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Wednesday, 25 May 2011


the view of life, is the most entertaining at times. the variance of different things, matter so much in our lives. we are colliding with different sort of understandings, and when we give or view on tasks, we may enter into conflicts or give answers to questions of people. so in short, each moment dazzles expectations and each expectation raises fun, and frolic in our lives. we are into flow of lively life, only when we share interests with people and participate. act of helping and act of entertaining both are the most jovial, which give you peace. well, here peace refers to the strategic life, which evolves new expectations(anticipations).

we go great distances, with meeting in flocks,
with different people,
and we always don't tend to remain with same people,
as we go variant places and travel long route..

it's the marvels of life, which thunders on us and we make ideas, because we can't simply live without growth. we enjoy to fill the tank of knowledge with each possible way, we get. so get into the act of variance and redefine the expectations of life, because we need to love, respect and gain, as it's life. have a enjoyable life moment each time, that it forms scarlet to your remembrances, while you make new journeys. go on!

Monday, 23 May 2011

I wonder if I am going right,
I daresay you have not to fright,
Even on big seeming hurdles,
But get the 'Enigma' into your being,
Not at time losing hope,
But trying..

For, that 'Enigma',
You need an approach,
Of curious roads,
Filled with frost,
Who still in that uncalm situation,
Take time to face the wax,
But slowly does the ice melt,
And again the bushes,
And the roads then come and stand,
In the brightning fences way..

Again the phenomenon repeats,
Of snow getting on,
But don't we like the snow,
Wearing the jackets and scarfs,
So, come on and mark your approach with 'Enigma', when time is difficult,
And tell yourself,
Wonder had I got no hurdles,
What was my fate,
Had it been so marvelous,
Get to believe in good,
So does it happen,
With power of a change, 'Enigma'


The counter of your dreaming area,
Is filled with trust and brightening criteria,
Which works all time fine,
But somehow, is into emotions,
For that time, have space for suggestions,
From friends who glide your way,
In the breeze of the magical light
For making the winds,
Star up right,
You have to eat that precious diet,
Moves inner to your heart which,
Making more and more fun enrich,
In your stardom of light,
You make your aim clinch,
And sparkle your light,
Enters which your dream abbey

Fly as you want

Just the flash of winds if you can make full of,
Just if the twinkling of stars can give you influenced light,
And your friends talks' sharpen your mind,
Then you are the person tracked on right,
In your move to sparkle the wind of sight
Whatever happens,
Will I not ever stop,
As I have got a picture of world,
So, I have to not stop,
Rather love the paths with mighty throng
Getting up and winding,
With the cluster of joy,
I do make a sight,
And get my wits to employ,
For a structure which binds,
Even if tensions strike in coils,
To lessen my cheer toll,
But sharpened brows are learning..
So steer me along

Brisk Orientation

For short while's this,
Mind is filled with much to say,
But as the wrong-doings of the people
Make me again and again fall,
But still I have to get up,
And steer along

Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Mountain

Slightly, does the little boy, pick up his feets.
To move up the steep mountain breeze..
Life to enchanter,
Magic seize!

Each step when promises,
The real adventure,
Up his move follows the conviction,
For the air, lightning of the sun,
Make him sensationalize in that sun,
Awaits which his filled adventure ahead,
When he looks for the the mountain breeze!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Sparkle of the hills

we make a child grow in very safe environment. He's made to play, read and do all sorts of magical things. Magical things simply refers to his mannerism. With what he/she does, the love the child does with something. When he grows, he's stipulated with thinkings, as to what should he become rather what he wishes himself to be? He likes everything, in the world but somewhere doesn't orient well and is off tracked. That phase which we say he is off-tracked may be his failure but the real gift he is going to shower the world someday for sure. To bestow the wisdom to each person when he grows up. Looking around, there maybe poverty and bad conditions outside but he has the power and that is the power of intent. His desires when get to be making some shape, his flash of thought when makes some meaning. Then that some meaning sparkles and makes it clear that life has so much to conquer. You have to dance, all types, play all games and study each subject, for that is life. We are made to love and if we don't love, each precious moment of that time we are making to let go, we could have saved for any certain, tiny subject which coud have given us a thought to express. Girl and boy match their likings and start loving each other. Well, that is physcological, but the "freshness of your honesty will glide those several miles, when you sow seeds and give water, not barely taking a subject and forgetting it's values, but get to the priority because you are priveleged enough to be that strong, so stand for millions and more, because we have that ignited power so let's generate it!"
Give this quote your thought,
"The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all"

--Richard Branson

What you ought to be?

