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The biggest joys!

We start from very less, and slowly as we eat more crum by crum, we get to a stage higher in life. All with the experiences, we flaunt and the expectations make us rise to a new level of understanding. We know things very well, we make people feel amiable, when we have good command over a subject. Enlightment is in us, the time we are self reliant and freelance. For being that freelance, we have to for sure, get a good overview of the subject which really touches us.

Watching the movies, for example 3 Idiots, it made us believe that each person has, his/her, extreme talent. It's we who has to shape it and make it prospering, and in a way it sounds very much fun, and makes our mood so much cultivated. We are then the trainers and learners too, and in this life process, having started everything from small amount, we scratch new destinations, and when we have the confidence then we just move as freely and undaunted, experiences something in life of more higher strata, and chant only …

It's starting from me, you are where for me!

Look the world, it's so much unpathed.
You and me have to steer ahead.
We have lovely hopes ahead of us and when you smile,
I move my senses aligning,
A ray of satisfaction,
With trust.
Hey, my blossom, hey my life,
I just pray you not get trembled,
But along me say,
That life is beautiful and I have to shape it that way :)
There are angels,
And surely I think those will be in our bay,
When we light the stars and gather love from all spheres' mellifluously,
And only then,
Is the charm reflecting the gladness tray.


I bear in my hand a fruit for you, take it and join me when I make conditions possible for it to grow. I'll take you to the bushes, to those gardens and forests where I lived long back, just it's now I have come to make others' taste the refinement and freshness the aura retreats. Just you have to be with me to spread the soft fantastic spray. Yeh!

Give me even, I am thankful to you for sharing. Wow, I will get the love to taste it but I will share amongst my frien…

If any word is spelled incorrect..

If does any word spell,
In any speared joining,
And talks it of your jovial beam,
I go geek, and change right then,
To right the word as if it seems to me ,
The Minstrel..
Your my girl and with your shades I fell,
Into the love's counter :)

The righteous mistress

Yes, she is the lady,
Making me run,
Oh! how she came to unrest my glow,
When she wielded to stay a distant row..
But I steared still,
After even getting less time,
But did I go..
To sweep the pendulum spraying,
That not I gamble your love call,
But understand your shy tag,
So, therefore, bring to you my soul

Slopy stead

Mind says forget,
The rose..
But I say how can,
After getting so close,
The bird of my ancient times,
As one year seams to me that bend

Looking on you as mind says from long,
But it's as if,
Have started just to care now from..
After finding the way,
That leads to your bay..
I charactrize your bow,
Of love and glow

Small cup, with your unseen beam

Small cup, with your unseen beam,
Makes the auric stature felt still creamed,
As the same energies are present,
Which propel and make me recaptuate,
Those days' in the sun's breeze

I get again to those days,
I saw your happiness,
Feeling still upheld even,
If in your thoughts' latent!

I am in love with that girl, it's you
Who turned back giving me a name to supplant..
And it's the way I go, calling about you..
In rain or sun's flame


Obeyed by the dream's scent,
Graced the life with her shades, her fragrance

I thought always when to speak my mouth open,
She herself gave the look, making me gallant,
Oh! The dreams' are as like coming unbroken,
And why strip out the negative words..
With the love's band,
If I wish to be in the pure being, Which loves her omnipotence..

The scribed punches

Punches, is referred to as the time period when we are so much ready and fierced with attention. Scribed means the written scenario of scenes in our hearts' likable content. If we like something, then for the time when that thing takes place, we are pleased and wish to keep getting glimpse of the beats.

To consider, another example,
When we are listening to a song, then in between that song their is a tuned, well sung touching line. We like that line as the best part of that song and are making that part of the song to be played again and again. This is a process of self judgement and is based by our nature. We like songs in that way and it's all pleasing us.

Recently, talking to a philosopher, I enquired that, what should we do, when we are wasting our time. When it is not supposed from us to react in that order but simply we can't handle our mind and stake of the situation? He answered that, keep a photograph which makes you most happier and makes you see dreams. Or someth…

Get truth

Sleeping we see what? What we think while awake. Reflection of goodness of our nature is propagated to our sleep, and days are generally well lived.

