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Him and Her, a story~

You, a transmitter of songs - of dismay, valour and remarkable joys.
The vessels that lead to my emotions occur in your eyes.
Simplicity was defined when you said, I was no longer anyone to you.
How effective that one sentence had been, both for you and me.
For you in getting rid of me, and for me, it was getting rid of me again.
Never again can a person be the same, when his/her first love fails.

Moments of madness hail.
But no, you can't let it happen.
For - you set the world around when you lose your breath.
Stay in the process of defining yourself better.
Close your eyes and find your driving place.
Right now you are short of words.
Accept this with an open heart.
Start your drive.
Don't fall short seeing an avalanche.
Be ready for a rebirth.

That, the person who smiles has to be you.
now, your happiness is defined not by her,
it's about yourself and your new life,
without her.


whether it's in your coming in
or departing,
that my heart would sleep?
the one who succumbs,
isn't really the heart
those are the memories.

you gave me enough reasons
to know you well,
only to leave me behind
forging links to the girl
whom i had known
once, a long time back.

not that our love was
a bond that had a time-frame,
it's still there
and not that our feelings
have dissipated.
for they have grown
immensely like the twigs
lead to the branches.

it could be true
that our meeting
was to help us discover
how full of wonder
the person in the either of us

sometimes, it takes
the interaction of soul-mates
to lead the path
for each other.
they might not be together
for every sunrise & sunset
but their breaths say
the definite songs
of their togetherness.

i love you,
oh departing lover
that's what i always
had for you.

Friends and explorers together in the heart of Delhi

School friends are always special to us, and so it happened that we three had planned a meet-up after a long gap. I was excited to meet Ankur and Himanshu and our plan was almost on (proof being our WhatsApp group) but suddenly I had to change the outcome. I messaged in the group, "Guys, just got to know that I am selected for a competition. But the thing is, I need to be there for three days - it starts this Monday.") The best thing about friends is that they turn out to be the most supportive people on the planet, especially when we need it the most. I was tensed regarding what they would say to me for delaying the meetup, but what I received were congratulations and good-luck messages!

I left for the competition on Monday and then finally we planned to meet on Friday! This called for excitement when I took my camera bag along while leaving from home to see them. All I remember is telling Ankur to take me to the Hanuman temple, a very famous temple in Jhandewalan which is i…


"Through the roads of lustre and potential I would like to walk", said the boy.
"Destiny takes us through many hills,"
said an old man in glee.
"Why are you happy? I ask thee."
Replied the young boy.
"Oh, that, it's because I see myself in you,
you little champ!"

The two of them walked through the street,
they felt the downpour of rain, 
smiles on their faces, they danced
in hunky-dory, for friendship had
opened its wings of acceptance;
and the old man had found his childhood.

What time is it?

What more can I say when my mind is out of pace? Yesterday, I thought the day was Saturday, whereas it was Thursday. "Moving so fast or are you left still in a mental condition/dilemma where you walk a different mile?" I questioned myself!

This very situation makes me remember a chapter I read in one of Robin Sharma's books, where he described how it wasn't an urgency to wear a watch in one's hand every time. That, it wasn't important to pick up every call on your phone, because telephone or technology for that matter exists for our convenience, not to drive ourselves out of it. Similarly, don't just keep on reminding yourself that today is Friday, Saturday or Sunday!

Yes, I very well understand this that in our everyday lives it is important to keep a check on the date and time considering work and assignments. But why not try setting yourself free of all the boundaries constructed around you? "Take some time off and give yourself time for expressi…

A Winner in Us

Words know not, your eyes said the glory; no, I’m not talking about victory but a girl’s story. Sweet when she acts herself, explaining the child in every sense. Yes, now as she has won the hearts, there would be all appreciation and claps. Well deserved is the love, you have nailed it, as would a dove!
Now, the time has come my friend, your words have the might and strength. As you said, “we can change the world, yes, we are those gems, very bold.” But you’re a winner for those millions, those who sleep sans food, those Indians. Those women who face many crimes, and stay quite. You’re a hope, you will raise their voice.
I don’t want to sensationalise this more, Not to burden you with responsibilities; but to tell you, that be you. Nothing more, for you are yourself a believer in miracles. The ones which we humans have the aptitude, to do. That voice has to be you!

Winner together!

The day when your light meets you.. when all your worries are left behind and you have the urge to learn and succeed. You don’t want to be looked down upon anymore, and it doesn’t even matter how you are seen by people around,  because you are crowned, as a princess of your infinite possible dreams.. you are the power, you realise..  and you don’t count your happiness,  but feel the magical streams, touching your life in magnificence and belief! 

Snippets of the Mind (20/06/2017)


You could feel lost as much as you feel found like in life a new awakening seeps in. There is not much to think than responding to the situations around. Some people see challenging phases at a young point in life while others see these phases later on! Some achieve greater things at an early age while others see struggles before settling. Everyone takes one's time in short, and that is the spirit. They say that "believe in the process, it will all be alright."

Then there is a thing about belief. Every person needs to believe in the potential of one's dreams, to see things happening likewise. Another inspiring thought goes like this, "if there is a will, there is a way." There could be instances that you don't reach those heights where you had been aspiring to reach, but that doesn't mean that you lose hopes. Getting to the top of your aspirations should not be how success be defined. The process is a beautiful thing, so it should be lived with …

A Sober Move would be..

Sympathy can be a matter of few weeks or months time, but in the longer run, there is a question of time! How more, how long do you need that help and hand of care, this is asked with open eyes! You cannot say, I'm sorry anymore. Your answer has to be real, which clarifies their doubts. Can't be an emotional fool anymore for this world is not just cheese and butter. There are those phases which don't melt easily but carry the thick feeling intent! That is the question of time and its results. Because life without valid results is a life directionless, and such people are said to be losers in the world of achievers and position holders. 
There has to be inspiration that one needs to derive from one's daily actions! And believe in them. Because, otherwise there is more and more room for sadness and more depression streaming the blood which otherwise was meant to be healthy, rich and pure. Remember that no one would understand you than you! So other than writing this get…

Friendship of adventures!

Today I write on a blank page all white, Your eyes were to me paradise, I remember!
The man who came running for you, Knowing what you went threw, That man I remember!
Friendship was a gem, I thought, We were its keepers, I sought, The promises I remember!
Today, when I wanted you to hear, Over the special bond shared, There was a tremble!
No words, no answers, But I don’t want to judge here, For this is the time to unshackle!
The so called bond didn’t exist for real, Lay empty the fears, But the emotions unsettle!
Yet again, you dismissed me friend, How much more could I bend? So this time I forget and stir.
Staying in the past won’t do any good, Walking to a new tomorrow into the woods, Is my next adventure!