(To no person, is it denoted to, Fiction purely)

Sanah: I use the gadget BlackBerry!
Parul:Oh! That's so cool, when you got it?
Sanah: Just a week back, on Birthday bash! You know my BoyFriend gifted me this precious thing. I love it!
Jackson: Oh! My girl! (says in a loud funny tone, which irritates Sanah) You got it.. And tell, me you take your boy friend precious or this gadget?
Sanah: None of your business! Cow Man! Go and rush from here, if you don't want to have it tight from me!
Jackson: What, the gadget you gonna hit me with it? That's not bad! But what about your boy friend?
Sanah: Just move away! I say!! (She smiles)
Jackson: Yeh! Just kidding that hard way.
Sanah: You are really bad.
Parul: Oh! Till now I was just looking at him, I wish I had got it hard on to his face. Vampire, of the moment.
Jackson: So, Paaaarul, what's up you girl?
Parul: I am so much in love of you, oh!!!
Jackson: Aww.. He can't believe what she says, and contrary t what he thought is said. Oh! Goodness.. Really
Parul: Like people say in dreams, rather I don't wish to see you even in dreams, you mouth shut, or do I hit that gadget you teeth's. Idiot!
Sanah: Silly Jackson!

(Jackson, departs and he is a guy always interrupting people when they are talking and in reply he always gets that punishment of speech. One day he is really depressed as his image is like that.)

Parul: Well, show the applications, dear. It's anecdote of fantasy. Sweetie!!!!
Sanah: Love you ya!
Parul: I love you too. Giiirl!
Sanah: Oh! I was replying Adam, my boy friend.
Adam:(Replies from phone, on loudspeaker) You so mean! Sanah! She's your friend coming to meet you, bunking the class and you talk to me, how much you love me oh! I think you guys shoud hang out whereas I go out of town today and will be coming back to school day after tomorrow. Fine!
Sanah, Parul at once smiling!! No problem man, see you to-morrow!

For long does Sanah talk about Adam, Parul shares views and they go on.

Jackson on the other side, thinks what he should do? He then just thinks back that he should go to temple and pray, for his behaviour to be good and he starts respecting people. He meets Parul, Sanah going back home. He just says, to himself that he won't utter a single word other then sorry.

Sanah:Hi, Jackson! You not going back home?
Jackson: Sorry!
Sanah: Oh! Are you really sorry?
Parul: Oh! Is it real Jackson? Where's the other version?
Sanah: That Adam will get as soon as it gets, Of BlackBerry!
Parul: Laughing in a hiccup! I was asking about the other Jackson! You're funny. Get out of that world into this life. Leave your mobile phone now.

Meanwhile, Jackson replies to nothing. And he soon forgets he was going to temple but had one thing in mind that he will feel sorry to God for whatever he says people irritate by! He, thought why not speak.

Jackson: For all the days, I have seen you friends, I always thought if I can be your friend. I tried to be different, thinking some special quality is required for a person to be someone really lovable. I never got to be real me, but today it was-Real Jackson and I just said sorry and you smiled asking me happy. Oh! God I love you friends.
Sanah: You're changed now. I wonder the beauty, the breeze synthesizes so nice thought, that we are friends not two but three..
Parul: The weather is so nice, it feels heavenly.
Sanah: Come Jackson, for I will show the gadget to you too. Just I need to be sure, you don't pretend to be so.
Parul: No, he's so good.
Jackson: Speechless

They talk for long, until they go back home after having dinner at hotel near to school. Just it was night, and it was a change. Change your life, with sparkling enigma if you are bad. You will love the friendship if you are calm and lovely above all honest, scent of majesty.


move around the doors
as about the results
if you are not taken
go and get your dream boy..
(in a tone of power says Raghav)

James: what man I won't grant you this job! u r simply not meant for it dude! so stark away. don't become visible again! get it! u chap!

raghav: ya! I get! I get it! You dude, you think you so cool, whereas I think you the coolest!

james: you don't tend to oblige me, because I have this very job for my dear brother. u stupid boy

raghav: hehe! don't make me smile and laugh at same time!

james:confused.. oof! it's same thing.