A person left alone and given full account to enjoy. Can he enjoy the whole days' coming up one after the other. Well, no. He will reside in untolerance and will be shipped with anxiety in mind after his brain emerges with an answer! That he wasted his greatest days in boredom and bad temper shall encounter on. So, what required is experimenting and creating events as such that you are unbarrlled by any bad temperaments. Swear to yourself that you will not disrespect people as they form your being, and make it auspicious.

If you are left alone on planet, you will rather not be able to survive as there will be nothing for you as success. It's a main objective required to be known by all as, how to stand for themselves the whole if their lives.

Art Rejuvenates

Old lifestyles were personifed with artistic nomenclatures, and the warmness was felt. Here, I tell you my own experiences. I here will be telling all what I felt like. There were my examinations last year and for the examinations I throughout the year studied hard, and after I was finished with the exams I was filtered with very impulsve feelings. The day was seeming so perfect, I watched a film with my friends, as we all were happy that exams were over, we were rejoicely making most of it. We all had studious approach and made the momentum our side by following our teachers' guideines. It was praiseworthy if you say, and we were all expecting good marks. This bound our levels of feasibility and flawless nature.

But I do remember the utmost, that a year past the last year, that is last to last year, I didn't study that smart and gave dull papers', and so was I in unstable formation. I do remember, that I played, that also not wholeheartedly as when had to play got a call s…

Think, Thought.. Dreaming into reality :)

I just saw a video of an old movie. What I got my attention towards was just the sunshine. Earlier when I was a child, I wondered as how the life was there without me. And pictures which were black and white because of lesser technological access then today, made me think if life was in that state. Children where make their ideas flow, their ideas go there. They think imaginatively and very enormously but their experiences are very less, so we don't consider their thinkings much.

But those stupider thinkings what you call them, are in real sense most enjoyable when the thinkers get to know slowly and slowly how their beliefs were wrong, but that too is splendid. If I get back to my childhood stories, I link that childishness in each tiny tot today.

I used to wonder that why don't big men and women, adults' give much importance to what children say, but now I can feel that we have responsiblities and loads of things to put alright and have to answer more important matters, …

Granted by the Lord

You personify your dreams child,
Live jolly in the ideas aligned,
By your perceptions, of goodwill times,
Which you live in your today's mind.

Aspirations were presumed,
By the time you were a child,
Since then, until yesterday,
You inclined your ideas, in a bind,
Now, it's the real form, life of yours', makes which..
In presence of today, limed

Earlier days, I asked God, why my lover;
Do I have to wait, even I know how to elongate; my talent,
Why not I get wings to sublime..?

He said, slowly each day, whispering in line,
Make the heat generate,
To swallow all areas to be good at,
Then rise, entertaining,
The lovely people who surround you right ..

Alas! I wondered if,
My being silent was my plight,
But salute I that mindset,
Which spindled curiosity in sight,
Making me less weeping, but trying..
So I waved slowly the shy tag light,
And am I furnished to strike!

Journeys each day, or felt are,
Which each second, and fractioned time,
Prepare my persona, laying super trusted side in my brain..
I grind…

Manipulating the sword of Resillience

Till when will the tides suffer? I read once, in a Hindi lesson, a year back. It was about a city surrounded by the sea,and then to an ocean. The city grew houses taller and bigger, because of less of space and when more people commuted, entered the city, their was no more space left! So, they started to construct bridges of the sea.
What happenned was, that one day the sea after being tortured, being halfed, cramp about boats which were sailing in a row. That pressure was exerted, but still not thinking about the unhappiness, and unmood of the sea, people still make it smaller, as fragments. The sea is now silent, after looking the people who need place to rest. It extends it's arms and we go on troubling but it is experienced and loving us still.

Alike we face problems in life, but when we subdue the fears and look for qualitative assesement towards life goals, no spirit can bring ecstasy.

