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Fleeing my fears,
Have vapoured away,
I was keen to hear,
The thoughts,
Enriching ideas which swayed..

Not does matter the overload of tasks,
But strive obeying the cherished heart,
I have listened the whispher,
Reaching my minds flask

To reach strides of satisfaction,
When the day bypasses and it's night ,
Then is me cherishing for another day,
Which does ply
Spell of rains,
Showery flow,
Unstains, all muddy nature.
With beautifying show

There at times,
Looked fabulous,
Even with mud and straw,
As love with nature glowed,
The weather got to be lightning,
More and more
Hand in hand the lovers,
Walk along..
The garden with flowers,
Glittering sights of their embarked,
A journey,
Which is long to be..

Joyfully, passing in each others eyes,
Which not appear with lies,
Probably is happy state to be....
Hand of caring,
Gives me,
A unstressful portrayal,
Of life in this world' sphere..
Allocating of spaces,
Inside my part,
Disregarding the fights and wars

I aspire to move,
Hugging my friends,
Closer to my heart
How the stride looks to me,
The waterfalls,
Shrill down the shallow sea,
I have till now,
Clenched rays of beam,
The way, learning,
I will strive with the stream..
Garden is the picturing frame right now,
The sunny day, is flaring the bow,
Shining faces, sprinkling on my new born,
Desire to learn more and on
Clenching wrists wishing to spam,
On to complete, dreaming dam,
Flips my enigma,
Raising thoughts to scorn,
To win is the curiosity born..
"Rearing the clouds,
I moved around..
There stood marvels of my majestic touch,
In my being,
I found love clutch

Happy stake expounds,
In my lively steeping rounds..
As I gain in life .. More and more

I am the carrier of my fate,
Striking joy the auric state "
No matter is,
I if go away for some time..
Sure is my heart,
For as I say,
Can never live apart

Enjoys the life,
The love has embarked even at place..
Clotted with any blood or nerves.
For my pulse lives along yours,
Lovely sigh


Pray, our hearts,
To keep loving each others',
For distance,
Brings even more attaching link..

Not we go stark,
Is only the expressing shade,
Affirming the future,
To be along the life part!
Sensual pleasures are not my need,
But what I desire,
To upbring the art form,
In decline to which!

Love on,
The mighty goals,
Smell how fragrant do they appear,
For, when pure magic is entertained,
There is then nothing to fear!
The lightning whimps, star glowing,

Romance with your extinct,
Brazing over the quilt..
Embracing your ideas,
And giving people the thought to ponder..

And follow goodness,
Life sans guilt


Yes, oh! You fill the winds,
Which come reaching my height,
I love, the gusts, make me those even shield,
Thinking is me of you,
And even in thunderstorms

My day just lights, in the night sky.. Or evening stars

When I judge,
Each time you persuade,
To care for me, more and more..
Never to shade

Today I write it.. Along your love blend!

To fly away the agony,
Calls nothing from inside,
Just caring, for you,
My love does abide..

Scrolling, not to make any hides..
But along your attractive face,
Climbing, over the strides

Childish oriented poem! Love it!

Smile, greeted my face,
Of hers', was slowly forming a scarlet like image..
I looking constant,
While she was getting out of any maze..
I wasn't quite clear of that less cheered face,
While the atmosphere gathered haze!!!!

I made my hand,
Stand upright, to hold her,
As she wanted the care,
I just got in life,
After receiving her stare..

Now smiled in real firm,
She, lightened with hope filled buds,
Hugging me tight,
When I uttered I was real..
And not was it a dream,
As used we to see, and hear,
Even closing eyes..
But reality brought is back in stream..
Love.. love.. you form my being

Just a whisper of childhood morals!

Sins to commit,
Is the way back you hit,
For, Gods' going away from you,
Each time, when you wrongly pursue,
Glaring, unhumanitarian like,
Persuading honest people,
Overshadowing by your money hike..

For, remember money isn't making you,
Enjoy for ever,
It's unravelling your patience treasure,
Once, you get to it's excess,
Ommiting goodness,
Then you live in stress,
Live pure,
Gleefully secured..
Singing the songs which inherit love..
And to which reply all beings,
dogs, or birds..
You, glide in creating reverence,
While cheering, and learning gentlemens' trend..
Life extracts love and fills in blend..
When call of love is called for..

The Childish hence innocent murmurs..

Storm, if you take in view,
Blazes off the aspirations reviewed,
But who will stop the hazardous turn,
You! Overstaining the scientific hues firm

Gather love, and ideas in frame,
Together if we face the plight,
We don't have anyone to blame..
Think of how you cam build walls,
Making the storm, intensify less strong,
So, rename earlier expects,
And tilt the throng!
Flick down under,
The successes you achieve through,
Look the goodness in those thunders,
And chirp to enroll,
Following the route,
Of the excellence you went through,
To make the level of next row

Chanting in your name the hall,
The auditorium framed..
Claps on your such mark,
Of what you trade,
Stear now and mountain gaze!!
So embark!
To let the desires' rise,
Make your hearts' intent so,
That don't you withdraw,
But let the effervescenes,
Follow in the up-turn,
Not to shrink eyed perspective,
But to a time routine stick!

The tuning of my career

The characters take a smily turn,
To me they respond in a creamy firm,
They swamp the evil thoughts,
Came which to not toil,    
Revamping in blood clots!!

Now it's clear,
I shall move in the direction,
Of dreams, oh! I hear!!
I move and write you next,
As I mention,
I shall win the love in people and gear..!

Rhyming the the atmospheric pearl!!!!

The airy incense I felt today,
Realigned in the earlier spirits,
In such weather of gay,
As if did she sits,
By my side the later part of the day!

