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Farewell’15 (Department of English) 29/04/2015

Well, this day was a new day; like any other day, yet it had some definite ‘light’, this day was shining bright.
The morning was serene, compose and vibrant enough to enchant the songs of happiness and love for people who were our ‘seniors’. We ‘juniors’ peddled our ways to college well before time, so that nothing was left undone, in the plethora of arrangements. So, as the seniors took their time to get ready, as few of the girls were wearing sarees for the first time in their lives and about the boys, they were much early to arrive than the girls. No doubt, girls spend time in parlours. Haha. The event kickstarted at 11:30am, with the opening speech by Aishwarya Anand and Priyam Arun; what followed up were the  thrilling music performances by Nidhi Panchal, Priyansh Saxena and Archit Arora. Rashmi from the second year came up on stage to cheer up the audience and the ‘seniors’ with her humour and quick wit. In no time as the seniors arrived, the most sought after ramp walk came in…

On faces and disposition! (5.)

When faces tend to inspire you..
When faces tend to describe the world to you..
When the person doesn't know that his face,
Becomes a teacher for the viewer of its frame..
When the ground reality meets an imaginary man in me..
I learn more and more from thee..
Something what the textbooks and theories not define to me..
I find in your face, dearest man!
You're really an inspiring being..
With struggles in your face..
Your walks all spell out to me..
I learn from thee to keep moving..
Walking ahead..running..falling and getting up..
In my failings is my greatest awakening..
In your sight.. the greatest lightening..

‘Love', a journey!

This passage is where I find her,
Complete and incomplete in her existence.
She waits for me, for hours and days,
Until I turn back, to say hi or hey!

If it’s not love than wonder what 'love' is,
When she can wait for me as long as I return.
Is it, in my eyes that she finds solace,
Or is there something in my face?
That every time I find her looking at me,
She's lost. In a land, where she finds comfort.
I wonder, how can I be the comfort she seeks,
How can I mean so much to her, her peace?

But then, I don't have better answers,
When she expresses herself openly to me!
That she was waiting and would wait,
Probably for as longer as I would make her do so.
If love was this, then it was essential I suppose,
To feel light and pleasant, to have someone for you.
Someone who cares day and night for you,
I am glad, I am that to you; but then I fear too.
What if, in love we forget, other things in life?
Those things including our life goals,
and what if we are hurt in this process of longing?
Longing …

As April draws close!

This month of April has been one of the greatest months of my life. Well, it seems quite funny that I can call a specific month to be the best month, I don't think I have heard it anywhere around me. Well, starting with; this month gave me flashbacks. Even when I write, right now; these flashbacks only give me strength to write. These flashbacks are about my college life, my journey and how it came to me, sticked to me and have me the special month of my life. This special month was possible because of this college journey.

I had been lucky enough to be the anchor last year in the farewell party of the seniors, the class of 2014 of English Department of my college. This year again, I am playing my part in organizing the farewell for my seniors, the 2015 batch. And, hopefully, I will pass my college this semester and come for the farewell party in the next year. I wish, and I hope I do.

The second paragraph was quite boring, I know. First one was classy, isn't it? Writing is r…

In my name!

I am afraid many a times,
When I am fearful of light,
Only darkness soothes me,
I feel my peace resides there.

For when I close my eyes,
Put a door to the world,
I am with myself,
In my own company.
I like being there,
Giving myself all the love,
the care I have. In little,
I do pamper myself,
I like loving myself,
it makes me realise of peace.

Beautiful words, such as warmth,
happiness, purity of heart and mind,
just give me reasons to be alright.
I don't know, how far my road stretches,
I just know that it's a road to be remembered.

Day by day, who knows;
Maybe, the destination of our lives end,
to one place?
That it is to happen to anyone,
that one's time on this planet falls short.
But, I want to live up to each day,
with all myself involved in living it.
That, I can't allow it to disappear,
this life of mine, in the glow of the light.
That, I want 'light', to love me as it did once.
I long to see the road dazzling again,
not that with the growing age,
I l…

Yes, I am growing!

Multitude of thoughts pass by my mind.  I know not what is cool for me, what is right?
I have some work bundled over since days, I don’t complete it, for I think tomorrow is there, somewhere near but still I have time, there waiting for me.
This conception of idea, which revolves around me, is about time. It is also about, my dreams. It is about priorities moreover, but still I don’t know if what I am doing is right or, is it wrong? I ask, ask myself many a questions and in return, I get little answers to myself. They are confusing, yes sometimes more, yet sometimes less but overall I am one such, confused being. For, when I love a girl, even then I am confused. Who is not, I question myself. Everyone is confused, in this name of ‘love’. Well, if you really care for her then why do social factors, and forces stop you from showing your love and concern for her?
Do you have answers for where you are heading? When was it last that you were strong enough to have, confidence in your walk …

On life and goals!

