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Sunday, 30 September 2012

A friend who always knew what I was capable of. More than I could think in my capacity, he always arose a feeling of comfort for me to fit in. May be this is the meaning of friendship and the transformation few special people make to us, for that's why they are referred as special(being closer to our heart). And wherever our friends go, we do miss them, their actions, their thoughts and the times spent along them. Thinking about them, makes us richer and celebrates the meaning of friendship. :-)

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


beauty is one that keeps on growing even with setbacks in life..and keeps on adding to its beauty pearls until the person embodying that grace doesn't leave working towards one higher aim in life with strength and sheer belief..

Friday, 24 August 2012

Rain and Lightening!

Rain and Lightening!.
This morning the rain broke into quarters. When I woke up in the mid of night, after completing my sleep of six good hours, I found a quiet dark night outside. Meanwhile I opened my assignments and started furnishing them forward.
After getting into stream of the work that I was building upon, I got a slight scent of waterfall. Somewhat wet, the leaves of trees had been and little droplets made their tone very mesmerizing to the ears. It was drizzling outside, but I thought it best to stay in and follow my work routine as I had thought about it. Also was I acquainted with the ghost stories, to add little plight to my enjoyment.
Brother woke up as well, to leave for his morning flight to Bombay. He directed me meanwhile to go to sleep for at least an hour if I was going to school that day. I took his suggestion and took it to direction, following with a sleep. When the alarm bell rang, I found that rain had stopped but a beautiful day was set outside, and little light greeted me in the morning outside.
When I was ready for school and opened the gate to step out, the rain had appeared with the queen of affection to give me a tantalizing view of the charming environment. Picking up the umbrella, there was no looking back, for a day in the realm of majesty had touched my senses already in form of rain.
All over the nation there stood a blank few days back. Blank in the sense of decision making. When no thunderstorms or monsoon greeted when welcomed. The government was in a state of confusion, resting its hopes on the Rain Gods, to revive the economy and it’s people’s breaths with coming of a prolonged monsoon. Being devoid of good west winds, the farmers were in a state of widespread trauma and blessed with a thinking that brought them to a view that they were neglected, and no one cared for their plight. But the day made me smile, because I thought more days like these will cheer up the economy as well as the families which depend on agriculture for their livelihood. So, it was a wondrous start to my imaginations and thoughts of wellness.
A long day leaped in front of me and new expectations had driven their aboard in my dreams. I had planned many things for this day, and thought would be able to well finish them before the day dwarfed into another dusk. We all depend on the nature, for it will give us day after a night and vice versa. In the similar fashion was I looking at my anticipations from myself.
I found in the interim of my dreams, there rested sorrows and happiness in equal quarters. Like every man’s day, is proliferated with different ideologies. He is moved by his strong emotions just the cloud in his heart never opens to convey it’s real meanings. To whom should this man say, that how much he loves to spend time with his loved ones, or is desirous enough to speak his heart open to the girl of his dreams? To no avail are his wishes granted. So, he has to find a new route to remain happy. The man needs to feel freshness of the breeze that touched him throughout, and he needs to praise it affably. The richness of a person, whether man or woman is greatly described by her/his act of thanksgiving. The more gratitude prevails in her/his spirits for the world outset, that greater is the force of attraction forming in the person. People will be pleased to hear from you, if you are curious enough to thank them and tell them how great it is a fact to have met them.
The phenomenon of love occurs to all and this had occurred to me ever since I saw that girl. To my amazement she stood beneath the tree holding umbrella along. And her mother accompanied her while she seemed to be leaving for her school as well. Soon, I was restless to move into the bus, as it got late that day. But sooner I got into the bus, looking at the girl whom I admired greatly and remembered my responsibilities that belonged to me. The love be it of a girl or any form, is unique with a characteristic. It makes you stand tall even in your downfalls, and tells you faithfully that your day is near to come and there’s nothing much to worry about in this life.
At each texture of the movements happening around me, I had a soul objective of love filling in my heart as more and more I thought of my dream. Actually my dream consisted of love as it’s apparel and resounded me the vibration of love as I flowed into the stream of my imaginations.
And with a remarkable beginning to the day, was my day lead ahead in praising myself as well as the nature that had gifted me with the meaning of my life and everyone’s life- LOVE. Or was it that, nature does this gesture of affection each day, but I felt it’s blessing that very day with the rain streaming to the charming day in the offset of monsoon blues.

Gagandeep Singh Vaid
New Delhi

Sunday, 12 August 2012

A Child's Dream!

A Child’s Dream!
Spoke the minister of Maharashtra- It's been a wonderful evening, sitting by the side of greatest achievers, and crunching the feast has been a remarkable experience. Not to leave aside, the robotic performance of the real machines modeled by- Mr.Jaideep Singh Arora, the mechanical engineer, who has excelled from his kingdom of sports utility vehicles (SUV's) to the robots. Sir, would you like to add more information about your job, or how you could make this possible? To this Jaideep smiles and makes a prompt reply; Sir, it has taken my dreams to create what I always wanted to. But all these times in my dreams, I saw a different thing. A thing or a model that I could muster, sans the support of other achievers in this field. And day by day my ideas' flourished. And let me add more affably, a thought about my success. It's been a wink of failure that brought me to sense the accomplishment I feel. For wherever I visit, I am no less then a chief guest or guest of honour. I humbly put it, they celebrate my failure, because as long as you face a downfall, it's possible only if our quest for a victory is firm enough. And believe me, it's form of eternal beauty to see one's dreams alive, catapulted to reality by one's wisdom of not saying no.
There sat many children of the great achievers too, who were listening to Mr.Jaideep, and were inspiring their in-held confusions, to seek the treasure of their dreams. To those tiny-tots, it was akin to winning over one's villian in a video game. But to the grown ups, it was no less then a secret put forth by the man, whom they often read in newspapers about, titled "The Indian Dream".
The mood was august, while the guests sat with their families. But a young boy, named Joseph went downcast hearing a line, Mr. Jaideep just spoke. And it was this little boy who felt no need to remain silent, while his confusion could be solved by the same man, who created it alive. Joseph, the little boy exclaimed; but I have a question to you, pointing with his little fingers towards the greatest achiever. The boy's parents wanted him to withdraw his urgency to question the man, but to no avail he had augment the flame of his existence. He wanted to seek answers, unaware of the fact, he was 7 years old, and could end up making embarrassment to the guardians. His parents actually didn't like him being unrehearsed as they thought of him, and disliked his manner of pointing at a person, who was noble and generous. The child's mother uttered, I told him to be cordial all throughout the gathering.
Yes, young nut, what have you got to share with me? Hello, I enjoyed watching the robotics, and I respect you a lot. I have been following your articles on the technology column of newspapers, and I am a fan of yours.
Mr.Jaideep was impressed highly but now came the question. You land me today in trouble after saying you did all the hard work for what you created, on your own. The reply was, yes I had no partner or any sponsor. But that doesn't mean you could create of the robot yourself. Yes, it does mean so, claimed the irritated man now.
Respected sir, I can't become a prolific writer or an influence through what I express, until and unless I have had a taste for literature or poetry. Till I don't read freelancers, how can I be sure of my success and know if readers will acknowledge my writings from so many shelves filled with books of other writers. We can never go ahead of those from whom we take inspiration, he further spoke his heart open.
Now was the turn of an old man in the gathering to interrupt. Yes, you are right dear child, I think it's the only way to move ahead in life. Increasing the wisdom of belief in our moves, sets us to accustom more beauty in our life, and our goals.
The engineer was embarrassed and felt it as a need to shower the gathering with the wrath of his, predominantly the young creature. Why should I proclaim the yesteryear achievers were better than me, knowing that I have gone miles beyond them in terms of discovery in science and technology. They can't be my inspiration. Get it, but I can be yours, for sure you boy.
Few men and women in the gathering nodded with what had been said by Mr.Jaideep, others thought nothing of what was said, because they thought, it crucial for the men being more learned then the boy. No, sir, it's thy misled belief or misunderstanding of a simple fact of life. We gain step by step only after learning from what others or achievers of yesteryears have attained in their quest to understand facts. Their laws and concepts give an ideal philosophy of what is yet to be discovered. If I read English dramattist and greatest writer of William Shakespeare and I start writing, and become a best selling novelist by making history of most sales- I may leave my teacher in Shakespeare back in terms of my volumes sold. But the truth is I can never defeat him, for whatever I become, because it's a universal truth and faithful concept that we gain that potential after seeking the style to write or understand the forms of expression by our stars of past. Who may or may not be present today, but the true flair of their art reaches to us, and acts as a flame to enrich love in ourselves and than express what we profoundly feel or believe in.
The ladder of brilliance goes ahead and on its journey with new people joining and new people following the stars who left, from their laws, learning’s of an era or a lifetime of hard work. Likewise, do we all follow this path of success. And for sure, any boy or a girl today is interested in mechanics, then he/she shall follow you as an ideal and use the thoughts of yours, and add on theirs, to make this ladder going up, in quest of new realities or possibilities.
The gathering was surprised by the thoughts of this boy, and Mr.Jaideep came to Joseph, sitting on his knees and hugged him, to tell him how honored he himself felt today, to realize his love with his teachers and how they all played a big part in his life.
He spoke to the gathering, describing his level of joy, after meeting Joseph, who made him see his days of hard work, and appreciated the work of the legends who made discoveries, following whom, Jaideep could see his dream a possibility. On the other hand, Josephs's confusion was solved, who did it by himself, and his parents' were proud of their son's fair disposition towards the truth of life. All the people went back their homes with a learning to follow.
Writer: Gagandeep Singh Vaid, New Delhi(India)

