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Sunday, 10 February 2013

a lost feeling

how can a beloved not be so, how can emotions change their flow.. in a life where we are moving with force, i wonder how we not carry love along..
there's a thought that comes, along comes no feeling.. as if all closeness vanishes in a day.. the one that became more beautiful every passing moment,is gone away..
it was meant to be..or is it my very ideology that let's me speak that the love that stood firm once is over.. whatever it is, it hurts.. it pains for a moment the very idea that relates to love.. the very next moment giving a relief that i am out of all that once was..but it was love

Saturday, 9 February 2013


By: Gagandeep Singh Vaid

"Believe in goodness and make it your very nature" 

Elegance is a taste. It's a well defined spirit that tells a person's imaginative brilliance. It can vary from person to person but its effects are royal and very poetical.

You can touch a person merely with your looks. A mood can move, it can swing. For love and affection can be attributed with the mannerism you carry yourself in. From your clothing to your simple walks and your expression of thoughts. All together showcase the person that is entirely you.

You may be in a state to define what you like on impulse. Similarly, you can yourself become an icon for many others who get to meet you. This can happen so, only when you are pure from within devoid of any ill-will or being very ambitious. You can't turn elegant in a day. You can, only if you like being that. If you like inspiring yourself with the beauty and colours the world is blessed with.

It's up to your inner tendency. Your call that you want to be distinguished by just being you. It's a wish to dress the best way, while putting the same clothes that you carry. It's an art of living. It's a creative energy.

At last you are at peace, in merriment. And you wear no clothes, you wear comfort in the clothes you wear. However, the clothes don't matter. Like it's pointed out earlier. It's your very pride, your own likeness about what you attire. Simplicity is what you can be said to be abound by, even if you apparel the most expensive gown. The thing is that it makes you feel good, it may be a temptation. Be it, at least it became a reason for you to be jocund.

If you are able to carry yourself comfortably then it means you are happy with life. It's a combination of dressing your thoughts and having faith in goodness while wearing your dreams in your moves. For that makes the person in you.

Just go with your dreams. And it's the act of peace, it's simplicity.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

"Like season, like love"

By: Gagandeep Singh Vaid
Grayish appears the sky upwards,
Dream glare into imaginative words,
Feelings erupt with an idea of love,
As flies the atmospheric, rhythmic buzz.
There is a notion,
A long dealt pride.
In the walk that I carry,
With a lover's delight.
Her thoughts mingle,
The seeds of spontaneity in me,
My heart. A wish propels in no time, this very hill that I pass. I am in her arms, like a long lost friend, only to comfort her and to tell. That I am present for her, and the seasons of mist prepare our meet. That every new season is a new occasion to conquer. That every moment to live and be with you is a new season.