Raghav: Laughing is at you, for your condition and smiling is me at that fate of me, the most glittery. u get it dear man. you know I am not your job seeker, I am your friend, who thinks he is meant for this very job. get it.

james: Quite funny! Prove it, for why you need this agian.

raghav: I want it(He whispers to himself)

raghav: I got to meet a person yesterday, and he was my Grandfather, who meets me daily, just it was morning 4A.M. when I never get up so early usually but today I found him praying. He is so aspiring that I get settled and earn my livelihood. He gave me his blessings, saying that do you know, I will pray for you the time you go and always pray God this thing only that you be good, respect people and win life goals.

James: Oh!

Raghav: So, James I tell you don't give me this job. As you have given it to your brother without even interviewing and I after being selected by the manager, am declined by you, as for this job you don't want my achievments to find a route. Oh! I pity on you, for brother I know your responsiblities, as I have for my family so I tell you give it to you brother and I will search any other job, for my grandfather is with me, his wishes are with me and I have that faith in me.

Raghav: Bye! And God bless you :)

James: Hey, brother, you are the recruitment for I was telling you. This seat is reserved for my brother, who after winning has to prove his instict and so have you done it. Cheers! Thank God, I got my brother.

Affection and simplicity gather that love, so let's get into the wind of loving and caring as we are better enjoying this funny life, which acts so variably.

a start

what do you think a start should be like?
rather what do you think from a start? can you be the best at the starting? it's not! because when you fully dwell in your senses to get something, then it's what you purely receive. life can be regarded as a giving and receiving phenomenon. it's as because when you sow goodness you only stimuate goodness coming up. but yes there are circumstances being likewise when you don't get what you may be wishing or be strongly wishing. it's as the more you are tightning the better resuts you forridge and so is life making ou believe in goodness and love is the same thing. for when you ike someone you make a person like you. if you enter in trouble and peacefully get a thinking propaganda over it and say and talk to yourslf, you build that faith and when you uild that cool faith you are getting something of lovely stimulus originated in you. Life is to live to have fun and it's all about it. In the walking distance, there are mazez and those mazez only make you feel the love as it's the terminology. so thrill

Stream Of Love!!

Think of love,
You get it,
Dream of love,
You have in you,
Feel the love,
You already have it

How you turn the wisdom tree

Stare at the plea you submitted,
What all mattered to you,
You wrote,
For blazing winds,
Freshned thunders,
You have to gather love..

You are the man,
Who has to give form to the child,
Star lighting the lives of those,
Who have just got that life,
Knowing you are around them..

They are not lonely people,
For they have found your love,
In the shallow sea,
Which gets deeper and deeper,
Replying to your love call,
Doesn't which has power to stall,
But pouring and pouring,
The love enricher,
You get to make the life, storing,
The greatest moments in a blaze of Lancaster,
You visit so many places hey,
But tell me where you found that girl,
Who made you love and orient,
Your life for the call of love.

Hey, that girl, the Lancaster, the blazing winds,
All which I encountered were just with me,
In my dreams was I gliding,
Shaping the life to see them pure,
For love of them do I go into,
The deep pool of their shadows,
I have seen them,
Always do I see them,
As I am lonely when I don't dream about them..

But my dear what do you get, just dreaming of the lovely people?
Do tell the question I enquire?
Hey, man it's making those plans to enjoy along them,
When we all friends are going to unite.

You see, that world is in actuality, the round as you see,
But don't you think that the round world meets again and again,
with it's longitudes and also latitutes.. It does it does, and so do I say,
The love which may have gone somewhere unseen or unfelt,
Is gets more and more and reaching the gates of our houses..
Feel them, dream them... hey wait wait.. what is them?

Them is the thoughts.. unless the thoughts get pure.. how can you dream love? so the thoughts align love and make you feel the energy the unity subtends in it's highest decree...

Love love as it's seen, Happy stake keeps on.. flowering love!!!!!!!

I write for my improving my trying spirit and sense is made by those who believe in our friendship

How much can you go on writing,
For the fun of it,
Knowing not what takes to reach it's heavenly stature?

Do you know how you can make the reader get into the influence of what you write?

For my friends to understand my rhymes,
To my goodness seekers,
I oblige them through what I write,
If I don't make you understand,
Then it's my way of thanking you,
Through each word,
Which gets out from my soul,
Making sense or not to world,
But those who understand and love me,
Will make sense out of it,
If not even does anything lie,
For the careful nature does try,
To make me understand you,
Reaching the closest place to the hearts' who care..

