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The first kiss

Today you don't sleep, You have been the tide. Today you don't dream, For you have debarred, Her from dreaming. The world thought over, That you were inspiring, They didn't see, How selfish you were. Look high at altitudes, You may have achieved them, But today you're alone, The journey of positivity, Has turned to negativity, And you call it a dream accomplished? I call it a loss. Go tell your dreams, They were incomplete, Incomplete without her, And incomplete forever. There's nothing to celebrate, What was, is long gone. Sit aback and cry few tears, You may feel relief, From your aching heart, You may breathe back those emotions, That you swore to have lost. You may get a little humanity, In yourself, you may learn, How to live. Life may give yourself, Few more years, And there would be no first kiss anymore. The first kiss was always the last kiss, Only if anyone had told, Your self so immature.
Gagandeep Singh Vaid

On faces and disposition (6.)

I was standing in the metro coach, when my eyes caught the sight of the old man. He was shorter in height, but positive in every foot that he put forth. He was attired in the formal shirt-pant. His grey hair told me, that he was still passionate about his work, his job.  A thought passed through my mind to consider his age, that why did he have to continue with work even in his old age? Well, the next moment I only answered myself- “there is no age limit to work.”

He made me think in the whole journey of the metro train which we led in the morning. Starting from the moment when he had entered the metro coach, making his way through the crowd. He couldn’t find a seat for himself when two old men were already seated on the seat where he had stepped forward to. They didn’t give him seat, even after considering that he looked older than them. But the seat in front of them was the one where again two old men were seated. They invited him to sit with them, in the same space where earlier h…


Yes, I wish, Yes, I dream. Yes, I become, Yes, I gleam. Yes, I cry, Yes, I fly. Yes, I smile, Yes, I glide. Yes, I sit, Yes, I walk. Yes, I cheer, Yes, I run. Yayaya, I become, Me, myself, A  stream.


In your acceptance of me~

Her single touch meant to me peace,
It was joy, it was the incense of the cool breeze.
Slowly, silently it came to me,
Brushing past my hair, oh spontaneity.Your seeker stands on the shore of thine love,
Oh dearest, love of my life.
Come, hug me and give the message to the seas,
That you would come to me,
For that matter,
How so ever the distance would be,
I am there for you, as you're there for me.Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Difference between rain and storm

Times won't be easy,
Moment won't always be yours.
It depends on you whether,
You become bold or you fall.There are rainbows after storms,
There are buds before forming plants,
There are aspirations before you reach realities,
There's a beginning to every big story.
There is sadness, fear before you meet peace,
But is the thirst ever going to fill?Through all these instances the winner is,
But the person who sings.
The winner is a person who smiles,
Whether a crumb of bread you make in your day,
Or a full course of dinner you may afford.
Smile, smile because that's the only way,
You can live life happily and make your day.Gagandeep Singh Vaid

You're missed sister,Your brother!

She came to sit besides me,
When no one was there for me.
It was she, who held my hand,
Giving me the faith, of who I am. Yes, she whose dreams I see daily,
Whose eyes smile, as they see me.
In childhood we walked the parks,
We played football, cricket on grass. How she liked to read my stories,
How she told me, her love for fairies.
Times have passed,
Our distance may be far.
But one thing is forever strong,
That is the warmth of our bond. For my lovely sister, PalakAhuja:)

Quotes to inspire me.


Wish you were here, my old self

There was a hope,
There was a wish,
There was an expectation,
There was a dream.
It all faded away one day,
There was no stream,
There was no joy,
There was sadness,
There was fear,
There was lifeless body in me,
Waiting to breathe,
To speak, to sing,
But it has all gone away,
Quite far from me.
I thought I was a good person,
I wasn't one, I felt,
When I saw in myself,
Those selfish interests,
I had lost myself,
With myself, my dream.

