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In her name..

Sweet, lovely;
Magician in anyone's eyes.

Simple, yet charming;
Her face depicts a realm.
A witness, of the sun so glowing;
Fulfilling the insatiable appetite in a sum.

Providing solace,
Mark of the heavenly words.
Flattery or rebellion it you say,
Friendship I call it of birds.

Sits this girl,
Like a blossom,
To the air that does whirl,
Her hair, undone and curl.

Walks this girl,
With the freedom,
In the sands, that do hurl.
Even in the thunderstorm,
Life is a joy in the struggle.

You call it sorrow,
Her face goes pale,
Within that feeling she borrows,
Fairness all hail;
Forgets she that trough,
When it comes to face the glow.

Responsible nature of her,
Her affection is alike a pearl.

When I had a fight with my beloved,
She came as a hope, to my courage.
It was a rainy day, when she;
Tied with us, the emotion of bonhomie.

Stars could be regarded as maniac,
When being funny,
We found merriment to glare at the stack.

Whatever becomes of today,
Or for that matter tomorrow,
Her dreams and nature shall portray,
The pl…

It was about just yesterday..

A little while ago, did a dream strike.. A little ago..did her charm imbibe..
Over the mansions..
The aura of the past cemeteries..
I walked in partial steps..
I couldn't walk free, with her presence leapt..
Only left to mind's confined boundaries!

What did I imagine,
What did it become..

Life is informative,
When you in reality;
Lead it, live it.
Life is an illusion,
When you merely,
Dream it,
Undone by your actions,
And moveth with the vibes.

As silence meets clarity..!

Night is silent,
Ideas bear to dart,
From here, till there,
From there, till here.

Lift or jump,
Climb or fall.
Swollen or lump,
Thin or small.
Just, the thoughts elope.

Bigger or shorter,
Tides or hailstones,
Ice and water,
Flesh and bones.

A walking sensation,
A running desperation,
Ideas bear to outlay again,
Ringing bells, ringing bells;
Oh, the terrains!

Up-cast rolls my synchronization,
Dreams are aghast, not superficial.
Mind isn't punctured either,
As kick-started the rudder.
Once, a journey starts;
Risks appear, then become of grass;
While the picture is painted blue,
Forgery not, it is a substantially,
The artistry hue.

Follow-follow thy midnight dream,
Forge the links, and climb the trees;
Up-slopes or on the camel back,
But don't wonder about behind the stack,
devoid of any thought or stream.
Make thy life a magic, make it gleam.

A contended speech..

I say not much,
I never did..
It was until they did rub,
Their jealousy all against me..
That I stood.. standing for a reason, being me!

I did feel if I was at wrong..
Most probably, I could have been..along!
Anyways to my soul what was influential..
Was my dream, and it's being substantial.

I did say, my arguments were placed..
I had not been into any war..
But still, for me was it a struggle..
My being was questioned,
In me was anger in galore..
When acquaintances had become hurdle.

I paused, I had merely stalled..
Until I responded my words of malice..
Believe me heart, Oh dearest;
You were at ease, the very earliest..
The time I could feel my being..
My stand..and my egoistic self esteem..

In few words..letters, did I grow..
With a lesson they learnt,
A seed I did sow..
Over the lands, that subtend..
And link my life.. with my plough..
I learn myself and push the message..
To feel peace and joy in it's magic!

They agreed..and we formed an opinion,
Friends again.. and comrades forever!
Satisfied y…

A distant love!

The eyes water..
I wish if these could stop; not to recall,
Any longer.
For the journey I led,
Standing before..
The creature in me, who stands but tall.

Patches did shine then for me,
I had been enthused in humbleness,
Oh, it was glee.
But now it yet again happens,
My heart downpours, oh anxiety!

Mistake wasn't it,
It would never be..
To tell her, I did care,
That in love it was all fair.

But as I stand yet again,
On this road,
I stare at that lane..
In my dying emotion,
I find my love again.
I understand and my face brightens,
Oh, it was yet a beautiful life, meant to be.

Story of a morning.

Driveway was clear,
The roads were as much acquainted.
With a stare,
Tears in his eyes rolled.

Not that he ever did cry,
Maybe, he hadn't but tried,
On giving solace, to his heart that was dry,
He wondered if ever, it was let to melt;
If he could in sadness sigh.

To him love was simply a reason,
A belongingness, more than mere countenance.
To him that girl was love,
He wondered if she ever knew it's essence.

Trees along the roadside,
Gave enough to dream and be enthused.
His childhood memories aside,
He gained sympathy from the branches of fruits.

He parked aside his car yet again,
Curbed all the feelings and broke his reverie,
Life had become in a moment, of disdain,
The next moment was satisfaction and glee.

He had found someone to accompany,
Both joyfulness and melancholy.

Biography of my heart..!

Words fall less,
When actions speak louder,
When a gesture soothes the best,
The volumes, in optimal.

I hurt him,
I broke his heart;
Then my anger did brim;
Yet again, I look for a new start.

In her love, rung profound trust for me,
And I reflected upon as if,
She were the person forging her identity.

Few experiences of her life,
She felt right not to share,
I took it a value to dislike,
Calling her actions unfair.

By the time, I realized;
She and He, weren't what I thought,
Life was then bribed,
The justification intended to rot,
Me of my vices sliced,
As if my being was lost.

Those flares, the catchy lights;
No longer encourage me,
Only a route guides,
To accept my errors, in decree.