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Honest with dreams

We cannot forego a truth , by uttering a soothing lie. If we do so, then we are entering in the space of disequilibrium, when our sense of attraction and respect for our own self decreases and comes to a halt.

Speaking mellifluous tones, even of your sad feelings reside in them, but if they are said honestly, you gain a momentum of charm. You are truer to your life, and dreams, while you tend to recreate yourself with more struggle and hard work. The watch word should be extreme determination, for along it flows the way of life, i.e. our lifestyle and increase interest in things of the world. Admiring nature, the surroundings and people.

We are depicted with that flash of light, that glitters as one comes nearer to our persona. You are in game, as long as you prevail a statement that whatever short the role of yours is, you will do good hard work to beautify it in holy spirits. Spiritual belief celebrates the level of our being supersonically.

In the walk towards dreams.

A day of contentment, a day of relief, a day of enchanter and eternal bliss. When you draw your footsteps into the lane of your dreams, then it's the moment of your life, that makes you more stronger to look on for bigger challenges, while walking towards your dreams.

Begin to believe.

A performer is always keen to hear, the opinions of viewers. If they wished something more, or where were the moves, not done with justice. The human tendency that governs each one of us, yield questions if the hard work is really the hard work. A famous quote says, "Hard hours of work don't matter, but results do".

Creativity is more spread, when the performer finds out where he/she lacked. There is always room for improvement, and creating new style, and expressions that touch hearts of people is well celebrated. We should eye our potentials in the line of our dreams and then see, how much accomplishments lay in the front doors of our existence. Being highly desirous uproots, the capabilities, and our wisdom. Do your task, look beyond, while cherishing each movement and your turn, for that recites eventually your position in life, firm.

Thou art felt, everywhere I go.

My gestures, my words are reaching thy heart, is this a dream of mine. Thine hand casts a feeling so diverse, for you immerse my soul, in regard of love with thee, and we float in the vast deep of the sea, and the bushes that surface, whilst our move towards that sea of pearls. Thy a girl of happiness and luck, accustom beauty in the shades of freedom, whilst entering into the open gates of my heart.

For you, my lines spread!

Spelt with the name of will,
The creation that lies, in the curvature of mine,
Determines enough of innocence, dreams to reach hills,
Those that are dreamt of far before in line,
Of my thoughtful appearance

I have transcended with a lot of friends,
Fun loving, and learning abided,
Who stroll in the streams of emotions,
Dream with the simplicity of slides,
That give us all a way to follow, and overcome tides

This is a willingness, and our dreams,
I put in front, of you to feel,
Whilst flowing in the streams,
While your soul heals,
And give you wings, to fly and beam.

Feeling of gratitude.. ;)

Know not what actually sits to be written over here. I know my joy filled mood, and accordingly do I stage my feelings henceforth.

It's been a week of dreams, of magic, of trust, and the thirst that fills in ever glowing equations, and the love it seeks in form of blessings, from elders, well-wishers and friends is eternal in regard. But who is eventually responsible for all this, is what I ask myself, and can speak my answer to it. Yes, it's God, and for that matter of fact, the spiritual connection that bonds.

New experiences come to nourish, and mind envelopes hopes and innermost desires, to keep more coming in. World is a stage, William Shakespeare once said, and I take the goodness from the belief that sits in the very soul of this line. Foremost, you will learn a new prospect, if you tend to learn and seek.

Coming of age

Over the past days, I have been equipped strongly by the forces of do and don't. There aspires to be a time, when I take the lazy fragment, out of me to speak. Later on I keep on with this factor and imagine, for a moment henceforth, how much did I lose, just because, I said I will take up this job tomorrow. Sometimes, that very task was submerged with other tasks, or at the other times, I competely forgot, the hold of my view, about what was to be done. Times also surmount, when I have a slash of thought, about this work is to be done, may be for hobby sake, but losing even that, makes me feel as if I could have done more, had I planned more brightly. But in our lives, days take a new turn, new thoughts, new methods of approaching our tasks. We tend to create a web, like spider web and there is a locus. If we tend to live the day to fully, we are overjoyed, by the way we have lead the day, or dealt with the happennings of the day. This way, we are happy at the end of the day, w…

Taste of good times

I imagine thoroughly, about how I am blessed. By the Lord, and his attributes to my life, all the year past. I have been living the essence of the perfumeries, the dazzling nectar in my vibes, that floats in me through the nerves, like branches and reaches all throughout my being. I have increased my abilities, having passed an exam and the toil I have loaded in my computer in the form of notes and assignments, do a lot to make me satisfying and more happier each very passing moment of my life. A duct through which you pour learning, and the different hormones that are even glad to hear that you have stood up, determined with your learnings. It is the most tantalizing thing or rather a delicacy, and sweet embodiment that I shall remember all over my life. Giving me priceless, liqued dreams, and fantasizing me at each extract of my being, I repeat, that true work always pays off, whether it is through grades or satisfaction arming through the soul and reaching whole part of one's s…

my reach to your heart

Slumber kicked and new day appeared. Out of the meadows, a ray steered. I was the lonely brute in the alley, but when the taste of art reckoned, I was craved with affectionate bond, transcription of determination of power, and reaching out to each heart, with our dreams so strong..

