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Friday, 30 October 2015

In your memory

Your presence shall remain,
In our hearts.
Your magic, your smile,
Bear every reason to remember you.

It is always a newer beginning,
Older one's leave behind a legacy.
A life lived with head held high,
While burning the midnight oils.

Now you leave the sight of your land,
But as they say, "Every leaf has its fall", likewise in your going,
You have given others 'yourself' to look up to,
The freshness and blossom of yours,
Shall mingle in our world, a direction,
To continue your legacy of art,
With our artistic variations-
To see you smiling and proud of us.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

In thine face, a spirit of love shines

Love to see your face dearest man,
In this silence of your faceless smile-
I appreciate the beauty of your being.
Your sophistication, the art in you,
Soothes me, gives me your touch.
Ever resplendent your thoughts,
Pour a bottle full of emotions-
Wherein lay your trust and values.
I keep them intact in me-
That I feel you interacting with me,
The blossom of our memories occur,
Blessing me with confidence,
And honest, positive spirits of love.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The Wonderness of The Tree

Leaves of the tree are silent green,
Inner and outward exist the patches-
That form the fullness of its being.
A landmark for every bee,
A place to hide for every ant.
It stands high, with leaves that shelter-
The inhabitants of it and the passersby!
Who could imagine that a small plant,
Could do so much magic and prosperity.

So, I would also suggest you plant this much glee,
In the form of a plant that builds upon a tree.

A Life Giver

He pressed my head,
Listened to my heart.
He knew me far much-
Than I knew myself.

He doesn't agree,
Of knowing me more-
Than I know myself.
He is modest, I know-
He is like the genial,
A spirit most humble!

He knows me for over-
Two years.
Quite less, quite more,
We have spent times-
In each other's company,
And today those-
Memories revive!

In his arms I lay,
As he presses my head-
And I sleep in peace,
He wants that I live long,
He knows that I am happy,
Being in his presence warm.

Last ray of peace

Headaches are bearing tough on me,
Coldness is eating me up.
A land, a road of peace I look up to,
Yet I am incapable to breathe easy!

I thought I would dwell in silence,
Silence of senses even in crowded places;
But no, I am having a hard time with myself,
Like a body devoid of solitude.

It just moves by, asking the Lord-
To grant it some ability to take care of itself.
For it is sad that its soul has to go through a lot,
In order to find a ray of last hope.

It appears that the time moves by,
And there is no one to listen to me.
Maybe with this I shall learn to live,
Or get low and low in the left phases of my life.