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Conditions are different and biting.

The orange juice that was priced Rs.10 five years back is now valued at Rs.30 per glass. This means inflation digits rise by 300% or thrice in common language. The commodities that are bought on regular basis are under the influence of a price rise. Still there are essential commodities; for take the case of salt. You can't stop it's purchase if the prices rises. We will be paying more in this case. The consumer is getting pierced in terms of his earnings.

In India, not all are rich. We have a poverty percentage of 20 percent and these are just estimated. In actual terms the condition is worsened and we are to bear it.

Moreover the effect of lesser rain has landed the farmers in ambiguity and forcing the price rise. The supply is less, but demand is more. One can look over at fruits that are seasonal. A person addicted will first look at his pocket before spending his income.

When a consumers' income isn't good enough to spend on delicacies then his/her shift will be just the basic necessity of food, shelter and clothes. What else can you ask for in these conditions of price rise and less incomes. Not to forget that increasing competition has landed even the more qualified professionals unemployed or jobless. Some are underemployed, and some are following suites in the tone of disguised unemployment.

The numbers speak the situation of the country but to get the actual knowledge one needs to travel around the country to feel what malaise it is to stay food less, what hunger is all about.

Sitting and dreaming won't portray the position of India, by reading the newsletters alone. Look into the eyes of the people and you will be speechless.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Reliance on truth, I am somebody!

A thought converges in my minds array. How can I express my persona that is totally different from yesteryears. Will I be in a state to define the real me, that I was yesterday and the years past? Will my dreams connect to the dreams of the people who have seen themselves with me, who have cared for me, loved me for the one, for being a person I was once. Is my face and my tone acceptable..

Numerous questions roll and I sit aback-gazing at the sky above that gave me dreams those days, and I find I have achieved those and so is the difference. I am no different a person, but I am wholly me, I was once in the sands of time.

An awesome moment..

When you want to sleep for another 5 minutes in the morning, while you are getting late for your work. Those 5 minutes are exceeding to more and more, but their tendency, declines(to lesser minutes although). Like you want to sleep for another 2 minutes. May be to fill your dream; or just to feel more satisfied then ever. That is the moment of paradise that you seek. :-)

Friday, 20 July 2012

A need, a cause: a memoir

Rainfall is lesser then estimates had it. The Bhakra Nangal Base, lessens 10% of water supply to states like Punjab and Haryana. Where at one side, monsoon gave a late shade, at the ground level have the people felt the malaise. Productivity of important oil seeds, pulses and other commodities has decreased and all over the country- irrigation is a need.

The water resources need to be stored and not wasted. We have in our country seen different modes of water conservation likewise, Rooftop water process is very well taken to shape in Rajasthan, on the other side, we have Bamboo stick conservation technique . The processes are easy, but to little avail do we take them up.

Electricity likewise has showed shortage, and this pattern of power cuts evolves in summers in India. With no light, for half of the day in areas corresponding Delhi, like Vaishali in state Uttar Pradesh.

A memoir from a boys' diary, written in a summer night in Delhi.
" My body gave a smell of sweat, I felt very uncomfortable. Relying on the fact that power was to come and the fan was to revolve above me. But to less avail, I was wet and so were my cloths that I wore. The dark night remained picture silent, and it sounded as if I was in space or a darkened place, where only black a color arose from all quarters .

I stayed silent to hold in my hand a torch, or a matchstick that got into my palm by me raising my hand on the bed side, to find a lighter that I thought my grandma' kept for this type of moment when there was no light. I found a newspaper and thought great joy to have found it, after all it was going to be of greater influence and use. I kept rolling it over myself and my grandma' and soon minutes passed to hours and no light came. I went on, to make comfort and found spiritual glory after finding it real warmth to flag the newspaper that made air strike and we found solace. Soon, light appeared as our area was better equipped of renowned electricity board. In our place light went for lesser hours then elsewhere. I took a bath in glory and it was still middle of dark night, but my room was lit"

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Good or bad?

It's the mid of night, and it appears as if a day is about to be, asking to commence the happenings of activities lined for this very day.

Well, it's all as everyday, things are same or with change, similar. But what glorifies is the fact, that inscribed its boundaries in my heart. It makes me relish, and it dances in my heart. In the tones of profound impact it lasts. It's my love that lines for the day, in the tasks in which I feel greatly about.

There are no boundaries to thinking and never can be. I guess, thinking can be of two shades; either bad or good. If you are willful to learn new thoughts, then for sure you are giving weightage to good thinking, because you are exploring the jewels in the kingdom of your artistic world. On the either side lays bad thinking according to me. This sort of process involves preparing for strategies of evil formations, to use our thoughts for meaningless purposes like creating chaos for self interest. But ask deep within the conclaves of thy shelf, what do you feel great about. It is self respect that you enjoy. And I have heard it through my elders that, to get respect all your life goes, but to destruct it, only a moment does the needful.

We should construct our imagination in such a way, so we don't enter the needs to bring violence to earn and lead life. For that's not real taste of love or of life, but is contrary to meaning of life.

In childhood, we do read fairy tales, we do watch cartoons. These creations describe purity of mind, substance and usher jewels of innocence over young growing minds. Our culture, our religion foremost tell us to be kind, not just to our family and close friends but in whole to all those whom we meet. Therefore, it's not required to be our duty to be affectionate and amicable but our style of living that needs to acquire the shades of goodness.

