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Thou art magnetic

"Supreme songs of thy attraction do immerse my soul too, in the nectar of thy soothing melodies. The manner thine auspicious songs bloom my simple soul, in the same attire I dress as you do, cherishing, dancing to the songs of winters, summers', whilst underlying spirits of a wonderful morning, when the sun power-plays, throughout ones existence with refreshing and fantasizing aroma.

I do sit upon, a branch of a strong built mango tree, inhaling sound applause of the winds, gives my nostrils, fragrance of premature 'ambi's', or little mangoes, in stage of growing perspiration. The rustle of the leaves, leave upon my so called simple being, an ushering of heavenly incarnation, whereby I start running in the fields, relishing the calibre of the nature, and overjoying to the threshold of my simple temptations"

Gagandeep Singh Vaid
S-7 H

Sizes are ranging but love is the motto behind everything! :)

In the rhythm of day and night, my lens captures the shades of the dreams in all sizes ranging from thoughts to pictures, this wanderer is in love with the creation of the almighty. For all these art works that are innumerable and in every piece, and add much to delight of the wanderer. It's he who extracts that love and shares with his fellow beings in tone of his imaginations that is by writings and by drawing and clicking his best vision. Now I say is this love!

A flower full delight!

The picture I clicked a year back at Buddha Garden, in the month of March, after we celebrated the festival of Holi. Such a memorable click.

My heart correlates my speech!

The sun shimmers when my mood sets, but how come it not remain beautiful in my heart, when I get to hear my girl loves someone else. What about my belief in my dreams, that have been significant enough to nurture love and it's patronage in me.

My deepest thoughts ask several questions, and I wonder if ever my affection has reached her heart. I set on the route of unknown world, where I shall know not if she loves someone else then me, but I shall be abided by the supreme knowledge that she is waiting in her fairyland, for me and I am in motion to my ride, to reach to her, in fresh thoughts of optimistic spirits. She wants to see me, with the emotions I set out for her and rally on in my thoughtful aperture, taking her name of perfection.

What is stress?

Stress in life is fully felt, especially when one has lots of things in front, but the nerves ponder about, for strength, which is unseen at times. Troubles or what, at times we are ambitious, or rather I am, to grab more and more. But when I get to see, how much each day, somewhere more I could have worked, I feel miserable, but there is no way out, so why to regret, you don't have time, but you want to do that too.

The theories of mind revolve, over many circumstances and you are losing and winning in the battles which correspond in front of you, or behind. Each way, every route, you are dealing with challenges and impairing yourself into the tone of willing nature, I have to do it and will someday study what I lose today. Maybe that is how life goes, and we are strolling towards our life goals in truer respect, of our dreams.

But I say still, I am stressful but then I get to sleep at night so tight, that when I wake the next morning, the day is new, the sun is shimmering and n…

Flying in control

Lot of body insulation, feels as if something in the inside portion of ones living, the organs for eg. are in ache and asking for rest of a mileage. The food we eat, or the thoughts of anger that fruit up in our life because of our overload of work, make us sick in some instant. I try seeking answers for the betterment of my health, and govern right moves henceforth. There is a know how about how sufferings in the world elongate, with struggles. These struggles are with own self, to give out the best that resides within ones being.

Getting out the most soothing aura, remakes, and remarks as a leader that stands tall for all the struggles one made. One gains discipline, be it with determination while doing work -outs to get a good physique or be it practicing language for debates or exams, we are in each instant moving towards our dream that defines us most beautifully.

So, don't be afraid to try new things out, and the ones that make you say no to, try them and fall in love with …