I thought life was symmetrical, whatever way we tried moving on, we made meaning out of our lives on that way. Given, we didn't lose hope and kept our faith inclined towards that very 'way' of ours.

Yes, challenges greeted us on every roadway but then to accept those challenges and move ahead was what made life interesting. Isn't it? It is like being a creator, when we form a story we never know beforehand. It is when we believe in this unknown story and move towards making it 'known'.

This is our life, a beautiful dream, with its own thrills, highs and lows. So, calm down and be contended, while keeping the faith in your songs and your goals in life. One step at a time, and you write a page towards a perfect novel called your 'life'. Make it worth reading mate, you hold the power to do so.


Inspired from, 'Fault in our stars'!



I am coming, Rustam. I am coming. Brother, I am waiting for you; we will go together. Come fast!
Okay, Rustam. Then, wait for sometime. I am searching for my 'sports shoes', do one thing, check under the bed if my shoes are there.
Oh, under the bed? How come? The shoes are supposed to be in the shoe rack, isn't it?
See, you ask many questions. I came after playing a match yesterday in the evening. I was so much tired that, I came and slept, so my shoes must be in the room.
Okay, wait, let me check, brother!
Yeah! So, here are your shoes. So, wear them and I am waiting outside. Come in two minutes. Okay?
Yeah, Rustam. I am coming. 5 minutes passed.. Rustam comes running to his elder brother. His brother is putting his watch to his wrist while looking into the mirror. Now, this is not done brother. You're not coming. Now, you are standing in front of the mirror and I don't know why are you taking so much time? Rustam, listen! I have a secret for you to keep. Will yo…

Conversing with self!

That day was dazzling, and it was just awesome! When she came up to me, and asked for my number.  She had wanted to know about the timings of the shop, next to my shop. I was new to this market, I hadn't known; but I had always seen her, in the earlier shop where I worked. She usually had earphones covering her ears, and I just glanced, at her until I realised that I casted a bad example of men, staring at women, and that constant gaze. The later times she came, I had by then corrected, my eyes as to not stare at her. For, yes; I had known her face pretty well, by now that I did not have to find more in her face. But, are you sure Rustam? Are you sure, you don't want to find anything more in her face? I know, you had read Paulo Coelho's ELEVEN MINUTES the other day, and after reading this book, you were talking all the more about 'light'. 'Light', that was seen in the faces, yes that 'light', I am talking about. Oh, dear that is right! But, hey! Di…

The best of Artist Address! 4.

Dream. You would never know,
When someone's dream becomes your dream, and when your dream becomes someone else's dream. It is about magic,
Underlying in your dream,
That it makes you move towards it,
And accepts you in between,
All the barriers and hurdles. It is your story,
In your wondrous,
Enchanting, dream! ----- No dream was such that 'freedom' would bar,
No garden was such sans soil and flowers,
Your single touch had meant life,
in the glorifying 'stance', dearest sun;
that dreams would just worship thy glance. ‪#‎hauzkhas‬‪#‎deerpark‬ ----- -- The lot I say,
The lot I interpret,
Dreams, wishes I do see,
I remark them in a thread. There in the park amongst trees,
I witnessed the dancers in all glee.
They were in such a mood, resplendent,
With their art, their pendant.
They said, that they carried it ahead,
In charm and sophistication,
That it was dedication,
As well as, was it recreation. I wondered and wondered and in their faces,
Even I danced across,


Over the skies and over the roads,
Over the dreams that do prolong,
I look at you as you look at me,
Oh we frame our story,
Oh we are both sad and glee. Like over the stars and over the stones,
We sit, we dream, wishes we compose.
Oh darling, we are a lovely song,
Beautiful couple we do form. Like over the skies and over the roads,
This happy song we composed.
Neither you or me had thought,
Our togetherness would be so warm.  It is about the skies, the stars and Sun,
That we smile amidst highs and lows,
This is how we formulate our bond,
Over the skies and over the Sun,
This song goes and goes on.

A vision!

and the skies had said it all,
about a journey one could cross the walls,
what would be seen was freedom,
to accept the world and the challenges attached along,
to walk through the roads with a song,
to dream high and happily aim for the skies.