I learnt this principle in a group discussion in our school, that don't always let others judge you for right or wrong that you do. But rather be your own judge and the judge who is thoroughly aware of the world. One needs to be deserving enough to hold the right armor or position in life, otherwise he/she will slip a landslide. And the judge to us will be not our ego, but our patience, broadly our experiences that travel with us, develop the understandings of our soul.

In Ra.One movie, I learnt that evil have no shadows for the evil won't last forever. See, we are taught but do we learn? No, because we don't care about understanding what these mean. We have to speak to our soul, standing in front of a mirror at home and ask about our actions, are we satisfied? Answers shall roll in the gems of emotions and slowly inner peace resides and spirits of luster go hand in hand our actions.

Give some time to yourself, talk to yourself and celebrate your existence. Goodness is not an attribute of the weak, but of strong willing people who too want to win in life, but through real stuff, of hard work(labour) and making their soul happier on each of their move towards their goal.
Thank you,
Gagandeep Singh Vaid
New Delhi

Saturday, 30 June 2012

As June'12 bids bye"

Many a times, I judge things as all do. And also thinking if, I am right on my level. Then I go on in this thoughtful process and ascertain, that I am in a process, or a journey that all beings go through.

The way I look at beginners, in the task that I have gone a bit ahead. I believe I tend to see the me of yesterday in the rookie in front. Once I was a rookie and now, a bit grown up. But is it holding true, that those who have achieved higher standards then me, in my field- already know when I am right or wrong? I suppose yes, they know me very well. And knowing not just me, but their field of knowledge- wherein they have put their hours of labour and imaginations.

Teachers are what we call them- the people who go that extra mile because of their affection and determination. But teachers won't tell you every secret or every law behind human nature in a single year of schooling or few classes. Rather they gonna make us see the world, it's secrets by our own eyes, other than putting lenses to our eyes, and increasing the power of the lens to see beyond, that is impossible to see. The truth is simply- that you won't find any answers to look beyond your tendency. What is needed is truly, your wish and desire to acquire your goal, and you have to follow a journey.

Your worship to thy work shall fulfill all the intense of thine imaginations hence dreams.

Now, the closing thought-
"Believe you can do it, and if you do that- then you have a step to put more to reach it, start moving"

Gagandeep Singh Vaid
30/06/2012 :-)

a thought..

"No one is ever perfect, but always in the journey to be that"

Friday, 15 June 2012

Thought at night..!

Through the years' of this phase, I got a reader of my writings. And that reader is but me. Through the songs of bliss and fall, these phrases have sounded. Each new day appears, there's a thing different always in the light of every day. The spark with which we look around ourselves.

So, is it with the world that things change or is it within oneself that things keep changing? I guess, more importantly it is depending on our will and belief in prayers, that actually suggests a path to us.

Changing with the times, and looking things from different views is all the beautiful thing that personifies. For we are getting aura of life that we are desirous to live and enjoy. Let's divulge in the ocean of fruitfulness wherein only seeds of love grow. :)

Thursday, 14 June 2012

The curtain closing..

I am sleepless yet wakeful, but not only to see you. A dream appeared and she moved away from me, as if I was a thief and asking for her heart. Whereas she has it for someone else, than for me.

It occurs to me, to stop writing. For she is the origin of these writings and having naught her shades in my writings, this world is very simple and not special as it was few days back, when I thought she cared. I guess this shall put an end to the numerous writings that had been continuously developing their significance day by day, just to reach nearer to her.

Monday, 4 June 2012

"It's your call, what you want to be"

You better be, what is tremendously (ought) abided from thy soul. In inner quarters of judgement and utmost feelings, you take pride to chance by.(You tend to listen more to your feelings). The institution of thy living shall abound in the truth of a thought, where your soul circumferences around. If you have intense a call, of vibrations arising then take a stand and follow it, abidest by its' holy twitter as possible can be.

Visionary comprehensions develop in space and time, while the silence surrounding you, refreshens the capacities to strongly wish about something of mature importance.

You live in the land of your own drawn fields, as long as you introspect, farther shall thy area of reach be stretched. The far-ness of your reach can be attorned and felt by the patience and deep desire of you, in the maverick walk of thee. Strong impulse gradually compensates for thy love, by the level of your respect for it. You develop and that's your dream forming wings all because you took a stand and spoke for your notion of a dream.

Who you be and what defines thee, is the statement leading to your spontaneity. If answers are framed, if truthfulness prevails and the oils of your perspiration sail, then you are on the track of thy to-be framed life.

Holy enchantments, faith of a hundred uncountable hours and peace of a presidium, shall undoubtedly lead to the fulfillment of thy seen notion of life. The spiritual munificence shall conglomerate, dreams in their eternal form with reality of a flowing breeze of winds.

Look above in the sky, roads to your pavements appear. Even if a single dot of creation starts it's unending fashion, then you knowest not, how thee shall turn of a pavement, a holy scripture of thy favorite shades of colours in that scripture. Look within and take a stand about what thee desirous to be, whether corrupt or happy in your dreams.

Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Thou art magnetic

"Supreme songs of thy attraction do immerse my soul too, in the nectar of thy soothing melodies. The manner thine auspicious songs bloom my simple soul, in the same attire I dress as you do, cherishing, dancing to the songs of winters, summers', whilst underlying spirits of a wonderful morning, when the sun power-plays, throughout ones existence with refreshing and fantasizing aroma.

I do sit upon, a branch of a strong built mango tree, inhaling sound applause of the winds, gives my nostrils, fragrance of premature 'ambi's', or little mangoes, in stage of growing perspiration. The rustle of the leaves, leave upon my so called simple being, an ushering of heavenly incarnation, whereby I start running in the fields, relishing the calibre of the nature, and overjoying to the threshold of my simple temptations"

Gagandeep Singh Vaid
S-7 H

Friday, 18 May 2012

Sizes are ranging but love is the motto behind everything! :)

In the rhythm of day and night, my lens captures the shades of the dreams in all sizes ranging from thoughts to pictures, this wanderer is in love with the creation of the almighty. For all these art works that are innumerable and in every piece, and add much to delight of the wanderer. It's he who extracts that love and shares with his fellow beings in tone of his imaginations that is by writings and by drawing and clicking his best vision. Now I say is this love!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

A flower full delight!

The picture I clicked a year back at Buddha Garden, in the month of March, after we celebrated the festival of Holi. Such a memorable click.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

My heart correlates my speech!

The sun shimmers when my mood sets, but how come it not remain beautiful in my heart, when I get to hear my girl loves someone else. What about my belief in my dreams, that have been significant enough to nurture love and it's patronage in me.

My deepest thoughts ask several questions, and I wonder if ever my affection has reached her heart. I set on the route of unknown world, where I shall know not if she loves someone else then me, but I shall be abided by the supreme knowledge that she is waiting in her fairyland, for me and I am in motion to my ride, to reach to her, in fresh thoughts of optimistic spirits. She wants to see me, with the emotions I set out for her and rally on in my thoughtful aperture, taking her name of perfection.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

What is stress?

Stress in life is fully felt, especially when one has lots of things in front, but the nerves ponder about, for strength, which is unseen at times. Troubles or what, at times we are ambitious, or rather I am, to grab more and more. But when I get to see, how much each day, somewhere more I could have worked, I feel miserable, but there is no way out, so why to regret, you don't have time, but you want to do that too.

The theories of mind revolve, over many circumstances and you are losing and winning in the battles which correspond in front of you, or behind. Each way, every route, you are dealing with challenges and impairing yourself into the tone of willing nature, I have to do it and will someday study what I lose today. Maybe that is how life goes, and we are strolling towards our life goals in truer respect, of our dreams.