The Conquer!

Wonder how you can be,
As strong as the mountain rocks,
Said a friend to me,
To which did I repond, opening my minds' blocks!

That hey, the energies which do gather,
When you synthesize wisdom, through toil,
Does go on making you go farther,
To the heights of blessings, as your vision doesn't ever spoil

You are the enricher,
The mountain sticher,
The energetic soul of the present degree..
For goodness, you turn your eyes to see..
The benevolent life.. up above the winds..

everywhere it's honesty and no place for guilt,
To see..

Watch your actions

Don't smell, badness and let it go into you,
But come up with new thoughts,
correcting things which unwell be,
screwed into your fragrance ,
If you don't tend to stop the wrong things of yours',
Theirs' no way to be the The King Of Your Beau,
If can't you control over your dusty actions,
And then continue reacting on more timidly,
Life is just portraying you going away from the ship of your sea..

You're dressed

I go alone,
The times which come,

When I have failed one take,
I tell myself that don't you need to break,
For simple the words which get to be,
You have realigned you fate in ecstasy

For the friends who go away,
As you say,
And that year goes unseen,
You are not correct hey,
For the brightness incurred was which along your bay,
Couldn't have been that shining had you not learnt from that way..

You know the power the gem you are,
Just you also do know that you are even tightened with that scar,
For your journey tells,
That you have a dream so far,
Which arrays,
So, this setback is nothing that bad,
For it is a trademark of your brave clad!


When you do the wrong tasks,
Know you yourself,
As if you go how wrong path..
What you do if have you indulged in wrong-doings,
Tell me please?

To make the world shine,
And otherwise which has to be so for sure,
But I just say,
Is that make your dream brighten,
So you, it's pearl enjoy the sight of the shining world yours' is which..
With love inclined

Turn the badness out away,
Get the sweetness make the life arrayed,
Loving, remaking the pathway,
Making the sapphire you're which stay!

Again, then again go you wrong,
But more say to your breath,
That hey..
Get to be nicer the next day!
For you have to endure along the dancing sapphires,
The people,
And as it is the real essence of magic,
Let it come your glittery life, which has learnt from grey

Dreaming the awakened sky

There to trust is what?
There is a dream which does envelope,
Your silent being, which is the beautiful pearl,
Orients desires, and it's freshness..
Recaptulates all charms of the marvel land,
Which is ours..
And empathy do I call the emotions,
Which make me feel as the world is mine,
And I am it's power..
For I grow in this land..
And dance along the breeze which enters my mind,
Making me dream.. and dream!!

Friday, 20 May 2011

The Rain Forest

Came back the bears,The animals from their sheds out,When I was near,On mountain of rain forest no doubt!

Appeared the rain, the quiver and those creatures,I being that sort of fearful guy,Saved my eyes not to meet of those animals, mainly bears, which passed by..For the black fur of theirs, made sensation of whiskers crashing sigh..With me into their furious shadow light

Then the salient feature of rain forest came to my notice,When I felt the rainbows making their sanguine form all seen,And the animals didn't try to make us afraid,But sang in their marvelous tones,Like the nightingale chirps on gardens' gate,And made the day enjoyable, In rain forest, that night..of that very day!

Slowly I found that, Happened had what, Enigma in my inner thoughts, When the bear was going back into it's shed, I wished had it made there bed only near, so could we have admired it's thoughts fragrance, but surely learnt that life is beautiful and so is every creature, the mightiest..

When we all form a cycle, and integrate the love, It's flow of life in real sense

Thursday, 19 May 2011

The midnight dream

Not knowing what I was to write, just knew that something to soothe your lively persona. For the nights are dark and summer days hot, alike is my heart in full love of you. I keep never finding a figure of you, for that is obvious to be in my head, which unknown, undreamt gets to be, there of you, my fairy. At times, I thought to say you something that auspicious but was there a midnight of darkness never getting to it's brightness. For is it said right, fairies are beautiful and charm of theirs gives us a life of ecstasy, but you are more then a fairy, your a luck which glows my face even when I am said to be in a setback. There I know is no setback for my life has found you in it's core and so does start the gleeful days.

Until does the world end, or this my being when ends, till then it's not even to promise as I will continue to dance in the waves of your bright emotions, as I am deeply into the feel of it's majesty.