Monday, 26 October 2015


By, Kasak
At this weird stage in life, I find myself perplexed. Perplexed by the future which lies ahead, perplexed by the choices I have to make. I am mainly trying to balance myself in my battle with societal norms and constraints. As a third year student of Delhi University, all I see ahead is mystery ahead of my B.A degree. I am tangled in the yarn ball of my career, social life and the other shit life is going to throw at me for the next forty years (If I manage to live that long!). I meet friends and acquaintances who are in the mental paradox of having everything sorted for them. They believe their 9 to 5 job is the only way there is to live a comfortable life and how I am being an idiot for believing that my heart is leading me somewhere. My parents blabber endlessly about how my friends are going to surpass me with their huge mansions and luxury cars; whereas I will prove to be a nuisance to my family (obviously the days of Taare Zameen Par and 3 idiots are long gone). Being at home remains toxic and being out with my so called ‘friends’ doesn’t help either. My ideas yield enthusiasm in people at times but fail to get them out of their deep rooted desires of finding solace in a life of comfort and prosperity with minimum struggle.
I remember the time when I was 5 or 6, the only concern I had was how I could go play cricket with the big guys outside. When I would come back home bruised and hurt, I would be a celebrity in the house. Apart from first aid, I would get calls from my dad from his office asking whether I was okay. And now, the parents are same but the wavelength and thought process don’t match. Discussions yield friction and silence is misunderstood. There is love and care, but no time to express it wholeheartedly.
When I grew a little older, cricket had become my passion. I wanted to learn and play for team India. That’s when I realized that my dreams were becoming hurdles in the fate my family had already planned for me. I would be discouraged to learn what I always wanted to do and was asked to focus on my studies instead. That’s how in order to make my counterparts happy; I gave up on my dream. I loved my mother’s affection and cared for my father’s prestige more than any dream I had. That’s how the fucked up story of my life began.
As moments passed by, I came to the real terms of the world and what it wanted out of me. The days of innocence were melting to big words like maturity and practicality. Politics, broken friendships, futile relationships took their toll on me. My shortcomings were laughed at loudly while my positive traits were whispered amongst few. My belief of holding on to my childlike innocence was slipping from my hands. I was being forced to grow up. And I hated it!
Fast forward to now, and the lamp of innocence feebly illuminates my soul. I try to protect and cover it as much as I can, but there are moments when it extinguishes briefly and lights up again. Writing gives me solace and works like meditation for me. But then again, people and their philosophies of life try and bring me down and I resist and battle them like a lone warrior. And I want to see where it takes me because my heart believes it will. Even at the cost of losing people who I considered were understanding enough of my desires. I have been proven wrong and my belief structure has been reframed. I am open to accept life as it comes and I will be in the battle until I win or every iota of my existence is wiped out.
They said god would be waiting and welcoming to me, if I ever visited him. I decided after a long banter between the heart and the mind that I was going to go visit him. I started my car.
On a chilly winter morning, I reached the temple complex. It was refreshing to see the birds chirping, a group of women practicing yoga in the park and the drops of dew on the grass. After my moments of reminiscence, I removed my shoes and entered the temple. Bowing down my head in front of wax idols for some strange reason, felt good. 
I noticed a familiar face, smiling content in his peaceful demeanor and went ahead to talk to him. He was applying tilak on foreheads of children that stood there, just like he did to me in my younger days.
“Panditji Namaste!”
“Namaste Beta! Who are you?” He inquired, perplexed.
He shifted his attention off me and commanded the children to stand in queue for the ‘post pooja toffee distribution’.
“Where is my toffee panditji?” I playfully gave him a hint that I had been in his toffee squad for years in the past. He laughed.
“No beta! This is for kids as Prasad. You are a grown man now! You don’t get any.” He replied smiling and started teaching the gyaatri mantra to the kids, who in the joy of being given candy obediently repeated everything he said.
I smiled to myself as I walked back to the car sans the toffee. I was no longer a child anymore, I had grown up.
About the writer!
The writer known by a pen name Kasak is a fitness freak, who does modelling and in his words, he is someone who, "emphasises on all experiences in life". He likes to travel and it is music that keeps him motivated. 


Thursday, 22 October 2015

Ease The Battle

Hey you, your eyes of solitude,
Incur to me the sight of magic.

Hey you, whose wisdom stands high,
Why not you listen to me?

Yes, I am talking to you,
Do you understand, my voice?

Why are you perturbed,
When I am there for you?

Just pick up a pen,
And let me breathe in you.
Write on paper,
And ease yourself.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

What internships are doing to you?

Yes, the question which is raised is that whether you are working as an intern at the right place or not? These days when new startups are coming up—people with entrepreneurship spirits are trying their bit to launch their ideas. So, can they fulfil all their motives by themselves or do they need some backup in this regard? Backup comes in the form of people (human resource), in the form of funds (from investors) and just a launching pad (the idea).

Image Source:

How do most of these ideas work? Take for instance if a college graduate or a college student has an idea—so to build upon that idea, one would need people to backup. Right? So, there is a need to accept interns—where the company explains their working to them and in return gets its work done. It can be about content writing for instance in the current scenario many businesses flourish from social media, and there would also be need of marketing both at offline and online platforms amongst other work profiles (e.g., graphic designing, sketching, photography etc. )

Being a fresher to college you would be attracted to work with different companies but at that time you might not be aware regarding how they function! They might ask you for a lot of work in the name of experience and not pay you anything for your efforts. I personally feel that if an intern's work is getting a company monetary benefit then the intern also needs some share in it. Had it been an NGO, or NPO (Not for Profit organisation), then it could be understandable. But if the companies are making money out of your work then it is your right to have a share in it! For instance if it is an online portal, having advertisements at its nooks and crannies, then it is making money through that. Or if you are asked to write articles on some given topics then also, you might be working for a client of the respective company where you are working.