But I say still, I am stressful but then I get to sleep at night so tight, that when I wake the next morning, the day is new, the sun is shimmering and no stress is applicable upon self. As a new life comes to rescue, and a new dream perpetuates or addition to new dream orients.

Then I say, you probably could have lost a lifetime of joys, had you not dealt with the texture and complexion of that stress, and I am more experienced, for I felt that breeze in the morning, that gave me a feel of having captured the mountain top on dark night. Victory, after several loses, has to comprehend, and that's making life interesting and ever glowing.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Flying in control

Lot of body insulation, feels as if something in the inside portion of ones living, the organs for eg. are in ache and asking for rest of a mileage. The food we eat, or the thoughts of anger that fruit up in our life because of our overload of work, make us sick in some instant. I try seeking answers for the betterment of my health, and govern right moves henceforth. There is a know how about how sufferings in the world elongate, with struggles. These struggles are with own self, to give out the best that resides within ones being.

Getting out the most soothing aura, remakes, and remarks as a leader that stands tall for all the struggles one made. One gains discipline, be it with determination while doing work -outs to get a good physique or be it practicing language for debates or exams, we are in each instant moving towards our dream that defines us most beautifully.

So, don't be afraid to try new things out, and the ones that make you say no to, try them and fall in love with a you, who actually stands and says boldly, I am responsible for what I am, and not walk away crying in unhappiness after saying I could not do, for I lacked abilities, but make abilities embark from you, from your inner lines, for that is what defines who you are.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Honest with dreams

We cannot forego a truth , by uttering a soothing lie. If we do so, then we are entering in the space of disequilibrium, when our sense of attraction and respect for our own self decreases and comes to a halt.

Speaking mellifluous tones, even of your sad feelings reside in them, but if they are said honestly, you gain a momentum of charm. You are truer to your life, and dreams, while you tend to recreate yourself with more struggle and hard work. The watch word should be extreme determination, for along it flows the way of life, i.e. our lifestyle and increase interest in things of the world. Admiring nature, the surroundings and people.

We are depicted with that flash of light, that glitters as one comes nearer to our persona. You are in game, as long as you prevail a statement that whatever short the role of yours is, you will do good hard work to beautify it in holy spirits. Spiritual belief celebrates the level of our being supersonically.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

In the walk towards dreams.

A day of contentment, a day of relief, a day of enchanter and eternal bliss. When you draw your footsteps into the lane of your dreams, then it's the moment of your life, that makes you more stronger to look on for bigger challenges, while walking towards your dreams.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Begin to believe.

A performer is always keen to hear, the opinions of viewers. If they wished something more, or where were the moves, not done with justice. The human tendency that governs each one of us, yield questions if the hard work is really the hard work. A famous quote says, "Hard hours of work don't matter, but results do".

Creativity is more spread, when the performer finds out where he/she lacked. There is always room for improvement, and creating new style, and expressions that touch hearts of people is well celebrated. We should eye our potentials in the line of our dreams and then see, how much accomplishments lay in the front doors of our existence. Being highly desirous uproots, the capabilities, and our wisdom. Do your task, look beyond, while cherishing each movement and your turn, for that recites eventually your position in life, firm.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Thou art felt, everywhere I go.

My gestures, my words are reaching thy heart, is this a dream of mine. Thine hand casts a feeling so diverse, for you immerse my soul, in regard of love with thee, and we float in the vast deep of the sea, and the bushes that surface, whilst our move towards that sea of pearls. Thy a girl of happiness and luck, accustom beauty in the shades of freedom, whilst entering into the open gates of my heart.

For you, my lines spread!

Spelt with the name of will,
The creation that lies, in the curvature of mine,
Determines enough of innocence, dreams to reach hills,
Those that are dreamt of far before in line,
Of my thoughtful appearance

I have transcended with a lot of friends,
Fun loving, and learning abided,
Who stroll in the streams of emotions,
Dream with the simplicity of slides,
That give us all a way to follow, and overcome tides

This is a willingness, and our dreams,
I put in front, of you to feel,
Whilst flowing in the streams,
While your soul heals,
And give you wings, to fly and beam.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Feeling of gratitude.. ;)

Know not what actually sits to be written over here. I know my joy filled mood, and accordingly do I stage my feelings henceforth.

It's been a week of dreams, of magic, of trust, and the thirst that fills in ever glowing equations, and the love it seeks in form of blessings, from elders, well-wishers and friends is eternal in regard. But who is eventually responsible for all this, is what I ask myself, and can speak my answer to it. Yes, it's God, and for that matter of fact, the spiritual connection that bonds.

New experiences come to nourish, and mind envelopes hopes and innermost desires, to keep more coming in. World is a stage, William Shakespeare once said, and I take the goodness from the belief that sits in the very soul of this line. Foremost, you will learn a new prospect, if you tend to learn and seek.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Coming of age

Over the past days, I have been equipped strongly by the forces of do and don't. There aspires to be a time, when I take the lazy fragment, out of me to speak. Later on I keep on with this factor and imagine, for a moment henceforth, how much did I lose, just because, I said I will take up this job tomorrow. Sometimes, that very task was submerged with other tasks, or at the other times, I competely forgot, the hold of my view, about what was to be done. Times also surmount, when I have a slash of thought, about this work is to be done, may be for hobby sake, but losing even that, makes me feel as if I could have done more, had I planned more brightly. But in our lives, days take a new turn, new thoughts, new methods of approaching our tasks. We tend to create a web, like spider web and there is a locus. If we tend to live the day to fully, we are overjoyed, by the way we have lead the day, or dealt with the happennings of the day. This way, we are happy at the end of the day, when a very aspiring sleep takes up, i t's web, and a new day appears, with new thoughts, and new work, or work of the past day, being carried up, but with that curiosity, that I can't explain openly, because, of it's tenderness. Just a thought, that keep on changing your appetite, your lifestyle and keep on growing, proliferately, through different ventures, but believe, you can make the best way out, and eventually win it, for you have it deep residing in you. The power of content, amazement, and yeah! the wisdom seeking people often say, be adventurous, and keep on amazing your life, with the talent, you have in you very inner shelves. Come of age, with your dreams to see them in reality.

Taste of good times

I imagine thoroughly, about how I am blessed. By the Lord, and his attributes to my life, all the year past. I have been living the essence of the perfumeries, the dazzling nectar in my vibes, that floats in me through the nerves, like branches and reaches all throughout my being. I have increased my abilities, having passed an exam and the toil I have loaded in my computer in the form of notes and assignments, do a lot to make me satisfying and more happier each very passing moment of my life. A duct through which you pour learning, and the different hormones that are even glad to hear that you have stood up, determined with your learnings. It is the most tantalizing thing or rather a delicacy, and sweet embodiment that I shall remember all over my life. Giving me priceless, liqued dreams, and fantasizing me at each extract of my being, I repeat, that true work always pays off, whether it is through grades or satisfaction arming through the soul and reaching whole part of one's sustainance. I wish- Oh Lord, of my dreams, that we all beings feel the affection and amicable connection of this bliss, which propogates through our work, and makes us strong and eventually stronger, while we climb our ladder of dreams and truthful aspirations of our life, for that is royal love.

my reach to your heart

Slumber kicked and new day appeared. Out of the meadows, a ray steered. I was the lonely brute in the alley, but when the taste of art reckoned, I was craved with affectionate bond, transcription of determination of power, and reaching out to each heart, with our dreams so strong..

