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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Conditions are different and biting.

The orange juice that was priced Rs.10 five years back is now valued at Rs.30 per glass. This means inflation digits rise by 300% or thrice in common language. The commodities that are bought on regular basis are under the influence of a price rise. Still there are essential commodities; for take the case of salt. You can't stop it's purchase if the prices rises. We will be paying more in this case. The consumer is getting pierced in terms of his earnings.

In India, not all are rich. We have a poverty percentage of 20 percent and these are just estimated. In actual terms the condition is worsened and we are to bear it.

Moreover the effect of lesser rain has landed the farmers in ambiguity and forcing the price rise. The supply is less, but demand is more. One can look over at fruits that are seasonal. A person addicted will first look at his pocket before spending his income.

When a consumers' income isn't good enough to spend on delicacies then his/her shift will be just the basic necessity of food, shelter and clothes. What else can you ask for in these conditions of price rise and less incomes. Not to forget that increasing competition has landed even the more qualified professionals unemployed or jobless. Some are underemployed, and some are following suites in the tone of disguised unemployment.

The numbers speak the situation of the country but to get the actual knowledge one needs to travel around the country to feel what malaise it is to stay food less, what hunger is all about.

Sitting and dreaming won't portray the position of India, by reading the newsletters alone. Look into the eyes of the people and you will be speechless.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Reliance on truth, I am somebody!

A thought converges in my minds array. How can I express my persona that is totally different from yesteryears. Will I be in a state to define the real me, that I was yesterday and the years past? Will my dreams connect to the dreams of the people who have seen themselves with me, who have cared for me, loved me for the one, for being a person I was once. Is my face and my tone acceptable..

Numerous questions roll and I sit aback-gazing at the sky above that gave me dreams those days, and I find I have achieved those and so is the difference. I am no different a person, but I am wholly me, I was once in the sands of time.

An awesome moment..

When you want to sleep for another 5 minutes in the morning, while you are getting late for your work. Those 5 minutes are exceeding to more and more, but their tendency, declines(to lesser minutes although). Like you want to sleep for another 2 minutes. May be to fill your dream; or just to feel more satisfied then ever. That is the moment of paradise that you seek. :-)

Friday, 20 July 2012

A need, a cause: a memoir

Rainfall is lesser then estimates had it. The Bhakra Nangal Base, lessens 10% of water supply to states like Punjab and Haryana. Where at one side, monsoon gave a late shade, at the ground level have the people felt the malaise. Productivity of important oil seeds, pulses and other commodities has decreased and all over the country- irrigation is a need.

The water resources need to be stored and not wasted. We have in our country seen different modes of water conservation likewise, Rooftop water process is very well taken to shape in Rajasthan, on the other side, we have Bamboo stick conservation technique . The processes are easy, but to little avail do we take them up.

Electricity likewise has showed shortage, and this pattern of power cuts evolves in summers in India. With no light, for half of the day in areas corresponding Delhi, like Vaishali in state Uttar Pradesh.

A memoir from a boys' diary, written in a summer night in Delhi.
" My body gave a smell of sweat, I felt very uncomfortable. Relying on the fact that power was to come and the fan was to revolve above me. But to less avail, I was wet and so were my cloths that I wore. The dark night remained picture silent, and it sounded as if I was in space or a darkened place, where only black a color arose from all quarters .

I stayed silent to hold in my hand a torch, or a matchstick that got into my palm by me raising my hand on the bed side, to find a lighter that I thought my grandma' kept for this type of moment when there was no light. I found a newspaper and thought great joy to have found it, after all it was going to be of greater influence and use. I kept rolling it over myself and my grandma' and soon minutes passed to hours and no light came. I went on, to make comfort and found spiritual glory after finding it real warmth to flag the newspaper that made air strike and we found solace. Soon, light appeared as our area was better equipped of renowned electricity board. In our place light went for lesser hours then elsewhere. I took a bath in glory and it was still middle of dark night, but my room was lit"

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Good or bad?

It's the mid of night, and it appears as if a day is about to be, asking to commence the happenings of activities lined for this very day.

Well, it's all as everyday, things are same or with change, similar. But what glorifies is the fact, that inscribed its boundaries in my heart. It makes me relish, and it dances in my heart. In the tones of profound impact it lasts. It's my love that lines for the day, in the tasks in which I feel greatly about.

There are no boundaries to thinking and never can be. I guess, thinking can be of two shades; either bad or good. If you are willful to learn new thoughts, then for sure you are giving weightage to good thinking, because you are exploring the jewels in the kingdom of your artistic world. On the either side lays bad thinking according to me. This sort of process involves preparing for strategies of evil formations, to use our thoughts for meaningless purposes like creating chaos for self interest. But ask deep within the conclaves of thy shelf, what do you feel great about. It is self respect that you enjoy. And I have heard it through my elders that, to get respect all your life goes, but to destruct it, only a moment does the needful.

We should construct our imagination in such a way, so we don't enter the needs to bring violence to earn and lead life. For that's not real taste of love or of life, but is contrary to meaning of life.

In childhood, we do read fairy tales, we do watch cartoons. These creations describe purity of mind, substance and usher jewels of innocence over young growing minds. Our culture, our religion foremost tell us to be kind, not just to our family and close friends but in whole to all those whom we meet. Therefore, it's not required to be our duty to be affectionate and amicable but our style of living that needs to acquire the shades of goodness.

I learnt this principle in a group discussion in our school, that don't always let others judge you for right or wrong that you do. But rather be your own judge and the judge who is thoroughly aware of the world. One needs to be deserving enough to hold the right armor or position in life, otherwise he/she will slip a landslide. And the judge to us will be not our ego, but our patience, broadly our experiences that travel with us, develop the understandings of our soul.

In Ra.One movie, I learnt that evil have no shadows for the evil won't last forever. See, we are taught but do we learn? No, because we don't care about understanding what these mean. We have to speak to our soul, standing in front of a mirror at home and ask about our actions, are we satisfied? Answers shall roll in the gems of emotions and slowly inner peace resides and spirits of luster go hand in hand our actions.

Give some time to yourself, talk to yourself and celebrate your existence. Goodness is not an attribute of the weak, but of strong willing people who too want to win in life, but through real stuff, of hard work(labour) and making their soul happier on each of their move towards their goal.
Thank you,
Gagandeep Singh Vaid
New Delhi