I ran and learnt,
Flashed the passed time,
There stood in mind a hunt,
Slowly shaping back the slime,
The charismatic approach shall not seem blunt,
As again I have dreams flaring with a smile

When I have had even,
Thought of being evil,
The spectacle where appeared her face woven,
Flew away from me the atmosphere of guilt riven

As I feel more well,
With love of her,
Blooming my sensuality, bell
With tasks I have right prepared to infer
Flying with effervescence which rise,
I was always making myself oblige,
In the windy sway,
I gathered love, which did all time lay,
And more and more,
I flicked to allure.
To fill affection to really be tight,
Creaming, on from all where, in my diet!!
Flamed a straw by the rage of winds,
Clashed on my face, and blinked..
My hopes to meet my lover,
For her delicacy,
She is not going to get permission to step out,
Oh! I thinked!

Yet, being the soldier of her sight,
Glanced I in expecting nature..which did glow,
Running, after the opposite blow..
I had a glance, which soon did light,
My joys majesty..

She stood, to see my face,
Same curiosity with which I even had trace,
I hugged the gliding bird,
Who came flying, the direction, I inferred..

In the tone of my dreams!!!!

Sleep, yet awake is,
The character,
Not is which in shade,
But going through,
In an imaginative way,
Tis way I gather,
Peace.. To portray.. My poetic lines!


Stepped out the chilly night,
With brother,
To fill the fright,
But when reached the building,
Farther our house..
Felt the breeze..
And I started yet,
A thing to recite

For love with ice-creams,
Is not met,
So picked the candy,
With orangeatic aura,
Splashed the fruity gel,
The sweet ice stroma

Looking the gate keepers,
Warming there,
Themselves.. With fire shelfs installed,
They in form,
Hug the cold winds,
With heating inflation

But, then a thought glanced my sight,
How the old men,
Pass the night?
They are under Gods' undertaken hands..

I want to give them,
Shelter from excitation of blazy,
Layered airy show..

Returning home,
Met few friends,
Who themselves,
Steared out through their tents,
To the recklessly blowing air,
But they had the love installed..
I met and enjoyed the weathery show..
Counting the cold days,
In a row
Headscuffs, warmers,
Fit on their body parts,
Feeling warm,
Yet in showering snow,
There's the winters' variant charm..

As I watch,
How they alarm,
The smiles of their screaming like faces,
In balms,
Aligning them..
Deep traverse,
The pipe which lied,
Longitudinal arrayed,
In a distant profile

There I uttered a shout,
So stern..
Revamped, the noise I made along..

Bent more the inner side,
Sung flaw, a charming canto,
Each time,
My heart just glowed,
With the voice,
Appearing to vibrate,
Silently, mingling my anticipations..

In deep emotions went I,
With remembrance of the love of my spy,
The girl who wanders,
In my gateshead,
Flirting with my songs..
Partying with me along..!!!!
Brutality is not ever asked,
To be portrayed

For love is immense,
In any picture of the beings you take

Live along your life,
I say this as a reason sways,
At times not should ever,
Your mind disobey

Love approach,
Not retarded is.
As life has no time for wrath to lay..
There I do feel a morning,
In the road, I will have to pass by,
Under the warm splendid rays..
Of the sun,
Heading straight to my temple of learning

There will I miss them for a moment,
Yes! Love will prosper,
In that run,
Where I get a flashback,
Of the winds,
And thundering slashes of the weather,
Those days..

The couple, of jolly nature ..
Trascended in our lives,
Giving a reason for this bliss

I and you,
Suit in the lines,
Which showery,
Dream dance,
Looking the future,
To be flowery!

Not any being goes starving,
We both behold a view,
That to make it,
A lively place for the poor,
Called our lovely friends are who,
Should the love,
In each person also perview

The day it was in the evening that day

The sun shone,
Brighter that day,
I passed from the,
Front lane of her home that day

Chirped my senses,
Yelling if she was to turn,
Out of the windows,
Or the gate..

I went slow,
Thinking if she took time to appear..
HAD she not given a hi,
From several days in together..

the frangrant aura can't be untrue

Speculating the heart signs',
Met are the images all true..
What if,
Not can I meet you in reality any time closer these days..

But I believe I shall meet you,
For the flowers blossoming in our fate,
Can not sway away the fragrance..

We sing the songs,
Of enchantment,
Along the lovely bows..
The brashes of sensuality,
May not form a cluster,
In the lovely feelings

There for,
Is love, embarking,
From whatever you follow..

Even the wheels of the car,
You move in.. make me love more with you
In my love with the tasks,
Flows airy the lively trail,
I keep spontaneously routing,
Along the life,
The love you hail..
For I go somewhere..
to make my name in a profession..
you hold the expected nature..
with love in your sight..
if you meet me in your dreams even..
am I waiting for your cute stare..

The Lovely Friends When Came My Town

Jubilant our minds,
Guided our steps,
In increasing desire,
To see them as early utmost..

Flying back in hopes lustrous were they,
From distant place,
To see us were,
Coming our way

Hugged at beginning,
Was aura of cherishing behavior,
Fleeting on the truth,
That they were back,
And we were striding back home

Night was foggy,
We drove back home,
From the station,
Experiencing, the drizzle,
Captivated the feel of home country,
As they are so fond of here..

Exchanged the news,
We spoke much,
About new gardens,
Malls built and the food at home..waiting

When all of us started,
Variant topics on approach,
We gave life enhancing one topic to speak on,
Stramlined, all four of us,
To enjoy the night,
In the frost

Way back from the airport,
Glimpsed new technologies,
Accelerating our nerve throbs,
Looking the nation,
Skiing with speed,
Along great handles equiped,
With grips not lost..

Then came a place where,
Was visible more lightning,
Then we got directions,
Right our destination sight

Favourite shopping area,
We moved in circle…