This is the song, I sing for you my girl, for you create the magic and art in my attire of songs.. Enjoying the sleep, waking with sober affection for you deep, for you transcend into my each movement in the phrases of day and night, this is how my life lights.. I in full vigor say to the world, my girl teaches me, with her reflections of pure dazzling white pearls, her eyes and her style originates the feeling of glory in my heart, as I get to live fully the way she does, and I move in my artistic approach, dreaming of her and about her in the luster of my imaginations..

She likes to wear ethnic clothes, depicting the fashion of her tender age, pure artistic is my girl, she chooses her mind and dreams amongst, the manner I do, she does the same, we can dance in the midst of heavenly rain, for the long quarters in each trinket of smile on our faces, in every rain droplet, her essence perfumes, reaching to my inner senses, the dreams are awake, and I look around in the rivers and lakes, for her sound of bliss occurs to me at each movement of the nature, in the air, in rainbows, her beauty triggers in me waves of amiable connect, and she my girl rules the words in my dialect of speech, she remains silent waiting for breach, of our friendship to a simple song of fanciful atonement, of love.. I ask you, thy hand, do you accept me my girl..

I go on conveying to the world around me, trying to speak my love for thee, in the form of art that connects the most, to thy lively songs of charm, and sensational feel, I want to be added to the tone of these, and am I most desirous to be yours, in the wake of rising sun, to the noon, and each atmospheric creation that comes along, in my life, I in admiring you, want to live with you my girl of countless dreams..

Friday, 13 April 2012


There is air of responsive delight. Switching from one task to another, from one frequency to the other, all in all we feel the twinning of it, or offering that very thing suggests to us. Breathing with whole mind, heart aware of each moment, for this is the real sign of being alive, not just it account to taking in oxygen and giving out carbon dioxide, but main prospect that shines, is the bliss you engrave in your inner of nerves. The dream you create to reality, the trust you repose to living, has got lots to do with brighter and better living. Satisfaction of living is supreme, and it comes with we learning art forms and creating our own life more from it. For then shall be it called living.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Sand stones of art.

On the stand of this marble do I sit, in deep astonishment, thinking about different colours of this life of mine. About how we friends used to sit around in our tender years, teasing one another through talks about their girl friends and crush. How the learnings use to tune in, how the teacher entered and how we celebrated the beauty of dancing. Our expressions were given a form that our inner potentials exulted on deep admiration of the surroundings and the lovely beings, who saw us as brothers, sisters and friends. The marvel of our expectations to find our greatest teacher in the 'Dance Room', of our school rose and cultivated higher and higher, when we were desirous to dance, find a person in us, who converses his emotions with the society, fellow beings. The skills which stood this counter were most alluring, for children know not how to cast nets, but they are wishful to know the same, when they grow up and are no longer children. Maybe in that transition of we children being bigger and bigger children, also grew in us curiosity to take in the notions of skills. Children mostly find happiness from everywhere, because innocence pervades in them as a royal bliss, that is autonomous in it's service of taking in affection and prosperity. Keeping that innocence, makes our place in society crucial, for we understand, the care to be offered to a person in need.Our positive reflections, buzzed a satisfying sound, telling us, we were silently sliding into adulthood but we have kept our richness, in form of innocence. It creates us, speaking what we are, and converses us with audience. This is art, and it's purest form, that we need to concord upon. Performing well in life, is possible when our art exults its power and reaches to masses.Today I sit on the marbles, that are same stones, and not painted or greased. But they are as sober and beautiful, as were in those days, the old days of childhood, that ought to happen once in a lifetime. But yes, we can feel the touch of that innocence, bestowed upon is in bounty, through the dance in our dance room, being followed up is which today.The very caring teachers, have grown with age, as we have and we feel it. But again, looking at them it doesn't feel, they are old, for their curiosity has only increased, and their face is more beautiful, with a lot of grace they have embodied on their supreme self, with blessings of the almighty and love of their students, their own children. Our hearts link with love, and this is the little part of our story of art and it's formation in our cells, through our greatest, respectable teachers.

His story

He spoke chaste science, and I sung songs of Hindi movies. This guy mostly induced his mind with chemical formulas, while mine chemistry was phasing with the likeness of a girl, close to him. I was baffled, and fell on my knees, gazing at the eternal notions of his sister, with whom I formed a bondage of affection. The love flowed from my part, while she little responded, or rumbled our love story. I traced in myself a winner, but to make myself as capable as she apparently was, I wanted to be the real winner, the one who doesn't fall apart in tears or keeps on shattering those, but one who grew so strong, who became like that after facing the tears. But to no avail, all moments of that composition were no longer existing, but a warm disposition entered the reality of this life. The person in me, sighted a relief, each day as the progress complemented, in brush of imagination, and thought of beautiful imagery. He looked the world with rainbow colours and felt as if the world of bliss could be created eventually, while each person felt that by heart. Love!Now through the waking hours of the day, this lover looks around for a reply from her side, the girl of his dreams, who made him reach his dreams but became the soul of dream, for which he awaits amidst great admiration of her. Wishing and desirous each minute to spray the amiable thought, I love you, girl. Can he reach that stage too, he moves in much belief, she will be having the same view of this love.

Times that pass, while love casts!

Times are when you wait for someone in desperation, and the person doesn't answer. Times are when you keep on loving that person in more wonderment, of charm, and the person still doesn't come. Then is it the time, when you have got no more need to wait and cry but stay quiet, and keep praising that person, praying for the betterment of that person. While taking all love from her shades of reflection that are to be seen through her face, that you saw long back and still love that girl each passing instant of this very life. This is the secret of true love, that can't ever be defeated, for the matter which justifies and builds this love is enormously heartily and sweet. No wonder in which situation a lover is struck, he will find his true love, in the mountains, valleys and any place. For the love of that person or girl, took him to that place. Love resides in each colour, spirit of warmth and ecstasy, that's why it's regarded as love, the most influential and powerful word in the world. Depicting the meaning of life, in a single word 'Love' with purity, regard and happiness, in it's innermost core.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Our will

Have to be unbiased, focused and without any ill will for any activity in our lives. Being good in our thoughtful lines, immerses us completely with confidence and strengthens us on our moves, while we are climbing the ladder of growth. We are sure of sustained growth, with efforts when work from all activities is sublimed, and when life is lead, with happiness and increasing curiosity, in each texture of our walks, through the sands of time.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Your call, and I am coming.

The rustle of thy dreams,Is the warming anecdote of all I feel about thee,In the lineage, of our shy demeanor,We have talked enough,Breathing the sound of the seas,We have given our dimensions to the sun, that glees and responds to the enchanter of our love,Let's walk on the ride of life, together always, in the phase of our love, that lasts till our souls do.

Govern thy moves, by thy eternal being.

Service to ourselves, for our beloved ones, for those whom we have never met, or for those whom we may not ever get to know. But this word brings along it, priceless magic, each magic is so, but this can be learnt easily by any person. Even you need no funds, but aptitude, that lies solely in you giving a beautiful smile, and extend a hand of help or advice, knowing its consequences whatever they may be, but in respect to the goodwill of a person, for that goodness of our culture binds two unknown hearts, in the dialect of friends. We look for friends erstwhile , but true friendship is governed by the power of affection. It teaches you truth, who is a honest person, and cares for you. It's not that some tend to be bad, but they are happy in their own land, and world. But for those, you come and walk a day with you to get a task done , need to be celebrated and applauded to the greatest of spirits. For they believe and feel what lies in service, that is bliss, pride and bondage.