Being an ‘albatross’

Eyes look within my heart, I wonder, how and what, I have become? Sometimes, I hurt, Sometimes, I break hearts, I wonder, What has become of my being. I don’t put question marks, I know, I am one who inflicts pain, When life was to be beautiful, I made things look ugly, I had put on them, stains. I was wishful, to be a hero, Yet I ended up, Becoming a loser. Loser in love, Lover in dreams, I end, here I accept my loss. I was never a hero, I was an albatross.
Gagandeep Singh Vaid 

Which is the best college in Delhi University?

It was a hot day in the month of May and I remember it vividly. I walked into the prestigious St. Stephens College, with dreams so high that said, “one day I will make my name, I will grow from here.” No, I am not a student of St. Stephens College. It was just a way of motivating myself before the 2013 cut-offs were released. Anyway, I tried my bit by asking the College authorities about their criteria of admitting the students in an academic session. I had scored 91.75%, which were really less in comparison to their headstrong cut-off lists.

Soon I got to know that there were no admissions under Extra Curricular Activities in St. Stephens College. Students were admitted on the basis of their academia, although there was an additional quota for sports students to get admission. For that, students who applied had to be exceptional. It’s because every student wants admission in St. Stephens College, which is one of the most sought after colleges in India. I walked out of the college and …

A Dream to Catch

My mood isn’t at all to write today, it is because I write stories that touch hearts but here at -------, I have to write articles that are seen from the grammatical point of view and not from the intentions behind the article. I don’t like working here for this reason, so I think at times that I should quit it. But then, I don’t want to give up so easily, I want to try. I want to be called a winner and not a loser. I have to touch heart- I have to spread positivity and affection in this world. My dream it is and only I know and care about.
I am a kind of a writer, who writes with emotions and feelings other than only factual knowledge put in the article. I would like to add that I have really grown as a writer, working with them and I should keep it up. For that, I should hold up to it. This is just the beginning. I should accept the tides as they fall upon me, because somewhere down the line, these efforts of mine will pay me great stead. Every day is something new to learn here, I h…

Doctors at Government Hospitals Hold Indefinite Strike

The resident doctors of the Central and Delhi government hospitals went on an indefinite strike on Monday. This is the first time since the coming of the Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi that doctors have gone on an "indefinite" strike, in the Capital. The last time they called upon a strike was on 27th February, but it was a one day long strike. The government had called upon a meeting with the doctors' association. This time, it is "indefinite" as the government doesn't seem to adhere to the demands of the doctors at the earliest. The doctor's at first raised their issues to the central government by writing a letter to the Prime Minister and the Union Ministry but after being given a blinds' eye, they had no other way out- other than calling upon a strike. This strike is in all the 20 government hospitals of Delhi. Around 2,000 resident doctors have been on strike since Monday.  The Delhi Chief Minister spoke in favour of the doctors. He said, t…

Silent sobbing, silent goodbye's

Your name is wisdom, My name is sky, You never know how, In few words we become, Passersby.
Your eyes yield magic, As there is distinguishable- Glow about you, Yet we remain distant, It's how we row, Now it is me, Earlier it was you. The sun rises in the morning, It sets in the evening, Your love hold great value, It transcends the becomings, Of night and day.
You bid me bye, When even I shall disappear, Under the waves of oceans, We shall dwell into mud and sands, We would be at peace that day, With ourselves and the nature.


Journalist burnt alive in Madhya Pradesh

A journalist from Katangi area of Balaghat district in Madhya Pradesh was burnt alive, allegedly by mining mafia on 19th June. The burnt body of journalist Sandeep Kothari was found in Wardha district of Maharashtra on Saturday. He was kidnapped and burnt alive, after he refused to withdraw the case that he had filed in the local court, against illegal mining. 
According to the reports, the journalist was kidnapped while he was going to Umri Village in Balaghat on the night of June 19. He was on his bike, with a friend when the bike was hit by a car. There were three men in the car, who had beaten Sandeep’s friend, before abducting the journalist himself. Two men have been arrested by the police and they are identified as Vishal Dandi and Brijesh Duharwal. The third accused is identified as Rakesh Nasvani, who is on a run since the incident. 
Sandeep was working as a local correspondent for a Jabalpur-based Hindi daily. Naveen Kothari, the brother of Sandeep Kothari said, "They …

