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Him and Her, a story~

You, a transmitter of songs - of dismay, valour and remarkable joys.
The vessels that lead to my emotions occur in your eyes.
Simplicity was defined when you said, I was no longer anyone to you.
How effective that one sentence had been, both for you and me.
For you in getting rid of me, and for me, it was getting rid of me again.
Never again can a person be the same, when his/her first love fails.

Moments of madness hail.
But no, you can't let it happen.
For - you set the world around when you lose your breath.
Stay in the process of defining yourself better.
Close your eyes and find your driving place.
Right now you are short of words.
Accept this with an open heart.
Start your drive.
Don't fall short seeing an avalanche.
Be ready for a rebirth.

That, the person who smiles has to be you.
now, your happiness is defined not by her,
it's about yourself and your new life,
without her.