Moreover there are few online portals which neither pay nor give any credits to their interns. They publish their articles on their website by some different name. In case any intern asks the reason for the same, they call it the policy of the website. Although it is not told beforehand to the interns. Also they are asked to work for a given period of time- failing which they are not given any certificate.

It is saddenning to know that in this environment, every student wants certificates to increase the weight of their CV's. Because they know it well that companies during placement drives do focus at the CV's as well. Sometimes also asking 2-3 years of experience. Now it is quite annoying, for that matter how can a graduate have years of experience? But few students have it but it comes at a cost of missing classes.

A day has only 24 hours. Either one will make college assignments, study texts or just continue one's internship; one cannot give 100 percent to every place. But few students intend to do that as well, calling it management. When they join college societies, they find difficulty giving time at many places but like I said, they want to do more and more to outweigh their CV's amongst other students. As they call it competition, right?

Is it good for one's health and overall development as a student who does not find time to study the texts in details- and also passes the exams by either reading summaries or by luck? And who sometimes leaves examinations also- if one gets a placement offer in a flourished and tantalizing company!

Being young, many a times one doesn't understand the value of one's efforts and hard work which one puts in as an intern in a given company. Not only newer formed companies but also well established companies are following this criteria of exploiting the interns. This exploitation can be in the form of lesser or no pay at all—or increasing the workload in the name of experience to set their motives right!

My advice to youngsters is to understand this nature of work, which can also hurt you—so what all you need is, to open your eyes and not follow what others have been following in the name of experience(facing exploitation). You have every right to get what you deserve.

Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Few Words of Necessity!

Why did you have to behave this way as if, it is least of your concerns? It was unexpected of you, but now I feel I should stop expecting from people who were acquaintances to me—if not good friends. Why does one take something for granted just because it is accessible very easily? If you did not have to put in efforts to get in this club, this does not mean—you would not put efforts even now? You have to show your presence, in a positive manner and not in a contradictory, negative manner.

If a person is advising you, it does not mean—you have to stand adamant. We are not expecting anything from you other than completion of your work on time. Because you are running away from your responsibilities. If you have a lot of work, it does not mean others are sitting free—without any work! You have to understand it. And if you are not able to understand or bear with us—then you are free to leave, than merely being there—without putting any serious efforts to make things happen. Believe me, it would be much better. You would get your time and we would have to deal with serious people only.

If you cannot listen to others—what do you expect to learn, I ask you? You give excuses which are not at all permitting because those are in your language LAME! Sorry, I am using this word—even when I don't understand why and in what sense you use it—but as it the new cool to use this word—I feel that this situation is the same.

It is seldom that I am very much frightened by this attitude. So, all I would say to you is—either take your responsibility—or let us take ours and take further actions to let smooth functioning of the club.

Thanking you
Your friend!

Sunday, 11 October 2015

A Chocolate Treat To Cherish Forever

A ChocoOze Ride!

Many a times, when in sadness or in glee—it is often said that chocolates are the best company. There was a time when for me, the meaning of a chocolate was a "sweet and sugary" item to eat. The delicious item was something for which girls longed, and people greeted or gifted one another with. Researches say, that chocolates are great "mood lifters". 

A Jar Full of Love

To be very honest, I would say— my chocolate fantasy started when one fine morning in college one of my friends gave me a yummy chocolate treat. It was after ages that I was eating chocolate. I remember I replied to her— "Drishti, can I have one more piece of this chocolate?" She instantly asked me, "Hey, which flavour did you try?" I was confused, since I was not aware of the flavour's name much. I said, "It was in the pink wrapper." On hearing this, she stared at me with grave expression of amazement. Maybe, at my innocence or my foolishness, I don't know. She said, "So it was Hazelnut chocolate! Right!" She smiled and gave me another piece of it. I was a fan of this chocolate. "So, which brand is it Drishti?", I asked with enthusiasm. "It is Chocooze!" She responded.