On fatherhood

The other day, I heard a conversation of two little kids talking about their fathers. One boy said to the other, “My daddy will go to Jaipur and brings lots of toys for me.” The other kid wanted to tell his friend that his dad was the best, he went on saying, “My dad will give me an ice-cream treat tonight, and he gives me a scooter ride every evening when he returns from work.” I couldn’t stop but smile, giving all my ears to their innocent and lively conversation.  They made me question the stereotypes that prevail in society regarding fathers. It’s often said, that fathers don’t go to the school on Parent Teacher Meetings and that a mother always picks the kids from the school after it gets over. Father is depicted as a carefree individual, who gives all these important tasks to his wife. Be it, the household chores or taking care of the kids, from their education to their health. Now, the question is what is the role of a father in the family? And does it end only with earning mone…

Dog-Meat Festival to start in Yulin, China on 21st of June

Is there humanity left in this world? This question is asked, when it comes to the Yulin Dog-Meat Festival. It is when the dog traders’ in Yulin stand fulfilled in hopes to make a big trade on this so called festival. They are happy, that their profession would achieve a great boost once this festival gets successful. This festival of cries, cruelty and massive killing of dogs for food by the traders is condemnable. More than 10,000 dogs are going to be slaughtered in the two day festival.
Few dogs are sold by dog owners, while large number of dogs are picked up from the streets and are stolen from families. This is done, explaining how such activities of creating slaughter house of the entire Yulin, is good for the health and luck of the city and its people. This act is simply the description of, ‘sadness due to helplessness’.  The Chinese Government says that, this act isn’t to do anything with them. Due to this, the organizers are even encouraged to keep the thoughts behind the fest…


The best criticism, I take with open arms. ‘It’s not your blog Mr. Vaid. It is a newspaper.’   It isn’t. I agree. It shouldn’t be. That too I agree.


The thing about working culture is,
That you can never expect to be late.
Because there is someone out there,
To take your place, so don't wait, just strike.


There may be many reasons for leaving,
But for now, don't let them be the reasons for leaving.
Rather, find a reason to stick,
Who knows if it works out for your good. ----

Hello Diary

It gets tough for me, to submit to the deadlines. Deadlines to send the article that I am supposed to write. Then, there comes the part of Editing, which I leave up to Microsoft Word. Sometimes, I can't give my best because my moody nature has to correspond with the deadlines. Then, there come judgement's and more than judgement's, the criticisms.

If you ask me, if I am hurt during this time? Then, I would say, more than getting hurt, it is about learning something everyday. But then, don't you think that few things which people tend to preach us about, we already know that they are to be done? Don't we ourselves realize them, that we have to be told about them, every time? Yes, I know those things are to be done in a given manner and you know what, it is about 'time'. One can manage time perfectly and maintain a good state of mind. But, I am just a beginner in all this. I have to learn to 'chill', as my friend's tell me to.

Also, that I need t…

Is Acid The Right Way To Proclaim Your love?

Ek Khubsurat sa ehsaas thi main, Uss zehar ki bottle ne iss khubsoorat inayat ko pal mein mita diya.
Beauty is power and a beautiful smile can capture zillion hearts. The true beauty is reflected in the soul. But what happens when both your soul and body is scarred forever? The life of a girl comes crumbling down when she realizes that she has been a victim of the acid attack. Reports of acid attack in India are constantly on a rise. The thing that comes to our minds first is what makes people commit such heinous crimes.
Acid Attacks in India have devastated the lives of thousands of women and their only fault was that they rebuffed the marriage proposals, said no to sexual harassment. Just because it has been difficult for the big manly ego to handle rejection; doesn’t mean they have right to scar a woman forever. The patriarchal mindset has seeped deeply into the masses.
Based on a data provided by the National Crimes Record Bureau the number of acid attacks in 2014 is more than the t…