Encountering and then loving makes our approach towards life more abundant.Enjoy your life…

The Laminar Flow

What relies in me, is what the world gets to know.
A line spoken by a guy aged 16 years. who actually gets what he is capable of and he can represent his thinkings to the world surrounding him. The people are expecting the best of you, and the best from you. So it's your inner conscience, which knows the better then even the greatest beings. Just he knows onething that his existence is the greatest and no one other shall cramp up to help or make him big, until he stears. A goal in alignment of life, focussed is as earlier said, through tolerence and right habits.

We learn from outside sources and we develop ourselves following their ideals and routes, people have gained because they all had set before them ideals but it's at some point we ourselves. The guy also shared with me that once his history teacher said to the whole class. That boys and girls see, their is a point, that Style remains forever but fashions come and go. He enveloped that and after the quote he remarked upon…
Trinket can even make us glad. The bosom lies not in accepting extravagant  jewels. But it does endure in accepting rich ideas. Your ideas are rich, for instance when your dear one leaves for distance, the watery feeling engulfs your heart call. You miss for sometime,  then the routine worship with our life tasks step up. We are ordinary guys with extraordinary thinkings, which beckons us to think more and more. The act of winning, is all made that way by each aspect which we face in our life. We are catalysed or moved ahead positively by a remote call from inside, where inscribed is a eyed possession that says work in prospering your goal so the people who went pass, whom you miss get the pure happiness knowing your success. It's your state that when love equalizes on both fronts and gets to be growing on and on, then it's you who see's a dream to make your beloved happy. You work for them, or for yourself. The love everywhere is termed as love, which is not separated in…
Life is indeed a news channel, functional in operation when love makes you follow it. When someone close to you, comes to you then you telephone others', along showering your excitement, and so the lovely people fall in the flow of news. Exchange of good talks, strengthens more and more your attachment with a person and it's originally pure, incense which follows you in your yard, eclipsed with desires' to live more distant times together.


3 Short stories coming up.

A story on how a boy deeply gets to missing people, lovely favours done, when he moves through the same routes. Really inspiring.

As an how things take a turn against a women. What all rights she has been given as equalled but still the intlorence routes in their misfortune.

A car girl and a girl on stalling rickshaw. Two fates sublimed.

The termiology: Love

Life setting examples, so much in front. Well, I can do that and why not this, oh these thoughts remain most of the time revolving around. Nothing can still subdue a single lingering effect of love. The love which we not only make with ourselves but the love we develop in our learnings. In nature the wonderful, strides, mountains entertain me, and do even the plants', of variant alignments, colour combinations enlighten me.

It's people and their care, refeshing our thoughts and giving us a desire to glow. Now I go on reading a novel, which I look forward to completing soon, as I am love with the specific writings, allured with a special style, tone or stream whatever you call it.

Tele-Vision Restoration Processing;

Coming of new serials, adorned with past day experiences, and lifestyles'. It's great fun as the space for days gone by is still getting to be engraved in our hearts. It may would have happenned that with the GenX, world thinks smart, differently, and smart because of the technology upgrowth, but whatever the earlier times enveloped, we have reverence for all the bliss in the easy-going life then. There were variant expressions, portrayed by actors, unique of their own made.

Whatever sights good, is just a better reflection of something splendid, for which the seeds were sown again the distant times back. If we have better technical advancement then the notion behind It's upgradement was since years back yarding. So, getting back on my title, about the television serials which show rural life, along the explicit thinkings and cultural bonds, I feel obessed getting a glimpse of just the 'set' and the tele-set, catalyze which only freshness and glow. Yes, the photogr…
Here starts a story,
Not unlovely but on the peaks of it's glory,
Eyes where unconvincing at a moment,
Sways towards the heart,
Is now of which someone else,
It's coming as in feel, a fear..
But if that soul gets happy touch,
From some gentle persons sweet gestures,
Then am I happy my emotional self..
Laughing off,
In no more expectations..
Just a wish, the lives reside,
Into epics of glory,
As I regain cheerfulness, looking at them as love birds,
It's all in my story :)