In the midnight of darkness when I haven't seen you ever, I dance in this sunshine to see you somewhere, someday, out into the world of brightness..

Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Lamp Of Ecstasy!

Says, Tom! The boy living the next street to Mr.Robert ; Mr. Robert! I have been coming frequently to the garden where you plant seeds for newer flowers' and more blossom to sparkle, your mind when you get up early. I am deeply pleased, to be around your garden, I feel the breeze, I never did this way anytime earlier.

I wish to tell you a story, of a Lady, who lived alone like I do. It's 25 years' old story. That means this long time back, when she fell in love with beauty the nature subtends. Being alone, she so deeply dwelt her being, in the freshness of the natural brows. So much so, that she took her nature of job, as that of 'A Painter'. Painting so much, what she felt, breezed her thoughts, in the linked blooming alignments. The truthful nature of her job, made her oriented to what was no more a job, but only thing she lived for. Slowly, slowly she unthinking of herself, gave the paintings a new sort of alignments. One day she wrote,

I move to the streets, and to the swings, in the park nearby. More I think not to dream, but the love makes me embark my dreams. Where I find the flowers, rich in glow moving my expectations from life. For their love is it what calls, that daily do I then personify, making the figures of those flowers, which dance there, one dances along other way.

People came up, in huge numbers, one day and collected at one place. A cop asked as of, the reason for people being gathered? A little girl replied , that there is something in the house. Cop, asked what was it? She said, all those poor people who live in slums go inside and come out being happy. They are mostly children and women.  And gather in the park, while sitting on the swings, they keep on looking the sky upwards. They even sustain the high wind blow. They people are having something very strong. So, cop being amazed and told people to go away, telling it was good if people are gleefully coming out, and going in.  Maybe the master or mistress of that house give them some charity funds, for they are poor. He said that they the people were selfish for they can't see them happy. Then, he said why don't you also go inside, and come out happily. For the magic inside that house, why don't you rich people go and live few moments with the so called poor. 

What is there, being rich? A man replied happiness, and went inside. One by one people went there and found, even the people called poor, or thieves were drawing their paintings. Of the clouds, of the winds, of the differentiation shown by rich people in terms of money to poor. The realities gather and they make the energies of their greatest wisdom grow. The power of the place(school) they were in and that lady, no one knows what, where she went but whoever she was she was no where seen again. People told that she, taught them to paint, and told them only way to fight criticism is to build a dream of your own as she used to make. On asking where the lady went, prospering the power of love, they told that she said, she wishes to make the love get more richer everywhere which does flow and she went on a journey to the other states. Soon, the slum was turned brilliantly to a big apartment, having wide flowery garden, blooming flower pots, blinking smiles around. Someone was architect, designing all houses, and painters were not merely painting but they made their city grow. The so called rich people by money, no one know them, because they had ego, and a few who joined the then time poor became richer and soon everyone was richer, by heart. A city, to state, to the Planet. It was love and the lady is with everyone today, in their hearts. 

Flowers, taught the world to love,just don't wither as they do, but in their life they wish to convey that live with heart affable, mind thoughtful and face smiling. Make the smile glow. 

Mr.Robert, said Tom, that from today everyone can shower their love on my garden, and sow seeds for the plant they want.

The main motive is to make the love propel, lead a life where, you sow seeds and satisfactorily grab your dreams and keep on loving people as by loving them, you love your life and follow pursuits to your dreams.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

The boy of Wither Garden

Am I surprised with people naming our area, withered households? Why so? We do have glowing flowers and we have these green trees' all in flaunting hemispheres, designed. I call my area rather PARADISE OF SUGAR, we have soft spoken people, who with-held with their situation, a lovely freshness all time. The man he was asking simply said, this name doesn't correspond with the real beauty of this place.

The name is given so that people learn that even what they call withering, has power to rule their lives.

To give them quite empathy,
To reach their hearts', a drop of nectar,
Making them dance along this garden, breezy..

Earlier our area was given the name, so because, government said that this land was not more cultivable, but dwarfed, but care and love of each member who came, only enlightened this place in full, strong appetite of wisdom and for their love sake do we glow, enchanting the PARADISE OF SUGAR. 

This shall tell you, that doesn't matter how bad you are, but if you learn to love even the criminals, you will only teach them goodness, and orient their lives as most trustful people. It will be done, when every man nearby portraits in his imaginations strong passion and goodwill. This life is all yours live it, the most butterflying way.