Dreams and Lightening in Your Face

You are a support system to my heart, You give me a chance, to live this life, As a blessing, other than any other vibe, I am glad, with these dreams I strive. Joy in my heart, vision in my thoughts, I engross all my wishes, while I fly, In the breeze of fullness grows my flight. Thanks to you dearest blog posts of mine, While I am falling, you appear in my sight. Oh, I wonder, if my being alive, Is because of your insight? That, I gain the potential to carry on my walk,  Long and long, I won’t stop. As long as you’re there for me, I won’t ever fail, but only emerge, Through dullness, I shall become a rose. -- Gagandeep Singh Vaid

A Road Towards Dreams

In the past so many days, in the last six months, my life has taken such a turn. When, I started to learn every day, while some greater sort of energy  equalled to me, my soul. I am glad, I have lived this journey of mine. As I gathered along with me, dreams. Also, I cherished the breeze that made me realise the real potential in my belief. That was also one day, when I had said; I want to be a novelist(six years back). Since, that day I have grown, and this journey continues to be growing.

I would like to list few experiences, that I gathered and which I found to be really fulfilling me, even the blank quarters of my being. I would like to fulfil the blankness with colours and harmony.

So, the journey started near about in December after I was done with my third semester exams in college. My favourite college, Dyal Singh College, at Lodhi Road. My best place to be at. Cheers!

I was telling, that in December I had started editing my first novel, and in the next thirty days, I had edited …

If ego is your pride, what have you left to live?

Few voices tend to dread,
While few voices of one's soul,
Make one strong from within.
The inner quarters,
Of one's heart are filled,
With enormous power,
A lot of zeal.

You try to kill me,
With your evil ways,
I suffer, cry in pain.
Still do you think,
That I will break?

You coward, 
You think, 
You will satisfy,
Your ego,
And raise your,
Self esteem?
You're yourself fearful,
To face the light,
What face will you disrupt,
Whose dreams shall you kill?

Dear, wake up,
You have been sleeping.
Sleeping under,
The intoxication of evil.
You lost soul,
That knows not, the path,
Towards one's peace.
Wake up now,
You have taken away,
From one, one's facial identity.
What face of yours, will you show,
To the God, the supreme,
The spirits so mighty?

Would you still think,
Of threatening the peace?
Taking forward, 
Your heartless being?

I tell you, hey you,
who commit sin,
To be afraid to live,
As your day is near,
You have lost your being,
Already to an irony,
Because of your heart,
That is sans feelings.

#acid attacks


I saw you deep in your eyes,
You were bashful, as you smiled.
In a moment, a feeling passed,
From nothingness, it felt abundance.

You came closer, as we shook hands,
That was the first time we met.
I had slight idea, that we connected a mile,
Be it in the warmth that we felt,
Or simply, a soothing joy to watch you,
While you held my hand a moment back,
Oh, it had felt that closeness,
Yes, you can call it solace.

As the moments passed across,
He asked me for a dance in that hall.
He held my arms, walking backwards,
As I stepped towards him,
He didn't leave me a moment,
Yes, he could feel the symphony.
The brutal honesty, 
With which we longed into each-other's eyes.
That evening, went to become the lightening,
Of a torch, that I call love with all of my heart.

Since that day, till today,
We have been into love,
We dance to the songs,
We create our music,
That's the beauty of our bond.
Imperfection few had said,
Was in our taste and likes,
But, in love we always grow,
This is the wholesome energy,
Of thes…

Your touch, my love

Hi, dear soul of mine.
Days pass by.
Dreams come alive.
Your eyes,
like breathe easy,
when there sounds peace,
day is warm,
the breeze is daisy.
Then, you miss,
your days you spent.
In someone's love,
i will again dream.
I will propose her again,
i know, she will agree.
In these years as i fade,
with age,
i grow in feelings,
i grow in her love. We spent years,
held each other close together.
we had our story,
we had our heartbreaks,
we healed each other.
we are dreamers,
she in heaven,
i on this land.
we glimpse each other,
hello and goodbye,
in every breath we take,
in every walk we lead,
she in heaven,
i on land.
we beautify our bond,
of love ever strong.

