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A Walk With You!

"You are a writer. What would you write for me?" She asked.
"And, why would I write for you?" I questioned. She stood struck and surprised as what I asked. I moved by, leaving the girl standing behind. I would never write for anyone unless I really wanted to. For business, it could be a different thing: but personally, it was all different. 
In the later days, I met many people. Some questioned me about my identity while some didn't really care about who I was. The second category of the people simply talked, and I was comfortable dealing with them. The moment when you are in a sense of freedom and no one intervenes your zone, that is indeed a special feeling. 
"Writers need to breathe!" I said to myself and kept my eyes engrossed at the clock's tic-tic. I loved to hear the sound the clock made. I liked seeing my life so much defined. Every moment of that peaceful hour was getting identified. It felt as if my soul could kiss every particle of the wind…

Thoughts on myself, a learner

I could never wear the mask of what I wasn't. Whatever I was, I was the most happy in being that!

I would definitely try to be a better person, when it comes to organising, managing my tasks. I love to exercise to get my physique in shape, I love to spend time with the kids whom I teach on weekends sometimes. I feel that the pressure at work of the whole week gets dissolved when those little kids smile back at me. I feel a small walk while the sun is up, gives me the greatest peace. To find my grandmother waiting for me everyday, gives me reason enough to consider myself the luckiest!

There are small joys that make me human, and act humanly. Otherwise, I might have been a negative person, someone not understanding the meaning of myself, my life. I wish to reach heights, but with this journey, that I can call mine. 

I don't want to cheat on someone. While at work, I want to be smart. I am learning, that makes me happy enough!


never take away

Stars twinkle, so do your eyes.
My heart considers you dearly,
dear love of my life.
We move different paths,
share stories of melancholy and warmth.
You call me a solo traveler,
while I call you my dream love.
While not staying in touch,
I can feel your presence around me.
While not sharing your touch,
I can feel complete.
On learning that our dispositions are different,
You walk miles, 
without letting me know even once,
and I sit thinking we formed a great couple.
While you leave today,
still I am here considering you my lover!
Because what heart could match,
neither you nor I could ever take away.


August Written Works

There are those times in life when you can't say but only feel. This is one such situation. The point is that I am thinking too much but then what can I do? When it's the fault in my stars!

Removing the covers of madness from her face, she felt the cold breeze making its space in the deepest corner of her heart. To the world she was a comedian but this comedian needed the moments of peaceful embrace too. She liked silence, away from the showbiz, those cheers and buzz of the crowd that greeted her every time.  This was the time when she was her true self, the one which she only knew. --
"It is difficult mom," said a 10 year old boy.
"That’s why you need to win it,” answered the mother. “But it needs hard work mom.”
“And you will do it.” As the mother said these lines the boy’s confidence reached the seventh sky.
Years later he was on the television winning for his Nation at a global sporting event.  He could thank his supporters, friends, relatives but the push he had re…