Trust, the beliefs :)

We do make some 'Interference' deal with few people. Who come as unknown and just make us know the power of trust and goodness. I have a friend, with whom I discussed daily all what happened with me and she used to tell me her experiences. We did start planning along each time and what happened was that she was disheartened as I didn't furnish in one task of mine while she passed it well. 

But still she tries to help me, and enquires if hardships are not so depressing one. Well, we get each day stronger, and swim in the world where  we have to attain strong attitude, and work until we get things right. So, respect those, who respond to you, and who don't, do respect them too, as the life is brilliant and it captures more people who come and always remain sparkling your days, in strings of optimistic alignments.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Whatever. Get hold of it!

I don't know what is all happening. It is so simply to tell, that there is some danger. What danger are you talking about Sam?
Man, I just don't know how vampires are in real life. Simple as they are in your imaginations. Oops! I have many portraits of them. Oh! Is it so, by the way why do you want to see that disgusting for sure creature around you? Don't you know he's dangerous? Oh! Yes, I do know so. But I was just thinking that had I not failed that way, had I not had those sort of evil thoughts or dreams. But you know only that happens what you fear about. So, whenever you feel to be in danger, take hold of the situation and stand up. When do I know I am on track? Confident alone confines everything. Have that in your picture and when you feel the freshness of the sky and enjoy each moment, so you are going well. Oh! Ok! Life stimulates now. Let me in line with my dreams. Bye!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Life moments

When there is something making us, distressed. What is it?
Simply a failure, because we shall not be unhappy after we are winning continuosly but do we stumble upon when dark day is on! So, being depressed, where is the song of optimacy gone, which made us glide amicably in the dreams of our own. My friend says me so, that keep dreaming as those are simply your own creation. But what if there is some adulteration? Well, I didn't write that sentence to make it rhyming but why I wrote it was because of a splurging effervescence steamed accross, in the young minds. They lose hope, faith and they are weak.

A friend said even after working that hard, I find nowhere eternal for me, but you know there comes another setback. Oh! The matter is instigating upon, as again I say more darker day is on, streaming senses which make us quiver. As you fall into the pit, you are gone! So, then I took one book out from the shelf from library by Charles Dickens, somewhere I found this quote, "Don't be afraid if you lose, don't think if God did it wrong to you, rather take it as a blessing and indeed it will become so" There was some calmness in the mind of that boy. He cherished again reading one poetic book which he used to and found his peace of mind back.

Talking to people makes you not feel the pangs, as you aren't actually meant to feel any. The life is so simple to enjoy, and I just uttered this to the boy, I said do you know who fail in the easy going life? He said who? I said those who work hard and just go out of their path because they really want to showcase their magic, and know that they have the power to change the worlds and wish to be that change as Buddha said so keenly. "Be the change you want to see". So, as we are getting ahead in initial stages of our push, we achieve brilliance but lose somehow if we are more into it, as the main priority sways away. So the right advice to him was that simply again he prioritize what i given to him and later go for the actual power he has ignited.

He did tell me that Integrating the power was the most important. We have knowledge of so diverse areas but we go, only one specific area. For sur, to excel in one area we have to as you said prioritize but, I just say that to make worl at peace we need to save our world fromm each aspect. And he was actually knowing the secret of how to make it good from all aspects and a dream which can not be dreat by any person and we only believe in our dreams. So, why repent longer on what has gone away, but work more keenly on the work assigned to us, and later winning the stance of greatest glories by using the knowledge of the assigned task and using vibrancy of thoughts.

Similarly each person needs to work over his dreams and winning on what simple work is assigned we can go. If loses come us, enjoy them, but make it deep inside heart not dare to repeat them because they tend to only lower our spirits. Go on, the stream of love, mark your row, and turn the bow, arrowing straight to the wrong-doings, straightening the minds of people to the soft corner of love and ecstasy.

Reading books, learning from the experiences of the world people and your own, make up mind for that big cause as Earth id ours' and saviour is me.

I liked the thoughts of that boy, and as I corrected him again and again, I was living so happily with him.


Love Enricher' :)

Looking into inner conscious, engulfed with faith paradise,

tHE moment buldges out it's glitter,

mAKing me gaze, continously at the pRize,

awaits which in tHe room of life, enriched with soil of optimacy, and toil,

not does which wither,

in any foil