Gagandeep S. Vaid

Cool dreams, kingly dreams.

Hi, I am cool. Hi, I am amazing. Hi, I am great. Yay! Thanks. I know, I am so cool that I can’t express it. Just shows how cool I am.  You can work, continue with it, because it’s a beautiful day. Isn’t it? Yes, it is. Hahaha. I don’t know, why I have to write on the trending topics when I can write my feelings better at this time. Moody? Yeah, I am, maybe. But, who isn’t?
Just imagine, how cool it would be if we could write whatever came to our hearts. Other than writing on those bigger issues, that every newspaper or media house is determined to cover. But, I may write on that also if it really calls to me. But, sometimes to listen to the heart is beautiful. Isn’t it? Just like this beautiful day. Yes, you write and express your heart someday, if you think, it’s a good idea.
Love, Vaid

To be a good writer, respect the other writer.

I think, respect is what everyone deserves. Regardless of whether one is shy or not shy, talkative or not so talkative. One shouldn't be judged by how well one writes, merely by how well one writes on paper. But, by how well one wants to learn and become a writer. It's not a big job to be a writer, anyone can be any day. Just that sometimes, in judging few people on the basis of how they write; just takes away the writer from you.  No one ever wants to be only heard, praised or given attention to. For, respect and love is all that people like, because they deserve it for the love and commitment they put in their work.
Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Draped in the broken dreams!

Going by the happenings of the world, he knew that he couldn’t be like he was once. He tried being so, but the memories of the past were so much instinctive as taking away from him all his feelings and emotions. Even if he felt, that too strongly; he had known, he didn’t want to love, well, love her. Knowing that one day, he would cry; sitting alone at a place, being a successful man. But, by then; it would be too late. When she wouldn't come to him, to convince him that she loved him. He had 'moved above love', he would say to her. He knew that he wasn’t being honest, she knew it as well. But, he couldn’t be as much caring as he was once, at a point of time. How he felt for her once, he couldn’t take away those feelings. He was as she was 'a blank statement'. This is life, you know? When you can’t love! When, you are shying away and when you are fearful of loving! That’s about love. Being a powerful force, it turns one weak. Weakest as anyone can ever dream of b…

a dream that was, and that ended.

i was dreaming,  then i saw her face, that glittered as she saw me, it was her soul, dancing in the sea, asking me for all the love, while, i denied her, of what belonged to her.
it wasn't that we didn't love, each other! but simply,  that it wasn't in my hands, i was fearful, and it wasn't, in her hands,  because she couldn't, make me understand.

it was tough time in short, for the two of us. winds flashed in the meanwhile. then, out of my reverie, out of my dream, i looked at the sea.
there i found the sun, gleaming back at me, with a powerful face, of consolidation, over my lost love, of which, i could only get a glimpse, in my dreams, while, i kept my glance at the sea. 

gagandeep singh vaid

So that you are proud, that you have taken this journey! :)

A road is never easy to walk,
It might have thorns,
There might be many pitfalls,
Yet there would exist your dream. You need to eye at your goal,
Stay inclined on achieving it.
Because this journey that you lead,
Creates you, and makes you,
As you eventually become to be. This journey you get,
You are so lucky, this you need to know,
as this is how your story shall frame. While you step this ladder of success,
you have your downfalls and strides,
to talk about and share with your friends,
you can tell your heart that see,
you reached your dreams,
because you held your faith,
amidst the highs and lows that life,
offered you. That you turned out to,
make your identity.  The difficult times,
you faced, occurred to you,
because you were special,
that God gave you this very chance,
to experience them, so be proud of,
this journey of yours, and rise from the ashes,
as they often say!
Gagandeep Singh Vaid