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Monday, 26 December 2011

The dance of today..

Another day brings lot many occasion's to learn. Meeting friends and exploring new dimensions of an art, and that's what we call learning. Here my mind revolves over a thought, when my mind asks me as if what does a friend mean? Well, a friend is a person, who talks like you, or even if he doesn't do, the person leaves his goodness, his shadows on us. We can learn from his act and also personify him with the thoughts which we are grown up with.  This act of evolving is beautiful enough as it gives us a meaning to live, and enjoy. When days later, we have got enough to cherish. So, I always think that we should opt of doing new things, gain experience and add on things in our lives which we will surely see as foundation stones, when we reach our goals. For each footstep of ours is meaningful only when we can actually feel it, and more precisely feel the prestige of our moves, when we try to see royalty in our steps, it's when we leave behind no regrets but walk with innocence and learnings in the sands of time.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

A girl of distance

A girl with dazzling white teethes stood at a distance from me, but she was visible with her golden glow. Her face was shining white, and I was very apt to keep looking at her continuously. The girl talked to a friend, and with colours of the cold season was she eventfully dressed. I knew little about the long socks she wore, those were the woolen stockings. It is a real paradigm of life, when two people are attracted by interaction of only eyes. The manner eyes set off in rainbow colours for the so called, Platonic Love. Either you know little about what a girl likes, or you are overconfident about what she desires the most. You are always ready to try different methods to attract her as well as allure her attention towards you. You are in a dream then to seek not, a thought about that girl befriending you. But simply that her face glitters with a pinkish smile. How cone a smile orient, was a question and I was thinking about how to befriend people as I was real shy. You need to know, that everyone has a heart. Few have specific attitude which suites just perfect in actual sense. They have sensibility to talk to others, and while enjoying their talks also keeping on the strength in their talks. You can't talk on what doesn't make sense. Atleast the topic should be appreciated by your senses which are attuned with the world. Lot happens around and if we keep our ears open and are vigilant, then we got to be the best debater or communicator. Things at times fall in place right, for the one who is fearless. But hard for the person who is accorded with a lot of fear. People enjoy pushing you to the ground, if you not answer to what is supposed to be answered. But with that girl only emotions matched and nothing else could do, for I was shy to communicate her about how well turned out she was, I said "She knows it already" and I never saw her again.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Moving towards destiny..

A transformation happens in a person's life from birth. He adapts to the world and through that adaptation he opts best to make his own identity in life. This transition is very beautiful, when we go ahead with lot many experiences. We know how the fruit taste's and what is sweet and spicy is what. We never forget the greatest moments in life, the lessons given to us by our parents and the guidance of our teacher's which take us have the feets' to deal with the world and maintain our personality, for it's our extreme and very alluring desire to be known. What all obstacles may orient, but our taste, our dreams will fight with them, and the scrolling footsteps will step ahead along the rail of life. A rail, where a lot many differences erupt. Sometimes it will be enormous joy and we can be also sad. We can on our track, and by our ability avail a feeling to keep ourselves happier. Keeping the smile on face and fearlessly taking on to new treks in life. For the motto in life is to keep stepping on the ladder of growth, while we are going to our destiny. It's all by our efforts, we reach our very destiny.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Getting to know the soul..

An air stimulates around me, inspiring my thoughts with kindness all across my existence. Each breath of mine gets enriched with experiences, that I have gone through and makes me know me. Such lively and important is the attachment I form with my soul.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Beauty: You are the person who embodies that: Feel that!

Simple things in life are the most joyous ones. Be simple and you can do anything, which should have good moral's and be good and you become apple of everyone's eye. This life is so simple and easier to reach greatest strides. It's our mind which takes us fore, our steps are planned by our mind. We learn a lot from life, from people, we interact with them. But one thing should be clear in our own self. We should have roots so beneath, and rooted that we can't go wrong. The roots are in the soil of honesty, and affection. Make your self embody such thoughts, which beautify your image. That you, yourself feel the love, which your thoughts convey. You are the only person who knows, the actual you. We need not live in this world, just for ourselves. But we have to trust in us, and make sure that we make the passer by smile. If we do that and are winning in that, then we can be the beautiful person, and a person who reflects good thoughts, does good deeds, is the person, who's beautiful.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

No matter what bad may happen, for I am the awake cloud, clearing my route..

Does it anyway matter, what you dream of you have it not. Most probably it doesn't really matter, but what matters is that you respect the very belief that you like a thing. It's not important you get everything but keep on liking it is the best thing to do. Respect matters the most and illuminates affection all over the life. We should not forget when we are in a carnival that next step can make us fall, as it happens most of the time. I have heard that after pearls of happiness there sounds despair, we should make it clear that we don't fall down, but pledge that we stride higher by keeping our motion instant. Getting success always is not what we should think of, but the curiosity alive should be present in our nerves. Who are of the attitude that they will win no matter how big the fall is, are the ultimate movers. People do speak a lot against us, but have the righteous ability to in held those stones thrown at you. Take the pinch but don't be pinched by them, live with them gleefully while setting your stage clear, for only you know your real image in a group of educated men. Have your own style and see, success is you..