In fewer days, there was a stall of Chocooze in our college festival. The students responded with open arms to Chocooze—the best part being the great range of varieties one could find here- from "Chocolate Bottles" to "Chocolate Bouquets". A blend of creativity is sumptuously imbued in these chocolates. Depending upon one's taste and what style the customer likes, one can select from the "Chocolate Taj Mahal", "Chocolate Palette" and "Edible Printed Chocolate" amongst the many options available. It was when I scrolled through its website that I learnt more about different chocolate flavours, and their description excited me. We can get the kind of chocolates we need, with our messages for our near and dear ones imprinted and designed over them. Chocooze is a hit not only on festivities but all year long, due to its wonderful client relationship and feedback. The testimonials on their website, will leave you thrilled and make you pick up your phone and place the order right away!

I got a chance to talk to the founder of Chocooze— Ms. Komal Spall who proudly calls herself a Chocopreneur. She has built her chocolate brand with all her heart and dedication over these years. She is a professional writer, who devotes time everyday to her passion of making handcrafted chocolates. Her brand has been listed on Zomato and many other websites have covered her brand's story as well. One of them is, "Being Homely"!

Artistic— is the word to define Chocooze, as starting from the first sight of the designing and packaging of chocolates, a lifelong affair with chocolates begins for you. This is how it happened for me, that the definition of chocolates changed and chocolates mean only Chocooze to me now. 

A smoothly escalating brand, it is suiting the taste-buds of newer customers everyday. It is not easy to take care of everything especially when you are running a brand alone. But Ms. Komal Spall has managed it pretty well—with humble support of her family and friends. She understands the psychology of her customers very well, and the best part that I find about this brand is that these chocolates are priced very economically. I remember, I tried Rum & Raisin chocolate piece for just Rs. 15; believe me, you can make anyone's day special and sweet easily with chocolates from Chocooze. They even deliver chocolates at your doorstep, all you need to do is to call them. Now how convenient does it sound? Much, isn't it?

Having said all this, I would say— there are few choices and preferences which remain with us forever, and have an impact on us. This experience is one of them to me. I am ever proud of calling myself a fan of this chocolate brand. I would suggest you to visit their website and see for yourself, for what variety appeals to you the most. You can thank me later! :D 

Follow Chocooze, on social media for all the instant updates!

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For Diwali Offers! :D 

Written by, Gagandeep Singh Vaid
Edited by, Aishwarya Anand for Artist Address


Saturday, 3 October 2015

Daily Fights, Commotion and Light!

Our daily fights happen because of people,
As if, they decide our fates and the picture-
of our bond, our relationship.

I get lost in my bay of confusion,
of why do we react the way we do?
Is not there any level of understanding,
or guide to let us out of melancholy?

I go on wandering like my older self,
silent, yet aggressive within myself;
When there rages a fire, inextinguishable,
I try to stay calm, yet I am puzzled,
thinking if it is an end once again for us?

Why does it happen that I feel lonely,
While being in the company of many?
Why is it that I wait for the stars,
to lighten me, with pearls of honesty?
Why am I not fulfilled, when I can dive-
ride in the skies of joy and sincerity?

Wait, I will try writing another poem,
Maybe that shall draw me closer to her-
Closer to her living, her dreams and her thoughts.
Well, I bid you bye dearest reader,
For I have to make up for the day-
that has logged itself in crystals of dismay!
Let me dream optimism, to widen our faces;
Wish us happiness and love for the times to come.

Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Thursday, 1 October 2015

A Change!

Voices dilute and cremate in the inner patches of my soul.
When I felt, I could say all what I had in my heart to you,
Did you take away from me, all my sunshine and faith. 
When I felt, I could be complete with your presence,
you left a hole, emptiness in my intense. 
I felt I could configure the glory of the skies, 
and I understood that I had been wrong. 
Not that you had changed, but I had changed too;
Because we were killing the person in either one of us,
one the lover of symphony and other, the lover of thrill in life. 
Trying to alter each other, the way it was not possible.
Gagandeep Singh Vaid