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It is about my love

Someone comes in my dreams and makes them so much interesting. Someone says me hi, and remains in my heart for so long. A song which I hear, flaunts in my mind and makes me stare at the beautiful tone it is engraved with. Life is a system of possibilities, where so lovely things happen, but to see them happening continuously, I need to be aware of all happenings not limited to my family relations but about the world. I need to be up to date with world, as then only love springs everywhere. When I have trust in what I speak,for I have experiences to reveal light. A beautiful rose in the morning comes and says good bye, after a small meet, then unknowingly again comes ahead my face, when I am unaware of it's coming. This what happens is the spring, autumn and winter seasons for me. For my love comes to me, and makes me feel that sparkle. I love it and want to catch it, capture it's vibrancy and make the life track go on along these possibilities.



Happy Teachers Day

. Teachers, strive to brighten our lives,
Loving us, smiling with us, teachers enlighten our sight.
We grow up, turn smart, it's an image of beautiful life, It's because our best friends, teachers make us rise. Amid all problems when we are struck,
Teachers nurture in us that learning sensation up,
Softly whispering to not lose hope,
Rather be strengthed to climb the rope
Thanking is me to each my teacher,
Who works along me to inscribe good thoughts in my picture.

Don't regret

There are a lot many moments in life, when we regret having not done several things. But just think the other activities you enjoyed doing at that time, even if you enjoyed one task with that affection, then there is no way regretting anything. As with all that enjoyment, you considered your desires the most, and are so much prepared to rise ahead with all those lovely things you missed once.