Walk of our life..

A moment in our lives when we want to say lots, but situations don't tend to be so. Your expectations have risen great stead, and you are the one, who can't look down anymore, but want to grow, and grow up to the level of your dreams. When you are purely confident, and have achieved your wishes, from your own self, then you wish to speak your mouth open. But till then, will it be late or will the plea accepted, and be according to our innermost dreams and anticipations from our own life. More comes in life each moment, the diverse you make of it. But in all these opportunities, between them, we have given a form to love and affection for someone, very special to us, and our soul.This is the rhythm of life, that remains in its tone, and best suites us when we go on making and creating what we have seen in the power of our greatest dreams. The love is never less, but more each passing instance in the walk of life..

Saturday, 7 April 2012

My girl, my saviour.

To signify your aura and trust, does this lover close his eyes in anticipation to interact a world with you. Your gestures are most soothing, to eyes, ears and my strength. Latent spirits of yours roam around the world of mine, acting upon as a cure and relief, to my mental ease, saving me from the loud uproars in this fast moving world. A trigger of slavery, do I take away with me, while making your face, act as wisdom seeds, in my walk towards the horizon of your love, my girl of wonder, I am so blessed, that I no longer have to feel afraid, for I have known you from the core of my being. World is a peace maker in my dreams, and I see you with me, while facing challenges in the ambush of life.

Friday, 6 April 2012

I wish to keep your stay!

Are you wishful to walk a mile along me, my girl.. Are you ignorant, when I see you continuously, knowing that for another many days, I will be left with that pictures of yours.. Don't you have a say, in my dreams, don't you feel I care about you, more then anything whatsoever be.. I do, love you in my truthful lines, and wakeful hours, be it time of my sleep or evening stars, your love strangles no bars.. Are you liking the roads where we once talked and interacted for shorter a span of the moving sunrise.. I do like each of those moments, and am I left with no words to say, for I fear, if you go another way..

Through the walk of mine!

Her face bears the manifesto of all celebrations, for all lovers you are the ardent goddess in my view. For I like your persona, since the days we met, and till each passing hour. I ask out invitations through my dreams and through immortality of the ones that cast you in their bounty, to love me too, the way I do to you.

A fresh face, seeming like a rose in the morning and that keeps on smiling ever after unlike the rose that deters away midnight, my girl smiles and her very face livens in the truth of my love, that strengthens my spirits to keep on moving through dusty roads and windy blow, for I am drawing your portrait, in each hour of my living, through your smile in its bow, therefore I need not be interrupted, anyhow.

Dark light!

Night is so black, I dare say,
It's not that much true,
For a child of human told me once,
How he aquainted with light of thy moon.

O LORD! Oh! Heart of mine,
You are so nice,
Having given beauty and strength,
To each and every life

Since, that day, I go on thinking,
Over my projects,
To let the life of my soul,
Cast ambience with hard work,
So very bright.

The Day Light!

Sun shines like stars do,
Laterally imbibing my potentials,
In all holy spirits as can be, through.

The yellow light of reflection,
The white clouds in the sky,
Take their real colors for showcase,
With stream of this light.

Orange ball, beneath the mountains,
Takes a move upfront,
While earth rotates its turn,
And invites the sun,
As it moves hither to thither.

Morning starts the, sparkle of thy light,
O Lord, waking me and my mind,
Awakens my body,
Describing the twitter of birds,
How sensational and sweet they tend,
And dreams are lit again of purpose, While new day, unravels new goals to conquer,
This is the beauty of thy diet,
My Lord,
That I intake with the inputs of the day light.

Liven thy passion!

Exercises transmit into soul,
Cultivated feelings, of flow of energy and might,
Rigorously if you tend to carry out,
You don't realize the emotions of each movement, you are struck in doubt,
But with that passion and your dream,
You do make out your road, in an aligned stream,
Understanding the weights and the mass of earth,
Your connection with this nature is widespread amongst,
When you walk through the soil, and weathered green bushes,
Your nerves implant the thrust of solid apparel,
And your dream livens, throughout your travel,
From place to place,
For your zeal is continuing to do rounds,
Letting you comprehend the exercises, that have traces,
In your heart and bounds.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Pen friends..

"Pen friend, is a magical person" You go on writing and posting, leaving the person as a messenger, to answer all your queries, ranging from anywhere, North pole or South pole. This is the luxury of pen pals, they only have to share and feel happy about it.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Mangoes the pulp

Mangoes the pulp of this season,
Fruits otherwise not in that visibility,
Scent the roots of their flora,
In this summer season

You know not the growth pattern,
Of these lively fantasies,
Here old men and a child,
Grape the fruits, allured by wine of the season

Marketed with immense pomp,
These live unbeaten in hearts of people,
In luster of taste, and purity of the gifts of nature.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Turning us who we are..

Touch of success, a torch of dreams, a sparkling road ahead. Linking these three, aligns our life story. If a failure ever sticks, then the act of removing that corrosion from one's image is theory of success or victory, that is ought to be celebrated with pomp and show. But does one really feel that bliss, when one is granted victory, I guess no, but he feels the pressure of different viscosities, while arming and preparing for that win. I read it, that the biggest happiness, is arising from the will to overcome and complete a challenge. That act is versatile and brings along greatest affection, while teaching us and bringing a transformation, a change for good and well being. Challenges make us what we are, and in their absence, we are dull and lazy.

There arises a call from within..

There arises a call from within, to thank my companions for the trust they have budded on to me. Silence of this friendship is well conveyed, through each expression of love and affection that they confer. We wake with a smile of brotherhood, although friends are we. Figuring enormous situations, exceeding from fun to ecstasy, we interact about the day to day involvements. We go on climbing this ladder of true friendship, through all the waves of the sea.

The sky upwards..

The sky upwards twinkles with countless stars. Whether it is a lover, wondering about the beloved soul, or a child, the stars bring along dreams in unbreakable aperture. The northern star, bringing the most glaring light, the constellations forming to entertain all ages, from childhood to older years, these stars form a part in our lives. The night glows with moonlight, the stars acting as catalyst, enabling us all to glide in our work and it's beauty. The touch of the nature, sustains the belief in us ever brightening.

Later part appreciating the cool atmosphere across the mountain breeze, I felt the tendency of love and affection.

The girl of my dreams

My arms reach to your shadows, appreciating your look so warm. Sleeping is this world day or night, but how can this lover be that calm, i miss thinking a minute's dream without you in its shade, my arms stretch and find you, and you are the girl i praise.

A girly charm embodies my girl, she laughs and lets me cherish, her very thought, her name, and her might, when she glorifies each reflection of the sun rays.


Incarnation call it of the soul,
Seen are the shades of prosperity and wellness, while I stride with my mother, the same roads that once accompanied us in times of distraught. But I am thankful to the Lord, the fullest as he gave my wings, spirits to fly in my own land, but with more richness of character. Excited!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Results that are awaited.

Silence is the mix of each feeling,
In this phase of ambiguity, do I flare in my own land of deep froze and such feeling. My midnight oils, do ask for mere recognition, if not in way celebrated, through the murmurs of loud uproar taking place in material world, where no longer lays respect for the efforts, but the recorded marks in the answer sheets, that people assume to be depicting the soul and his entire life. This silence conveys those feelings of malaise and heartfelt solitude, thinking what is to place, if these efforts are not given their due tag of honour.

Sitting in a corner, of different territory..

The corner of this room where I sit, unknown, makes me realize the beauty of her thoughts. The flair of her love, never let's me be alone, wherever I go, for its she looking at me and giving me priceless dreams of her.

