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Action Plan!

New thinkings divulge in the endless skies. The skies here refers appropriately to our mindset. How cool and pretty we attire our reactions, and when we react it's only after we have some thoughts. We have different set of ideology and little steps adorn on, making us feel the vibrancy, soothing our dreams. No one else routes us towards our dreams, and I strongly believe that it's fully depending on our interests, as how we path our future. It isn't that real that you will mask as a scholar if you get into a good university but your interest matters above all reconciliations. 

The message interprets from our soul and we orient the action plan. Again in that way through, we get highs and lows. It's with those very highs and lows that we are stronger and actually made to move forward aligned to the pathways that are tarnishing into milestones.

"People throw stones at us, 
Which we have to change to milestones"
Sachin Tendulkar

"It doesn't …

Everything I say, we add more to it

For all the truth I have to speak. In each line does my heart utter the love for you. In pure senses do I dive in the ocean of your love. The liquidity of the thoughts emerges the most diverse way, again when I am thinking just about you. It may be holding true that I can make my day go in all bounty when you are seen affectionately the starting of the day. 

I enrich that trust that we with-held in our dream talks. While not spraying the word love from the guttural voice but speaking everything even in winds blaze.

It does not matter much to lessen our love, when we can't catch appearances. Because still we have the skies above us and more affectionately thoughts of yesterdays'. In the real sense we flag higher on the altitude of purity when we can feel what thoughts emerge in either of our minds, as they get to meet the same route that is of obedience towards the call of love.

Spreading good vibes!

I like to gaze at the stars,
Very much am I curious,
To hear nightingale casting her voice,
In the silence of the warm mornings

When the twitter of it's,
Wakes me up, I feel then if another,
Rhyme is making me open my eyes,
Like my mother sung that story last night to me,
Before I went asleep, closing my eyes

Majestic spirits each morning,
Transcend I believe to each heart as to mine,
I understand not then where from,
We intake any feeling to fight,
Under the aroma of each day,
When we have love to enrich the air bright.

Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Illumination of the inner call

Illumination of the inner call..  

We seldom repent on having done few things in life. In a similar way, we can't remain happy until we see our loved one's in jolly mood. I do believe that at times, when we think of doing a task then we should opt of doing it, rather then making it go the manner people say. We should have our own perceptions and also listen to what everyone has to say. But what comes to your mind is what you strongly think right for your own self. In the transition from a child to a big man, we undergo several experiences which really act as mantle piece in our day to day life.

But the main motto is to not regret after some task is complete. For this  to happen we have to indulge in all what we care for and at every step, give space to our perceptions, for we know what suits our style and the 'Lens' with which we glare the world.
Visualizing and evolving, are two different terms which come one following the other in time. Only if we put our efforts wit…

Just a collage



No relationship shall withstand if you already think how to act or how to interact. Just responding naturally and expressing yourself matters. 

You are a person who likes another person and the reason being that you enjoy interacting with each other . When you are not to practice how to speak but you naturally make the atmosphere lively being with the person who speaks as if a close friend he or she is to you.

You have an appetite growing at a steady pace if you share your learnings and set forward the life which is to come ahead. We aren't ever happy being just same throughout, but we add the glitter when we are moving. The approach with which we foot ahead has to be determined and be of good purpose. A purpose which will further lead your sail forward.

We are made to showcase the gift we have in us. Somewhere inner it is hidden but slowly and slowly we are moving towards our destiny. Creating with the mellifluous sound of the thunders, diving in the sea of failures and at last g…

Confusing gestures

We do match up things with past. We do make it a point to ponder over whether earlier times were better or these days it is better. In which contexts we do talk vary. In terms of pollution it's bad now as if we make out a comparison then we find that earlier days it was a fresher air surrounding us. We have entertainment today through theater, movies and we look for broadening technology and our minds direction today. It isn't right to say that days past development and up-gradation didn't take place but it's better to construct that the steps impounded long back have only slowly and slowly come up for success. Be it automobile engineering or be it sports we have come up. Here it's quite funny to use engineering and sports together. But sports have also come up tremendously.

We could make great wrestlers, more swimmers and talented players. The sense of sportsmanship is always sailing higher in every individual. What yesterday was and is today are two different phas…

India , CDLS


God and Reflection

"Satguru hoye dayaal te sarda pooriyan"

The very hymn or religious song makes us dwell in us that strong feeling. When there is appetite ever growing in all arenas. The charisma for new things makes us dive in the very roots of a subject. In each aspect of this beautiful life when we see goodness, it's the aroma of senses enlightening our roads ahead.

I have grown up and with each year I have gained so much. Experiences count the most but when we study and enrich the very joys of a subject then it's auspicious. The days of enchanter bear along a sheath of love, acting as if a magician signs our days in cute appearances. When we start believing in God and enjoy his great thoughts reflected in songs then do we always go right direction. We tend to follow the right perspectives and God never lets us go wrong and if we lose. It only means that he's tightening our nerves so that we can be more stronger the each passing day. :)


Few moments in life are really unforgettable. And those moments are striking at so many instances. What can we do? It's the power of love. The feeling which arises may be a feeling of guilt or remorse. Or it may tell you that you could have gained something, like that - what you see keenly. You may believe that you had the abilities to be that just you weren't made to step that very direction.

Feelings making you manifest your yesterday. Time spent with friends and lovely days. It's just making us stronger in each context of life. We are bigger, stronger and sharper. We get to intake experiences, the trust we get to figure in ourselves is beautiful. It's up to us as how we respond to things and how we inherit them. These all make up as consequences trenching our roads ahead.

What was yesterday we know now. What is future that we have to construct. Now which step to foot first and accordingly is in our own hands. For this very life is long and the very flash of each thi…
Like I approach earlier waiting with patience and she comes and goes away in an instant. In that moment what left with my tolerance is to get back thinking that even her image and picture which gets to my mind, when she was walking towards her bus is so tantalizing. It gets into me and makes me enrich the highness of her.

She walks with the cute steps allowing deep thoughts that influence me. How much stylish is she. How glamour fills, the air she moves through which. The blaze of the winds is so cool and dramatic that it makes me just nurture into me, a call that where ever she moves the air over there is fragrant. She engraves in her heart a silent call and loves what comes ahead in all majesty.

The scooters and bicycles I am left with to watch when she is gone in her bus. But her face remains as a beautiful memory every single morning as I see her going towards her bus. There is just one single call from inside which is that I want her to be with me always as the greatest friend. She…