This is the song, I sing for you my girl, for you create the magic and art in my attire of songs.. Enjoying the sleep, waking with sober affection for you deep, for you transcend into my each movement in the phrases of day and night, this is how my life lights.. I in full vigor say to the world, my girl teaches me, with her reflections of pure dazzling white pearls, her eyes and her style originates the feeling of glory in my heart, as I get to live fully the way she does, and I move in my artistic approach, dreaming of her and about her in the luster of my imaginations..

She likes to wear ethnic clothes, depicting the fashion of her tender age, pure artistic is my girl, she chooses her mind and dreams amon…


There is air of responsive delight. Switching from one task to another, from one frequency to the other, all in all we feel the twinning of it, or offering that very thing suggests to us. Breathing with whole mind, heart aware of each moment, for this is the real sign of being alive, not just it account to taking in oxygen and giving out carbon dioxide, but main prospect that shines, is the bliss you engrave in your inner of nerves. The dream you create to reality, the trust you repose to living, has got lots to do with brighter and better living. Satisfaction of living is supreme, and it comes with we learning art forms and creating our own life more from it. For then shall be it called living.

Sand stones of art.

On the stand of this marble do I sit, in deep astonishment, thinking about different colours of this life of mine. About how we friends used to sit around in our tender years, teasing one another through talks about their girl friends and crush. How the learnings use to tune in, how the teacher entered and how we celebrated the beauty of dancing. Our expressions were given a form that our inner potentials exulted on deep admiration of the surroundings and the lovely beings, who saw us as brothers, sisters and friends. The marvel of our expectations to find our greatest teacher in the 'Dance Room', of our school rose and cultivated higher and higher, when we were desirous to dance, find a person in us, who converses his emotions with the society, fellow beings. The skills which stood this counter were most alluring, for children know not how to cast nets, but they are wishful to know the same, when they grow up and are no longer children. Maybe in that transition of we children…

His story

He spoke chaste science, and I sung songs of Hindi movies. This guy mostly induced his mind with chemical formulas, while mine chemistry was phasing with the likeness of a girl, close to him. I was baffled, and fell on my knees, gazing at the eternal notions of his sister, with whom I formed a bondage of affection. The love flowed from my part, while she little responded, or rumbled our love story. I traced in myself a winner, but to make myself as capable as she apparently was, I wanted to be the real winner, the one who doesn't fall apart in tears or keeps on shattering those, but one who grew so strong, who became like that after facing the tears. But to no avail, all moments of that composition were no longer existing, but a warm disposition entered the reality of this life. The person in me, sighted a relief, each day as the progress complemented, in brush of imagination, and thought of beautiful imagery. He looked the world with rainbow colours and felt as if the world of bl…

Times that pass, while love casts!

Times are when you wait for someone in desperation, and the person doesn't answer. Times are when you keep on loving that person in more wonderment, of charm, and the person still doesn't come. Then is it the time, when you have got no more need to wait and cry but stay quiet, and keep praising that person, praying for the betterment of that person. While taking all love from her shades of reflection that are to be seen through her face, that you saw long back and still love that girl each passing instant of this very life. This is the secret of true love, that can't ever be defeated, for the matter which justifies and builds this love is enormously heartily and sweet. No wonder in which situation a lover is struck, he will find his true love, in the mountains, valleys and any place. For the love of that person or girl, took him to that place. Love resides in each colour, spirit of warmth and ecstasy, that's why it's regarded as love, the most influential and power…

Our will

Have to be unbiased, focused and without any ill will for any activity in our lives. Being good in our thoughtful lines, immerses us completely with confidence and strengthens us on our moves, while we are climbing the ladder of growth. We are sure of sustained growth, with efforts when work from all activities is sublimed, and when life is lead, with happiness and increasing curiosity, in each texture of our walks, through the sands of time.

Your call, and I am coming.

The rustle of thy dreams,Is the warming anecdote of all I feel about thee,In the lineage, of our shy demeanor,We have talked enough,Breathing the sound of the seas,We have given our dimensions to the sun, that glees and responds to the enchanter of our love,Let's walk on the ride of life, together always, in the phase of our love, that lasts till our souls do.

Govern thy moves, by thy eternal being.

Service to ourselves, for our beloved ones, for those whom we have never met, or for those whom we may not ever get to know. But this word brings along it, priceless magic, each magic is so, but this can be learnt easily by any person. Even you need no funds, but aptitude, that lies solely in you giving a beautiful smile, and extend a hand of help or advice, knowing its consequences whatever they may be, but in respect to the goodwill of a person, for that goodness of our culture binds two unknown hearts, in the dialect of friends. We look for friends erstwhile , but true friendship is governed by the power of affection. It teaches you truth, who is a honest person, and cares for you. It's not that some tend to be bad, but they are happy in their own land, and world. But for those, you come and walk a day with you to get a task done , need to be celebrated and applauded to the greatest of spirits. For they believe and feel what lies in service, that is bliss, pride and bondage.