Who says this life is empty, who says my walk is aimless, I don't believe so, for I believe in this love and in the sight of my girl, who does not speak loudly for me, her love, but she dreams the way I do for her, and its how we interact, while not speaking much through words.

Amicable girl..

I knew not how, happened this,
I stared at her, and felt eternal bliss,
The atmosphere of love and emotions streamlined in most fructifying fashion
Letting me praise her smile, her words that she flawlessly shared with her female friends,
I soon gave a shy appearance,
Finally understanding this was love,
And walked to different road,
And this is a story of my love of that unknown girl whom I praise.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Unsaid words

Her eyes are precious, her intent is beauty personified, her embers of thoughts are alluring for a boy, who falls for her love in ever satisfying terms. A princess is my girl, name of who's describes perfection and I reveal to her heart each moment, sitting here, distant from her presence, that I have let no day go away alone, not hearing your affection through the buzz of the winds that offshore fly from her towards me. Our roads are one, paths may be different, but when two people are in deep love, they need not care about anything else, then praising each other, that from my side is ever glowing, in each spirit of goodness and truth. I may be left less of words to describe her persona, through my real intent, for she deserves a lot of love and for she is a royal girl of dreams.

It accustoms to my spirits, in all bounty or freshness, to speak to her my intent, that is flow of true love, for her and only her.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The drama

Watching actors perform with full gusto, let's my spirits splurge upright. For I am the person forming a friendship with the actors onscreen, through the marvels of connectivity.

Spontaneously I roam, in the world of the portrayed scene. Forever do I find a feeling of pride and honor, and also this feeling lets me glide high in my beliefs. These beliefs are not false stated, for these let me abide in the pond of love, and I get to feel the luxury and manifestations of the pond of love, through looking and staring at the actors, whom I praise and form an attraction towards.

Day after day, we at equal intervals streamline our flow of motion, moving and gearing ourselves towards the palace that we aspire to be and at last that day falls in rightful place, and is our life. Therefore I deeply believe there needs to be love acting as soul in our drama towards our dreams, for that is the act of ours arising from deep within.

My silent watch..

I look on the silent roads, thick breeze cremates my rose, and doesn't let me fly with my beloved. I feel the thunder ever tight, but pluck the leaf of my flower and keep it in my hand immersed strong. For even if the blowing winds take away the whole rose, then remains with me my very little part of rose. An acquaintance of my girl shall always be made with this little part, and I don't want to lose it at any cost.

It's not that her love needs a remembrance, it's reality that her love is ample but I wish to feel variant shades of her, and her love that keeps on calling me towards her and only her resort of love and affection that is her heart!

Hard Rock!

The time these days is more technically moved, in contrary to the one that long ago was lead. There were simple things, simple people, in all a simple world, where everyone was accepting the way out to be happy with less resources, and were comforted too.

Today, times have changed, diseases have spread, because of increased pollution, human activities and unordered chemical use, that we intake through our food. As a result of short supply of food, that to a large population has to make use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, directly affecting the human health. We have those diseases today, which weren't heard in earlier times, or if heard were comparatively lesser or minute. But today, our medical facilities have gained great frontiers, we have good techniques and have stronger medical segment in our economy, doctors have increased, studies are diversifying, leading to growth of human resource through researches in field of medicine. But along our path we have stead away from our notion of sustainable development. At times we overuse, or we exploit resources, without looking at future prospects, all reasons out, that we are greedy.

We are making things easier, flying machines we have, infrastructure, but to everything negative points proliferate along in proportionate lines. We need to save and move, think and construct and that shall be possible from each person and will of that person. In life with all the valuable success, there is more responsibility and it's our responsibility to keep the ladder of growth perpetuating even through storms and not losing hope or honesty. For leading life with dignity is the best delicacy in the world and only this way can we enjoy the curve in a rainbow and glass of cold water as directed by Dr. C.V Raman! :)

Stories of the sunlight lovers!

She comes with little steps towards me, slightly a hand waves a hello to me, and I am left speechless, to know she is the girl whom I like to praise. Comes and stands in front of me, asking about how the days are going and it is a royal moment for both of us. The aroma of this pure love is well felt, when she wants to convey her affection for me, but can't do and I don't know the reason why.

We soon forgot about where we were going, because it was love not letting us go anywhere else, but we actually had to listen to our mind and not always heart. She soon left my company turning to her friends home, and I went other direction. This is another day in the lives of the sunlight lovers.

Night or day, dream has to fulfill

Eyes liquefy, are red enough, and blinking with a need to sleep. But can this person, let the days closure, without fulfilling his duties, that align in an everlasting segment. Can the aspirations lessen, making him less careful about his time, this every passing second lets him understand his ideas better, for he has to let the hard work go on. Not making much joys or luxuries he moves with his feet's on, moving with increasing rhythm, to make things possible and alive. His days are asking for toil and he's supplying the same, in his trail to his dreams, with blinking eyes, that are red, in need of sleep.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Art of life

The sun shades the world
In the dialect, of an artist who directs his boards,
Variations are implemented, a color governs the nature of the art,
And in a slight breeze, I can believe we all are an art, and a form of art,
An art of a spirit,
That directs the noon and sunrise,
That sprinkles rain and whispers about the coming of monsoon,
Then the seasons change, the colors abound in a different exclamation,
While we are sharing our happiness with friends, and sadness too,
But this blend of occurring is a shade of the art, always flowing with full gusto, like a monkey dart from one rock to other, greeting is the sound of love in all the variations, that we see, through this art.

In her name of "Perfection"!

Heart speaks in higher volumes, when her name arises, she is but a girl of wonder, a perfectionist in each manner.
When she phrases her speech, she speaks with innocence and a girly charm, teaching me the way to talk and present myself in times of victories and storm.
She is but a fairy, a beauty queen, not only by her heart, but from warm thoughts, that cross from her heart to her mellifluous tone.

Until I find you..

Her flair of beauty,
Occurs to me, as a royal bliss and might,
Exhilarating heartfelt joys,
Of higher dominion,
From inside me, and the things I like,
She's visible everywhere,
The world I glide!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Holi! Hai!

The fest of colors, labors and traditions are warmly felt. The spring is august to swarm in and we lead our language by a way out of celebrations. The litmus red colors, the bountiful water, we are playing with affection and luster of our thoughts. We aren't dealt to enjoy alone, but forming a bondage with our neighbors, friends. For this is the festival of Holi calling with open arms of manifestations.

Celebrations without you..

I wished so, if I could meet you; last night as the celebrations swung in full gusto. You weren't seen, through my short sighted vision, but I attempted to find a holy glimpse of yours in each way possible. Oh! My friend, my arousing love, where do you keep yourself in any unseen shade. I want to be allured by the dreams together with you and I still can't find you after slumber today morning. Is it that you are hiding your love from me, or is it that this love is more felt by me alone?

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Media Centre.

Is the Rock Conquerable!
Published in Sandesh, a school magazine. :)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


I walk in my pathless sky, In my own voice do I sing the choir, and in this windy blow I am passing through the vapours of ice in the sky, mist gathers on my face, snow covers me at each stage, and I find my heart throbbing a voice, as I find my path in the aimless walk of mine, I gather enormous heartfelt joys, as I succeed in understanding my aim in life, all it happened possible while me diving in my meaningful belief, that I could find my direction, through the silence and warm air of this sky"

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Clouds and Sun!

