friends , interaction with Seniors & New Teachers and even with the Students of Other Departments as well.
Gradually the Days Passed, I started mi…


About the writer!
The writer known by a pen name, Kasak is a fitness freak, who does modelling and in his words, he is someone who, "emphasises on all experiences in life". He likes to travel and it is music that keeps him motivated. 

We all want to avoid the term ‘heartbreak’ from our lives like plague, but it happens! It’s inevitable. We prefer novels which have ‘happy endings’ and are obsessed with the Bollywood's fetish for stories which end when lovers re-unite after long periods of solitude and paitn, or in other words the ‘DDLJ’ culture. However, real life follows its own set of rules. Seldom it gives us chances for our happy ending in the first, second or maybe even the third attempt.
When a relationship ends, a universe dies! All the events, moments and inexplicable experiences two people have been through together, are destroyed within seconds. And just like someone loses a limb or a hand which doesn’t grow back, one requires getting used to the absence. The pa…

Introspect, Ask Yourself; Was This The Reason We Started This Initiative?

Sometimes your heart is not really at peace, yet it has to seek for peace. When you are not happy with the things happening around you, but you want to let it be- you don't want to create any more disturbances. You feel that sometimes things get better by their own. You feel that sometimes, silence will make things better; but does silence really work? Don't the voices around you, tend to rule on you when you are silent? But then it comes to me, and I say, "let it be". I always feel that respect is what makes a person perform the best.

Respect not for who you are, but respect for what you do or you have done for others and for betterment of either society or some condition prevailing around you. You don't ask for power or post in anything, knowing that these things for Namesake can create differences amongst people, and especially when you have your friends with you. Giving someone regard doesn't have to mean that one person becomes the ruler of others. It i…