Walk of our life..

A moment in our lives when we want to say lots, but situations don't tend to be so. Your expectations have risen great stead, and you are the one, who can't look down anymore, but want to grow, and grow up to the level of your dreams. When you are purely confident, and have achieved your wishes, from your own self, then you wish to speak your mouth open. But till then, will it be late or will the plea accepted, and be according to our innermost dreams and anticipations from our own life. More comes in life each moment, the diverse you make of it. But in all these opportunities, between them, we have given a form to love and affection for someone, very special to us, and our soul.This is the rhythm of life, that remains in its tone, and best suites us when we go on making and creating what we have seen in the power of our greatest dreams. The love is never less, but more each passing instance in the walk of life..

My girl, my saviour.

To signify your aura and trust, does this lover close his eyes in anticipation to interact a world with you. Your gestures are most soothing, to eyes, ears and my strength. Latent spirits of yours roam around the world of mine, acting upon as a cure and relief, to my mental ease, saving me from the loud uproars in this fast moving world. A trigger of slavery, do I take away with me, while making your face, act as wisdom seeds, in my walk towards the horizon of your love, my girl of wonder, I am so blessed, that I no longer have to feel afraid, for I have known you from the core of my being. World is a peace maker in my dreams, and I see you with me, while facing challenges in the ambush of life.

I wish to keep your stay!

Are you wishful to walk a mile along me, my girl.. Are you ignorant, when I see you continuously, knowing that for another many days, I will be left with that pictures of yours.. Don't you have a say, in my dreams, don't you feel I care about you, more then anything whatsoever be.. I do, love you in my truthful lines, and wakeful hours, be it time of my sleep or evening stars, your love strangles no bars.. Are you liking the roads where we once talked and interacted for shorter a span of the moving sunrise.. I do like each of those moments, and am I left with no words to say, for I fear, if you go another way..

Through the walk of mine!

Her face bears the manifesto of all celebrations, for all lovers you are the ardent goddess in my view. For I like your persona, since the days we met, and till each passing hour. I ask out invitations through my dreams and through immortality of the ones that cast you in their bounty, to love me too, the way I do to you.

A fresh face, seeming like a rose in the morning and that keeps on smiling ever after unlike the rose that deters away midnight, my girl smiles and her very face livens in the truth of my love, that strengthens my spirits to keep on moving through dusty roads and windy blow, for I am drawing your portrait, in each hour of my living, through your smile in its bow, therefore I need not be interrupted, anyhow.

Dark light!

Night is so black, I dare say,
It's not that much true,
For a child of human told me once,
How he aquainted with light of thy moon.

O LORD! Oh! Heart of mine,
You are so nice,
Having given beauty and strength,
To each and every life

Since, that day, I go on thinking,
Over my projects,
To let the life of my soul,
Cast ambience with hard work,
So very bright.

The Day Light!

Sun shines like stars do,
Laterally imbibing my potentials,
In all holy spirits as can be, through.

The yellow light of reflection,
The white clouds in the sky,
Take their real colors for showcase,
With stream of this light.

Orange ball, beneath the mountains,
Takes a move upfront,
While earth rotates its turn,
And invites the sun,
As it moves hither to thither.

Morning starts the, sparkle of thy light,
O Lord, waking me and my mind,
Awakens my body,
Describing the twitter of birds,
How sensational and sweet they tend,
And dreams are lit again of purpose, While new day, unravels new goals to conquer,
This is the beauty of thy diet,
My Lord,
That I intake with the inputs of the day light.

Liven thy passion!

Exercises transmit into soul,
Cultivated feelings, of flow of energy and might,
Rigorously if you tend to carry out,
You don't realize the emotions of each movement, you are struck in doubt,
But with that passion and your dream,
You do make out your road, in an aligned stream,
Understanding the weights and the mass of earth,
Your connection with this nature is widespread amongst,
When you walk through the soil, and weathered green bushes,
Your nerves implant the thrust of solid apparel,
And your dream livens, throughout your travel,
From place to place,
For your zeal is continuing to do rounds,
Letting you comprehend the exercises, that have traces,
In your heart and bounds.

Pen friends..

"Pen friend, is a magical person" You go on writing and posting, leaving the person as a messenger, to answer all your queries, ranging from anywhere, North pole or South pole. This is the luxury of pen pals, they only have to share and feel happy about it.

Mangoes the pulp

Mangoes the pulp of this season,
Fruits otherwise not in that visibility,
Scent the roots of their flora,
In this summer season

You know not the growth pattern,
Of these lively fantasies,
Here old men and a child,
Grape the fruits, allured by wine of the season

Marketed with immense pomp,
These live unbeaten in hearts of people,
In luster of taste, and purity of the gifts of nature.