Green grass where I and my exercise books find solace, peace of inner nerves, this is the place, where we find sun filling in us real heat, and leaving it in our possession. It's now up to both of us, about how we generate, learning's from either side. Books interacting, enriching my emptiness of mind, with new term and theories, I celebrate this cloudy afternoon with birds, who wait for the sun to take charge, and go on listening to the interaction of my books with my soul.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Artistic Surajkund!!

Photo credits:

The web of colors surfaced the area of, 'Surajkund Mela'. Crafts became evident to buzz the air, the surrounding, with richness the rural soil could abide. A latent dream shields upon the paintings, I say I also want to draw this line, dance like the folk of Assam, and swing my belly in the suits of girls hailing from 'Uzbekistan'. Tapovan, a world heritage site for open air art display adds much to delight. Theatre enthusiasts carve the abilities to reach hearts of viewers, adding to the affluence of the stones that lay. We walked, felt the natural touch and felt the sun with its vibrancy, the real joys that reveal after cold temperatures past countable weeks. The 'Suraj' lets us get connected through its vast reaching heat to feel the colours of our cultural heritage. Later on, we reached the 'Kund', steep, long steps we could see, sans water any how, but an architecture of the times of 'Mahabharata', where 'Draupadi', used to take a bathe in the sun breeze. And I applaud the temptations of great designers, artists who have kept our heritage linked with the past. 

Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

My delight, my life!"

I want to sit in eternal silence, and sing mouth watering melodies, arising from deep within, the equations of love and priceless joys. In the seasons of our existence , let's recreate our room of affluence, that we together climb with truest delights, the connection of my heart and this life, this body, is beautifying the angry men to lovely creatures with flower blooms and a girls sight.

Leisure Times with flowers

"at little a times, my dreams sing essential rhymes, of flower men distributing the aroma of the real essence, of mighty flowers suiting the taste of the true lovers, the lovers of nature range from little children to old men, the gift of vast territories they experience, because God has enriched much for pleasure, if we have dealt with true dreams and enhance a time of majestic leisure with flowers, we shall fall in love with this world and our life"

Monday, 30 January 2012

Screw Gauge, Fish!

It's been a while for now and I haven't added anything new to my blog after all it's a new year and the very first month. I am writing with a smiling face and cheerful too, remember the "CHeeSE" while we are clicking picture to show our white teethes. The topic of this blog is a bit confusing on the first hand for the reader but believe me, it's been a tension buster for me. Whenever I had stress or if I was annoyed by any task I used to yell, Screw Gauge as we also say fish, to sound it ok to be used even in a gathering. It's not an abuse which are stricken to our tongues, so making our cheap behavior invisible and over our excitements, using simple stanzas which aren't abuses and also are nothing. It's a way of showing our shock. I said, Screw Gauge and people thought if I was sounding senseless, think of a situation when you are talking to your friend and he tells how a girl ditched a boy, which you never expected. SCREW GAUGE, how could that happen? Silent! At times the person standing in front of you understands your humble nature and doesn't further ask  out the meaning but actually this has no meaning of its. It's a way of expression, convicted through your mouth, the words in your language of suspicion over strange issues occurring in our day to day lives. I hope you guys lived a part of me, and it's not that I am an idol, you don't even know me, it's wonderful to explore how others do manage their tasks in the SCREW GAUGE scenarios. I hope you don't ask the meaning. GoodBye!! CHeeSE ;-)

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Sound of the air!!

It's sweet to listen always to the voice which springs into our thoughts while we are walking the roads which were once accompanied with a loved one, the girl of my dreams. I can leave myself to sense the environment, the rising sun and the fog catching me in it. Nothing else is felt then your aura, which filled me earlier and does keep floating in my dreams. This life of mine talks continuously of your face, lively smile embodied on it. I know not if you remember me or not but my loving you has only increased, and I see you continuously along side me through the roads which we once walked and the one which is new, you remain with me affectionately.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

India-Australia Test Match 2012:Day:1,2(Spotlights)

Hello, welcoming you all to the comment segment on the ongoing India-Australia match being played at the Sydney Cricket Ground(S.C.G), scheduled from 3Jan-7Jan, but I suppose the result will be out before the winding up of the 5th day, if conditions in the same fashion prevail about. Indian spectators guaranteed about Sachin scoring his much awaited 100th Test ton, and creating a history in his own segment of new records. But it seems as if the God is making us wait for some more time. He played good shorts but was bowled out after an inside edge of the bat inclined the fast ball's direction on to the stumps, dwarfing the hopes' and heavy aspirations of Indians' but making the Aussie hopes of getting him early accomplished, and Oz were all beneficiary getting whole Indian line up end on 191 all out, except a gentleman, the Captain cool, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, remain not out at well played 57 runs.
The Australian team lost 3 quick wickets in an array with the classics such as David Warner out for just 8, a meager score. Zaheer Khan tortured all three wickets in succession, and it was the time of the rule of the 'Ponting Era' and the not thought off' Clarke Era'. The days play was on stumps at 116 for 3 after a windfall of 37 for 3. The two senior players, the former captain and the captain at moment handled the situation well and are truly worthy of good praise.
Day-2(116-3 Aus)
The men in blue thundered the fastest deliveries but those couldn't match with the high spirits the two heritage players. New heroes such as Ashwin, the spinner were disappointed with no wicket having struck. In little a time, Ponting remade his lost glory by scoring his century score with Clarke following in same suits. Ponting played amazing shots and seemed no fearful whereas, Clarke gave way to runs as an indomitable spirit, making the efforts of 11 odd players useless, but he was himself confining his own destiny runs, he not only scored his highest against India but leading forth he confronted with a double hundred leading the side and leading from the front as a captain. Ponting was out after new ball taken by Indians', and Ishant Sharma's high pitched ball took his wicket in a flaw. Hussey came in the middle order and kept on the magic since his first ball when he smashed a technical four off Ishant Sharma's very next delivery after last wicket. Michael was paving his way to his best runs of career, which will be worth remembering by being not out at 251, until the day's match was over. Mike Hussey scored his fifty in the due time.
Aussies have a well fledged lead of 291 runs after they scored 482 for 4. Let's see what happens tomorrow? And will Sachin light it for everyone? And will Michael spring his triple hundred or more, there's more to game to see, fluctuations happen in game's always. It's still game of 3 days to go, there's hope India, no wonder if really less.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

The New Year

The Web Vast Exploring
This time unlike earlier were not many greeting cards' exchanged, whereas the web takes hit, when easily we avail our Christmas presents and the new year greetings, on web. Earlier days our relatives, close friends sent letters by post and those letters had a small message usually, describing about the celebrations and festive season, today we are not that excited to find everything which earlier sent waves of enormous joys, on our e-mail ID's or social networking sites. We have grown more social and have made the web stand as a forum to discuss one's personal views regarding any public matter, and that too can lead to controversies. We are free in a sense to feel the goodness of versatility of social media, our technology has manifested our new born needs, and we all are flowing in the same waves, we are more concerned to put our viewpoints and this is called freedom, starting from "Freedom of Speech".
The Celebrations
Worldwide people pray for a prosperous and successful new year, as it's not just about a digit which changes to 2012 for next 365 days, but our expectations which reign, which rise on. People party, and few party while visiting temples, and starting the year on with the holy place, with God. The spiritual powers which gather in a place called temple are the blessings of hundreds of devotees, who have power in their prayers and all together these prayers captivate in us, passion to rock the new days. On new year resolutions we look fore with the blessings of the almighty. May this year bring with it, affection of vast multitude. Good Luck! Happy New Year 2012~~!!